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    FAQ/Walkthrough by GameCoder

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    The Walking Dead: Episode 1 - A New Day
    Written by Gamecoder
    Email: BlackGenesis1584@yahoo.com
    Thank you for taking your time to read my Guide and I hope that this Guide can
    help you complete the game. This is my eight time writing a Guide (not sure if
    you call this a Guide since it's a very short one), so I hope that it lives up
    to your expectations.  This Guide also contains spoiler, so read at your own
    risk.  If you find something that I've missed, please feel free to email me.
    ------------------------------[VERSION HISTORY]--------------------------------
    May 05, 2012
    - Guide completed
    May 14, 2012
    - Added more info in the FAQ section (What transfers on Episode 2?)
    Episode 1 starts with the main protagonist, Lee, in a police car.  As you go
    through the conversation, you will be given some choices.  You have a limited
    amount of time to make a choice.  The choices you make will have an impact as
    you play the game.  You can either be honest or deceitful.  Your companions
    will take notice everything that you say or do.  Their attitudes toward you
    will depend on the choices you make throughout the game.  Anyway, keep talking
    with the Cop by looking at the rear view mirror, and at the radio.  Eventually
    you will get into a crash.
    When you regain consciousness, look at the shotgun, at the cop, and then at
    your handcuffs.  Kick the window four times, and then press W (Forward Key) to
    get out from the car.  Once you got out from the car, press W until you get to
    the other side.  Look at the shotgun (you can pick it up if you want), then
    take the shotgun SHELL near the shotgun.  Approach the cop, look at him, then
    take the KEYS from his pocket.  Once you have the keys, unlock your handcuffs.
    Lee will get clumsy and drop the keys, so grab it again, then continue
    unlocking your handcuffs.  Once you're free from the cuffs, the police cop will
    attack you.
    First thing that you need to do is press S (Backward Key) until you reach the
    car.  Pick the shotgun to your left, Lee will eventually reload it.  However,
    due to his panic, he will drop it.  Pick the shotgun shell to your right and
    Lee will successfully reload it to the shotgun.  Now aim your shotgun on the
    Cop's head and shoot.
    Once the cop is dead, you will see a mysterious figure appears infront of you.
    Call out to her, but she will run away.  Once the camera changes view, look to
    your right to trigger a scene.  After the scene, you will be in someone's yard.
    Examine the Tea Set and the Treehouse (after you examine it, try talking to it)
    behind you.  Walk up the stairs and go inside the house.  Ignore the beeping
    and check everything around.  Approach the kitchen and search the cabinets and
    drawers.  You will eventually get a WALKIE TALKIE.  From the kitchen, go to the
    living room, and search everything (except the answering machine).  After
    you're done searching, approach the answering machine and listen to all 3
    messages.  After you've listened to the last message, you will get a scene.
    After the scene, you will be attacked again by the babysitter.
    Quicky press the Q button (Left Key), keep pressing it until it changes to E
    (Right Key).  Press E and Lee will push her back.  Lee will try to run away,
    but he will trip and fall down on a pool of blood.  Once you regain control,
    the screen will be blurry.  Move the cursor around until you see the Kick icon
    appears, press it and Lee will kick the zombie away from him.  Keep kicking and
    punching (by pressing Q, E, and the Kick icon) the zombie until the girl,
    Clementine, reaches you with a hammer.  Grab the hammer from her, and then aim
    the hammer on the zombie's head.  Keep hitting her with the hammer until you
    trigger another scene.
    During the scene, you will be given 2 choices: "Look for help, before it gets
    dark.", or "Get out of here once the sun goes down."
    If you choose to go out during the day, then you will exit the house during the
    day.  Follow Clementine into the gate.  Open the gate to trigger a scene.
    During the scene, help the guys push the car blocking their path.  After you've
    pushed it, you will be out of the city and be at Hershel's Farm.
    If you choose to wait until dark, then you will exit the house during the
    night.  Follow Clementine into the gate.  Open the gate and move forward to
    trigger another scene.  After the scene, you will be at Hershel's Farm.
    The only difference that I've noticed between these two decisions is that if
    you pick the 1st choice, then Chet will live.  If you pick the 2nd choice, then
    you will meet Officer Andre instead since Chet will be turned into a zombie.
