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    Masyaf Flag Location Guide by DysterMareritt

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/07/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    XBOX 360
    FAQ v1.0
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS
    1 - UPDATE/VERSION           <U/V>
    2 - QUICK INFORMATION        <QIN>
    4 - BONUS INFORMATION        <BIN>
    6 - LEGAL                    <LGL>
    Dec 07 2007 - v1.0 Started, finished and submited for posting.
                                   QUICK INFORMATION
    First off this is my first FAQ/guide that I've actually posted, but not the 
    first one I've ever typed up (the others are buried somewhere on my hard
    drives mostly waiting on spelling and grammatical fixes along with the table of
    contents and the like), so please bare with me for any mistakes I might have
    overlooked when I posted this.  I did my best to correct and/or remove any
    spelling and grammatical errors prior to posting this, but if there is anything
    I missed or put down in error or whatnot, please feel free to email me (address
    at the bottom) and I will give you full credit for doing so unless you say
    otherwise...for the shy people I guess. ^.^ 
    I started this guide because I couldn't find any good guides for the flag
    and Templar locations, but since there is no grid coordinates and the towns (if
    I'm not mistaken) were not made to have rhyme or reason, but to confuse ground
    troops that might want to invade the cities.  That being said I tried to give
    an individual location (or group location has is specially mentioned a couple
    times through this guide) as best as possible.  So I used the map detail,
    notable visual surroundings of the area with each flag, and HEAVILY used the
    compass cardinal directions as wherever possible, which you will note that
    every time I say one of these directions it will be in all-caps, I was hoping
    this would be easier for the subconscious to pick up, hence hoping to help you
    the reader to get a better idea as to the location of each flag.
    Also note that I wanted to get all the flags (partially for the achievement
    points, but mostly because the game is so fun), and I wanted to help out anyone
    who would be looking for these flags.  However I already had quite a few flags
    once I beat the game so I had to start over.  That being said, I started
    hunting down these particular flags at the beginning of Memory Block 2 after
    Altair has been stripped of his rank and weapons, however you cannot complete
    your collection until the beginning of Memory Block 3.
    Finally, as it states at the top I played this game for the Xbox 360, but I am
    hoping that the flags will be the same for the PS3 users (since it is on my
    wish list) and the PC user (when it finally launches for you all), so please
    let me know if there is any change in flag locations for PS3 and PC or if it is
    the same for one or both of them so I can note it accordingly.  Again you will
    be credited for your information.
                                 MASYAF FLAG LOCATIONS
    Right after you've been completely demoted and Al Mualim sends you to track
    your first target in Masyaf, head down the steps and on the bottom floor to
    your right (SOUTH) head into the bookshelf area and towards the far WEST corner
    will be your flag, it should be visible as you enter the if you're looking that
    As you exit the inside of the fortress, head to the left and before you get to
    the bottom of the hill, you'll see two paths, one to the right where you will
    exit the forrtess completely and the left where you had to climb the ladder in
    the first memory to show that you were not afraid to die with your first Leap
    of Faith, you can actually see this flag just as you exit it inside of the
    fortress, it's off to the left (EAST) of the ladder in a corner, on the ground.
    *                                                                             *
    *                                                                             *
    *So you can make this part go a little quicker go down the other path that    *
    *that will take you completely out of the fortress and approach the man       *
    *standing at the exit.  When you get to him you'll engage in storyline dialog *
    *and once you two are done talking to your assassin brother this "unlock" part* 
    *of a memory where you can go take another Leap or Faith and venture to where *
    *you let loose the logs on the invading army.  This memory lock is to make    *
    *sure Altair actually talks to this man.                                      *
    Climb both ladders to the area you had to prove you're willingness to die 
    (you're first Leap of Faith) and before you to the beams on which you and your
    two assassin brothers jumped from, look to your left (NORTHWEST) as you reach
    the top of the second ladder and it'll be sitting there between a table and a
    Take the Leap of Faith you first took on the storyline where you proved your
    willingness to die, and once on the ground start traveling along the beams that
    lead to the area where you let the logs take out the Roberts men. After you
    walk across the first beam but before the second, head around the NORTHEASTERN
    part of the ledge and there's one a little lower with the flag, you can see it
    before you need to jump down and get it.
