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Guide and Walkthrough by Michael86

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 04/10/2003


       The Complete Guide to Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole's

                          Last Updated April 10, 2003
                                  Version 2.00
                             Word Count! - 21,185

                        Written by:  Michael Sheehan
                    Email:  Michael@drsheehan.freeserve.co.uk

                  ********   1: Table of Contents   ********

1. Table of Contents
2. Version History
3. Introduction
4. Characters
5. Hints and tips!

6. Walkthrough

6.1 Starting Cave

6.2 Massan

   A. To the Water Shrine!
   B. Inside the Water Shrine

6.3 Massan 2

6.4 The Swamp Shrine

   A. Now we all get along!

6.5 Mercator and Ryuma

   A. Thieves' Cave
   B. Let's go to Mercator
   C. Help Tibor(Optional)

6.6 Mercator

   A. The Crypt
   B. Back to Mercator
   C. Mir's Tower
   D. The Castle Dungeons!
   E. Inside the Castle

6.7 Greenmaze

   A. Ryuma Again!
   B. Old witch Dude! (Optional)

6.8 Verla

   A. Stuff to do.

6.9 Destel

   A. The Lake Shrine
   B. Stuff to do (Optional)

6.10 Mountainous Area

   A. Kazalt

6.11 King Nole's Palace

7. Equipment Guide
8. Ordinary Item Guide
9. Key Item Guide
10. Monster List
11. FAQ!
12. Acknowledgements
13. E-mail Policy
14. Plans for the Future!
15. Outro - Unfinished Business
16. Legal Stuff

                  ********   2: Version History   ********

  This section is more for me than the reader; it is designed to help me keep
progress of how this guide as developed. However you may enjoy reading through
this section, either to help you write your own guide or for your own curiosity.

Version: 0.01-------Size: 6kb - March 5th

$ Started this guide.
$ Got the layout sorted
$ I have completed Contents page and sub titles.

Version: 0.1-------Size: 11kb - March 6th

$ Started the walkthrough, got up to water fall shrine.

Version: 0.11-------Size: 12kb - March 6th

$ Added character guide and equipment list

Version: 0.15-------Size: 15kb - March 7th

$ Completed equipment list
$ Started item list

Version: 0.3-------Size: 40kb - March 14th

$ Done more on walkthrough, up to Greenmaze
$ I converted item and equipment list to guides.

Version: 0.5-------Size: 50kb - March 16th

$ Done more on walkthrough, up to the lake shrine

Version: 1.0-------Size: 73kb - March 23rd

$ Finished most of the walkthrough

Version: 1.1-------Size: 75kb - March 26th

$ Added some optional areas. This includes the witch quest.

Version: 1.3-------Size: 87kb - March 27th

$ Put in some more lifestock locations.
$ Split the item guides into two separate sections.

Version: 1.4-------Size: 91kb - March 28th

$ Started an FAQ section - Done nine questions!
$ Added an outro section and a few minor tweaks.

Version: 1.41-------Size: 94kb - March 28th

$ Modified the layout slightly.
$ Made a few spelling corrections.

Version: 1.5-------Size: 98kb - March 30th

$ Finished the walkthrough totally.

Version: 1.6-------Size: 98kb - April 1st

$ Did a massive spell check... Took about 25 minutes...
$ Added a couple of lifestock locations.

Version: 1.8-------Size: 100kb - April 2nd

$ Made some finishing touches in preparation to post this guide
$ Started and completed the legal notice
$ Added an e-mail policy
$ Made some acknowledgements
$ Landmark!!! The guide is over 100Kb!!!

Version: 1.82-------Size: 101kb - April 2nd

$ Slightly changed the layout. I changed the contents structure.
$ Modified the names of some of the titles and sub titles.
$ Added a few notes and explained some of the sections!

Version: 1.83-------Size: 104kb - April 2nd

$ Added an hints and tips section
$ Some very small changes
$ Completed another spell check and a grammar check

Version: 1.9-------Size: 106kb - April 4th


$ Major and I mean major formatting including:
$ Major spelling and grammar check
$ Made each row 79 characters long
$ Converted the guide to a text file.
$ Submitted the guide to Gamefaqs.com

Version: 1.93-------Size: 112kb - April 6th

$ Added a spoiler warning
$ Completed a Monster guide.
$ Added more hints and Tips!
$ Placed dates in version history

Version: 2.00 -------Size: 128kb - April 10th
$ This guide has been posted on Gamefaqs! At least version 1.9!
$ Added some acknowledgement. (Now it's on the web every one wants some credit)
$ Very minor changes to some parts of the guide
$ Added a temporary note about the fact e-mailing me currently is not possible
$ Added an item list at the start of each section.
$ Started enemy locations. (Not finished)
$ Submitted this new version to Gamefaqs

                  ********   3: Introduction ********

    This is my first full walkthrough and hopefully not my last. I have been a
big fan of RPG's for years and have played many different types of RPG's and
even now ten years after the release of Landstalker it is still an excellent

   You play as Nigel a professional treasure hunter who travels to the island of
Mercator in search of the legendary treasure of King Nole. However to find this
treasure you must solve riddles, avoid traps and outwit enemies.

   This game can be frustrating and quite hard; I've often got stuck on this
game and have therefore written everything you need to know to get the most out
of this game. This will mean *SPOILERS*

If you haven't played Landstalker, borrow a mega-drive or download an emulator!
You have to play this game it is very, very good! I have to say this is one of
the most under-rated games I have ever seen!

