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FAQ/Walkthrough by TheProdigy

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/14/06

                   ______ _____ _____ ____         _ _____    
                  |  ____/ ____/ ____/ __ \       | |  __ \   
                  | |__ | |   | |   | |  | |      | | |__) |  
                  |  __|| |   | |   | |  | |  _   | |  _  /   
                  | |___| |___| |___| |__| | | |__| | | \ \ _ 
                  |______\_____\_____\____/   \____/|_|  \_(_)
               /            _______________________            \
              /            |       Game Info       |            \
             /             |-----------------------|             \
            /              |                       |              \
           /               |     Developed by:     |               \
          /                |       Novatrade       |                \
         /                 |      Interactive      |                 \
        /                  |                       |                  \
       /                   |     Published by:     |                   \
      /                    |         Sega          |                    \
     /                     |                       |                     \
    /                      |     Release Date:     |                      \
   /                       |         1995          |                       \
  /                        |_______________________|                        \
 \                                                                           /
  \                    An FAQ by: Prod (ProdFAQs@gmail.com)                 /
   /                                                                       \
  /                           Table 'O Contents                             \
 \                                                                           /
  \                                                                         /
   \                                                                       /
    \                    _____________________________                    / 
     \                  | A. Introduction             |                  /
      \                 |                             |                 /
       \                | B. Legal Mumbo Jumbo        |                /
        \               |                             |               /
         \              | C. Game Basics              |              /
          \             |                             |             /
           \            | D. Walkthrough              |            /
            |           |                             |           |
           /            | E. General Tips             |            \
          /             |                             |             \
         /              | F. FAQ                      |              \
        /               |                             |               \ 
       /                | G. Credits                  |                \
      /                 |_____________________________|                 \
     /                                                                   \
    /                                                                     \ 
   /                                                                       \
  /                       Most recent update: 2/14/06                       \




Welcome to my complete FAQ/Walkthrough for Ecco Jr. on the Sega Genesis! Let me 
give you a small tad of info on it first. Ecco Jr. is a children's version of 
Ecco games, which feature a few dolphins out doing some crazy things. In Ecco 
Jr., everything is based someone on education, since it is a kid's game. Also, 
for the most part, the game is pretty easy, but just in case you get a little 
lost (it often happens on the first time through), you can use this guide to 
help you out.

This guide WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so be warned that if you don't want parts of 
the game spoiled for you, don't read on. But, if you are just looking for some 
help, please do read on! Please enjoy!



                                LEGAL DISCLAIMER


This text file "Ecco Jr." is copyrighted material owned by Ben Green (Prod). No 
person is allowed to publish or otherwise distribute this file without prior 
written consent from Ben Green. Failing to get written consent before 
publishing this document in its entirety or otherwise will result in copyright 
infringement, in other words, breaks the law.

To receive written consent to publish this guide, send an email regarding the 
issue to ProdFAQs@gmail.com. The current version of this guide can always be 
found at www.gamefaqs.com, the original host. Currently, gamefaqs and its 
partners are the only ones allowed to publish this guide. If this guide is 
found anywhere but there, ProdFAQs@gmail.com should be contacted immediately. 
Thank you.


                                  GAME BASICS


 ____  ____  _  _  ____     ____  ____  ___    ____  __    __  __  ____ /\
( ___)(_  _)( \( )(  _ \   (  _ \(_  _)/ __)  (  _ \(  )  (  )(  )( ___))(
 )__)  _)(_  )  (  )(_) )   ) _ < _)(_( (_-.   ) _ < )(__  )(__)(  )__) \/
(__)  (____)(_)\_)(____/   (____/(____)\___/  (____/(____)(______)(____)()

(Story of the game, from the Instruction Booklet)

"Somewhere there is a giant whale named Big Blue. He lives in a place called 
the Endless Sea. He is the true king of the ocean. He is friendly and wise, and 
most of all, BIG. He is the biggest animal the world has ever known!

Ecco the Dolphin heard that to find Big Blue, you have to open the Crystal 
Doors. These are strange jewels, called Glyphs, that are the doors to the 
oceans beyond home.

Ecco and his two ocean friends Tara, the young orca, and Kitnee, the baby 
bottlenose dolphin, are very playful. They are also curious. They are ready to 
search for the wise, friendly giant, Big Blue.

They found out that the Crystal Doors will open if they perform a task for each 
Crystal. Some Crystal Doors want them to find lost friends or misplaced toys. 
Others want them to play tag. Still other Crystal Doors want to hear music.