    No matter what decision you've picked, you will arrive at Hershel's Farm at
    night.  When you regain control of Lee, speak with everyone (Katjaa,
    Clementine, Kenny, Duck, Shawn, and finally Hershel).  After you've talked to
    Hershel, you will trigger a scene where you have to choose between saving Shawn
    or saving Duck.
    You have to pick between these two.  If you choose to save Duck, then you have
    to get him free from Zombie's clutches by punching the zombie, then pull him
    out with the help from his father Kenny.  If you choose to save Shawn, then you
    need to push the Tractor crushing his legs, then either pull him out under the
    tractor, or punch the zombies to free him from their clutches.
    No matter what you choose, Shawn will die and Duck will live.  The only
    difference is that if you try to save Shawn, Hershel will never yell or curse
    at you.  He will yell and curse at Kenny for not helping you to save Shawn.  No
    matter what you choose, you will be kicked out from Hershel's Farm.
    During the long cutscene, you will be give some choices.
    Some of the choices you'll make will affect Kenny's loyalty towards you.
    During the heated cutscene, Clementine will be attacked, and you need to save
    Point your cursor to Clementine then press it when the Grab icon appears.  Lee
    will try to pull Clementine away from the zombie.  Once Clementine is free, the
    zombie will grab Lee instead.  Keep pressing Q until Carley rescues you by
    shooting the zombie on the head.
    When you regain control of Lee, speak with everyone (Carley, Clementine, Kenny,
    Katjaa, Duck, Lily, and Larry). 
    You can find 4 ENERGY BARS in this area.  The first one is located on the shelf
    behind Carley.  The second one is located on the floor near the ATM Machine.
    The third one is on the shelf near Lily, and the fourth one is located on the
    shelf between Larry and Kenny.  You can give them to your companions if you
    You can also examine the Radio infront of Carley by pressing the On/Off button,
    turn the Volume all the way up, then flip the radio over and check the battery
    door to find out that it doesn't have any battery.  You need 2 BATTERIES to
    power up the radio.  The first one can be found on the shelf located on the
    right to where Kenny, Katjaa, and Duck are sitting.  The second one can be
    found on the floor located on the right side to where Clementine is sitting.
    Once you have the batteries, give them to Carley.  Still... Carley can't get it
    to work, so examine it again to find out that she put them the wrong way.  Put
    the batteries the right way, then flip the Antenna up, and then turn the power
    on.  The radio should be working now.
    Open the door to the Office (the one near Larry) to trigger a scene.  Examine
    everything including the pallet and the picture frame on the floor.  Pick it up
    to trigger another scene.  After the scene, you will get a PHOTO.  Move the
    desk away from the door leading to the Pharmacy.  Clementine will help you move
    the desk causing her to get hurt.  There's a first aid kit on one of the tables
    near you.  Examine it to get a BANDAGE.  Apply the bandage to Clementine, and
    then search one of the drawers near Clementine to get a REMOTE.  Now examine
    the door leading to the Pharmacy to find out that it is locked, so you need to
    find the Key in order to open it.  Since you can't do anything at the moment,
    return outside. 
    Speak with Carley to trigger a scene where Glenn will contact you via the
    Walkie Talkie.  Glenn is in trouble, so you need to help him.  Speak with
    Carley again and pick "You're ready to head out?" and "Yeah".
    After the scene, your next objective is to save the girl inside the inn.  In
    order to save her, you need to kill all the zombies in the area without getting
    seen.  Okay, let's start by grabbing the PILLOW to your left.  Now turn to your
    right and then hide towards the pick up truck.  Turn to your left and use the
    pillow on the zombie near you.  Open the car door near you and grab the SPARK
    PLUG.  Once you have it, unlock the gear shift.  Now, push the car towards the
    zombie.  You will return to the pick up track.  Turn to your right, and use the
    spark plug to break down the glass.  Grab the AWL from the truck.  Once you
    have it, return to the brick wall you came from.  Turn to your left then hide
    towards the RV.  Turn to your left and use the awl icon on the zombie near you.