Anyway enjoy this walkthrough and don't hesitate to ask me questions or comment
on this guide or add something by e-mailing me. That is if anyone ever plays
this anymore which they probably don't...

This game is pretty linear because most of the time you have to do things in the
right order however there are some optional quests. Therefore if you get stuck
in one place you usually can't progress with the game! However this does mean
the order of my walk through is not just my personal opinion of what to do but
rather the path you HAVE to take!

Note: It is best to view this guide with the font Courier new (Western) at
around 10 in size!

Anyway I played this game again and decided that this time to make it more fun
I'd write a guide for the game. So enjoy!

                  ********   4: Characters ********

This section is designed to inform you about the main characters in the game
without giving away to much about their secrets... Hopefully it'll give you an
insight to how they think!

Nigel:  This is the main character in the game. Nigel is a professional treasure
hunter and a woodland elf. He is very skilled with swords and he has a sense for
danger. This means he has the abilities to find the treasure but he will need
your logical skills to do so.

Friday: She is a small, flying nymph with a very quick temper. However she seems
to have a soft spot for Nigel. Is this because you saved her life or does it run
deeper than that? She is the one who encourages Nigel to look for King Nole's

Kayla, Wally, and Ink:  These three characters are also in search for King
Nole's treasure and they therefore are constantly trying to hinder your
progress. You'll bump into them several times throughout the game and to be
honest it adds a bit of humour to the game

Pockets: This guy is some sort of thief! We bump into him a few times during the
story but what does he have to do with the story...

Duke Mercator: This guy is the rulers of the whole island of Mercator hence the
name. At first he seems very polite and kind however he seems to develop a dry
sense of humour (I found it quite comical) As time goes on we learn he is acting
strangely but the question is why?

Mir the Magician:  Mir doesn't get out much; this is because he lives in a tower
near the town of Mercator. Everyone is scared of this guy and the Duke therefore
asks you to kill him. Mir has a secret...What is it?

King Nole:  He is the old ruler of the mainland and he used to be a cruel ruler.
He owns the treasure we are looking for hence the name :P His history consists
of many uncertainties can you find these out?

                  ********   5: Hints and Tips!   ********

This section is really just common sense. This section has simple advice in it
which should help you get through the game.

- Search and find as many lifestocks as possible. It sounds obvious but it
really is important. Unlike most RPG's you don't level up in Landstalker.
(You don't get experience points from killing things, you don't level up and
your stats don't increase)
However finding lifestocks is a form of levelling up.

- Money is no object! If you need to buy something just fight baddies for cash,
because monsters keep regenerating there is an unlimited flow of cash.

- In dungeons you'll often be stuck in a room, you'll often find the way to get
out of this is to kill all the enemies in that room.

- Talk to everyone! They'll often give you clues and advice. Even if they don't
they'll add some fun to the story.

- As with all RPG's...Save often! I can't say this often enough. It'll save you
a lot of time!

- Always be prepared! In other way always stock up on eke-eke and other ordinary

- If there's a locked door in a dungeon there's only three ways to open it! Get
a key, kill all the enemies or press a switch (Directly or indirectly!).

- Map out the complex dungeons; this will prevent you getting lost. It is most
useful in Green Maze and King Nole's Palace!

- Look around! Landstalker has tons of secrets and you'll find it nearly
impossible to find them all!

- Made a mistake in a puzzle, don?t worry because if you exit and re-enter the
room the puzzle will usually be reset allowing you to have another go.

- Let your enemies come to you while you slash away, they?ll usually walk right
into your attacks. Also be sure to never attempt to jump up a ledge while
enemies are there. If you do you?ll often be hit straight back down.

- Look for clues! Read signs and listen to what people say they?ll nearly always
speak some truth even if it sounds like a load of nonsense!

- Don?t be afraid to use gold and Gaia statues as in times of trouble they will
always help you in battle.

- Most important of all... Enjoy the game!

                  ********   6: Walkthrough   ********

Spoiler Warning! The rest of this guide WILL contain spoilers. To be safe I
recommend that you assume every piece of text from this point is a spoiler. You
have been warned!!!


For the intro the game will automatically control Nigel.
We see Nigel doing what he does best treasure hunting, in this case in the
Jypta ruins you'll see him dodge boulders, climbing vines, jumping on floating
blocks and destroying statues.

We then see Nigel finding the Statue of Jypta. He'll then sell the statue for
2000. But just as he does so, he meets a nymph by the Name of Friday.
You then help her escape from Kayla, Ink, and Wally who are chasing her to find
out about the treasures of king Nole.

Friday will then tell you about the treasures and you then pay 2000 for a giant
bird to fly you to Mercator Island, the location of the treasures!

-----6.1: Starting Cave-----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks and 10 golds

Types of monsters in this area: None

Look at the area you are now standing and two things are obvious the first is a
statue of the Goddess. It can heal you if you need it. The second is an entrance
to a cave, that's where we want to go. Enter the cave.
Carry on through the next section until you reach the north side of the room. To
the left of the door is a sign, go and read it if you want.

'Woe and death unto those who step in this land...'

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Very scary, don't let that bother you and head through
the door.

