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    FAQ/Walkthrough by oldschool312

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/01/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                Assassin's Creed
                                Created 11-16-07
                                  Version 1.0
    Table of Contents
                     Version History..................[VSHY]
                     Gameplay Mechanics...............[GPMC]
                          Optional Objectives.........[OPOB]
                     General Tips.....................[GNTP]
                          Memory 1....................[MEM1]
                          Memory 2....................[MEM2]
                          Memory 3....................[MEM3]
                             -Garnier de Naplouse.....[GDNP]
                          Memory 4....................[MEM4]
                             -Abu'l Nuqoud............[ANQD]
                             -William of Montferrat...[WMTF]
                             -Majd Addin..............[MJAD]
                          Memory 5....................[MEM5]
                          Memory 6....................[MEM6]
                             -Robert de Sable.........[RBDS]
                          Memory 7....................[MEM7]
                                Introduction                               [INTD]
    Assassin's Creed without giving up too much is a story of an Assassin in 1191.
    The only weapons he possesses are his blades and the skill with which he wields
    them. This guide provides an explanation of a method that will work to take out
    all the assigned targets. Feel free to jump from section to section using the 
    CTRL F search function to find exactly what you are looking for. The progress
    towards completion can also be tracked in the version history. This section will
    also be a quick way to find out if and when anything has been added. As with all
    the guides I've written, I don't proclaim to be an expert. The text below is 
    just a description of a way to work through the tasks the game offers. Enjoy.
                              Version History                              [VSHY]
    Version 0.35 (Submitted 11-18-2007)
    -Walkthrough up to Memory 4
    -Controls finished
    -Synch, movement, and investigation sections complete
    Version 1.0 (Submitted 11-25-2007)
    -Walkthrough complete
    -Investigations description complete
    -General Tips section began
    -Flags and Templars soon (hopefully)
    Version 1.0 (Submitted 7-1-2008)
    -Gave up on describing/finding the flags
                                 Controls                                  [CNTL]
    Left Stick: movement
    Right Stick: camera
    Select: Map
    L1: Target lock
    L2: Chase camera
    R1: High profile status
    The directional pad is used to quickly change the equipped weapon
         Up: Hidden Blade
         Down: Fists
         Right: Sword
         Left: throwing knives/shortblade
    The face buttons control different parts of Altair's body
         Triangle: Head
         Circle: Empty Hand
         Square: Weapon Hand
         X: Legs
    Each button will perform a different task depending on the profile status.
    Low Profile commands include
         Triangle: Vision (enters first person view)
         Circle: Gentle Push (to move through crowds)
         Square: Attack
         X: Blend (move more slowly and pass informed guards without alert)
    High Profile commands (available by holding the R1 Button)
         Cicrle: Grab and throw or tackle (depending on movement)
         Square: Attack
         X: Sprint (Altair moves quickly adapting to the environment as necessary)
                               Gameplay Mechanics                           [GPMC]
    In this section we will take a look at different aspects of the game and how 
    they can help make Assassin's Creed an more enjoyable experience.
                               Synchronization                              [SNCZ]
    In the top left corner of the screen there will be a meter that has several 
    bars. This is the Synchronization Bar. The concept is that Desmond needs to stay
    in synch with Altair while in the Animus machine. The bar increases by 
    completing objectives. Saving citizens, collecting flags, killing Templars, 
    investigations, finding view points, and assassinations will contribute to 
    increasing the size of the synchronization bar. The bar will deplete when
    damage is taken (either from combat or a great fall) or by killing innocent 
    citizens. If the bar depletes it will regenerate over time but quicker if there
    is not an ongoing alert.
                                  Movement                                  [MVMT]
    Altair is very sleek. His agility is outstanding as he moves through the 
    environment with ease. Two basic types of movement exists in Assassin's Creed.
    The first is Low Profile. Low Profile movement goes mostly unnoticed. Altair is
    just like any other citizen moving about town. This type of movement also 
    includes the blend feature that allows the assassin to move around guards
    without drawing attention.
    The other form of movement is High Profile. Altair moves in this manner when the
    R1 button is held. High profile movement stands out and will draw the attention
    of guards. Altair moves more quickly (basically in a sprint) and will perform
    the required action according to the environment. For example if in high profile
    mode Altair will climb walls and leap from building to building.
                                 Fighting                                   [FGTG]
                               Investigating                                [INVG]
    Four types of investigations exist in the game: Pickpocket, Eavesdropping, 
    Interrogation, and Informers. When an investigation is available it will be 
    marked on the map. Move to the area and perform the appropriate action(s) to 
    complete the investigation.