When the Crystal Doors get their wish from Ecco and his friends, they open up 
to another part of the ocean, a little closer to the Endless Sea and Big Blue.

Each ocean is a wonderful playground. Rays skim through the water. Seahorses 
wait to see you. The stonefish look just like rocks, and the jellyfish don't 
really look like jelly. Search for seals, squids, and crawly crabs. You might 
even swim into an octopus or a friendly shark!

There are many Crystal Doors to open before you can meet the biggest whale in 
the world. But the real fun is getting there!"

  ___    __    __  __  ____     ___  _____  _  _  ____  ____  _____  __    ___ 
 / __)  /__\  (  \/  )( ___)   / __)(  _  )( \( )(_  _)(  _ \(  _  )(  )  / __)
( (_-. /(__)\  )    (  )__)   ( (__  )(_)(  )  (   )(   )   / )(_)(  )(__ \__ \
 \___/(__)(__)(_/\/\_)(____)   \___)(_____)(_)\_) (__) (_)\_)(_____)(____)(___/

D-PAD : Swim

START : Start each new game; Go back to the Friends screen; Play Again.

BUTTON A OR B (same function) : Sing, this is sending a sound wave through the
                                water. This is also called "sonar".

BUTTON C : Hold or tap to swim faster; Jump out of the water using up on the

  ___  _   _  _____  _____  ___  ____    ____  ____  ____  ____  _  _  ____  
 / __)( )_( )(  _  )(  _  )/ __)( ___)  ( ___)(  _ \(_  _)( ___)( \( )(  _ \ 
( (__  ) _ (  )(_)(  )(_)( \__ \ )__)    )__)  )   / _)(_  )__)  )  (  )(_) )
 \___)(_) (_)(_____)(_____)(___/(____)  (__)  (_)\_)(____)(____)(_)\_)(____/ 

Choose the friend that you want to use to play the game! You can switch this at 
any time, and you should try out the different friends to see which you like 
the best! Ecco (the default dolphin) is always curious, and Tara (the black and 
white dolphin) is strong. Don't forget the curious Kitnee (the dark gray 

To choose your friend, simply swim Ecco, who originally has the select bubbles 
around him, to the friend of your choice. When you thouch another friend, the 
bubbles will move to that friend, and you will select that friend.

Once you have chosen your starting friend (remember, you can change any time 
using the start button), either press START or swim to the right to go to Home 
Sea and begin your game!

 _   _  _____  _    _    ____  _____    ____  __      __   _  _ 
( )_( )(  _  )( \/\/ )  (_  _)(  _  )  (  _ \(  )    /__\ ( \/ )
 ) _ (  )(_)(  )    (     )(   )(_)(    )___/ )(__  /(__)\ \  / 
(_) (_)(_____)(__/\__)   (__) (_____)  (__)  (____)(__)(__)(__) 

First of all, always check the little picture symbols at the top of the screen, 
as they will give you clues as what you are supposed to be doing. If it's a 
picture of a friend, swim around until you find that friend, then sing to them, 
and the picture will move to the other side, meaning you completed that task.

If the picture at the top has a little bar next to a symbol, that means that 
you have to find a certain amount of whatever the symbol is showing. When you 
start to find them, the bar will fill with bubbles. Once the bar is entirely 
filled, you have completed the task.

Those are the basic tasks, but there are other ones too. For example, sometimes 
you have to help a baby find its way back to its mama, and other times you have 
to play tag with your friends. Other times you have to collect music rings to 
play a song. Whatever the task is, the picture symbols at the top of the screen 
will always tell you what to do.

Once your task is done, you will see a little symbol of a big crystal. That 
means you have to find the Crystal Door. Once you find the Crystal Door in the 
level, you just have to sing to it and then you will move on closer to the 
Endless Sea!

 ____  ____  ____  ___  _  _  ___ 
(_  _)(  _ \(_  _)/ __)( )/ )/ __)
  )(   )   / _)(_( (__  )  ( \__ \
 (__) (_)\_)(____)\___)(_)\_)(___/

There's several special tricks that you can perform during the game that will 
help you complete the different tasks. This section will introduce all the 
possible tricks and explain them.


Sing to find things with Ecco's (and friend's) songs! When you sing, listen 
closely and watch the waves to see if they bounce back to you. If the the song 
bounces back, then you should swim that way! A higher-pitched song means that 
you are closer! Also, the different dolphin friends all have different songs, 
so listen closely to the beautiful music!