    Starting from pile of hay at the bottom of the tower that held the logs that
    crushed the invading army, head SOUTH off of the ledge with the ladder.  Once
    down on the next lower lever look to the WEST for a single guard standing
    there, walk over to him and look on ledge behind him (towards the guards 
    back-right) and there will be your flag.
    At the bottom of the hill where the fortress is you'll see the a single 
    merchant with a large bolder behind him.  Standing next to the merchant's look
    to the SOUTH and there will be a fairly large building with a ladder and no
    other ones immediately around it, climb up it and claim the flag at the top.
    Looking at your map, the northern most set of houses build at the on the edge
    of the cliff also having a rooftop garden to hide yourself.  Climb onto the
    houses and look behind them (towards the NORTH) and where there is a small bit
    of land where you can jump down, your flag will be in the corner on the ground
    right next to a bench that's up against the houses.
    Look at your map and go to the NORTHERN most set of houses build on the edge of
    the cliffs and look behind (NORTH) the middle of the three, and there will be a
    flag on a wooden ledge.  The easiest way I found (if you don't yet trust your
    ability to use the beams on either side to get there) go to the very top of the
    middle building, and assuming that you have already seen where the flag is,
    just position yourself on the wooden structure jutting out from the top (I'm
    guessing some sort of bay window type thing) and use your drop button to do 
    just that and land on the wooden ledge with your flag.
    Of the three most NORTHERN houses on your map to the one that is most WEST and
    there between part of the house and the cliff wall is a rooftop garden where
    you can hide yourself.  Now face directly SOUTH of the rooftop garden and there
    will a higher part of another building will a set of three barrels to get up
    there, your flag is on top of there.
    *Look at your map and look for the three most NORHTERN houses, now directly   *
    *SOUTH of the middle house and the on to the right there is a one long large  *
    *set of houses that makes up the upper level and middle level houses that are *
    *built on this hill.  This is the AREA for the next THREE flags on the list   *
    *(10-12).                                                                     *
    Go to the WESTERN most part of this building and look on the roof where your
    flag is.  The flag sits the corner in between two rolled up rugs that are both
    next to a barrel and one rug that is laid flat.
    On the EASTERN most part of these long set of houses there is a larger part of
    the roof (you'll know this roof by the fact that there will be some clothes are
    hung to dry on a wooden rack and there are a pile of rugs folded up on one of
    the two big boxes on this roof), here your flag is ready to be claimed.
    If you look to the south of the building and towards the ground you'll see a 
    wall that is put up to keep people from falling off the level and hurting
    themselves.  There is actually a building that is part of this small wall.  On
    the backside of this building (SOUTH) is a wooden roof built there (for shade
    I'm guessing) and underneath this structure is your flag.
    On the map there are two structures of housing that are most WESTERN (a NORTH
    and a SOUTH one, you'll have to zoom in on your map to see this), a small one
    that is also connecting to part of a side of the hill, and a fairly larger set
    of houses strung together, this is the one you want.  To The WEST of the large
    set of houses there is a tree and a wall that keeps people from falling off and
    hurting themselves on the lower ground level, in the corner of the house and
    the wall, next to the tree, is your flag.
    *Using the map and the camera in game go to the NORTHERN most houses on the   *
    *that WEST side of the map that are build on the lowest level, with some      *
    *connected to the cliff wall and some connected to the lower part of to the   *
    *manmade wall.  This is the AREA for the next THREE flags (14-16).            *
    Look for a cart of hay that next to two buildings that are perpendicular to
    each other.  NORTHEAST of the cart of hay, in the corner on the ground between
    the bottom of the manmade wall and the EASTERN most one of the two buildings is
     your flag.