You're very weak at this point in the game with only 4 hit points. No need to
worry though, throughout the game you can increase your maximum health by buying
or finding life stocks. Each one adds an extra hit point. Let's go get our first

As you enter this room you can go up the stairs to your right or straight ahead
to your left. Go to your left and you'll bump into a chest. Your first life

Carry on forwards and go through the next door. In the next room you'll notice
two chests. Both contain 5 golds and both can be opened. Just jump on the chest
and drop down to the ledge beside them

Carry on out of this room and into a big square room, there are two doors here
take the one at the bottom of the screen, climb the stairs and get 5 golds. Then
head back to the big square room and take the other door.

Pick up the crate and drop it by the edge of the cliff and climb up onto the
ledge, once on the cliff you'll see another chest, this also contains a life

Carry on up the stairs into another room; go straight up the long thin path
through another door, go all the way down the stairs and through another door.
As you walk through this passage, look behind you. Yes a big round thing is
approaching you and it looks heavy!

Run!!!! But there's nothing you can do, you'll fall down a hole (You can't get
to that chest you'll see behind the hole) you'll land on a handily placed raft
(Who put that there!) You'll sail along for a while and... You've guessed it you
fall down a waterfall.

-----6.2: Massan-----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks and an eke-eke

Types of monsters in this area: None

You'll land unconscious but fortunately a furry thing from Massan finds and
saves you! Handy!

She'll then call her crew to come and carry you back to the village where you
sleep for a bit.
You'll hear a conversation between Friday and the major. The major is kind to
you and offers to let you stay as long as you need. However Friday is in a hurry
so she casts a spell to wake you up.

Exit the building your in and take a look around. This village has an inn, a
church and a store and first things first save your game at the church.

There's a secret lifestock here, I found in being silly otherwise it's likely it
would have passed unnoticed. Well see the chicken which is acting like it is on
steroids? I was trying to see if I could jump on it. Eventually I did and then
jumped on the guard's head.

This is the guard near the statue near the bottom of Massan. When you jump on
the statue a chest will appear right beside it. Open it and find a lifestock.
Upon further examination it also works by using the dog. (I would have thought
these animals would object to Nigel standing on them)

You may also notice there are some odd coloured trees with a cave behind them;
you can't do anything with them yet. There's also an EKE-EKE in a chest in the
house in the bottom right hand corner of Massan and one in a chest in the house
to the right of the house you started in. Right next door to this house is
another house with a chest containing a life stock and a farmer with a cool

Talk to everyone here in Massan. Firstly it's fun and second you get some useful
info. The main things of note are: You should visit the waterfall sage and be
weary of the village of Gumi
In the inn you'll also meet pockets a thief who'll turn up later.

A. To the waterfall Shrine

Items found: No items in this area!


Types of monsters in this area: None

No sooner have you taken one step out of the village and a Massan Man comes
running claiming the bridge was destroyed by people from Gumi! On your way out
of the village you'll see an odd tree. You can go into it but it does nothing

Anyway exit the screen to your left and continue along the path until you bump
into a sign. Here you'll see the broken bridge and a rather stressed guy from

Follow the signs direction to the Waterfall sign. Eventually you'll see a door
go in if you want and you'll see a cliff with a rope at the top. Nothing you can
do here yet. So exit and continue along the path. Just keep to the path, past
the waterfall you fell down and all the way until you see a door with an
impressive arch. This is the entrance to the shrine...Enter

B. Inside the waterfall Shrine

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock, 5 golds and a key

Types of monsters in this area: Clear (White) bubbles and orcs

Notice as you enter there is a line of statues on the right with an odd coloured
one in the centre...strange but unimportant at the moment. Go through the door
to the next room. There are two bubbles here, kill them they should carry 1 gold
each and they take two hits to kill.

The first thing to do is go up the stairs, once there go south and jump over the
gap to the other side and follow the path until you reach a chest holding a key!
Needless to say you'll need this soon.

GO back down stairs to where you killed the bubbles. You'll have to kill them
again as they have magically regenerated! Go through the door in the north wall.
Follow the path until you see a floating wooden platform moving up and down.
Jump on it and take it to the other side. Kill the 4 bubbles here.

Then go to the south where you'll see a wooden door. Use the key we got earlier
here. The Door will unlock, go through the door. There are three bubbles to kill
here. Go south down the path on your far right. There is a chest here with 5

Now go down a similar path to your far left. Jump

on the button here and head back to the room we just came from. Kill the four
bubbles again and hit the switch in the North West corner of the floor.

It'll open the way down some stairs close to you. Go down the stairs.
Cross the bridge and kill the two bubbles and exit the room. Follow the path
crossing two bridges killing the six bubbles here.

Go past the statue and up the stairs. You'll be locked in a room with three orcs
so be careful! When you kill the orcs the gate will open. Follow the path and
you'll see the waterfall Sage or as he calls himself Prospero. Next to him is a
chest containing life stock.

He'll tell you a bit of background to King Nole but other than this he can't
help. Make your way out of here but remember the room with the statues at the
start of this dungeon?

The grey statue is now forward and nearby there is a set of stairs going down!
Follow this straight path and you'll find a chest with another life stock. You
should now have a maximum hit point's total of 10

-----6.3: Massan2 -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks and idol stone

Types of monsters in this area: White and blue bubbles, orcs and yellow

On your way back you'll see the bridge is fixed and the people of Massan are
planning a raid. Once you arrive back in Massan you'll find out why!
Fara has been kidnapped by Gumi thugs!

