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FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x

Version: Final | Updated: 07/15/07

            _________              __         ________ ________   
           /   _____/ ____   ____ |__| ____   \_____  \\______ \  
           \_____  \ /  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\    _(__  < |    |  \ 
           /        (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___   /       \|    `   \
          /_______  /\____/|___|  /__|\___  > /______  /_______  /
                  \/            \/        \/         \/        \/ 
                   __________ __                   __   
                   \______   \  | _____    _______/  |_ 
                    |    |  _/  | \__  \  /  ___/\   __\
                    |    |   \  |__/ __ \_\___ \  |  |  
                    |______  /____(____  /____  > |__|  
                           \/          \/     \/        
|                   Author: A I e x                                          |
|                   Began: March 24th, 2005                                  |
|                   Completed: March 28th, 2005                              |

|                              Table of Contents                             |

** In order to navigate this guide I have implemented a Ctrl+f system, which 
means you press ctrl+f in your browser or word processer to bring up the 
search menu, then enter the letters in brackets on the right of the section 
that you're looking for.

1. Full Walkthrough....................................................(00000)
     i - Green Grove: Act 1............................................(00001)
     ii - Green Grove: Act 2...........................................(00002)
     iii - Green Grove: Act 3..........................................(00003)
     iv - Rusty Ruin: Act 1............................................(00004)
     v - Rusty Ruin: Act 2.............................................(00005)
     vi - Rusty Ruin: Act 3............................................(00006)
     vii - Spring Stadium: Act 1.......................................(00007)
     viii - Spring Stadium: Act 2......................................(00008)
     ix - Spring Stadium: Act 3........................................(00009)
     x - Diamond Dust: Act 1...........................................(0000A)
     xi - Diamond Dust: Act 2..........................................(0000B)
     xii - Diamond Dust: Act 3.........................................(0000C)
     xiii - Volcanic Valley: Act 1.....................................(0000D)
     xiv - Volcanic Valley: Act 2......................................(0000E)
     xv - Volcanic Valley: Act 3.......................................(0000F)
     xvi - Gene Gadget: Act 1..........................................(0000G)
     xvii - Gene Gadget: Act 2.........................................(0000H)
     xviii - Gene Gadget: Act 3........................................(0000I)
     xix - Panic Puppet: Act 1.........................................(0000J)
     xx - Panic Puppet: Act 2..........................................(0000K)
     xxi - Panic Puppet: Act 3.........................................(0000L)
     xxii - Special Boss...............................................(0000M)
3. Final Note..........................................................(0000N)
4. Version History.....................................................(0000O)
5. Legal...............................................................(0000P)
6. Credits.............................................................(0000Q)

|                              Full Walkthrough                      (00000) |

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Green Grove: Act 1                     |
     (00001)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Start the level and head across the bridge, there's a panel here which is 
designed to spin you around and send you at a high speed into the level.  Make 
sure you start to collect rings, they will kind of act like your health.  
Being hit knocks all your rings out ut you've got the chance to run around and 
collect them, if you're hit while you have no rings it means death.  Down at 
the lower left is a box which has a blue shield in it, jumping on top of this 
box or doing a spin into it will get you the shield.  Be sure to bounce on the 
nearby trampoline to get the rings and sonic icon.  To your upper right is the 
first enemy, this bug will hurt you if you come into contact with it, but by 
spinning or jumping onto the bug you can kill it and release the Flicky 
trapped inside.  For each level you need to collect five Flickies and get them 
into the large ring at the end.  You can see how many you've saved by looking 
at the bar at the lower right corner of your screen.

Above you is a trampoline and another spin panel, to the lower right of the 
spin panel is a little alcove with some rings in it.  Step onto the auto spin 
thing and let it shoot you up the hill until you bump into a wall, there is a 
crack in this wall and by holding the B button and aiming yourself, you can 
spin into the wall and break it down.  Behind it you'll find a secret path 
leading to all sorts of rings and a yellow shield.  If you press the jump 
button while in mid air using the yellow shield you can do a downward attack 
on enemies.  Along with the yellow shield is a cannon which shoots you back to 
the previous area.  When you land after shooting yourself from the cannon 
you'll find Knuckles standing in the corner.  Approach him and he'll take all 
your rings, don't worry; once he's taken 50 rings from you then you will be 
transported automatically to the first bonus stage

Bonus stages take the form of special half pipes you need to run through and 
ring challenges you need to complete.  Pick up an equal amount or more rings 
than it tells you to get for each section.  The first bonus stage is a great 
introduction because there's a special super easy way to beat it.  If you set 
the controller on the ground the bonus stage will automatically win by itself!  
Pretty easy, too bad this doesn't work for any other stage.  For beating the 
bonus level you get the very first Chaos Emerald in the game.

Back in the main game again climb the hill and get the Flicky from the monster 
at the top with a spinning metal ball around him, be sure to avoid this ball.
To the upper right of this enemy is a trampoline with a sonic icon at the top 
and to the left is another one of those metal spike ball enemies with the next 
Flicky.  Use the trampoline above him to reach the next level and defeat the 
other enemy there to get your fourth Flicky.  Above this enemy is a spinning 
pod that shoots green beams, you cannot destroy this pod and the beams will 
harm you so it's best to avoid.  Also note the land mine on the left side 
which will explode if you get to close.  Above both of these things are some 
rings and a blue shield.  You'll find the fifth and final enemy on the right 
along with a block containing ten rings.  When you've got all five of the 
Flickies go to the large ring at the upper left and jump onto it, this will 
send all the Flickies in and open up the way to the second half of the level.  
Simply step onto the panel once all five Flickies are saved.

To start you'll find an enemy and a Flicky above you in the corner.  Now head 
down the slope at the bottom being sure to collect all the rings along the 
way.  Watch out for floating spike balls down here, as you probably know they 
can be rather dangerous.  There's a bug like enemy here carrying the second 
Flicky.  Head to the left side and bounce on the trampoline but watch out for 
the land mine.  At the bottom you'll find a box containing ten rings and a 
bridge leading over to the left.  On the left side of this area is a box with 
some sparkly stuff on the side, this makes you invincible for a short while so 
you'll definitely want to get it.  When you do take advantage of this 
opportunity and run up the path straight through every enemy as you go picking 
up all the Flickies.  When you reach the top there's kind of a fork in the 
path where it meets one of those green laser firing pods.  Make a right and 
grab the yellow shield along with the super speed box, as you probably guessed 
this will allow you to go really fast.  Head back to the left and then make a 
left at the fork where you just were.  Jump on the trampoline to get the rings 
and then use the spinner to reach up to the very top.