Ecco, Kitnee, and Tara can also carry things, like music rings and pirate 
treasure. To pick up music rings, simply swim through them. To pick up other 
things like treasure, sing to them. Once you have something, you can swim and 
carry it along with you. Keep in mind that you can only carry one ring at a 


Sometimes, you will need to push things out of the way to get to new areas, or 
to move something where it needs to go. To do this, simply push it with your 
nose by swimming into it, or sing to it.


You can grab the baby seahorse and the baby turtle to help them find their 
mothers! Touch them gently with your nose, and then press the A button or B 
button, now you can carry the baby with you. Don't swim too fast though, or you 
may accidently drop the baby.


In several different areas in the game, you will see a line of shells blocking 
a path. To get through them, just watch carefully. They will take turns 
blinking. Touch the shell that's blinking to gently push it out of the way. 
When all the shells are gone, you can swim through!

  ___    __    __  __  ____    __  __  ____  _  _  __  __  ___ 
 / __)  /__\  (  \/  )( ___)  (  \/  )( ___)( \( )(  )(  )/ __)
( (_-. /(__)\  )    (  )__)    )    (  )__)  )  (  )(__)( \__ \
 \___/(__)(__)(_/\/\_)(____)  (_/\/\_)(____)(_)\_)(______)(___/

Remember, Ecco Jr. is a game for parents to play along with their children. To 
access the Parent's Options Menu, hold A, B, and C together at the title 

To adjust the options on the Parent's Options Menu, use the D-Pad Up and Down 
to scroll through the options. Then, use the D-Pad Left and Right to change the 
selected option. When you are ready, press Start to begin the game.

At the Parent's Options Menu, you will find several things:

1. The Facts About Dolphins button. This option will take you to the Sea of
   Knowledge. In this mini-game, you learn facts about dolphins that you may
   not have known before.

2. The Mode selection. In Normal mode, you are presented a task at each ocean
   and you must complete them to get to the next. This is the more challenging
   mode. In Exploratory mode, you don't get any tasks, you just swim around
   each ocean and look around. This mode is good for just exploring and talking
   about the different sea animals.

3. The Music selection. This simply turns the music ON or OFF.

4. The Autosonar selection. ON is better for very young or handicapped children
   because it makes Ecco and friends automatically sing while exploring. If it 
   is OFF, the child has to manually make Ecco or friends sing by pressing the
   A or B button while exploring.

5. Difficulty selection. There's EASY, NORMAL, and HARD to choose from. The
   only difference is that more tasks are added for each different difficulty.
   It maps out like this:

   EASY - 11 oceans (tasks)
   NORMAL - 17 oceans (tasks)
   HARD - 27 oceans (tasks)

6. Go to level selection. Just use the D-Pad right and left to choose the level
   that you want to start on.

7. Start Game button. This will bring you to the Friends screen so you can
   begin your game.

 ____   __    ___  ___  _    _  _____  ____  ____   ___ 
(  _ \ /__\  / __)/ __)( \/\/ )(  _  )(  _ \(  _ \ / __)
 )___//(__)\ \__ \\__ \ )    (  )(_)(  )   / )(_) )\__ \
(__) (__)(__)(___/(___/(__/\__)(_____)(_)\_)(____/ (___/

This section will teach you how to use the passwords in the game. To see the 
level passwords, read on in the guide, they will be listed later.

So, each level in the game has a three-letter password that you can enter at 
the passwords screen to jump to that level. Each letter used in every password 
has a corresponding sea creature, that will make the password experience more 
enjoyable for the child.


O = Ocean
R = Ray
L = Lobster
C = Crab
S = Snail
F = Fish
J = Jellyfish
H = Seahorse

To access the password screen, when starting a new game, swim off to the left 
of the screen rather than the right. Once there, use the D-Pad left and right 
to select the letter/symbol with the orange selector box. Press either the A, 
B, or the C button to select that symbol to the bottom, and then your orange 
selector box will move to the next letter/symbol. Once you have entered the 
three letters/symbols, hit Start. If entered correctly, you will start at that 
level. If entered incorrectly, the entry will erase when you press Start.

Again, all level passwords will be listed at the corresponding level in the 
walkthrough of this guide.