Take the chance to save and rest in an inn! I would also try attempting to buy
the life stock if you don't have enough just fight a bit. Once you're ready to
go head back to the bridge. You'll encounter enemies along the way so just kill
them and you won't be killed yourself!

Now, head across the bridge on to the next screen and head through this one
also. You'll now encounter blue bubbles which require four hits to kill and jump
around a lot more!

 Another enemy is also seen around here. Beware of little yellow mushrooms on
the floor some grow into monsters when you approach! Keep heading along the
straight path until you reach a sign post.

To the left of the sign post there is a cliff with a chest on it containing a
life stock. You can't see but there are some steps you can jump on if you jump
around behind the cliff that enable you to reach the chest.

Follow the directions on the sign and head towards Gumi. When you get there they
won't let you in so make your way around the back of the village and you'll soon
be able to see their ceremony.

When it is finished make your way back to the front of Gumi and enter...
Everyone has gone! When you enter you'll see a character approach you and then
run off! Could that be Pockets! No matter there's no good following him because
it leads to a landslide, however he does inform you of the idol stone if you
don't already know about it but we do so take a look around.

 In the majors hut (Identifiable due to the little stone above the hut) you can
pick up the idol stone from the shelve!

In the house with a blue clothe hanging on you can climb the ladder onto the top
bunk of the bed to find a chest with life stock in it! Pass the house south of
this and you'll see Hahna hiding in the bushes. She informs you that every one
has gone to the swamp shrine.

Before you go fight around a bit to earn some money to buy the life stock.
Because the baddies regenerate just re-enter screens to fight again and again.

When your done head back to the sign post we saw on your way Gumi and head north
towards the swamp shrine

-----6.4: Swamp Shrine -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks, 2 eke-eke and 4 keys

Types of monsters in this area: orcs, orc kings, yellow mushrooms, blue and
white bubbles.

 Head north until you reach a bridge; cross it on to the next screen be careful
not to fall off the bridge as it'll give you damage. Keep going across the
bridge, killing your foes and jumping the hole in the bridge. When you reach a
large open area with several people from Massan there, talk to them.

They'll inform you that the group from Gumi entered the shrine but they can't
open the door! You can go through the door on your left but it leads to a dead

So approach the blue coloured wall to the north and use the idol stone, the door
will open and you can enter. You'll be in a strange room with boulders, rolling

Go through the door to the south west. There are several blocks in your way but
defeating the enemies around these rooms will open these. Finally go through the
door at the end of the path.

You'll be in a locked room with three orcs! Kill them and the gates will open.
Go through the top left door. You'll be in a room with a couple of bubbles and
orcs, kill them and go upstairs. Go around the spikes and through the door.
Follow the linear wooden path to a chest. This contains a key you'll need.

Return to the orc room and take the top right passage and kill the orc. A chest
will drop with an eke-eke in it. Go through the door into a room full of

Kill them and the gate will open, go through the door.
Another room this one has a few bubbles and a couple of mushrooms.
However some of the mushrooms are just decoys. Once the baddies are killed the
gat will open.

Go through the door. You'll be in a throne room with several orcs, once killed
open the chest and you'll find another key. Go back to the orc room and go
through the last door. You'll end up back in the boulder room. Got east past the
first door and through the second. Open the chest and you'll gain an eke-eke.

Go back to the boulder room and go through the door on the west wall. Kill all
the enemies and access to the wooden structure is granted. Climb on to it and
jump to the other wooden structure. Follow the path and you'll find a chest with
an eke-eke in it.

Unlock the door and go through. Kill the enemies and climb the stairs. Kill the
enemies and go through the locked door first! Kill your enemies and you can then
switch a switch and return to the last room.

Go through the other door and follow the path around the boulder room and
through the door, kill the enemies and then go through the door into a room with
loads of buttons and crates. Imagine the buttons are points on a compass. Put a
crate on the North and south points.

This will release the boulder and you can climb the stairs. You'll be in a room
with spikes. Climb along the platforms until you reach a permanent platform with
a button on it. Press it and some more platforms appear. Go across until you
reach the platform with a locked door on it. Cross over the platforms onto a
marble slate and go through a door on the south wall.

Kill all the mushrooms and go through the door, kill all the mushrooms in this
room to and a switch will fall. Jump on it and go through the door. Jump past
the boulders and place the crate on each of the two switches. These will clear
the path for you to exit the room do so and you'll come out in the spike room by
a chest. Open it and get the key.

Use the key on the locked door on the south. Once there avoid the boulder and
falling spikes. Press all the switches to clear the path but before you exit
this room jump down the ditch to fall on a platform with a life stock in a

Back track to where you were before and go through the door. You need one of the
orcs to jump on the switch to open the gate. Go through and get a key in a
chest. Go back and climb the stairs. Kill the enemies, unlock the door and go
into the main room. When you disturb the party you'll have to fight some special
orcs. When you win a chest will be available with a life stock in it and you can
save Fara.

