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FAQ/Walkthrough by Videogamer

Version: Final | Updated: 12/19/03

Videogamer’s Sonic 3D Blast FAQ
This is my first FAQ, so please bear with me on this. I noticed that there is a request for 
an FAQ for it on the request list so I decided that I’d make this FAQ.  if you want to use 
this FAQ on your site, you have to contact me for permission first. This FAQ is copyright 
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Videogamer, Sonic and all related characters are property of Sega of 

Contents (Version Final)
1) Legal disclaimer (above)
2) Some basic tips
3) Walkthrough (not complete, but anything that seems missing is probably in the reader
contribtion section) 
4) Reader Contributions (be sure to check here before asking questions, because there's a lot
of good information in here) 
5) Miscellaneous (codes, Game Genie, ECT.)

Version History: Version 1.0: Added all the tips from the manual, and the walkthrough
for Green Grove act 1 through 
Volcano Valley act 1
Version 1.1: I completed the walkthrough (with the things I know).
Version 1.2: I had a big reader contribution (see ch. 4).
Version 1.3: I got a small contribution of codes, they’re in the reader contribution section.
Version 1.4: I got another small contribution of codes, they’re in the reader contribution
Version 1.5: I got some tips, they’re in the reader contribution section.
Version 1.6: I got some more tips, they’re in the reader contribution section.
Version 1.7: I got even more tips, they're in the reader contribution section.
Version 1.8: I got more tips again, they're in the reader contribution section.
Version 1.9: I got some information on a difference between the Genesis and Saturn versions
of the game, it's in the reader contribution section.
Version 2.0:  I got some information about a glitch, it's in the reader contribution section.
I've also rearranged the text a little bit so it's easier to read.
Version 2.1:  I've recieved a tip, and it's in the reader contribution section.

Version Final:  There's another tip in the reader contribution section, and as of right now,
I've decided to end updates to this FAQ/Walkthrough.  After looking at it, I've decided that
probably nothing more can be added that would really increase the guide's quality.  I'd
like to thank all of those that contributed since this guide wouldn't be what it is today
without all the reader input.  If I get something really major, I might update this guide
again but, otherwise this is the final update.  

Some basic tips to remember
1) Remember to take it slow in unfamiliar territory.
2) On your first time through the game, don’t worry about the emeralds, it’s hard enough 
just finding and holding onto the flickies while finishing the game within two hours.
3) Remember that when you get the gold shield, you can push jump twice to home in on enemies.
4) With a few exceptions, it’s best to do the slow roll instead of jumping on to the robots.
5) To regain control on ice, jump and land in place.
6) There are many hidden passages in the game, look everywhere.
7) In my opinion, the Knuckles bonus stages are easier than the Tails bonus stages.

The Walkthrough 
Please note that I’m not going to tell you where every flicky is, but I will tell you where
Tails and Knuckles are in each level, where the helpful secrets are, and how to kick 
Robotnick’s booty.
 Green Grove Zone act 1 
 This level mainly gives you an introduction to the game.  Every springboard has a purpose,
 so be sure to jump on them all. After the first steep hill that requires a launcher, break
 through the part of the wall with the odd texture to find rings, a gold shield, and a
 cannon that takes you to Knuckles.  Tails is found by going down the steep hill after you
 go through the portal, then going right until you reach another hill.  Go down that to get
 to tails.

Green Grove Zone act 2
This level is slightly more difficult, but you shouldn’t have much trouble with it.  To
find Knuckles, go to the lower left corner of the area you appear in after putting the
flickies in the first big ring.  Tails is behind the big rock that you spin
dash through in the second section of the level.  Near the second big ring, there’s a 
breakable part of the wall that has a gold shield and extra life behind it.

Green Grove zone act 3
Just hit him as he comes down to pick up the spike ball.  There are rings in the corners 
for protection.

Rusty Ruin Zone act 1
Now here is where the game starts to get tricky.  Remember that you can break the columns
by standing on the spinning things, then running into them.  To get to Tails, you have to
use the spinner, then go around counter clockwise, to get to Tails.  Sorry, but I’ve never
been able to find Knuckles here.