    Receiving information by picking pockets is not difficult. Move to the location
    indicated on the map. There will be two people talking, one of which will be 
    the victim of theft. Press L1 to lock onto the target and a cut scene will show
    a conversation between the two characters. Once the conversation is over follow
    the marked citizen. As long as they are moving the Pickpocket attempt can be 
    successful. If they stop you will get caught. The action necessary is simply 
    press and hold circle while following the victim. Once the item is stolen move
    away from the target and go about business as usual.
    This is definitely the easiest method for gathering information. All that is 
    required is to find a bench near the targets and sit down. Once seated lock onto
    those engaged in coversation and press Triangle. They will talk you will hear
    and an investigation is complete.
    An interrogation always starts the same way. There is a loud mouth spouting his
    mouth to whoever will listen. Walk up to his location and lock on with L1. When
    he finishes his speech he will walk away. Once the speaker is in a more secluded
    area press down on the D-pad to equip your fists. Begin to punch the orator
    until he gives the desired information. Don't be surpised when the guy punches
    back. He will not win the fight though, after all you are a highly trained 
    The informers are dressed in white just like Altair. So they usually stand out 
    in a crowd. The informer will ask you to assassinate or collect flags. The 
    kills must be stealth kills. If an alert occurs the quest must be retried. The
    flags must be collected in full and returned to the informer within the given
    time period.
                              Alerts/Escape                                 [ATEP]
    Any time Altair is seen doing something out of the ordinary others will be 
    alerted to his presence. This can be as minor as a citizen noting Altair's 
    ascent up a wall or as severe as a group of guards moving in for an attack. A
    full out escape is necessary when guards are on full alert. While in this status
    guards will attack Altair until he is dead or hidden. The most common situation
    where an escape is necessary is after an assassination. In order to successfully
    escape alerted guards, Altair must first break the pursuer's line of sight. Once
    the line of site is broken, Altair can "hide" in several locations. These hide
    spots include: blending in with scholars, sitting on a bench, diving into hay,
    and rooftop gardens.
                             Optional Objectives                            [OPOB]
    The optional objectives in Assassin's Creed will provide benefit by increasing
    Altair's Synchronization Bar. Other benefits are discussed under each individual
    optional objective.
                                 View Points
    View points are large scalable structures throughout each of the districts in 
    the different cities. Finding and climbing each view point provides more 
    information on the map thereby giving a better idea of the city's layout. 
    Finding view points quickly reveals the location of the Assassin's Bureau, save
    citizen optional objectives, and the investigations required to obtain approval 
    for an assassination
                                Save Citizens
    Throughout each city Altair will encounter innocent helpless citizens being 
    hasseled by that particular city's guards. Altair can choose to save the hapless
    individuals or ignore their existence. Saving them can be of benefit. If a 
    scholar is being picked on and Altair defeats the guards a moving hide spot will
    be created. By blending in with the scholars Altair can move into areas where
    he likely would have more trouble gaining access to. Helping the daughters and
    wives of Vigilantes will provide a benefit as well. Saving a relation to a 
    vigilanted will make them friendly to your cause. Any time you are being chased
    by guards and enter a street where vigilantes roam, they will impede the 
    progress of Altair's chasers making escape easier. Once the citizen is saved 
    a marker will appear on the map indicating the location of the scholars or the
    vigilantes so you will know where help exists.
                                 General Tips                               [GNTP]
    Some tasks in Assassin's Creed can be repetitive. This guide will not provide 
    detail on climbing each view point, saving each citizen, or on making each 
    escape. Instead some general game play principles exist that can provide 
    guidance for many obstacles throughout the game. Below is a list of tips that 
    will be helpful in many situations
    -Find all the view points in a section of town. This reveals the investigations
         and improves the map view of the city.
    -Secondary objectives improve Altair's synchronization meter
    -Eavesdropping is the easiest investigation type
    -When escaping alerts, break the guards line of sight by climbing buildings and
        turning corners before hiding.
    -Guards killed before assassination approval seem to reappear once the feather
         is obtained.
                                 Walkthrough                                [WLKT]
                                  Memory 1                                  [MEM1]
    When the game starts just sit back, watch, and listen. The inital part of the 
    game is some back story told through cut scenes. You will be asked to lie down
    and a tutorial will begin. The tutorial is just like any other game. Here the 
    basic controls of the character are explained and practiced. I'd recommend 
    paying close attention to the unique control layout. The ANIMUS tutorial walks
    you through the different scenarios that may be encounter and how to use the 
    Assassin's abilities. Once you are fully synchronized the tutorial will end
    after describing the Assassin's Creed. Subject 17 is then placed in the world
    of Altair. 