Now leave and head for Massan

A. Now we all get along!

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock and a red jewel

Types of monsters in this area: orcs, bubbles and mushrooms

When you arrive back at Massan, everyone will thank you and the major will give
you a red jewel. Fara drops a little hint :p You can also visit the waterfall
sage and he will inform you that King Nole did exist and you should go to
Mercator! Head to Gumi and visit the majors house there'll be a chest to the
left of his wife with a lifestock in it. Talk around and you'll find that the
Gumi people are sorry for what happened and want to be friends with Massan

-----6.5: Mercator and Ryuma -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks and a magic sword

Types of monsters in this area: orcs, mushrooms, worms, purple Cyclopes and

Remember the landside where we saw pockets? Go there and you'll be able to use
the path because the people of Gumi will help clear the landslide. As you head
north you'll see a intersection to your right, go there and you'll see a rather
ominous selection of blocks.

Climb up to the ledge with a chest. Open it and you'll discover another
lifestock. Climb on the chest and up to the top of the cliff. Once up there
you'll see a house. Muy bien! Go in and an old soldier will give you a magic

Keep going North until you reach a sign post. Head towards Mercator. You'll see
a tree called tibor in agony but you can't do anything! There's also a side
turning which leads to a witch's house but that is also no use yet.

When you reach Mercator you can't enter without a pass. Now you should head
towards Ryuma. Once your there you can have a look around town but the store
keeper is out as is the light house keeper. Also in the local government house
no-one will really listen to you. In the local government house you'll see a
chest with a lifestock in it! So take it

As time goes on you'll begin to realise the town is at the mercy of some
thieves. In the bushes by the government house you'll meet a man who claims the
major was killed. Go in to the government building and one of the men asks you
to do a favour. Say yes and you'll be asked to deal with the thieves!

A. Thieves Cave

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

4 lifestocks, 2 keys, statue of Gaia, 60 golds, 8 eke-eke and a lithograph

Types of monsters in this area: Bubbles, orcs and knights

Head towards the raft at the port in Ryuma and you'll see Kayla, Wally, and Ink
attempt to stop you. Just sit back and laugh at their feeble attempt and then
hop on the raft Friday will ask you whether you want to leave... Yes you do!

When you enter, read the sign on your left, it is a big clue of what to do.
Follow the straight path until you reach the second sign. Read it! It obviously
means that to reach the chest you can see from here you must go the difficult
way. Do so and open the chest!

You'll get an eke-eke. Follow the path until you reach two chests. Open those
both to get some eke-eke. Carry on until you reach a statue of the goddess it
will heal you!

Anyway if you jump against the statue it will move backwards! This raises a
blocking the dam to block the water!  Go back to the starting cave and there'll
be a chest that wasn't there before. Open it for another eke-eke.
Just north of the chest is a passage that wasn't there before, follow it until
you are in a room with a knight.

Kill the knight and go through the now open gate and you'll meet pockets looking
for treasure he informs us that all those weird trees we have been seeing can
aid treasure hunters but more importantly there are two treasure chests by him.
One chest will have a key and one has a life stock. You should have 20 hit
points now!

Go where there was water there is now a door and go through. Go forward until
you see a locked door and unlock it with the key we found by pockets! In the
next room you should go through the bottom left door first. Pass the spikes and
go through another door. Now you have to jump on the switch and quickly run
round and get through the gate.

It is on a timer! However if you are willing to take some damage you can jump on
the spike ball by the door and over the top of the gate.

In the next room you'll find two chest one with an eke-eke and one with a statue
of Gaia. This cause an earthquake to damage enemies! Return to the room with
several doors and go through the top right hand door.

Now work your way through this room make sure you get the eke-eke in the chest!
This is quite easy! The next room I found difficult but time it right and you'll
be ok. Be sure to open the chest and collect the lifestock! Once in the next
room, kill your enemies!

First take the door on your left. The aim is to ride the green ball so you can
jump in a door on the left wall. On that room you'll find a chest with a life
stock in it. What you have to do is try and push the ball against the left wall
and then up while quickly jumping on it then through the door.

Go back to the room and take the right door, kill the knight and a hole appears
in the ground go down and open the two chests to find an eke-eke and a key.

Exit and use the moving platforms to get through this room. Use the platform to
go up a level and go through the other door we have not yet used to the north.
Avoid the boulders in the next room and then unlock the door, in the next room
destroy the grey statue to open the door go through the now open door then climb
the vine.
When you get to the top you are outside and have to beat a knight like boss.

When defeated enter the building to free the major open all the chests to find
an eke-eke, 5 golds, 55 golds and a life stock. There is also a lithograph which
informs us that we need 5 gems to get King Nole's treasure. It tells us the
location of the gems all on this island.

Unfortunately Kayla, Wally, and Ink kidnap Friday and you trade in the
lithograph for her! We can now go back to Ryuma.

B. Let's go to Mercator

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

100 golds and a safety pass

Types of monsters in this area: Purple Cyclopes, worms, orange and blue bubbles

Once back in Ryuma the first thing you should do is go to the local government
house and talk to the major who'll give you 100 golds and the safety pass you
need to enter Mercator. I would also now buy the lifestock available here if you
have the cash.

Head towards Mercator but on your way go back to that tree that looked in pain
and you can now go inside him and help.

C. Help Tibor (Optional)

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock, 40 golds and statue of Gaia

Types of monsters in this area: Ghost generators, white spectres and gold knight

This is not a must do part of the game but you may as well do it! Go inside it
doesn't take long to see the source of the problem, ghost generating machines.
It looks like we'll have to destroy them. On the first floor destroy the
generator and take the lift to the next floor.