Rusty Ruin Zone act 2
The designers of the game must have been too busy making this level difficult, because I
couldn’t find Tails, Knuckles, or any secrets at all.
Rusty Ruin Zone act 3
When he slams his paw against the ground, jump on it, and then ride it up and hit Robotnick’s
ship.  It’s not too hard, as long as you avoid the gun.

Spring Stadium zone act 1
This level is definitely a relief after Rusty Ruin act 2.  It’s not too hard, just avoid the
spikes.  Tails is in the area between the first big ring and the loop going into the second
section.  Go right after the loop near Tails, and go right to the steep hill.  Knuckles is 
at the bottom.

Spring Stadium Zone act 2
This one is more difficult, but all you can do is sweat it out.  Tails and Knuckles are in 
the same place in this level.  After coming out of the loop after the first big ring, go 
directly to your right.

Spring Stadium Zone act 3
Hit Robotnick’s ship when he comes down to pound the ground.  Be sure to avoid his arms, 
even when he’s in the air.
Diamond Dust Zone act 1
I’m not sure why, but this is my favorite level.  It’s not particularly difficult, and it’s
big with a lot of secrets.  Go up the first Ice River and go to the left to find Knuckles. 
Tails is at the bottom left of the second ice river.  There is a 1-up through a tunnel 
blocked by a breakable ice crystal.

Diamond dust Zone act 2
This isn’t quit as easy as act 1, but it’s nothing compared to Volcano valley.  Tails is 
hiding behind a lot of ice crystals after the slide following the first big ring.  When the 
path splits near Tails, take the icier path, unless you like getting pelted with snowballs.  
You can navigate the ice easier if you slow roll on the ice.  Knuckles isn’t far after the 
second big ring, be sure to get the 1-up behind him.

Diamond Dust zone act 3
Hit him when he comes down.  Be sure to avoid the freezing gas and snowmen.

Volcano Valley Zone act 1
This is where the game starts to get difficult.  You’ll have a really difficult time here if
you can’t find and keep the fire shield. There are a few fire shields hidden in secret 
passages hidden by the breakable stones. Be sure to break all the stones.
I’ve seen Tails and Knuckles in this level, but I have no idea how to get to them.

Volcano Valley Zone act 2
More of the same, but this one’s a little shorter.  Get the fire shield at the beginning or
you’ll have an extremely difficult time here.  Be sure to break all the stones, since there
are secret tunnels under some of them.  As far as I can tell, you won’t find Tails or 
Knuckles anywhere from here to the end of the game.

Volcano Valley Zone act 3
This is the first really tough boss in the game.  You have to jump on his pipes in the 
middle of the lava and jump up to hit him while avoiding the fire that comes out of the 
pipes, and the fire snake that he occasionally shoots out.  It’s not easy.

Gene Gadget Zone act 1
This level isn’t exactly easy; there are lots of hazards such as automated guns and 
electrical floor panels.  Just remember that the fans are there to help you, and remember 
that you can run across the electrical floor panels, but you can’t stand on them if you 
don’t have a shield.

Gene Gadget Zone act 2
This is pretty much more of the same, just hang in there, you’re almost finished with the 
game.  Watch out for the spikes, they can be nasty.  Also, at the part where you have to 
jump from platform to platform, fall and go down the slide once since there’s a flicky 
down there. 

Gene Gadget Zone act 3
In my opinion, this boss is easier than the last one.  All you have to do is avoid the 
spikes, and hit him when he comes down to shoot you with missiles.

Panic Puppet Zone act 1
I’ll give you the flicky locations here since they’re not robots and they are in tricky 
places.  The first flicky is in the first part, before you go down the first conveyor belt.  
The second one is to the right of where there’s a split where half is electric panels and the 
other half is fans.  When you get to the steep hill, just go right instead of going up it 
since you’ll find a flicky to the right of the steep hill.  Go around the hill and you’ll find 
both flickies near the top of the steep hill.