On the right side of the large ring is the final enemy with the fifth Flicky.  
Before finishing the level make sure to jump on the trampoline above you and 
then grab the ten ring box on the right side of the screen.  When you're ready 
jump onto the large ring and you will automatically use it to teleport when 
five Flickies are saved, that marks the end of the very first act.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Green Grove: Act 2                     |
     (00002)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Run down the hill at the start and collect all the rings including the ones 
from the ten ring box.  Just to the right of it is a purple enemy, defeat him 
to get the first Flicky for this stage.  Follow the upper wall to find the 
next enemy, then jump on the trampoline beside him and get the invincibility 
box.  Head down to the lower right and get the purple bug that's wandering 
around near the laser pod.  To the upper right you'll find another of the 
purple bugs and a trampoline above him with one of the Sonic icons at the top.  
For the final nemy check the upper right corner.  That makes a total of five 
Flickies so send them into the large ring and proceed to the next area.

Right at the beginning of this area check out the left side, be sure to watch 
out for the land mine as Knuckles is standing right behind it and it would be 
a shame to lose all your rings right before giving them to him.  Approach 
Knuckles and give him 50 rings to be teleported to the second bonus stage.  
Obviously this one is going to be more difficult than the first, your primary 
goal at the start is to collect a total of 50 rings.  Stay in the middle at 
the start then move into a kind of back and forth motion to collect the rest 
as you go, get in the middle again coming out of the corner or you risk 
hitting the spike balls and losing a bunch of rings.  Try to stick in the 
middle for most of the way unless you're collecting rings on the side because 
the spike balls tend to always have safe openings in the middle.  Remember to 
hit the speed boosters always and you'll get more rings at the time 
checkpoints.  Get ready to jump at the drop to collect as many rings as 
possible there.  The next goal is to collect 110 rings, there's some new 
features here like the bounce panel but just stay along the line of rings in 
the air to get the most out of it.  Remember that if you ever encounter some 
spikes in the middle you can simply jump over them.  Make it all the way to 
the end with at least 100 rings total to get the next Chaos Emerald.

Remember that when you get back you're vulnerable since you have no rings, so 
make finding at least one ring a priority.  Head down from the main area and 
follow the path up the stairs and up the trampoline.  Here you'll find the 
first enemy of this area, grab the Flicky and then check the left side for a 
blue shield.  Up the path to the upper right you'll encounter an entirely new 
enemy.  This enemy is a large spikey caterpillar thing that jumps from hole to 
hole, in order to defeat it you need to jump at its head when it flies out of 
the hole.  There's another easy way to defeat it, simply step onto the hole 
that it lands in and hold the B button to spin, it will be destroy as it lands 
on you.  Now on the right hidden behind a tree is a box containing a speed 
boost.  Grab it and then check the right side of this area, up top of the 
large hill is another enemy with a spike ball around him.  You'll notice that 
above this enemy there is a rock blocking the path, simply hold B to spin and 
launch yourself toward the rock to break it.  Back here there's an 
invincibility box (don't bother getting it right now) a bunch of rings and a 
trampoline.  Bounce up and head down to the lower left through a secret 
tunnel, at the end you'll find Tails.  Approach Tails with 50 rings to unlock 
the bonus level.  If you've already completed the one for this act then all 
you get is a free life when trying to do it, but the stage is the exact stage.

Head back toward the entrance of the secret area and be sure to get the 
invincibility box before you actually leave the area.  Run across the bridge 
at the upper left and take out the enemy on the other side.  There's a bunch 
of rings down the path to the left and then the fifth enemy is a bug wandering 
around the centre of this area.  Be sure to jump on the trampoline on the 
right side before finishing, jump into the large ring at the top of this area 
in order to save your five Flickies and proceed to the next area.

At the start of this area watch out for the floating spike ball on top of the 
hill.  Grab all the rings you can and then check out the upper section for a 
caterpillar enemy and your first Flicky, there's also a blue shield box above 
it.  The bridge to the next area is at the bottom part of this place.  Don;t 
run too fast or you'll risk being hit by the enemy right on the main path of 
this area.  In the next part you'll find a bug monster wandering around and 
another jumping caterpillar at the top.  Defeat both of them to bring your 
Flicky total up to four and then use the trampoline on the left side.  
Continue right to reach the next area and check the bottom for a yellow shield 
in the corner.  The last bug is wandering around here and the end of the level 
ring is nearby as well, jump into it and drop off the five Flickies.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Green Grove: Act 3                     |
     (00003)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Get ready for the first boss of the game, Dr. Robotnik is flying around in one 
of his many evil contraptions, this time dropping a large spike ball on you.  
The first thing to note is that you don't start with any rings so you should 
make getting some a priority.  Don't pick them all up or you won't have any 
for backup in case you need them later.  Now the idea is that when Robotnik 
drops the large spike ball he has to go and pick it up, this is when he is 
weak.  Watch out though, as the ball bounces it will move toward you so you 
need to keep moving.  When it stops get to a nearby position and jump on top 
of Robotnik's flying machine as it descend down, you'll know that you're 
hitting him if he flashes when you do.  You should be able to get in about two 
hits per drop if you time it right, and it only takes a total of five hits to 
make the boss go down so this should be a rather short fight.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Rusty Ruin: Act 1                      |
     (00004)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

There's a few new features to note in this level, but we'll deal with them as 
they come along.  The first thing you want to do is jump to the upper right 
corner and break open the box containing ten rings.  Drop down the stairs 
leading to the lower right and stop at the bottom where you'll find a fork in 
the path and a large dangerous spinning death spikey thing.  Ignore it for now 
and continue to the lower right where you'll find some spinning panels in the 
ground.  These panels will spin sonic when he steps on them and you have to be 
in a state of spinning in order to destroy those columns, you'll see what I 
mean.  You cannot get past those columns at the lower right unless you start 
spinning yourself around and break through them.  Remember that if you jump 
the spinning disappears so you need to remain on the ground at all times.