Follow the path round and go up the stairs. Follow up the stairs and then up to
the next level. Open the chest to get 20 golds. Go back to the bottom of the
stairs and follow the path round until you reach a room with another generator
and two chests which contain a statue of Gaia and 20golds.

Follow the path and you'll bump into a switch. It is on a timer so quickly jump
on it then run past the lowered block before it rises again! Keep following the
path and you'll have to avoid spiked balls.

You'll soon see the route of all the problems, a golden knight. Kill him and
open a nearby chest to get another life stock. That's 25 hit points now! Tibor
will now allow you to use trees to teleport around. Very useful!

Here's a list of the tree's I have found!  (Thanks to Neil Down for providing me
with several of these locations)

Tibor-----------------------Tree near Massan
Start of Greenmaze--------- Greenmaze
Lake Shrine-----------------In-between Destel and the lake
In the Mountains------------In-between Mercator and Verla

We can now head back to Mercator.

-----6.6: Mercator-----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

3 lifestocks, blue ribbon and a pawn ticket

Types of monsters in this area: Multiple Fahl transformations

Wow, this is the mother of all cities! What to do! There is a massive amount to
do. Make sure you've saved and rested and then take a look around town! There's
loads of shops, a fighting competition, a harbour, a gambling den in Green pea's
and a lot of other fun places!

The first thing I'd do is but the steel breast plate from the shop at the top of
the first screen of the city. It is a lot better than the leather armour but at
480 golds it is expensive. Notice Nigel's appearance changes to look like his
wearing the new armour!

The next thing I would do is collect the two lifestocks available in this city.
Head to green pea's in the south east corner of the second screen of
Mercator. Jump on the boulder and over the counter and on your left will be a
chest containing a life stock!

Head towards the castle and where you see a man standing in-between two houses
on a podium go into the house on his left. Talk to the women and help her sort
out her jars three times and a chest will appear downstairs!
Open it for another life stock.

Fancy seeing how good you fighting skills really are? Go to the bottom of the
second screen and slightly to the right of centre there's a building with a
women peering through the window, so go in there. You pay 20 golds and you get
to fight against the fighting master Fahl.

He'll turn into different monsters and you'll have to kill them, unfortunately
in one hit your dead so it is very hard. After you beat a certain amount of
numbers Fahl will stop and offer to let you take the cash and run. However on
the 5th time you do this he'll give up and give you a pawn ticket! It'll take
away all but one of your hearts. Basically if I used it when I had 27 hearts
full out of 27 hearts, I would have 1 heart full out of 27. You can only use it
once however. For every heart you've lost you get 10 golds!

Talk around town and you'll find out information but also some fun events.
To continue the story you need to enter the castle. Go to the castle and the
guards won't let you in! Didn't think it would be that easy did you?

Unfortunately every time I have played this game I have become stuck in this
area, fortune this time I remembered what to do...

On the first screen of Mercator to the top right you'll see a boy peering into a
window, talk to him, and the house his looking into is madam yards.
There's a girl hiding in the bushes around here talk to her.
Go in Madam Yards and talk to the people in there. Come out as they won't allow
you in! So go through the path to the bottom right hand side of this screen.
Hiding around this screen is a girl, talk to her and you'll see a knight called
Rather. He claims he is heading towards madam yards.

Go back to madam yards and you'll be kicked out again but one of the ladies
there suggests you see the fortune teller. Take the advice and the fortune
teller will turn you into a familiar looking character... Pockets!

Go back to madam yards and you'll be allowed in, when you get to your room
Friday (like me) got the wrong idea of this place and she becomes stressed. She
turns you back into Nigel, damaging you a bit in the process. When she realises
her mistakes she says sorry.

As you exit the room Arthur exits his room he asks for a word with you in his
room, when you go in, he attacks you to keep his secret, secret.
However with one hit he gives up and offers to invite you to the castle to keep
you quiet!

Now we can get in the castle go there and you'll be in the court yard, go to the
right court yard and jump on the platform in the top right hand corner, Friday
will point out something is falling. Collect the blue ribbon!

Now enter the main castle and you'll immediately meet Duke Mercator. He'll give
a short profile of you and three other heroes, Dexter (Swordsmen) and Zak
(Bounty hunter).
He claims to have a task for you but he says he'll only tell you at a part
You will be escorted to your room. Now you can explore the castle but the only
point of interest is a chest in the kitchen with a life stock in it.

On the east side of the castle you'll find the guard training room. If you talk
to Arthur, the time for the banquet will begin. Now head to the second floor and
then go to the banquet room to start the part. The Duke will tell you your task
is to kill Mir who is apparently causing Mercator some problems!

However to get into his tower you'll have to get a magic armlet from a crypt in
After you are told this Ludwig will play some music and seemingly annoys the
Duke when he asks about the princess of Maple.

Anyway sleep in your room and Friday will complete a monologue. After this you
can leave the castle and head to the crypt.

A. The Crypt

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock and an armlet

Types of monsters in this area: Orcs, bubbles, mummy and skeletons

This is my favourite part of the game! Basically there are eight rooms each with
a puzzle in it you have to solve. To get more details enter the first room in
the passage (Not one of the eight!)And read the two signs.

Room 1: Betty Ross -

Betty stitched a border yellow, red and white. If everything's in order,
everything's all right.

This is an easy one to start with; just kill the bubbles in the right order. The
order is White, red and yellow.