    Jump across the wooden beams and follow the assassin ahead. The ladder leads to
    a guard for a practice kill. Step into the next room to see your target.
    Altair's fellow assassins are in disagreement with his methods. Proceed dwon the
    ladders and engage teh men below. Lock onto the target and attempt a kill. 
    Altair's efforts are thwarted.
    After being thrown into the next room, run to the right. Quickly move up the
    stair like platforms to the rock ledge. Around the corner at the top of the
    ledge is a climbable rock wall that leads to the exit and a new memory.
    Arriving in a town, Altair's goal is to return to Al Mualim. Head up the dirt 
    path to the northeast. The best advice is to hit select and view the map to find
    out where to go. Continue until you arrive at a gate where more discussion 
    occurs. The guy informs you that the master is waiting in the library. Move up 
    the incline to the right and enter the well guarded building. At the top of the 
    stairs Altair's master awaits.
    Masyaf comes under attack. Exit the Library and move down the gate. Your goal
    is to distract the Templar while others are rescued. Move down the path traveled
    to reach the library and defeat any enemies encountered. It is an extended 
    fighting tutorial. Grabbing an enemy and throwing him to the ground provides
    an easy kill. Once you reach the bottom of the hill the Templars regroup and the
    memory is fast forwarded.
    Altair reenters the fortress to be guided up a ladder on one of the nearby 
    walls. Follow the other assassin up the ladders. At the top move to a platform
    and prepare for a leap of faith. Follow the on-screen command to leap from the
    platform into the hay below. Run across the beams to a wall with grooves. When
    you reach the top attack the wooden wall to release a trap for the invaders.
    Once the ending cut scene is complete the Memory concludes and you are in
    control of Desmond. To the right is a room with a bed. Enter the room and go
    into the bathroom to listen to the researcher's conversation. Once their 
    discussion is over exit to the previous room. Dr. Vidic recommends you get some
    rest so return to the bed and lie down. After a rest more story is revealed and
    a new memory will be initiated by using the ANIMUS machine. Select Memory Block
    2 and begin the Save Citizens Memory
                                    Memory 2                               [MEM2]
                               *Traitor (Masyaf)*                          [TRTR] 
    Altair has been stripped of his rank and his weapons. He must prove himself
    again to join the brotherhood of assassins. Mualim belives there exists a
    traitor in the ranks of assassins. Find him and bring the treacherous dog in
    for questioning.
    Head out of the Library and towards the town. Mualim asks someone to assist
    Altair in remembering how to be a true assassin. He recommends beginning the 
    search for the traitor in the village market. The market is located at the
    bottom of the village. Use th map to locate the eavesdropping icon and let it
    be your guide. The two men next to the well are the targets. A bench sits just
    past their location. Sit down and follow the on-screen prompts to listen to
    their conversation.
    Now move Altair to the pickpocket emblem on the map. As you approach the target
    a window will appear requesting L1 be pressed to initiate the mission. Once
    pressed the man and woman to the right begin a conversation. The man is the
    one whose pocket will be picked. As he walks away move toward him and hold 
    circle while in low profile. If successful information is gained and the mission
    continues. If unsucessful the pickpocket portion of the memory is reinitialized.
    The key is that the guy has to be moving for his pocket to be picked.
    Masun appears to be the traitor. He is under a cyprus tree in town. Let's go
    have a talk with Mr. Masun. He is standing on what can almost be described as
    a stage spouting out information. Stand behind the flags and press L1 to begin
    the interrogation portion. Once his speach is over follow him to a secluded
    place and beat him until he talks. He moves around the corner to an area with
    no citizens. Punch him until he submits (he will fight back). He is brought 
    before Mualim and killed. Altair regains the right to carry a sword. From this
    point you can practice fighting, explore the town, or work on finding flags. In
    any event Altair needs to head to the other objective icon. At the town gate
    he will find a horse that will take him to Damascus.
    Along the way you are provided with a riding tutorial on exactly how to control
    the movement while on the mighty steed. Ride your way to the Kingdom marker to
    exit to Damascus.
    Upon your exit of Maysaf you should see a tower with an eagle flying overhead.
    Climb to the top of the tower to complete a view point. More items are added
    to the map that will help your progress. Try to find these view points and use
    them frequently. To get down perform a leap of faith into the hay below.