A nice side effect of spinning is that you can defeat enemies simply by 
touching them so bump into the alligator thing and get the first Flicky from 
it.  Bounce on the trampoline and then go down the hill, defeat the bee to get 
the second Flicky.  Now following this is a section where some dangerous pods 
in the wall are blasting fire out to the side, be sure to stick close to the 
opposite wall and only move forward if it is safe.  Now in this area there's 
an alligator and a bee holding two more Flickies, you'll see Tails but you 
can't access him yet so don't worry.  Head up in this area past the final ring 
and go up the stairs.  At the top defeat the alligator for the fifth Flicky 
and jump on the trampoline.  Now on you're right past the spinning spike ball 
are the spinning panels.  This is where you're going to have to spin yourself 
and get all the way back to Tails.  Spin and head left, navigating past the 
spike balls but being sure not to jump (unless you're about to be hit.)  
Descend the stairs and break through the columns in front of Tails with 50 
rings in your hand to be teleported.  You first goal is to get 70 rings in 
this one.  There's some new things introduced like the spiral road but most of 
the time it's the same old thing,  Remember that if you're ever faced with the 
spike balls appearing right in front of you be sure to jump even if it means 
missing a few rings, it's worth it.  Collect a total of 120 rings after the 
first checkpoint and you'll be rewarded with the Chaos Emerald.

Jump onto the large ring and warp yourself over to the next part of the level.  
There's a couple of spin panels up at the top of the first stairs and a ten 
ring box beside that.  Spin yourself and go down the path, make a right at the 
fork and destroy the two columns, now return to the fork and make a left, 
destroy the two columns here and now you can freely pass through either side.  
You'll notice however that the left side you're on is actually the very 
beginning of the level so to back to the fork and make a right.  Destroy the 
bee at the top of the hill to get your first Flicky and head down.  Kill the 
alligator at the bottom and jump on the trampoline.  Head up the hill at the 
top part but watch out for those spikey things on the wall.  There's a red 
shield up here which unlike the red shield doesn't have any special attacks.  
What it does have instead is an immunity to fire so you can pass through all 
fire unharmed.  Take out the alligator past the spikey balls and spin 
yourself.  head down the stairs to the bottom being very careful to avoid the 
spikes as you go.  At the bottom you'll find a bee holding the fourth Flicky 
and some columns you need to destroy with your super spinning power.  Take out 
the alligator to get the fifth and final Flicky then jump onto the large ring 
to send them in to safety.  Use the warper to reach the next section.

Collect all the rings and jump on the trampoline here.  Make a right at the 
fork and kill the alligator to get the first Flicky.  Use the spinning panels 
but rather than going down go up and break through to find a blue shield.  
Return to the spinner panels and head down where you'll find the second Flicky 
in another alligator.  You can stop spinning here as you go left past the 
spikey ball and chain.  Kill the enemy on this side and down the stairs to the 
right bringing your Flicky total up to four, the final one is a bee down the 
stairs to the left, be sure to watch out for the spikes here.  With nothing 
else to do jump onto the large ring and warp yourself out of the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Rusty Ruin: Act 2                      |
     (00005)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Head right picking up the rings as you go along.  There's a trampoline leading 
up to a ten ring box at the top, be sure not to miss this.  On your right 
defeat the bee and pick up your first Flicky, then climb the hill.  Spin 
yourself on one of the six spin panels at the top and head up, defeat the bee 
here for the second Flicky.  Jump up the the spin panels at your upper left 
but don't bother actually spinning yourself.  Instead head up and carefully 
break open that ten ring box behind all the spikes.  You might first actually 
want to grab the invincibility block on the left side before doing that.  Kill 
the bee at the bottom of the stairs and the alligator at the top for the next 
to Flickies.  Make a left at the fork at what seems like a dead end and behind 
the wall which sort of blocks your view there's a free life in a box there.  
Now take the right branch at the fork and kill the alligator on your way down 
to collect the fifth Flicky.  Before using the ring at the bottom head over to 
the left side and spin yourself.  Break through the columns and get the blue 
shield, now jump onto the ring and warp to the next section of the level.

There's quite a few rings right in front of you when you start.  There's also 
a trampoline which seems useless but it's actually quite helpful.  Notice that 
the hill on your left is far too steep to climb, you need to use those bounce 
panels that pop out in order to jump you up further.  Well if you want to get 
to the very top you'll also need to use that trampoline to bounce you left and 
get your half way up the hill.  Before doing this however jump up the shorter 
side and grab the fire shield from the box at the top.  Get the rest of the 
way up by sticking close to the wall and using the makeshift bouncers as they 
pop out.  Spin yourself at the top and then break through the columns, now 
past the spikey ball and chain is a moving platform in the air.  You don't 
even need to use it, simply jump on the trampoline and it is perfectly capable 
of launching you across.  If you fall then you'll land in the previous section 
of the level, simply warp back to the start and try again from there.

Drop down the stairs on your left being careful of the fire unless you got the 
fire shield, and kill the alligator as you go.  The second and third Flickies 
are in the hands of a bee and another alligator at the bottom.  Continue down 
the stairs and head in the same direction when you reach the fork.  Here 
you'll find the fourth Flicky and a speed box.  Return to the fork and take 
the upper left branch.  There's some suspended platforms here but really no 
reason to use them, you can simply drop and jump up from the left side.  Kill 
the bee at the top to get the final Flicky and then break the ten ring box on 
the left before jumping into the large ring to bring you to the next area.