 ____  __      __   _  _  ____  _  _  ___    ____  _   _  ____ 
(  _ \(  )    /__\ ( \/ )(_  _)( \( )/ __)  (_  _)( )_( )( ___)
 )___/ )(__  /(__)\ \  /  _)(_  )  (( (_-.    )(   ) _ (  )__) 
(__)  (____)(__)(__)(__) (____)(_)\_)\___/   (__) (_) (_)(____)
  ___    __    __  __  ____ 
 / __)  /__\  (  \/  )( ___)
( (_-. /(__)\  )    (  )__) 


In NORMAL mode, each level will ask your child to complete an entertaining 
task, like tag, finding friends, etc., and then find the Crystal Door to exit 
each level. Along the way, an ocean-ful of beautiful life-like sea animals 
await your exploration.

1. To being, swim off to the right of the Friends screen or hit Start.

2. The first level's title and description will appear. Read it, then hit 

3. Play through the level using your sonar (A or B button) as a guide to
   complete your task.

4. Find the Crystal Door, and use the sonar to break through to the next ocean.

5. Each level ends with a scoring screen to count how many levels you've 
   completed. Read the screen, then hit enter to begin the next level.



At the beginning of ever level is a task description telling you and your child 
what you will need to complete in that level. Read this to your child, or if 
he/she is old enough, have him/her read it out loud, and make sure that the 
child understands what you'll be doing as you play through the level together.



Object boxes are the names of the little picture symbols at the top of your 
screen during the game. It will constantly remind you what you need to search 
for. Once you have completed that task, the object box will move across the 
screen confirming that you completed it.

A counter bar will appear at the top of the screen when your child needs to 
collect multiples of the same object. Watch as the car fills up with bubbles as 
you collect the objects. Keep searching for more until your entire bar is 
filled with bubbles.



Dolphins can see with their eyes like humans do, but they also can use sonar to 
find things underwater. To see best deep under the water, they use this sonar, 
which involves sending a sound wave which bounces off objects and ricochets 
back. The return sound tells the dolphin the size, location, and distance of 
whatever objects are in front of them, which essentially allows them to see by 

This amazing process is covered in Ecco Jr. for you and your child to explore. 
It will become essential for finding some of the hidden objects in the ocean 
levels of the game. To use sonar, just hit the A or B button and if you are 
aiming towards the correct object, the sound will bounce back to you. The 
object box will also flash when a sound bounces back.

The return bounce will tell you that the object is in the direction that you 
were facing, so start swimming that way. Often you will have to take a detour 
to get to the object however, as many rocks and other sea structures may get in 
your way. As you get closer, the sound of the return sonar will get higher 

Once you are close enough to actually see the object. Sing your sonar directly 
into it. As the sound wave hits the object, it is counted as "found" for the 



1. Found objects such as music rings or treasure will follow Ecco, Tara, or
   Kitnee automatically. Once you find them, they will simply cloat in a circle
   around your dolphin while you and your child carry the objects either to the
   music rings or the treasure chest.

2. In some other games, small fish or shells will join in the circle around
   your dolphin, until all the objects are found and the task is completed.

3. In some other games, Ecco and friends can nudge small fish or shells by
   singing at them in the direction you want them to move or by pushing them
   with your nose.

4. You can grab baby animals to return them with their mothers also. Touch the
   baby with your dolphin's nose and press the A or B button to grab the baby.
   Pressing A or B again will release the baby.



When a task is completed, you will see the object box change to display a 
Crystal Door. This means you have completed your task and you must now go find 
the Crystal Door to exit the level. The Crystal Door will always be located at 
the far right of the level, and once you find it, you must sing directly at it. 
Then it will break and you will exit the level to the scoring screen. Once you 
are satisfied, hit Start to move on to the new level from there.



An additional way that you and your child can share in the dolphin adventure is 
simply by exploring the oceans. Often, you can interact with the sea animals 
that aren't even part of the level, just for fun. For example, you will often 
find small sea spiders in the levels. You can make them bounce to get to a new 

Remember that to activate this mode of exploring only, simply select that mode 
on the Parent's Options screen.



The Sea of Knowledge is an extra game that is found in the Parent's Options 
Menu. It is full of dolphin facts that you can explore with your child.

1. On the Parent's Options screen, select Facts About Dolphins at the top.

2. Once in the Sea of Knowledge, use the D-Pad to pick different crystals. The
   crystal that you are currently selecting will turn blue.

3. Press the A, B, or C buttons to read the crystal's question, and then again 
   to read the answer.

4. Once you are finished, hit Start to exit that area.

Remember to discuss all the facts with your child to get the full learning 
effect from this game!