    Continue forward and be wary of soldiers ahead. Use the blend feature to move
    past them without alert. The path to the left leads to Damascus. Along the way
    you can find at least three more view points to climb. They are optional of 
    course but can be very helpful.
                                 *Tamir (Damascus)*                       [TMIR]
    Arrival at the gates of Damascus allows Altair to encounter the first citizen
    in peril. A saved citizen may be an asset at a later point. Dismount and engage
    the guards. It is three on one but they are no match for Altair's blade. Throw
    them to the ground and attack for some cheap kills. Talk to the citizen then
    look nearby for some scholars to blend in with. This will allow Altair to move
    freely past the guards.  Press X near the scholars and Altair will walk among 
    them and enter the town.
    The main initial goal as Mualim noted is to ask permission from the Damascus
    Assassin's Bureau to conduct business in town. The Bureau is marked on the map.
    It is located in the southern part of town. Along the way you may find citizens
    in need and view points to climb. There are a total of 12 citizens to save and
    nine view points to find. Let the map be your guide to their locations. Find
    each of the side objectives before or after seeking out the Bureau. Once you
    arrive near the Bureau a message appears informing you of the entrance's 
    location. Reach the roof to find out more about the first assassination 
    target, Tamir. 
    Seeking out the viewpoints reveals the investigations that must be performed to
    access the Assassination Memory. Only two of the six possible investigations are
    required to assassinate Tamir. The choices include three eavesdropping, two 
    pick pocketing, and one interregation opportunity. Below is a list of the 
    general location of each investigation and a description of the information 
    Interregation: Tamir is preoccupied with the production of weapons
    Eavesdrop Southwest near interregation: Friends are helpful for clean escapes
    Eavesdrop Center: The beams which cross the central courtyard can be accessed
    Eavesdrop East: Tamir is within the souk
    Pick Pocket North: Obtain letter stating Tamir plans a shipment 
    Pick Pocket East: Map of the souk showing the northeast roof easily connecting
        to the central courtyard 
    Once two have been completed return to the Bureau. Once the information obtained
    is discussed with the head of the Damascus Brueau, permission is granted for 
    the assassination of Tamir. His position should now be marked on the map. 
    Arriving at the marker begins a cut scene where Tamir murders a man. Once it is
    over if you loose track of the target use eagle vision and locate the figure
    outlined in gold. The guards are on high alert. The slightest unwarranted 
    movement will trigger them to attack. So don't perform any high profile moves,
    bump into a guard, or cause a woman to drop a pot. A lady will lament about her
    problems to Altair and then stop. Once she is gone move behind Tamir when he is 
    talking to a merchant and assassinate him with your hidden blade. Alternatively,
    you can just walk up to him and start swinging your sword. Once the 
    assassination takes place be prepared to run. The entire town is on alert. If 
    you get near a guard they will attack. This can be frantic especially since it
    is the first experience like this in this game. Begin by running in the genral
    direction of the bureau. If you can find a way up to a rooftop do so then fend
    of the guards that follow or if the line of sight is broken hide. In order for 
    the Bureau to be open you have to arrive in a non alert status. After showing 
    the leader of the Damascus Bureau the blood soaked feather a new mission will 
    become available.
    Talk with Lucy a couple times to gain some back story then check out her 
    computer to read her e-mail. When ready go rest in the bed and Memory 3 will
    be the next ANIMUS mission.
                                    Memory 3                              [MEM3]
                         *Garneir de Naplouse (Acre)*                     [GDNP]  
    Mualim is pleased with Altair's progress and grants him new abilities. The 
    counter attack can be practiced as you leave the library. It is an important
    ability that if mastered will make Altair near unstoppable. There are two new 
    assassinations available. One takes place in Acre while the other occurs in 
    Jerusalem. On the path to the two cities more view points can be found. Its 
    your option but you may want to go ahead and find them before continuing with
    the missions.
    As you approach the gate to Acre there will be some guards hassling someone to
    the left. Save the citizen to trigger some scholars to walk by. Blend in with
    them to enter the gate. Once inside find a view point to locate the Acre Bureau.
    In this town the view points are (usually) guarded by a single soldier on the 
    roof tops. They will become alerted at your presence and request you leave the 
    area. Kill the guard and climb to synch. If you can maneuver into position 
    without them seeing you assassinations are the way to go.
    The Bureau of Acre is in the souteast corner of town. Access the roof to enter.
    Raphique supplies what amounts to pointless information beacaue you likely have
    encounter several of the investigations only 2 of which are required.