Defeat the alligator right near the start to obtain the first Flicky.  Up the 
ramp there's another bee and alligator both holding two more Flickies bringing 
your total up to three.  Use the trampoline and bounce up to the left, spin 
yourself on the left side and defeat the bee to get another Flicky.  Break 
through the columns on the right side and continue spinning down to the bottom 
where you'll find some more columns you can break.  Be sure to collect all the 
rings from the dead end area to the lower left.  Continue on until you reach 
some floating platforms.  Drop down on purpose and head down to find a fire 
shield but be sure not to drop otherwise you'll be back in the previous area.  
You don't even need to jump across the floating platforms once again, you can 
simply bounce across with the trampoline.  Spin yourself and break through the 
columns to reach the large ring at the end of the level marker.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                     Rusty Ruin: Act 3                      |
     (00006)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Start off this battle by grabbing a couple of the rings around this area.  The 
boss has two main attacks, he'll stomp his hands down so avoid moving 
underneath them and he'll fire projectiles from his lower torso.  In order to 
damage the boss what you need to do is jump on top of one of his hands when 
they drop and then as they return to his body again jump and attack his head.  
Do this a total of five times and the boss will be defeated, keep in mind that 
you also cannot touch his arms or you will take damage when you do.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Spring Stadium: Act 1                    |
     (00007)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Playing this level is kind of like playing inside a pinball machine, except 
not quite.  In the corners there are bouncy trampolines, in the middle there 
are bouncy pods that will knock you from side to side and get in your way all 
throughout the level.  Head down and step onto the automatic spinner thing 
which will send you into the main part of the level.  Ahead of you is a sort 
of little cannon thing that shoots out damaging objects, don't worry you can't 
hurt this thing, just run by.  When you come to a three way split take the 
right path.  Below you will get your first glimpse of the spike floor, if you 
stay on this ground for more than a second spikes will pop up and damage you 
so avoid it.  Use those bouncy blue balloons or just keep jumping.  At the 
bottom just above the cannon you'll find ten rings in a box.  Continue down 
the path and bounce your way up to the top.  Use the trampoline at the upper 
right corner at the top to reach a box containing a free life.  Follow the 
path around and get the invincibility at the end, now make a left at the fork.

There are two different paths you can take in this area, start by bouncing up 
onto the right side.  Past the spikes and trampolines here is kind of a crab 
type enemy, simply jump on its head to free the first Flicky.  Jump up to the 
next level and you'll find a yellow shield box in this next area, be sure to 
get it.  Before jumping up to the next part however follow the thin path left 
and kill the dragonfly for another Flicky.  Head down from the dragonfly and 
get the Flicky from the tarantula as well.  Now continue to bounce further up 
toward the top.  Get the fourth Flicky from the crab enemy on the right side, 
then head over to the left side and break open the blue shield if you need it.  
There's a trampoline at the upper left corner leading to an area with the 
final enemy a blowfish.  Be sure to jump at it when it's in a non-blown-up 
state.  The exit to the first part of this level is at the upper right corner 
of the large area you were just in, bounce up there with the trampoline.

Enter the large tube slide and it spits you out in the next section.  Start 
bouncing up to the next level, right when you get up there you'll find an 
invincibility box on your left side.  Grab the box of ten rings on the right 
side and then head back left, above the cannon thing you'll find Tails 
standing on the next platform up, use the trampoline to bounce up to him.  In 
this fourth bonus level you'll start to find spike balls everywhere and you're 
going to have to jump them quite often, but you'll also find that many times 
there are rings in either the left or right openings between them so keep a 
close watch for that.  Finish the level to get the next Chaos Emerald.

When you come back again both the invincibility and ten ring boxes have 
respawned so take advantage of that and pick them up.  Head to the upper right 
and bounce up to the next level.  Use the spinning device and send yourself 
along to the next area.  Follow the path left at the fork as opposed to down 
the hill and destroy the tarantula to get your first Flicky.  Drop down and 
defeat the crab enemy and then get the speed up item on the left side.  At the 
next fork you come to you can make a left and you'll find that hill you passed 
previously, it kind of works like a pinball machine and knuckles is waiting 
there at the bottom in case you missed the chance to get the first Chaos 
Emerald.  Also make sure you grab the box containing ten rings.  Return to the 
fork and take the right path this time.  Follow it around and defeat the 
dragonfly to get the third Flicky.  Down the hill is another blowfish enemy, 
be careful about just wildly jumping around on of those things.  Continue down 
the path sticking to the right side where you'll find a box containing ten 
rings, then kill the crab enemy to get your fifth Flicky for this area.  
Follow the linear path further to find the giant ring and end of the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Spring Stadium: Act 2                    |
     (00008)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Drop down the pinball-like hill at the beginning all the way to the bottom 
where you'll find one of those blowfish enemies with the first Flicky for this 
stage.  Defeat it and then head down the path to the lower right, kill the 
tarantula and get the second Flicky on your way.  Head up and stay along the 
wall to find a trampoline that will bounce you up to a blue shield.  Directly 
below that is a tarantula enemy and the third Flicky.  Continue to follow the 
path to the bottom, watch out for those hard-to-see holes in the ground as big 
pointy spikes will pop out of those if you go near them.  At the end of the 
path where it opens up there's a ten ring box below you.  Continue toward the 
upper left and kill the firefly.  When you reach a fork take the upper left 
path, it will lead you to an invincibility box.  Get it and quickly drop down, 
take the lower left path and bounce up to the ledge above you where you'll 
find the final Flicky in a crab enemy and you can kill it easily just by 
walking into it when invincible.  Drop down and take the lower right path to 
the end of the level, grabbing the ten ring box along the way.  Watch out for 
all the floating spike balls around this area, they can be pretty dangerous.  
Head to the bottom corner where you will find a yellow shield and then go up 
to drop off all five Flickies in the ring and proceed to the next area.

The first thing you'll see as you pass it here is a super speed box so jump 
onto it.  There's a crab enemy down in the open area below you with the first 
Flicky.  Now check the upper right corner behind all the spikes for an area 
where you can drop off.  Down there you'll find both Knuckles and Tails 
together, bring 50 rings to them and you'll get to play the next bonus level.  
After you get back take the lower right path out of this area and follow it 
around the corner to find the second Flicky in the hands of a tarantula enemy.  
The path remains pretty linear up past a dragonfly enemy and up to an 
invincibility box.  From here your only place to go is into the automatic 
spinner so do so.  Head down the large pinball area and defeat the crab at the 
bottom.  Continuing along you'll reach one of those blowfish enemies and that 
accounts for all five Flickies.  The next ring is right up at the top.