Panic Puppet Zone act 2
Ah, now this brings me back to the days of the old 2D Sonic games.  Just follow the linear 
path to Robotnick’s nose and go in it.  Don’t worry about flickies or secrets because there 
aren’t any.

Panic Puppet Zone act 3
This battle is difficult, but it’s nothing compared to the next one.  The battle starts easy 
enough, just go under one of his mallets, so he’ll slam it on the ground, then hit the 
flashing blue light.  Repeat as necessary.  Next, he’ll shoot a moving flame around the 
battlefield, hit the flashing blue light.  The flamethrowers will alternate and shoot 
automatically.  Finally, he’ll shoot balls from his things on the next level.  To avoid the 
balls easier, I suggest staying with one of them at a time and stand in a position where you 
can avoid the balls and hit the flashing blue light at the same time.

The Final Battle
You can only come here if you have all the emeralds; otherwise, you’ll get the “Try Again” 
ending after panic puppet act 3.  Anyway, on with the battle.  First, I suggest that you 
only get 3 of the rings at the start, since you will be coming back there.  First, the robot 
will shoot finger lasers at you, just avoid them and hit him when he moves forward into the 
platform.  Next, you’ll have to avoid three flame-throwers, then hit him the same way.  
Third, you’ll have to avoid his hands that will try to ram and crush Sonic, then hit him in 
the same way.  Fourth, just avoid the missiles he shoots, and hit him.  Fifth, he’ll shoot 
balls with his gun.  I find it easier to stand and jump in the upper left corner to avoid 
the balls, then hit him when he moves forward.  Now just do all five of those steps again 
and watch the credits roll.

Reader Contributions and Credits
A big thanks to Andrea for these tips on how to find Tails and Knuckles.
Rusty Ruin Zone 1

Knuckles is in Stage 3. When you start in stage 3, follow the path to the 
left, walk through the spinning spikes, once you’re safely through, stand in front of the door 
you see near the spikes, use Sonic Spin Ball to blast through it. It leads you 
to Knuckles. But he's blocked, so you must go back the way you came till you 
get to the spinning things, jump on one an spin all the way back to 
Knuckles...make sure you don't get hit by the spinning spikes then go through 
the door and blast the blockers.

Rusty Ruin Zone 2

Knuckles is in Stage 1. Go all the way down to the end of the stage where 
the big gold ring is, get on those spinning things and go left. Blast through 
the blockers. Then jump on your shield. Next go towards the door, use Sonic 
Spin Ball to blast though it and it will lead you to Knuckles.

To find Tails will be a bit harder to explain. Tails is in Stage 1 but you 
must complete 2 and half of 3 to do so. First just play the game as you 
would. When you get to Stage 3 at the part where the spinning spikes are and 
where those 3 steps are hanging in the air and below them there should be a 
spring. Go down there, jump on the spinning thing and spin down the steps and 
go along the path, you should still be spinning. Then spin into the little 
blocker and you will fall into a hole leading you to Stage 1 where Tails is.

Volcano Valley 1

To find Tails you must go to Stage 2, follow the path to where you jump on 
the blocks to a hole. Once you go to the next island, run towards the 
spring. Follow that path up to the blue spin thing. Get on it and Sonic Spin 
your way up to the small area. Jump on that small area. Go to the right and 
face the wall and Sonic Spin into it and you will find Tails.

Volcano Valley Zone 2

You'll find Knuckles here. This will be much harder to explain. He is in 
Stage 1 but you must go through 2 to get to him. When you start out on Stage 
2 make SURE you have a fire shield and try to keep it through the whole 
stage. Continue going down the path until you reach the balls of fire in a 
line looping in circles. Pass that, you should see a spring and a path 
leading down. Go down that path into the lava and jump up on the little 
island. Jump on the blocks, go through the hole and walk down the short 
path. Knuckles should be there.

I’ve also got a couple codes thanks to J. V.
1.. The Level Skip
Once you have entered the level select code choose any level. Any time whilst your playing, 
press START+A. When you get up to Panic Puppet Zone - Act 3, when you press START+A you will 
view a cutscene but at the end of it the credits will come up.

