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FAQ by KageKaze

Version: 1 | Updated: 04/06/99

           PLATFORM - 1 PLAYER

        /         /
       /  _______/
      /  /
     /  /______                                           ______
    /         / ___    ___  ___  ___     ___  _________  / __  / ___   _____
   /______   / /  /   /  / /  / /   |   /  / /  ___   / / /_/ / /  /  /__  /
         /  / /  /___/  / /  / /    |  /  / /  /  /  / /_____/ /  /  ___/ /
  ______/  / /  ____   / /  / /  /| | SHINOBI 3  /  / / __ \  /  /  /__  /
 /        / /  /   /  / /  / /  / | |/  / /  /__/  / / /_/ / /  /  ___/ /
/________/ /__/   /__/ /__/ /__/  |____/ /________/ /_____/ /__/  /____/

                        Return  of  the  Ninja  Master

Shinobi 3 move list by KageKaze

Release 1 (4/6/99)


  1.  Words from the Author
  2.  Ninjitsu Skills
  3.  Shinobi's Moves
  4.  Copyright Information



What can I say...  except, I love this game.  One of the few platform action
games that I can pick up and play over and over again.  Sometimes I just
turn it on long enough to blaze though the first level(s) simply because I
love the versatility of Ninja Master Shinobi.  One of my favorite parts of
this game is that Shinobi is basicly a walking weapon.  There have been days
that I wanted to record my progress in Shinobi and show it to people simply
because it looked very cool.  I could basicly blaze through the first few
levels very fast and make it look very cool.  I take every oppertunity to
do any cool moves that I can, trying to play Shinobi like the Ninja Master
he is.  And for those of you who might be thinking I'm probably one of the
better gaming guru's, DONT!  I'm pretty good, allright, but minor leauge
compared to other people I've seen, and I'll be the first to tell you that,

Okay, this game probably didn't need a move list, but I simply enjoy the
game so much I couldn't resist.  Becides, not everyone knows exactly what
Shinobi can do in this version of the game, right?  So basicly, just think
of this as a quick referance to the skills your Ninja Master has available.

<needless explination>
Might as well tell you exactly why I like this game...  if you actually
read this, I thank you very much and hope that I might actually hear from
you.  Anyway, here it goes...  Shinobi has a limited number of Shurikens
that allow him to kill at a distance, but if you play it right it won't be
the way you kill most of your opponents.  Moves like the Jump Kick and the
Dashing Sword (which lets you go through projectiles while you're jumping
into the swing) let you take out your opponents in more creative ways and
it doesn't cost you any ammo at all.  You can basicly dash through entire
levels with just these two attacks and all you'll really need is timing.
Not only that, but you've also got Ninjitsu wich really helps out alot.
I suppose I just can't explaine it, but being able to jump up off a rope,
bounce off a wall, then dash sword open a box containing a 1up just makes
me feel good.  It looks so seemless, none of Shinobi's moves look "forced"
on him.  I suppose the only other way I can put it is that Shinobi has
special moves that aren't overly "Special" (i.e. Shinobi has yet to fire
energy bolts from his hands, mind you, I have NOTHING against Ryu and Ken
^_^)  Becides, how many Ninjas do you know who ride horseback and on Jet
Powered Surf boards?  hehe.  Well I won't bother you anymore with my endless
ranting and bothersome explinations.  On now to the FAQ and thank you very
very much if you did bother to read this.
</needless explination>

PS>  The above 'needless explination' is an HTML coding joke.
       So I'm not very funny.  =Þ



Jitsu of Ikazuchi  --  Invulnerability
(Jitsu of Thunder)

Jitsu of Kariu     --  Fire Dragon Attack

Jitsu of Fushin    --  Increases jump height

Jitsu of Mijin     --  Sacrifice (spare) life for ultimate damage



(Standard Moves)
Dash            --  Forward, Forward
Throw Shuriken  --  Attack at distance
Katana          --  Attack near opponent
Dashing Sword   --  Dash then attack
Jump Kick       --  Jump then press Down and Attack
Wall Jump       --  Jump at wall, press towards the wall, then push jump
Grab rope/rail  --  Hold Up while jumping
Double Jump     --  Push jump again when at peak of jump
Shuriken Sweep  --  Double Jump then press attack (uses 8 shurikens)
Block           --  Hold attack button

   When on Horseback or on the Surfboard, the only move available is the
   Jump Kick, which will be modified depending on which you are on.



This FAQ is Copyright KageKaze (Troy Ludwig), this document may be
reproduced as long as no information is changed or edited in any way.
The only thing I ask from any webmasters or publishers is to please
notify me if this FAQ is used on their forum. (web page, article,

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