Ride the spiral slide in this first area and it takes you up to the top where 
you will find the first Flicky in a dragonfly enemy.  Get the next one from a 
purple blowfish in the following area and check the right side for a ten ring 
box.  What you need to do to get out of this place is bounce on the trampoline 
on the left side, you won't be able to get high enough to reach the ledge but 
what you can do is bounce of all those blue balloons to reach the ledge on the 
other side.  Once you get up there follow the path down and around to a fork.  
Bounce up the right side and grab the yellow shield from the box.  Up the 
other side you'll find a crab enemy and further down the path is a tarantula, 
that accounts for four out of the five Flickies.  The last one, a crab, is 
running around a little ways below here but be careful; he's running around on 
a hill filled with those hard-to-see spike traps.  From here it's just a 
matter of running to the end though, be careful on the sloping hill if you 
stray too much toward the wall you'll get hit by all those spikes.  Directly 
past them is the final ring, drop all five Flickies off to beat the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Spring Stadium: Act 3                    |
     (00009)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

This version of Robotnik is sort of similar to the first boss, he flies around 
of out your reach doing his thing until the point where he must drop down a 
bit and that's your chance to attack.  Be careful at all times anywhere near 
him because his long arms can damage you at a pretty good radius, the safest 
place to be is behind him but you'll still need the circle the area in order 
to avoid being cornered.  Eventually he'll lower himself down to do a more 
violent arm swinging attack and that's your chance to hit him.  Jump at him 
from behind and hit him in the spherical cockpit area.  He takes more hits 
than previous bosses, about seven or eight, so don't let your guard down.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Diamond Dust: Act 1                     |
     (0000A)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Start off by sliding down the slippery hill and getting as many rings as you 
possibly can.  Up the first set of steps you'll see some kind of ice spikes, 
note that if you jump on these you'll be hurt by you can actually do the B 
button spin and break them without risk, so do that.  Above you is an object 
that will freeze you if you're hit, simply jump around to break out and you 
won't take damage, though you are vulnerable during that time.  At the bottom 
you'll reach kind of an ice river, don't let yourself be carried to the end 
otherwise you'll hit some rather nasty spikes.  The only way to get any higher 
up the river is to keep jumping and jumping and slowly making your way up.  If 
you head up a little bit and take the left path that you reach there is 
knuckles waiting for you with the next bonus level.  After you complete it 
head back down and jump onto the path on the opposite side of the ice river 
adjacent to the path you came from.  It's rather dangerous here, a slippery 
ground with bouncy pods and a snowman firing snowballs at you.  Be very 
careful as you jump on his head, then break the ice the Flicky is stuck in to 
rescue the first one.  Up the path is a penguin holding the second Flicky, and 
further up is a bouncing bunny rabbit holding the third.  Above the final 
large ring you'll find the fourth Flicky held by the penguin and at the end of 
the path left of the penguin one of those ice spikes is blocking a secret 
path.  Break through and grab all the rings as well as the free life.  You'll 
find the final Flicky being held by a penguin to the right of the large ring, 
jump up and rescue all five of them to open up the warp to the next area.

The first thing to do is break through the spikes on the left and grab the 
blue shield.  There's a special blue trampoline sticking perpendicular out of 
the wall, roll into this and it will launch you across to the other side, just 
be careful the bounce pod doesn't bounce you back down again.  Allow yourself 
to be frozen at the end of the path and ride the icy slide along to the end.  
Here you'll find your first Flicky inside of a penguin and two more penguins 
down past those freezing machines.  Break through the ice spikes and ride the 
river down to the bottom with no effort to go against it, before you hit the 
spikes jump up to the platform on the left and you'll find Tails.  Following 
the bonus level jump back onto the icy river and begin to make your way up.  
Climb the hill to the top by jumping and jump up onto the left, be careful of 
the bunny that's bouncing around here.  There's a trampoline to the left of 
the final ring and a bunny holing the fifth Flicky on the right.  Drop them 
all off and step onto the warp panel to be brought to the next section.

Step onto the auto-spinning thing and you'll be shot out down an icy hill.  
Before proceeding any further head back up that icy hill and take the path 
leading left to find a stash of a whole bunch of rings.  In the next area 
there's a whole bunch of exploding snowmen lining the area so be careful of 
them.  Break through the icy spikes and grab the yellow shield from the box.  
At the top of the stairs you'll find a penguin wandering around as well, this 
will be your first Flicky for the area.  Watch out at the bottom, don't let 
those machines freeze you and slide you into the spikes.  There's a hidden 
trampoline in the snow pile in the corner that will bounce you up to the next 
ledge as well as another one when you get up there.  Jum on the snowman's head 
carefully and beak open the frozen Flicky.  There's one more hidden trampoline 
that will bounce you up and lead you around past a slippery part to another of 
those dangerous snowmen back behind the steps.  You should be up to three 
Flickies now.  Climb the steps being careful of those ice spikes and get the 
Flicky from the bunny at the top.  The last one is found inside a penguin at 
the top, be sure to grab the free life in the right corner before rescuing all 
the Flickies and stepping onto the X to proceed to the next act.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Diamond Dust: Act 2                     |
     (0000B)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Grab all the rings at the beginning and then take out the two penguins on the 
path.  Be careful of the exploding snowman at the end and the ice spikes 
beside him.  You've got a tricky bit coming up, down the icy path beyond the 
exploding snowman is a hill leading down to a freeze machine and a bouncing 
bunny, when you get to the bottom of the hill be sure to jump otherwise you 
risk behind hit by this one-two punch combination.  With your third Flicky in 
hand slide down to the bottom while avoiding the trampoline on the wall and 
defeat the snowman to find the fourth Flicky, there's also a blue shield right 
beside him.  The final Flicky is hidden in the penguin on the path right below 
you.  Spin yourself along to the end so that you break through the spikes and 
can easily jump up to the giant ring and head onward to the next section.

Head left and go through the little hidden tunnel down the large slide of ice.  
Watch yourself a the bottom as both a snowball-throwing snowman and bouncing 
bunny have taken their places here.  Defeat both of them to get the first two 
Flickies and then break through the ice spikes beside the icy steps where you 
came from to find a hidden yellow shield.  On the right side after breaking 
through some more icy spikes you'll find Tails there waiting behind them.  Run 
to the opposite side and follow either path down to a large hill where three 
enemies holding the final three Flickies are running about.  Be careful of the 
slope here as you take out all of them.  Now all you need to do is head to the 
lower right where you'll find the ring that brings you to the next area.