    Informer 1: The informant is in the soutwest corner of Acre. He wants you to 
         assassinate a target before devulging information. There is a guard 
         patroling the area. Move to a rooftop and use eagle vision to key in on the
         path he takes. He will circle the area near the informant then walk down a 
         back street. Follow him down the street after he circles the area near the 
         informant. Half way down he stops looks and turns around. Assassinate him
         as he stops then run by him to avoid alerts. Return to the informant and he
         will reveal:  None may enter the fortress save the scholars and guards
    Informer 2: (Northeast) Run a course collecting flags and return to the 
         informant before 3 minutes are over. The flags basically make a square
         around the area. They appear on your mini map and 3:00 is plenty of time.
         If you mess up the first time the second time around will be much easier.
         Information gaine is:  Garnier secludes himself within his fortress walls.
    Interrogation:  He is standing in front of a church speaking of the 
         doctor and his extensive workload. When he nears the well attack with fists
         to receive the required information. Garnier removes himself from the 
         world around him while tending to his patients
    Pick Pocket : (Central) Acquired letter which shows connection between Garnier
         and two other men.
    Pick Pocket 2: (West) Acquired map showing candelabras and patients within 
    Eavesdrop: There are some fortress roof guards absent from patrol duty
    Once at least two investigations are complete return to the Bureau for the 
    assassination approval. Reach the top of the church/hospital take out all of 
    the archers (at least 6) and drop into the center from above. (Alternatively,
    a group of scholars will patrol the area if you save the nearby citizen but
    killing the archers is more fun). Once inside, a cut scene shows some of 
    Garnier's brutality. Move into the area with the patients. Some of the patients
    seem to have lost their minds and will angrigly lash out at Altair as he 
    approaches them. There is a window that is broken out on the east wall that will
    provide an excellent escape route. Move to the north wall and stand near a 
    patient. If you turn and face south the escape will be easier. Wait for Garnier 
    to walk by and unleash the hidden weapon for a stealth assassination. If you 
    have to fight him he is kind of tough especially with several guards and 
    unstable patients nearby. Quickly leap up to the broken window on the east wall
    and exit the building. There is a garden nearby to hide in. Proceed to the 
    Bureau cautiously to prove the kill. 
                               *Talal (Jerusalem)*                         [TLAL]
    The first thing you will notice is the mass exodus from the city. There is a 
    long line of citizens leaving Jerusalem. Proceed down the path to the city.
    To the left of the main gate some guards are giving a scholar a rough way to go
    in the cemetary. Save him to blend in with a group of scholars so as to enter
    the town. Find the nearby view point to synchronize and locate the Jerusalem
    Bureau. You may save citizens and find more view points if you like. After
    talking to the Bureau leader, the investigation begins.
    Eavesdrop: (North) Save the scholar near the investigation point and blend in
         with the newly created group of white robed men. Once in the building 
         listen to the conversation to hear In a fight Talal will try to shoot his
         enemies using his bow.
    Interrogagtion: (East) Talal holds his slaves within a warehouse
    Informer 1: (North) There are two targets that have seen a fellow assassin's
         face. Take them out without alert and return to the informer. One is 
         stationary while the other moves around the square. Take out the patroling
         target when he reaches the alley opposite the stationary target.
    Informer 2: (South) Find the 18 flags in and return within 3 minutes and find 
         out: Talals loyal followers will sacrifice themselves giving him time to
    Pickpocket 1: (Southwest) Acquire map showing position of Talal's guards
    Pickpocket 2: (South central) Acquire map detailing the souk where Talal will
         hide if he escapes
    Talal is held up in the Northern part of town. Use the nearby saved citizen
    group of scholars to enter his domain. Once you arrive at the target's position
    Altair finds that it is a trap. Talal sends his men to kill you. Fight them off
    while slowly working toward the ladder in the room. Once at the top of the
    ladder Talal will run. Give chase and be prepared to strike when you are close.
    If you can get a hidden blade assassination that would be best. It is possible 
    to move above him and leap down for a kill. It just takes a little luck and some
    really good timing. At the very least you should be able to catch up to him and
    finish him with the sword. Once he is dead do everything possible to escape.
    Thus far Talal is the most difficult stealth assassination.
    You are returned to present day (game time) and are in control of Desmond. Talk
    to Lucy some for more story then go to your room. Someone has been in there. 