Scavenger Hunt: Many of the games in Ecco Jr. involve a search for objects and/
                or sea life. Most objects are easily found after a short search
                using the sonar.

Hide and Seek: Some of the objects and sea life blend in with their
               surroundings (like Stonefish). You will have to look more
               carefully to find all of these objects.

Tag: Chase down one of your friends and tag it with a circle of fish, shells,
     or crystals. Then quick rush for the Crystal Door before you get tagged

Collecting and Matching: Find some ocean trasures and bring them together.
                         Sometimes you have to find musical rings and match
                         them to blue ring patterns in the ocean. They make
                         beautiful music when you swim through these rings.

Roundup: Gather a group of shells or fish into a cave or other area.

Follow the Leader: Find another dolphin, and follow him to the Crystal Door.

Rescue: Here you have to find a lost baby and reunite him with its mother or a
        lost item to its owner on a different part of the level.

Keep Away: Try to get your treasure all the way to the Crystal Door without
           letting your friends playfully grab them!




Level 1:

Home Sea

Password: CSJ

Game Type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Songs help you find things. Sing songs to find your friends. Then sing
      more to find the big Crystal Door.

Hints: Sing often and watch to see which direction the echo comes back from.
       Your friend is in that direction.


Level 2:

Aqua Maze

Password: CFR

Game Type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Sing to all the colored crystals until none are left.

Hints: You'll get one bubble for every five crystals that you find.


Level 3:
Bay of Songs

Password: HOF

Game type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Search for three more musical friends.

Hints: One is almost invisible, so use your sonar wisely.


Level 4:

Seal Rocks

Password: RCL

Game type: Rescue

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Find the seal, and help him find his ball. He'll show you a seal trick.

Hints: First, find the seal (he'll be above the water), then push the ball to
       him with your nose.


Level 5:

The Sea of Music

Password: JHO

Game type: Collectinhg and Matching

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Find each gold music ring and bring it to its matching blue partner. Swim
      through all the rings to make a song.

Hints: You will need to get all five rings to open the Crystal Door.


Level 6:

Octopus Passage

Password: ROC

Game type: Collecting and Matching

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: The swordfish know about the octopus passage. Find them all.

Hints: You will have to take major detours to get where you want to go.


Level 7:

The Enchanted Sea

Password: OSH

Game type: Tag

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Play Crystal Tag! Touch your friend and run for the exit before he tags
      you back!

Hints: Stay close to the Crystal Door and swim using the C button to go fast!


Level 8:

Mysterious Ridge

Password: HRL

Game type: Collecting and Matching

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Find all the pirate treasures. Then fill up the treasure chest.

Hints: You must get all five treasures to unlock the chest.


Level 9:

Vents of Pearl

Password: JRF

Game type: Collecting

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: Sing to the oysters and some of them will give you their pearls.

Hints: Your song will always lead you to the correct oysters.


Level 10:

Treasure Caves

Password: SLR

Game type: Collcting and Matching, Keep Away

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Find the treasures and take them to the Crystal Door. Look out! The 
      playful dolphins like treasures, too.

Hints: Swim to the door while avoiding your friend's song waves.


Level 11:

Ocean Tag

Password: FCJ

Game type: Tag

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: You're it! Tag a friend to give him the shells.

Hints: Once you get your friend It, swim real fast to the Crystal Door before
       you get tagged back!


Level 12:

The Fish Caves

Password: CRS

Game type: Roundup

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Sing to the fish to push them into the caves. The seahorses will keep
      them there.

Hints: Swim slowly and make sure you are singing them the right direction!


Level 13:

Turtle Islands

Password: LJS

Game type: Roundup

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Mama Turtle lost he egg. Find it and sing until it hatches. The nudge
      Baby Turtle back to her mom.

Hints: Hold on to the baby, or it will swim back to the egg. Make sure you swim
       slowly also, or you could accidently drop the baby!


Level 14:

The Lagoon of Stonefish

Password: FSL

Game type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Five stonefish are sleeping in the rocks. Can you wake them up?

Hints: Sing often to find these sleepy creatures, nearly invisible against the


Level 15:

Dolphin Ride

Password: OFJ

Game type: Tag

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Tag your friend and give him the fish. He's chasing you, too. Find the
      Crystal Door fast!

Hints: Like in all the Tag games, get rid of the fish, and then make a mad dash
       for the Crystal door!


Level 16:

Seahorse Reef

Password: LOH

Game type: Rescue

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Baby Seahorse lost her way. Help her get back to her mom.