Step onto the spinning device and allow it to launch you into the rest of the 
level.  On your way down you will pass a branching path on your left, go back 
and take it to find Knuckles waiting behind a bunch of spikes.  After the 
bonus level continue along the main path and defeat the penguin to get your 
first Flicky for this area.  There's another penguin just above that one with 
the second Flicky and a blue shield down the left path at this fork.  Jump 
onto the icy river and if you're daring enough to ride it down to the lower 
left you'll find a Sonic medallion.  The actual path continues opposite the 
one you came from at the upper right.  Defeat the snowman there and jump onto 
the icy hidden trampoline to get up to the ledge.  There's another one there 
and a bouncing bunny at the top accounting for four out of the five Flickies.  
Continue along the path and you'll find the fifth one being held by a penguin 
enemy beside the final ring, rescue the five Flickies and proceed to the boss.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Diamond Dust: Act 3                     |
     (0000C)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

This boss flies around on ground level most of the time which is good, because 
it means you won't have to wait too long between hitting him.  Every once in 
awhile he rises into the air and drops on of those exploding snowmen on the 
ground, this is the only time when you cannot hit him.  Otherwise the only 
danger comes from those ice guns on the side of him, they actually represent 
his life.  Each time you hit him one will disappear until they are all gone 
and he is defeated.  The main difficulty of this boss comes in his speed, each 
time one of those disappears the boss gets faster so by the end of the battle 
he's moving at an insane speed and you'll have to time your jumps exactly 
right in order to hit him, but by then he's almost dead anyway.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Volcano Valley: Act 1                    |
     (0000D)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Grab the rings at the start and then head right, be sure to jump over the lava 
pit, if you fall down there you'll take damage.  At the first fork head up and 
take out the ladybug to get the Flicky.  On your right is a box with ten rings 
inside and on your left are a bunch of yellow tiles that you can break by 
jumping on top of them.  Follow the path down to the lower right and get the 
flicky from the hornet, be sure to break the ten ring box as well.  To the 
left is a fire pit with a jumping fireball coming out of it, time it so that 
you jump across to the left without hitting the fireball in the air.  You will 
find a vampire bat enemy holding the third Flicky as well as an invincibility 
box.  Jump on the trampoline and then bounce over to the other side again, 
past the tiles on the path to the right is where you're supposed to go.  The 
next Flicky is being held by a scorpion at the bottom of the hill, when you 
jump across the lava pit be very careful of the fire guns on the other side.  
Time your movement and jump across the gap at the bottom of the path.  Past 
the next two fire guns is a kind of flaming jump-rope.  Don't bother trying to 
run underneath, simply jump over it.  The fifth Flicky is being held by a 
ladybug just above you; before jumping to the large ring break open all the 
tiles.  Some of them uncover dangerous lava panels but the second from the top 
hides a secret hole in the ground.  Step on this hole and it takes you to the 
extremely helpful fire shield, now proceed to the next section.

With the fire shield you are immune to the fire guns AND you can walk on lava.  
Jump on the ladybug at the beginning and then the other bug at the end of the 
path down the slope.  Break all the tiles here to reveal another secret path, 
take it to reach a ladybug holding the third Flicky.  Run past the fire guns 
to the end where you will find an odd platform.  What you need to do here is 
stand on the platform then hold the B button to charge it upward.  Spin once 
again at the top and crash through the wall to reach Tails.  After the bonus 
level drop back down and follow the path to the lower left of the secret 
passage.  There's a blue shield along the way beside one of those vampire bat 
enemies.  Charge the elevator up and get the final Flicky from the scorpion.  
You will find the ring leading to the next area up at the top here.

Jump across over the lava pit pasting the fire guns and up the elevator.  
Among the cross shaped tiles here you will find a secret path below the middle 
one leading to a fire shield and trampoline.  Head back and continue to go up 
where you'll find the first Flicky in a ladybug and the second in another bug 
up past the flaming jump rope.  Check down to the lower left of the scorpion 
to find a ten ring box and then follow the path underneath the lavafall.  Jump 
across in the opposite direction of the falls to reach a special speed up box.  
Now take the elevator up on the other side and get the fourth Flicky from the 
ladybug and fifth from a nearby vampire bat.  That's everything that you'll 
need so jump onto the large ring to save the five Flickies and end the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Volcano Valley: Act 2                    |
     (0000E)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Start by heading right and when you come to a fork make a left, here you will 
find a fire shield which will be quite useful in this whole area.  Jump across 
left of the fire shield and get the first Flicky from the vampire bat.  Down 
and left of the bat the second Flicky is being held by another bug.  If you 
fun out into the middle of this whole area (with the fire shield of course) 
you'll find one of those Sonic medallions.  Your primary destination lies at 
the upper right corner.  When you reach a moving platform on the lava jump 
across to reach the upper right path at this branch.  Follow the slope up and 
use the trampoline at the top to reach the ledge.  Up here you'll find a 
ladybug wandering around holding the third Flicky and a secret path leading to 
a ten ring box if you break all the tiles on the right side.  Head back and go 
left to find another ten ring box then bounce on the trampoline right before 
you drop off the edge on your left.  Take out the scorpion down here for the 
fourth Flicky and break all the tiles to find another secret path leading to a 
fire shield.  Head up from the secret path until you come to a fork between a 
path and an elevator.  If you take the path left all you will find is a crappy 
blue shield so ride the elevator up and kill the ladybug here to find the 
fifth and final Flicky.  Jump onto the large ring and head to the next area.

Jump from platform to platform here being careful of the fireballs in between 
then head down the path until you reach three tiles on lava, then middle one 
hides a secret path leading to a free life.  Back on the other side again head 
down past the flaming jump rope, down the slope to find a moving platform on 
the lava.  To the right of this platform is a secret area with five tiles in 
an L shaped pattern, break the one at the corner and take the secret path 
leading to the very beginning of the level, but this time Knuckles is there 
waiting for you.  Run all the way back around to the second section and stop 
when you come to the flaming jump rope.  On the left is a trampoline with a 
Sonic medallion and beside that is an elevator you can ride up.  Kill the 
vampire bat at the top and get the super speed shoes.  Jump across and down 
the slope where you'll find one of the hornet type enemies beside a ten ring 
box.  Head down and left of the box to find a scorpion, defeat it to get the 
fourth Flicky and continue to follow that path up past the fire guns and blue 
shield to the final enemy, a ladybug, holding the fifth Flicky.  Across the 
lava is an elevator leading up to the top where a trampoline with a Sonic 
Medallion awaits, as well as the large ring with the warp to the level's end.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                   Volcano Valley: Act 3                    |
     (0000F)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Odd how sometimes the difficulty of bosses can just jump dramatically, well 
such is the case with this one.  It's not that he's overly difficult, but he 
really is much harder than any of the others you fought previously.  First of 
all there aren't a lot of rings around so don't go nuts when picking them up.  
you'll want to jump to one of the corners at first to collect a couple of 
rings.  Now here's what you need to do, jump on those pipes that sit on the 
lava in between platforms and from there jump onto Robotnik's pod.  There are 
three ways to take damage, you can either fall in the lava, you can be hit by 
his flaming blast attack or you can be hit by the steam coming out of the jets 
near his pod.  In order to avoid the steam make sure you jump at him from a 
distance and in order to avoid the fire you'll have to keep moving from 
platform and pipe to different pipes so that you can stay ahead of it.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Gene Gadget: Act 1                      |
     (0000G)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