    Investigate the closet to find a code to the door. Use the code to open the
    door and find a pen near the ANIMUS. Return to your room for some rest. Vidic
    wakes you the next morning. Listen to him and when he is done follow him to the
    area behind his desk. Interact and take a pen from his pocket. Lie down in the
    ANIMUS machine to move on to the next memory.
                                    Memory 4                              [MEM4]  
    The string of successful assasinations has brought you more abilities. Now when
    you set out to the towns, quick travel is available. No more horsies to 
    Damascus. This memory requires three assassinations in three towns. You will
    be traveling back to Damascus, Acre, and Jerusalem.
                                *Abu'l Nuqoud*                            [ANQD]
    First to Damascus. Finish any citizen saves or view points in the poor district 
    then go to the Bureau. Move to the west and into the rich district for some new
    view points and investigations. For this assassination to become active you must
    complete at least 3 of the 6 available.
    Interrogation: The speaker moves into the guarded area. Move to the right and
         there is a tower that can be climbed to move across the beams above the
         guards. Take the target lock off the character so the climb is easier. The
         Mechant King will come out and speak to his people during the feast.
    Pickpocket: Acquired a letter stating the Merchant King is holding a festival 
         within his palace
    Eavesdrop 1: (North) There's a path leading up to the Merchant King's quarters
    Eavesdrop 2: (East) The Merchant King is preparing for a feast
    Informer 1: (Northwest) Collect 20 flags in 3 minutes and the informer mentions
          A fountain in the middle of the courtyard can be scaled.
    Informer 2: (South) Stealth assassinate two targets and return to the informant
          within 3:00. 
    Take the information gathered back to Raphique for assassination approval. Head
    toward the assassination target marker. Once you arrive at Nuquod's palace,
    simply scale the gate and move through the partially opened door in the center
    of the buiding. Nuquod gives a lengthy oration and is killing all of his guests.
    Quickly climb the fountain in the center of the courtyard. Jump to the beams on
    one of the sides then to the flagpole and the balcony where Nuquod stood. Chase
    him through the door to the left and when he is caught assassinate him. There
    will be guards along the way but for the most part you can run by them. The 
    important thing is to catch the target and kill him. Escape and return to the
    Bureau once the alert is gone.
                            *William of Montferrat*                        [WMTF]
    Quick travel or ride across the Kingdom to Acre. Once outside the town blend in
    with the scholars to get by the guards at the gate. Visit the Assassin's 
    Bureau for some information. The rich district is now open for exploration. 
    Once in the area look to the sky to find a soaring eagle to unlock a view point.
    There is a total of 11 in the Rich District of Acre. Three of six investigations
    are still required before approval from the Bureau leader will be granted.
    Interrogation: William will be distracted to day by Richards visit
    Pickpocket 1: (West) Another man in the harbor seems connected to William
    Pickpocket 2: (Central) Acquired map which holds the position of William's
        archers. The guy tries to walk into the guarded alley but it is possible to
        pick his pocket before he moves by the guards. If not there is a citizen 
        nearby that can be saved to create a group of scholars for easy passage into
        the alley.
    Pickpocket 3: (East) A forgotten structure can pose as a potential entrance.
        This pickpocket victim is located inside a guarded area. So you will have
        to drop in from above or blend in with some scholars.
    Informer 1: (North) Stealth assassinate two targets and return to the informer.
    Informer 2: (South)
    Once you have the information required make haste to the Bureau to begin the
    assassination. Once near the target the meeting occurs outside the gate.
    Richard rides off on a horse and William will reenter. To the right will be two
    guards blocking the path to William's location. Climb a nearby wall to reach the
    roof and move to the South. There are a few guards on the rooftops but the goal
    is a walled off area full of soldiers. William is speaking to them. Stand above
    his position at an angle and leap down toward him with your hidden blade 
    equipped. As you hit the ground simultaneously attack for a quick kill. Be 
    prepared to escape because it is unlikely Altair would want to fight the 
    numerous soldiers that are now likely angry. Its actually quite fun to just 
    stay there and fend of the 10 to 15 soldiers. It is probably the largest group
    of enemies Altair has been surrounded by thus far. If you eliminate them all
    the alert is automatically removed.
                                  *Majd Addin*                            [MJAD]
    The last assassination of this memory occurs in Jerusalem. After Mualim is done
    talking exit to the Kingdom and fast travel to Jerusalem. The people are still
    leaving. Head to the gate and use the scholars to gain entry. The Bureau leader
    recommends heading south to find information on the target. Altair should head
    to the poor district and find some view points to reveal the investigations.