    2.    Easy Emeralds

Once you have entered the level select code, choose a level that has 'Tails' & Knuckles in 
the stage. Collect at least 50 Rings and run into 'Tails'/Knuckles. When your at the special 
stage, press START+A when the special stage starts for the Emerald.(NOTE: This code doesn't 
work on all versions!!!)

Here are a few tips from Gregory
Here are some more tricks I've learned for Sega 3D:

There are spikes and springs in spring stadium act 3.Don't bother with the springs--they will 
just lead you to the spikes, which will make you lose your rings.

Don't try to go for the electric blockade near the dimension ring in gene gadget.

There is a special flicky in volcano valley. Pop a vampire-bat and a red flicky (it doesn't 
bounce) will appear. It will look like a small red shield.

Even more tips form Gregory
Well here's how to find Knuckles in Volcano Valley Act 1. He is in Stage 1 but I suggest 
getting a red shield first. When you get to where that bird robot and ring icon are, pass 
the lava and you will find a bat-like robot and invincible icon. Near the invincible icon 
there are 2 doors. Blast into the cracked one with the spin dash. Go through the door and you
will find Knuckles.

Here are some other tips:

-In panic puppet act 3, quickly get under one of the mallets on Robotnik's machine, or he 
will shoot white balls from his cannons that cause you to lose your rings

-In Rusty Ruin act 2, here's a tip for avoiding the moving platform that takes you to the 
fire cannons. Just get on spring near the moving platform be sure to pick up the sonic icon 
and you will reach the other side easily if you get the D-pad arrows in northwest direction.

-A warning: In Diamond Dust do not try to go with the flow in ice rivers because if you do 
so you will run into icicles and the rings will go flying. Instead, jump in the direction 
you want to go every time you land in the ice to avoid being caught in the current.

-I know where Tails is in Volcano Valley act 2. He is in stage 2. When you come out of the 
doorway near that big gold ring with the red handle, jump from platform to platform. Avoid 
the lava [unless you have a red shield]. Go to the corner, blast into the cracked part, 
zig-zag through, and you will find Tails.

-In Diamond Dust, if you pop a snowman that shoots snowballs in all directions, all you will 
get is an ice cube. Pop it, and you will get the flicky.

-In Volcano valley act 2, there is a passageway. When you start the act, go through the 
passageway with the spikes. Pop the bird robot, blast the cracked part, and you will find a 
spring and invincible icon. Be sure to pop the icon and the bat robot. Get on the island and 
quickly pop the red shield before Sonic's invincible time is over.

And even more tips from Gregory:
In the final fight, I had hit the robot in the second part.  The passageway appeared, but I 
didn't take the passageway. Instead, I stayed on the platform until the bonging got faster 
and faster.  When that happened, Sonic died.  I pressed the Reset button on my game console 
and the game congratulated me on finding a secret Level Select.  The "continue" music was 
playing, and I saw the Level Select screen appear.
There is another interesting thing.  In Rusty Ruin, Act 1, in stage 3, just get on the 
spinning thing and blast into the blockers.  You can pop the shield if you like.  Then blast 
into the door and you'll move into Stage 2, near the dimension ring.

Gregory contributes even more
I have another tip:
-There are 2 ways to get to the dimension ring in stage 2.  You might have seen those 
blockers, which are right next to the spinners.  There are 2 ways to blast the blockers.  
One way is to take the path to the dimension ring (that is not what I am talking about.)  When 
you get there go northwest and you will find  rings and stairs.   When you are all the way up 
get on the spinning thing, then bump into the blockers to destroy them. The other way is 
tougher, especially if you don't have a red shield [there is a fire cannon there.]   Get on 
the spinners and go AWAY from the spinning spikes, but remember that the chains can get 
Sonic, too.  When you do that, avoid the spikes on the wall, then go destroy the blockers.
    I also have ANOTHER tip  [whew! there is a LOAD of things hidden in this game!]
    In Rusty Ruin Act 2 when you get to the moving platform, use my tip or any way you like
    to get through it then go through the fire cannons and go north of the giant ruin, (you 
    may need to back up a little.)  When you are in the right spot, another spinning sonic will be 
    earned and that is handy for continuing, but I don't know yet exactly how many you need  to 
    earn one.
    I also figured out how many hits you need to defeat nasty Ivo Robotnik and his crazy 
Green Grove:5 hits
Rusty Ruin:5 hits 
Spring Stadium:8 hits 
Diamond Dust:8 hits
Volcano Valley:8 hits 
Gene Gadget:8 hits 
Panic Puppet:24 hits
Final Fight:10 hits
A little information from Armadillo:
I recently bought Sonic 3D Blast for the Saturn andI just wanted to make note of the difference
between the Volcano Valley boss in the two versions. All he does in the Saturn version is
shoot the fire snake.