The first enemy is right there in front of you, kil lthe octopus and grab the 
blue shield on the left side.  Follow the path around to the right and kill 
the mouse thing to get the second Flicky.  Be careful of a couple things 
around here, first those fans on the stairs will lift you up into the air, 
second that gun in the middle at the bottom cannot be destroyed and it's quite 
dangerous.  Get around it and kill the mouse, then head through the door on 
the left side to be launched to another area of the level.  Take out the 
octopus here as well as the mouse, once again being careful to avoid fire from 
that gun pod.  That special tile at the bottom of the ramp is similar to the 
spikes fro mthe Spring Stadium zone where if you stand on it for too long then 
you will take damage.  Jump up into the giant ring to open the path.

You'll automatically be treated to a blue shield on the other side.  This is  
a very dangerous area indeed, where you start you have a mouse enemy and a gun 
pod to be avoided however surrounding that is all fan panels and if you land 
on an enemy after flying through the air carried on the lift of a fan you will 
take damage when you land on the enemy.  Now add to this the electric ground 
on the left and right sides of the area, as well as the land mines at the 
bottom and you've got a recipe for danger.  On the left side above the 
electric ground is one of the blowfish enemies, kill it to get the second 
Flicky then go to the opposite side to find another of them.  Head through the 
tube at the bottom.  In front of you are bouncy panels that will knock you 
around while you're floating in the air.  There's an octopus enemy in the 
centre here and another blowfish near the top.  With all five of the FLickies 
accounted for it's time to jump in the ring and open the next section.

Use the trampoline to reach the ledge above and then kill the mouse at the 
bottom of the hill, be sure to get the ten ring box on the left side beofre 
heading through the door to the tube.  Head up at the branch here and get the 
Flicky from the octopus.  Down lower you'll find a ten ring box and mouse 
enemy in the middle, this should bring you up to three Flickies.  Take out the 
blowfish here to bring your total up to four and then go though the door at 
the lower left.  Here you'll find some dnagerous electric ground full of rings 
along with a free life.  Head back and go up past the gun pod to find a 
staircase made entirely of fans.  At the top is an octopus and another door 
which brings you to the next area.  Whatever you do don''t ride it back or 
you'll find yourself at the very beginning again (unless that's what you want, 
and if so by all means...)  Grab the ten ring box at the bottom corner and 
then jump on the giant ring to rescue the Flickies and end the first act.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Gene Gadget: Act 2                      |
     (0000H)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Alright here's what you want to do first, head down past the gun pod, down at 
the fork and go through the tube door.  Here you will find a large electical 
area and a blowfish enemy, get the Flicky from the blowfish and go back where 
you came from.  Now make a right at the fork and ride the spinning thingy up.  
Run up, kill the mouse thing on your way and grab the blue shield at the top 
corner.  Now head through the tube door on the right.  Be careful in this 
area, slowly step down onto the slope and you'll find a platform almost 
immediately.  From this platform you need to jump across to the right so that 
you land on some of those fan panels, continue right from there to find an 
octopus with the third Flicky and a ten ring box in the back left corner.  
Return to the slope and jump over to the left side, hug the wall until you 
reach the next area where you'll find a mouse enemy, blue shield and a ton of 
rings.  Leave this area and jump over to the right, once again another mouse 
enemy and above him the ring leading to the next area of the level.

On the other side of the tube is a blue shield right on front of you.  On your 
left are some rather large spikes, jump over them (don't rely on the fans with 
these) and hop up above you to reach the octopus enemy. Continue left and drop 
down to find a ten ring box on the left side as well as a mouse enemy.  Follow 
the path to the bottom and jump up the electric panels on the left to reach a 
blue shield.  Back down again you can use the trampoline on the right side to 
bounce up to the top where you will find an octopus.  Head through the tube 
door and when you pop out kill the blowfish on your right.  As for the last 
Flicky you'll have to drop down and get it from the mouse thing at the bottom.  
Once you have it climb back up the wall and break open the ten ring box on the 
left side of the finish.  Save the five Flickies and complete the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Gene Gadget: Act 3                      |
     (0000I)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Prepare yourself for a difficult boss, here's how it works.  There is a large 
conveyer belt that you are on and it's moving toward some spikes.  Not only 
this but spiked blocks are coming out of the opening above you and you need to 
focus on dodging them all the while waiting for a chance to attack.  What you 
are going to want to do is remain as high on the belt as possible so that you 
still have time to dodge the spikes coming out, but also here's the catch, 
you're going to need to be high up in order to actually hit Robotnik when he 
descends, so when he does stay about parallel with his shadow and jump toward 
him, you should be able to hit his pod this way and defeat him eventually.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Panic Puppet: Act 1                     |
     (0000J)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

One important thing to note is that Flickies aren't obtained the usual way 
like they are normally from enemies but rather from test-tube like containers.  
For instance drop down here at the beginning and kill the robot on the right 
side, nothing comes out however above the robot is the first test tube with 
the first Flicky, simply jump on it to save the thing.  Head all the way left 
and get the ten ring box, then continue left past the gun pods and past the 
giant switch to a small area with rings and a blue shield.  Now jump on the 
large switch and run in the direction you want it to go, in this case the 
opposite direction than it's facing now.  Head across the conveyer belt below 
you and drop to the bottom, grab the ten ring box here then go over to the 
right.  Approach these mines but keep your distance so when they explode you 
aren't near them.  You'll need to use the platform to get up the slope on the 
right and grab the ten rings at the top.  You'll find the next Flicky in a 
container on the right side of this area.  From here take about three or four 
steps up and jump onto the ledge, on the right side of this area you'll find a 
green Flicky in a container.  Now head back left until you reach a large hill 
and climb it to the top where you'll find a  Flicky container in front of 
you..  Continue up past the gun pod to find the fourth Flicky then absolutely 
under NO circumstances should you go through the door there, it's back to the 
beginning once again.  Head down a bit and go right, this is the door you 
should go thorugh.  When you pop out grab the invincibility, but don't let 
yourself be damaged by the mine in the process.  There's a switch at the top 
of the slope on the left, change its direction then head right and ride the 
conveyer belt across.  It's just a matter of following the path to find the 
large ring that signifies the end of this one section level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Panic Puppet: Act 2                     |
     (0000K)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