    Informer 1: (North)
    Informer 2: (West)
    Pickpocket 1: (East) Acquired map detailing the position of Majd Addin's guards
    Pickpocket 2: (West) Acquired map showing the position of the execution plaza
    Interrogation: Majd Addin has decided to rule Jerusalem through fear
    Eavesdrop: Majd Addin is performing an execution today
    Once the investigations are completed return to the Bureau for approval. When
    granted move to the execution site. There is an extra objective this time be
    sure that the execution does not take place. It is a fellow assassin that is 
    due to lose their life. The execution site is near southern border of the Rich
    district. For this assassination it would be a good idea to scout the nearby 
    roof tops and take out any soldiers. It is not a must but makes the escape 
    Check the map once you arrive at the execution site. There should be a group of 
    scholars practically on top of the target marker. They are located on the side 
    of the area closest to the Harlot Addin discusses. (If they are not there you 
    may have not rescued the appropriate citizen). Use them for cover to arrive at 
    the base of the stage (boy those guys can go anywhere). Be careful because there
    is a madman that will punch Altair as he moves to the scholars. Any sustained 
    unusual movement here will trigger a large fight against the guards. The 
    scholars travel to the end of the stage where your fellow assassin awaits. Exit
    the blend with the scholars at the bottom of the stage near the harlot. Stay in
    blend mode and wait for Addin to turn around quickly move on to the stage and 
    assassinate the target. Once Addin is dead a large battle ensues. It is actually
    kind of fun to fight them off. If you are not in the mood for a fight head north
    to the bureau.
    After the assassination Vidic is not pleased. Once you receive more story 
    information Lucy leaves the area. she can not leave though until Desmond is back
    in his room. After the door closes use the previously found code to exit the
    room. Check out Vidic's computer (and Lucy's if you like) then return for some
    rest. When ready reenter the Animus for the next memory.
                                    Memory 5                              [MEM5]
    Mualim has two more Templar targets. One is located in Damascus and the other
    is in Acre. Race to the Kingdom and quick travel to the city of choice. We will
    start with Damascus.
                                  *Jubair*                                [JBAR]
    Ride down and blend in with the scholars to enter town. The Bureau leader 
    suggests checking out a few areas in Damascus' Middle District to find some 
    information about the target. Once you find a view point 6 investigations are
    revealed. Completion of three is required before the assassination mission 
    Eavesdrop: Jubair holds daily meetings within the Madrasah
    Interrogation: Jubair's scholars are destroying all books in Damascus
    Pickpocket 1: (East) Acquired letter which states Jubair should be within a 
        garden (wait for the guy in the dark colored robe to exit the walled in 
        area; inside the area where the pickpocket is initiated there are too many
        goof balls that will swing at you).
    Pickpocket 2: (West) Jubair is at the Madrasah Al Kallasah is surrounded
    Informer 1: (North)
    Informer 2: (South)
    After finding the target a cut scene shows the burning of books. Jubair sends
    his henchmen out to find more works of literature to burn. Once you are back
    in full control of Altair you will notice several markers on the map. Some are
    the henchman but only one is the primary target. He is located in the 
    southeastern part of the Middle District. The easiest way to kill him is to
    stand on a roof above, jump down, and assassinate. For this late in the game 
    this assassination was not too difficult. The kill is pretty easy once you find
    the right target marker.
                                   *Sibrand*                               [SBRD]
    After a talk with Mualim, Altair receives more upgrades and is off to Acre for 
    his next target. Quick travel to Acre and ride down to the gates. Use the 
    scholars for entry and find the Bureau. Once the Bureau leader provides some 
    tips head to the east and find a view point in the Middle District to reveal 
    the required investigations.
    Eavesdrop: (North) Sibrand is hiding on the docks
    Interrogation: Sibrand will install a naval blockade
    Pickpocket 1: (Central) Acquired a letter stating Sibrand has no guards on the 
        Northern Docks
    Pickpocket 2: (South)
    Informer 1: (West)
    Informer 2: (East)
    After successful completion of three investigations return to the Bureau to
    obtain authorization for this kill. Once the feather is yours head toward the 
    docks in the southern part of town. Upon arrival at the docks, Sibrand is 
    tormenting a scholar he believes to be involved with the dreaded assassin.
    Little does he know you are watching the events unfold.
    Once the scene is completed, Sibrand moves to the large ship in the center of
    the dock area. Travel slightly north toward the only view point at the docks.