Here's a tip from Ravi about Panic Puppet Zone act 1
In Panic Puppet zone act 1, at the part where you have to climb the diagonal wall while 
standing on those pads that stick out of the wall, don't let Sonic skid even while on the 
pads, as a 'gaming-glitch' will make Sonic go right through the pads.

A trick in Daimond Dust Zone from Ishaan
I just wanted to contribute this tiny bit of information:In Diamond Dust,there are weird 
ice structures covered with yellow bars in some places.If you don't have enough rings to 
get to knuckles or tails in Act 1,you can wait till you reach the end of the level...somewhere 
near the end is another ice thingy which will take you directly to the place where you can 
access knuckles from. (To use the ice thingy,you must have the yellow shield...do a double 
jump on it)

Here's another explanation of how to find Knuckles in Volcano Valley Act2 from Kyrik.
In Volcano Valley Act 2 after the first giant ring you come to one of 
those bands of fireballs that stretches across your path and rotates 
a bit. The path splits off going left to a spin lift and down a slope. At 
the bottom of the slope is a block that you ride across the lava to the 
left. Instead of going left, I jumped down to the island with a bunch of 
blocks on the right-hand side. I broke the one in the corner and when I 
shot through the tube, it dropped me back at the start of the Zone, but I 
was dropped next to Knuckles. 

Here's a Panic Puppet Zone tip from SanAlba
--There IS one secret in Panic Puppet Zone, act 2. As you're falling off one of the conveyor 
belts (you'll know what one I mean as it's the only one that you fall off of) you'll see - in 
the corner of the screen - a platform with a 1up on it. Now, to get to that platform, stand 
in front of the big yellow  ball thing that's on the bit of land that the conveyor belt 
drops you onto, (you might actually hove to look for it 'cause it's not right under your 
nose!) and do the Sonic Spindash right into it. You'll go to the 1up platform. Another 
bonus apart from getting an extra life is that the spider-bot thing that was behind the 
yellow thing, DIES when you go to the 1up platform. --

Here's a tip for the last two battles from jfufchak.
Final Fight: Hands
A tip for avoiding the hands: Listen to the sound that they make. When the 
sound changes it is basically time to start moving, because this is the point 
when they slow down in order to pound. 

Puppet Stage 3: Blue Lights
In this battle you are not aiming for the blue lights, you are aiming for the 
part of the arm nearest the blue lights. Also, for the second and third forms 
of this boss, the arms alternate left to right (unlike the first form where 
you have to stand under the arms). Thus you can stand nearest the blue light 
that will turn on next and hit the arm (yes the arm again, to clarify). 

I’ve found a few game genie codes, here they are
Non-stop Demo:  AJCA-AABY
Freeze animations:  AJLA-AACG
Level selection menu always appears at level start:  AJNA-AA32 (you’ll need to turn this off 
after the level select comes up)
Invisible Sonic (except for shadow):  AJNA-AA32

To get a level select without the Game Genie press B,A,Right,A,C,Up,Down,A, then press start 
on the “press start” screen.

Here’s a small reader contribution to the code section.
In the Final Fight, pause, and press A+B+C. It's a quick ending.

If anyone can add to this guide or have questions about it, e-mail me at SegaGreg6@aol.com. 
I’ll put any new contributions in the reader contribution section.

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