Another important thing to note here, there are no Flickies in this level, 
your primary goal is to get from one end to the other... alive.  Grab the ten 
ring box on the right side and then enter the transporter thing on the left 
side.  Head right and get the blue shield, then go through the door to be 
warped back to the beginning.  Turn around and return where you just came 
from, this time instead of going right to where the blue shield was head down 
and cross the conveyer belt.  There's a bunch of dangerous electric pods here 
on the sides so keep jumping as you head down the path.  More dangers await at 
the bottom with all the land mines, but if you check right above the mines 
you'll be happy to find a speed up item.  Head right and climb up the hill, 
follow the linear path to reach another warp device.  Nothing but danger here 
on this path, when you drop down to the lower area you'll be happy to find a 
ten ring box right in the centre.  Head up and through the other warp device, 
make your way down the path and jump on the platform at the end.  You'll need 
to carefully jump from platform to platform here as you make your way up to 
the ledge.  On the opposite side there's another platform leading up to some 
rings and a blue shield.  Be very careful of the land mines on the next path, 
they have a nasty habit of exploding.  Also the caution striped ground you're 
about to find will drop open underneath you so avoid it.  On the left side of 
this area enter the tube leading into Robotnik's nose to end the level.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                    Panic Puppet: Act 3                     |
     (0000L)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

There's three parts to this boss and fortunately if you know what you're doing 
you can defeat all three easily with virtually no difficulty at all, but of 
course you need to know the strategies first.  For the first and easiest form 
here's all you need to do.  The arms are moving around but not really doing 
anything, simply position yourself in the shadow of one of them for a second 
or so and the arm will indicate it's about to drop.  Move out of the way and 
run toward the should of the arm that dropped, the blue ball will start 
flashing and you can jump to hit it.  Do this with both arms enough times to 
defeat the boss' first form and continue by dropping through the hole in the 
ground.  The second form is a bit more difficult, what it does is shoot fire 
out which heat seeks toward you.  Your job is to hit the should of the arm 
that just shot the fire, here's what I do and it works really well.  Stand 
under the shoulder of the arm which is about to shoot the fire.  The instant 
it does, jump into the air and hit the shoulder then move yourself through the 
air toward the bottom and run around the edge of the map to the other side.  
Repeat the process with this arm until both are dead.  The final form is the 
most dangerous but there's a trick.  It will shoot a ton of bouncing blue 
balls around but it will only shoot them for as long as it takes for you to 
hit the shoulder SO... stand under the should and jump the absolute instant it 
starts firing so that only a couple are bouncing around.  Run to the other 
side and jump at the opposite shoulder, now rinse and repeat for a win.

\ onic 3D Blast /------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o-------\                       Special Boss                         |
     (0000M)     \-----------------------------------------------------------o

If you collected all the Chaos Emeralds in the game you'll be treated to a 
special boss fight after the one you just faced, hooray!  For the first part 
it's quite simple, his hands fire laser beams and will try to align themselves 
parallel with your so jump out of the way to avoid the beams a few times until 
the boss moves forward so that he is over the playing field.  Jump and hit him 
anywhere on the main body and a path will form to the next area.  Now keep in 
mind the only rings you get for the fight are at the beginning so stock up!  
That's what makes it hard.  In the next area the boss will shoot heat seeking 
fire at you, you need to run around avoiding it but be ready for when the boss 
moves over the playing field right around the third time or so.  Jump and hit 
him at that point.  Now you're on a thinner playing field.  The hands are 
moving over your head and will drop on you, but they're on a timer, it's not 
that they'll drop automatically when they're above you so just move around 
normally until the sound they make gets a little frantic then position 
yourself away from the shadows.  After three times they'll go to opposite ends 
and slide across to try and hit you, just jump over this attack and hit the 
boss when he comes down again.  The next one is a missile firing dodge test.  
The shadows of the missiles will appear so avoid standing in them obviously to 
avoid being hit.  The real challenge comes in running back to hit the boss in 
time because he only moves out for a second.  Following this we have a more 
difficult one.  He shoots out bouncing balls but you can avoid them easily by 
going to the left corner and only jump when one of them comes toward you, they 
go there much frequently.  Hit the boss when he moves out.  And now do 
everything you just did... AGAIN!  One more time to defeat the boss.

You beat the game.  Good job!  

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.


|                                 Final Note                         (0000N) |

Well here's my Sonic 3D Blast walkthrough, I felt like writing for this game 
because I really enjoyed it when I was a kid and I've been totally getting 
back to playing Saturn a lot more recently.  Also I feel I should note there's 
an interesting little code for this game, if you hold the C button while at 
the press start screen and keep holding it all the way until you begin, then 
you can enter the options menu and do a bunch of stuff.  A, B, and C while 
paused skip the act, level and game respectively.  X, Y and Z give you a free 
life, free medal and every Chaos Emerald respectively.  Pretty sweet.

|                                Version History                     (0000O) |

Version 0.00 - (March 24th, 2005) - Began the walkthrough
Version 1.00 - (March 28th, 2005) - Completed the walkthrough

|                                    Legal                           (0000P) |

This document is copyright (c) 2007 by A I e x.

I am no longer active writing guides for video games, and thus I will no
longer any questions or update with any corrections sent through email.  It
is likely that after this point this guide will never be updated again.  I am
aware that there are errors occasionally and I apologize for those.  Please
do not email me any corrections, or ask me for any help with this particular
game, as I will not respond.

It is also not necessary to send any email to thank me for the work, I will
say right now that you are very welcome.  

Furthermore, please do not contact me about hosting this guide on your website,
I will not grant permisson.  I am still willing to take action if I find this
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to Sailor Bacon.  Thanks to Sean, Mark and Jeremy here at the University of 
Guelph, thanks to everyone in the GameFAQs FAQ contributor community for being 
great people, and thanks to everyone who takes the time to send feedback.

Thank you very much finally, to anyone and everyone reading this walkthrough.


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