Room 2: Ruby Silent -

Ruby in silence, she never made a sound, nor acted out of violence, until they
put her in the ground.

This really is a mind over sword puzzle. Just stand there, do not kill the
bubbles, after
10-20 seconds the puzzle will be solved.

Room 3: Jack Skywalker -

Jack could intute the way to float on air and if you'll just hop to it.

All you have to do is walk up the invisible stairway on the left of the room and
walk across the invisible path way.

Room 4: Maria Hysterica -

Maria was a jealous wife, she through the pots and pans, I think she even took a
life with a boulder in her hands!

Just kill the enemy with the boulder by throwing it and the orc.

Room 5: Jim Bright -

Jimmy loved to camp besides a shining light, reading books by a lamp, is how he
got so bright!

Move the switch to beside one of the two lamps and jump on it.

Room 6: Larson E -

Larson E had a zeal for things that were not his but he found that if you steal
your sure to fail the quiz!

Quite simply just resist the urge to open any of the chests. After a little
while the puzzle will be solved. If you do open a chest, not only is it empty
you'll release loads of orcs.

Room 7: Dirk the Dark -

Murdering Dirk was abhorred as victims piled high yet he who lives by the sword
will surely die by it

Kill just the dark skeleton. This one is simple!

Room 8: Whodini -

Here lies Whodini magician without peer his body was so skinny, he'd turn then

Just walk into the wall to the north. To get there just place the crate next to
the sign and then jump up on to the top platform, then go through
the wall.

You can now cross the river on the raft but as the mummy warns we have more
riddles to solve! YAH!!!

Once on the other side walk along the path to find a chest with a lifestock in
it! Go in to the next room to find puzzle 9

Room 9: Dead and End -

When your hearts desire is on a distant shore, it takes a ball of fire to open
up the door.

You'll meet Dexter here and he stuffs the riddle up and therefore dies! I think
it's Nigel's fault! Dexter seems to rush in order to beat Nigel because he
panics when he has seen him!
No time for guilt though, let's see if you can solve it better.

Just trick the fire ball to hit the door. Go through the door and you'll meet
the boss this is riddle number 10.

Room 9: Aside the Shadow.

Evil is beside itself with anger aimed at thee but if you step aside with
stealth the truth will set you free.
You do not attack the mummy but its shadow; this can be hard but once you start
hitting the shadow it'll soon die! Once you have climbed the stairs go and open
the chest to get an armlet.

Once you've finished make your way back to Mercator.

B. Back at Mercator

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

Buyer card

Types of monsters in this area: None

Now a few things have changed! Firstly if you go to the house of the shop keeper
who was very sad, he'll ask you what shop he should set up, you can choose
between a drug store or variety store. I chose a variety store.

He'll give you a buyer card, so you can now go to the port and get the stuff for
his store as well as cheap eke-eke from a guy from Massan. The port is now busy
unlike before. So talk around.

Go back to the store and you can buy all those nice exotic items. I would save
the money to buy the oracle stone as it tells you how far in the game we are. At
the moment it is about a third.

Also if you go outside Green Pea's there'll be money who asks for 100 golds,
give it to him and he'll come out and give you 200 golds. No complaints I take

Time to head to Mir!

C. Mir Tower

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

3 lifestocks, statue of Gaia, a key, detox grass, purple jewel, garlic and 5

Types of monsters in this area: Orcs, Micro, Mir, mummies, orcs, mushrooms and

On the way to Mir you'll come to a screen with orcs. Kill the orcs and notice
the chest on the hill. GO behind the hill and jump on a useable switch. A block
will rise and falls near the chest. Use it to open the chest and get the life
stock, you should have 30 hit points now.

On the way you'll notice a vine with a weird coloured tree in front of it,
nothing you can do here yet. You'll also notice a path blocked by a weird colour
tree with a chest at the end of it. Nothing you can do here either!

Now use the armlet to get rid of the barrier in front of Mir's tower and go in.
Once in there follow the straight path saying yet to all questions asked. On the
last question once you have said yes the platform will lower you to the next
level. Kill the mushrooms, climb up the ladder, jump across the blocks, open the
chest and get an eke-eke and through the gate.

Don't go up the stairs yes, just pass through the next room and answer yes to
the question and you'll be allowed access to a ladder leading to a chest giving
you a statue of Gaia.
Go up the stairs and then climb up the ladder, read Mir's warning sign and exit
the room.

There is a sign and a pit, jump in the pit and kill the four mummies, this will
make a switch appear, jump on it. Go back to the room with the pit and you now
have a path you can jump on, use it and go through the door.

In this room there are four empty chests and 4 chest monsters! When they are
dead go down the stairs and press the button. Quickly jump on the second switch
before it gets blocked.
It is hard to jump from the yellow block to the switch before the 1st switch
times out.
Once you've done this follow the path open the chest and get the garlic, you'll
need it soon.

Go back upstairs to the room with 8 chests and this time go up the stairs.
There is a chest monster and a normal chest with an eke-eke in it.
Drop down and go up the stairs to see a monster that looks like you. You can't
pass it unless you use the garlic.

There are three doors here, first go through the top one follow the path until
you see some stairs going upwards, go up them kill the orcs and go up the stairs
where you'll find a priest and a free detox and eke-eke.

Go back to the three doors and take the top one, there'll be a chest in one of
the holes but you have to time it well to avoid being hit by a spiked ball. Go
through the door and hit the switch. Head back to the three doors.