    Lee will whistle at the zombie, and the zombie will approach Lee.  Once the
    zombie is near, attack him with the awl twice to kill him.  Another zombie will
    attack Glenn from behind, so hit her once with an awl to kill her.  Lee will
    approach the zombie that is trapped with the car you've pushed earlier.  Kill
    it with the awl and grab the AXE from the wall.  Go to your right then climb
    the stairs.  Kill the 2 Zombies with your axe then examine the door.  Use your
    axe to break down the door to trigger another scene.
    During the scene, you will be given 2 choices.  It doesn't matter what you
    choose since the Girl will die either way.
    Speak with Glenn and Carley if you like, then speak with Doug.  Since you have
    the axe, photo, and the remote, you can go outside.  Speak with Doug if you
    like, then examine the trapped walker near the boarded window, and then use the
    photo you've found.  Now, check the TV store infront of you, and then use the
    remote.  Use your axe to break the lock then open the gate.  Grab the BRICK,
    and then throw it to the TV store.  Since the zombie are now being distracted,
    run towards the trapped walker (Lee's Brother).  Kill him with the axe, then
    keep hitting him with it until you get the KEY.
    After the scene, you will be back at the Office.  Since you have the key, head
    to the Pharmacy, use it, then enter to trigger another scene.  After the scene,
    your job is to defend the door while the other survivors try to escape.
    Approach the door, and Lee will replace Glenn from guarding it.  All you have
    to do is keep pressing the Push icon when it appears then press Q then E until
    Clementine finds you something to lock the door.  When Clementine returns, take
    the CANE from her, and use it to lock the door behind you.  Now, you need to
    save Carley and Doug.
    You have to pick between these two.  You cannot save both.  If you want to save
    Carley, then take the Purse and Lee will grab some bullets and throw it to her.
    If you want to save Doug, you need to run towards him, then grabs him away from
    the zombies' clutches.  After you've saved Carley or Doug, Clementine will be
    grabbed by the zombie, so you have to save her... again.
    Point your cursor on the zombie then press it.  Lee will approach the zombie
    and stump her on the head.  Just keep stumping her until she let Clementine go.
    Now approach Larry to trigger another scene.  You cannot do anything, so just
    wait until someone saves you.  When help arrives, take Kenny's hand to get away
    from that place.
    This will be your Safe Haven for now.  After the scene, speak with your
    companions until the credits roll.  Congratulations!!! You've just finished
    Episode 1!!!
    ------------------------[FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS]---------------------------
    Q. Hey your guide sucks.
    A. Well, it doesn't bother me since I expect this kind of feedbacks.
    Q. Can you save Shawn?
    A. Nope, you cannot save him.  If you read the comic book series, then you know
    Q. Can you save both Carley and Doug?
    A. Nope you can only save one.
    Q. What transfers on Episode 2?
    A. I'm not sure since Episode 2 hasn't released yet.  I think the decisions you
       made from Episode 1 will transfer.  Like your decision between Carley and
       Doug, and your attitude towards your companions especially Kenny.
       According to Giancarlo "GC_Boombox" Lodevico
       "For every response you pick for every character. Will be transferred to
        Episode 2. Because remember that one decision you have to make between Doug
        and Carley? That is a serious changer of the game. Meaning that whoever you
        save will appear on Episode 2. However, the other you didn't save will be
        mentioned in Episode 2. So to answer your question. Yes, Episode 1 will be
        transferred to Episode 2. Depending on your judgment to make your character
        to have the final decision to everybody's fate in the game. As long as you
        progress through the game."
    Q. Hey can I contribute something in your Guide?
    A. Yes you can as long as it hasn’t been mentioned yet in my Guide.
    This Guide is copyrighted by me so do not distribute, reproduce, sell, copy, or
    post this Guide without my permission. This Guide is protected by the 
    International Copyright Law, so disobeying this rule means absolute penalty.
    In another language: BAWAL ANG MAGNAKAW DITO!
    This guide has been approved to be posted on the following sites:
    GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com
    Neoseeker, http://www.neoseeker.com
    Super Cheats, http://www.supercheats.com
    GAMEFAQs for hosting my FAQ
    Telltale Games for making such a wonderful game
    The White Gecko for his excellent Guides:
    Giancarlo "GC_Boombox" Lodevico for giving a complete answer on what transfers
    on Episode 2

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