Hints: Make sure you know where the mom is so you know where you're going.


Level 17:

Melodic Waters

Password: FLR

Game type: Collecting and Matching

Skill Levels: Normal, Hard

Task: Bring all the rings to their places. Each one adds its chimes to the ring

Hints: Once you find them all, swim through all of them in a row to open the
       Crystal Door.


Level 18:

Fish Reef

Password: FJF

Game type: Collecting and Matching

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Sing to the smallest fish and they will join you.

Hints: You need to find eight.


Level 19:

The Ocean of Mimicry

Password: CCJ

Game type: Follow the Leader

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Follow a dolphin friend and "follow the leader." He'll take you to the
      Crystal Door.

Hints: Stay close, he'll get tricky and you don't want to lose him!


Level 20:

The Lagoon of Songs

Password: JLL

Game type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Find three more friends.

Hints: Many rocks mean many turns. Make sure you don't lose your way!


Level 21:

The House of the Hermit Crab

Password: HRR

Game type: Rescue

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Hermit Crab forgot his way. Find him and take him home.

Hints: Put your nose to good work!


Level 22:

Shark Sea

Password: SCS

Game type: Hide and Seek

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: A family of sharks has come to play. Find them all. Look hard. They move

Hints: Poke the flashing shells to get through the shell fences around the sea.


Level 23:

The Magical Ocean

Password: LSL

Game type: Collecting

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Put all the small crystals in your floating circle and take them to the
      Crystal Door.

Hints: Crystals will be hidden at different depths, make sure you check 


Level 24:

The Bay of Scattered Song

Password: SSR

Game type: Collecting and Matching

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Find all the music rings and swim through them to play a song.

Hints: Look carefully, the rings are very spread out this time.


Level 25:

Shell Roundup

Password: CRs

Game type: Roundup

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Push the floating shells into the caves and make the seahorses happy.

Hints: Always aim your sonar carefully to keep the shells on track.


Level 26:

Meeting Maze

Password: RHJ

Game type: Hide and Seek, Follow the Leader

Skill Levels: Hard

Task: Join up with your friends for underwater fun.

Hints: One friends will be high up, and the other down low. Search carefully.


Level 27:

The Endless Sea

Password: None

Game type: Not a game, this is the final level

Skill Levels: Easy, Normal, Hard

Task: None

Hints: Big Blue is waiting to hear your song! Swim around and sing for him!

 ____  _   _  ____    ____  _  _  ____  
(_  _)( )_( )( ___)  ( ___)( \( )(  _ \ 
  )(   ) _ (  )__)    )__)  )  (  )(_) )
 (__) (_) (_)(____)  (____)(_)\_)(____/ 


                               GENERAL TIPS


-Remember, if you ever get lost, look at the object box at the top, and then 
use your sonar in all directions to see where to go

-Always keep your eyes open to see what's around you

-Try different things, like jumping out of the water and over rocks to get to 
new areas

-Try different dolphin friends too, don't use the same one until the end

-Remember, the game should be fun, and educational, so talk about the sea life 
with your child while you play

-Always be persistent, sometimes things are hidden pretty well in levels, just 
keep looking and your sonar will lead the way

-Always remember which direction you came from, as you often need to back track




How do I get to the options menu?

At the title screen, hold A, B, and C and the Parent's Options will pop up.

How do I enter the passwords you gave me?

At the beginning of the game, swim left on the Friends screen instead of right, 
and you will be brought to the passwords screen. See the Game Basics section of 
the guide for more info.

Do the different dolphins do different things?

Well, not really. For the most part they are the same. However, they do swim a 
little differently and make a different sonar song, so it's good to change 
every now and then.

How do I find...?

Your sonar can find you anything.

What if treasure gets taken from me in a Keep Away game? Do I lose?

No, it doesn't really matter, you will still beat the level like normal, but 
it's more fun to play the Keep Away game too.

What's the point of exploratory mode?

Well, it's good for just relaxing if you have a relax or calm time with your 
child, and it's also good if you just want to talk about the sea life.




Thanks to:

-Myself, for writing this guide all alone.

-The online ASCII generator at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/ for being 

-The Instruction Booklet, which I often looked at to remember all the info for 
this guide.

-CJayC and everyone at GameFAQs for being the best that they can be. Sounds 
like a cereal commercial. >_<

-You, whoever you may be, for being unique. Good job.


(c) Ben Green 2006

                                -End Phile-

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