    In this area look for the NORTHERN most building that's to the WEST, and in
    front (SOUTH) of this building (it's actually in front of the door) next to the
    building and the cliff wall.  You might not be able to see this from the ground
    since there are two short walls built right in front of the house.
    In this area there is a tall building in the middle with no other buildings
    connected or even close to it, you'll know this building by the water well and
    cart of hay to the NORTH of this building.  To the WEST side of the building
    is the ladder to reach the top which gets you your flag.
    From the main gate that leads into and out of Masyaf, follow the SOUTH wall to
    the EAST until you reach the first two buildings that are actually built
    connected to the walls, the first one is connected to the cliff wall and the
    second a manmade wall with two beams connected to the cliff wall.  Go to the
    NORTH side of the first building, you'll see the flag in a corner on the ground
    with the second of the two buildings to the flags WEST, the manmade wall to the
    NORTH, and the cliff wall to the EAST all three within an arms length of the
    From the main gate into and out of Masyaf go NORTH-NORTHEST into a set of
    houses that are still on the lowest level and all built connected to the
    manmade walls, you'll know this area by the water well in and the cart of hay
    in the center of this housing area.  Now from the cart of hay get onto the
    house that is directly EAST of it, there is a pile of hay on top of this house.
    Once on top go NORTH towards the wall and once you get there look EAST and
    there will be your flag in a corner next to a wooden drying rack for laundry.
    *The next two flags are in the same area which is at the very back of the     *
    *fortess (NORTHWEST), up the first set of steps on the inside where two guards* 
    *stand next to an opening to the back, not ground level and not the same level* 
    *as Al Mualim. Which means that this area will only be available AFTER you    *
    *complete your first assassination, meaning at the start of Memory Block 3.   *
    s you go through the opening to the back garden area, you'll see scantly
    dressed women (well for that region and time period at least), you will also
    see a flowing water canal in the shape of a plus sign on the ground, follow it
    straight towards the back and you'll see your next flag on top of the middle of
    three pillars that are in a shallow pool of water that this canal flows into.
    Keep going all the way towards the back (NORTHWEST) to the semi-circle pillar
    structures.  The easiest way to say is once you can go no further at the lowest
    level (before you would be jumping to your death that is) turn around look to
    the WEST, in the corner between the pillars and railing and the manmade wall
    (from the sloping ground to get to the lowest level) is your final flag (well 
    if your following this guide that is).
                                   BONUS INFORMATION
                        !!!THIS IS STRICTLY XBOX 360 RELATED!!!
    For completing your Masyaf Flag collection is the "Keeper of the Creed" which
    nets you 10 achievement points for your profile.
                                  CONTACT INFORMATION
    If you wish to contact me about this guide for any reason (i.e. a location of
    one of the flags is too hard to understand, I might have some sort of
    grammatical error, a kudos etc.), feel free to do so.
    HOWEVER, I like to use the rule that I got from a SEAL Team officer: If there
    is something wrong that needs to be changed, don't just say something about it
    and let that be it, that just sounds like complaining.  Say what it is that is
    wrong and then say how to fix it.  Meaning if there are grammatical errors or
    you have a better way to describe getting to a particular flag, go ahead and
    type it up and send it my way.  Like I said at the beginning of this guide I
    WILL give you full credit for it unless you say otherwise, then I'll just put
    you as anonymous...or any-mouse if you wish. ^.^
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    Only GameFAQs.com is authorized by me (Jeff Kennedy) to host this guide, no
    Other web site has permission without my direct consent PRIOR to hosting this
    guide in full or in part.
    Also let it be known that if any digital or printed medium is hosting this
    guide for other than personal use, then this author will use any of the
    thousands of attorneys he has at his immediate disposal to contact the
    individual in charge of that particular medium.
    Copyright 2007 Jeff Kennedy

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