    While approaching the docks look to the east to spot Sibrand's ship. The larger
    ship has a smaller boat at its base. Work your way to the small boat and grab
    hold of the ship. Move around to the area of the ship with the steering wheel 
    while not actually boarding the ship. Altair should be hanging from the side of
    the ship watching as Sibrand comes near. Sibrand will stand at the end of the
    ship and fire some arrows. While he is shooting arrows into the air he is 
    vulnerable to a stealth kill. Leap up onto the deck and kill Sibrand. The escape
    can be  tricky simply because any fall into the water is an instant death.
    Once the feather is delivered, Desmond exits the Animus. Speak with Lucy and she
    will be interrupted by a phone call from Vidic. Follow her and initiate another
    conversation. Once the talking is over, enter your room. Take a rest and 
    Vidic will wake you the next morning.
                                    Memory 6                              [MEM6]
                                *Robert de Sable*                         [RBDS]
    Listen to the coversation with Mualim. Make a quick trip to Jerusalem and speak
    with the Bureau leader. This opens up the Middle District for exploration. Find
    a view point or two to reveal the location for the investigations.
    Eavesdrop: Robert will be attending a funeral
    Interrogation: What are Robert's true motives?
    Pickpocket 1: (North) Use scholars to gaine entry
    Pickpocket 2: (South) Acquired map detailing Robert's position during the 
    Informer 1: (West)
    Informer 2: (East)
    When the investigations are complete, Altair should find his target in the 
    southern part of the Middle District. Jump to the top of the fence from a 
    nearby building to access the funeral site. A cut scene begins like most other
    assassinations. The difference this time is that Altair is spotted during the 
    scene and the guards are automatically on alert. Fend off the guards with 
    counter attacks and work toward Robert. Strike him with your sword to begin the
    kill sequence only to find it is not Robert at all. A woman was placed at the
    funeral instead to trap the assassin. Escape to the Bureau to discuss the 
    situation with Jerusalem's assassin leader.
    The next area to travel to is Arsuf. Either grab a horse and ride out from 
    Jerusalem or quick travel to Acre (its a little closer to the goal) and ride
    to Arsuf. The path through this area is just one battle after another. There is
    very little room for stealth kills. It basically puts Altair's sword skills to 
    the test.
    At the end of the path Robert stands next to Richard. Altair pleads his case
    but Richard says he will believe the winner of the battle. Altair must fight
    through several soldiers before facing Robert. Using counters is a must. Even if
    you are able to counter every attack some of the guards are so powerful that
    they will break through the attempted block and deal some damage. The good 
    thing is that if you fail the game restarts at the beginning of the battle so 
    you do not have to fight your way to the battle site again. Once the attacking
    Templars are disposed of Robert attacks. By this time most of Altair's 
    synchronization bar is highly diminished. Keep your guard up as Robert attacks.
    The fight will be a prolonged battle if you attempt to kill him with the sword.
    It is possible to grab Robert and throw him to the ground. Once he is on the 
    ground have your hidden blade equipped for a quick kill.
                                    Memory 7                              [MEM7] 
    Altair returns to Maysaf but the town seems different and the people are no 
    longer friendly. Head toward the libarary where Mualim has always been. This
    memory similar to the previous one is one fight after another. Defeat a few
    waves of enemies before the calvary arrives. Once at the library move through
    the crowd and into the garden to face Al Mualim. 
    At first Mualim summons each of the assassination targets Altair had killed 
    throughout the game. They are powerful foes but a few counter attacks will 
    thin the field and even the odds. Stay on the defensive and counter incoming
    attacks to move through the Templars with relative ease. The next trick Mualim
    has is to create numerous copies of himself. They will attack Altair just as 
    all enemies have up to this point. The only way to stop the attack is to take
    out the real Mualim. The real version can be seen by using Eagle Vision. The
    target will be colored in gold. Somehow the only Mualim I fought was the real
    one so the battle ended quite rapidly. The final form is Mualim himself. He
    will attack with deadly force. Counter or dodge his sword attacks and retaliate
    with your own (a thrown knife works well here). Once he is damaged he will 
    disappear only to reappear in another location in the garden. Continue to avoid
    his attacks and counter with your own until he is no more.
    Desmond will exit the Animus and the Templars have what they desire. Vidic's 
    bosses are standing in the distance. Once there conversation is over examine
    the floor with Eagle Vision for some cryptic messages. When ready move to your
    room and use triangle on the wall behind the bed for another message. After a
    few seconds the credits will roll. Let the credits move to the end and you can
    reenter the Animus and replay any of the memories or find flags and Templars.
                                  Legalities                               [LGLS]
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    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
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    violation of copyright.
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