Now take the middle door and the monster that looks like you will run through
the wall, follow. Jump across towards the ladder, climb the ladder. Follow the
path until you reach a dead end with a statue. Approach and you'll be teleported
to a new area.

Imagine the teleporting rooms are compasses. Go to the east teleporter and then
the, south teleporter. Climb over the spikes to the north point and go down the
hole to get a lifestock in a chest. Go back up and use the south teleporter.
Then use the east teleporter.

Switch the switch and quickly run through the gate!  Switch the switch here and
run up the stair avoiding the spikes and then open the chest to get a key!
Go back to the room with the hole in it (where you got the life stock) and go on
the east teleporter. Kill the mummies and a crate will drop.

Use it to climb the stairs. Kill the monsters and follow the monster that looks
like you. His name is Micro! Go to the first platform, open the chest to find an
eke-eke. Micro will lock the door so use your key!

Kill the monsters in the next room, open the chest and collect the eke-eke.
You'll have to fight micro after you've killed the enemies in the next room.
Soon he'll run away. Follow him and he'll lead you to Mir. Mir destroys micro
and tries to explain but Fridays opens her big mouth and a fight is on the

When his dead he'll tell you that the duke is evil and is his brother, you can
then go downstairs open a chest and get a lifestock, then fall down the pit and
open the three chests which contain 2 eke-eke and the purple jewel. You will now
be teleported outside.

Make your way back to Mercator, rest up and save then enter the castle


D. The castle Dungeons!

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks, a key and 2 eke-eke

Types of monsters in this area: Knights and other monsters

When you enter the castle you'll meet with the duke again. Kayla, Wally, and Ink
will enter and try and take the jewels from you but the Duke prevents that.
He'll take the jewels from you and throw you in the dungeon where you'll have to
fight two knights!

Once they are dead leave the room and jump on the rising platform, you'll see
Kayla, Wally, and Ink in a bit of a bother! Pass them and go through the door.
Run around the next room and hit the switch and go round again and hit the new
switch. This will open the gate, so run round and go through. Make

sure you keep ahead of the spiked ball.

In the next room put one jar in each of the four corners of the room and jump on
the platform that appears, in the next room destroy the statue in the east
corner. Go through the door.

In this room you have to hit the switch and quickly run to the door, this next
room is a prison, go to the second cell and you'll see a chest with a key in it.
Talk to the man in here and you'll rescue the chap. Moralis be his name!

Go to the third cell and you'll rescue an edgy women! Carry along this path
until you reach a locked door, use your key here. Go through the first door and
down the stairs you'll bump into a chest containing life stock.
Go into the room and you'll soon see two chests both with eke-eke in them.

Carry on and you'll meet a lot of the duke's monsters, eventually you'll get
into the castle but there are still enemies here. As you climb the tower you'll
see another two chests with more eke-eke.

At the top of the tower you'll see Zak run off with the princess. You can't save
her but there is a chest here with a lifestock in it. You should have 35 hit
points now. Now let's confront the Duke

E. Inside the castle!

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

A key

Types of monsters in this area: Knights

Jump of the tower...mmmmmmmmmm...I wish I could fall from that high and not get
hurt! In the castle training rooms you'll encounter a lot of enemy knights, when
you go up stairs you'll have to save Arthur and in return he'll tell you that
the Duke has destroyed the lighthouse and sailed off.

We are then told that we need to cut the armour in the room above to gain access
to a chest with a key in it. Once you get the key go to the entrance of the
castle and go around the side to the door where we first saw Arthur. Open it and
jump over the crates and switch the switch.

Go around to the other side of the moat and down the hole left by the fountain,
go through the linear path until you reach a sign post.

-----6.7: Green Maze-----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

2 lifestocks, several eke-eke and Sun stone

You can now head towards the Green maze. Keep going until you reach an area with
several paths made of trees. Once you kill the two reapers here a chest will
appear on one of the hill tops climb up, open it and get the lifestock!

In the next screen you'll meet the keeper of green maze!  There is also a number
of paths open to you.

The first path you should go down is the bottom right.  They'll be some gnomes
there that make fun of you and then run away.  Go back to the keeper. Take the
top right hand path out of this section.

Keep going until you go into a cave. Go straight through the passage and you'll
come out in the open. You should be able to see an injured dog, make your way to
the dog and Friday will borrow an eke-eke off you to heal the dog. Follower the
dog to his master 'Cutter'

You will get a special whistle off of him which allows you to talk to dogs! Head
back to where you came from but on the way you'll bump into a chest, open it for
a another lifestock.
Find a new cave in this area in the bottom right and use the teleporter in here.
Climb the ladder and vine, where you come out you'll fight a few orcs. Use the
rising platform and go to the next area.

In this area fall off the edge on the right, go up a vine and fall down to some
yellow blocks and go into the cave. In here take the path to the two chests
first. The make your way down the other path. When you come out use the blocks
to get out of the hole, as you make your way out you'll see Kayla, Wally and Ink
who happen to be lost!

Make your way to a sign which indicates you are in the centre of the maze.
Go down the hole here switch the switch and go through the door right next to
you. Here you'll find a teleporter, use it. To your left is treasure chest, open
it. Also as you follow the path there is a hidden door behind the waterfall so
go in there to find two chests.

When you exit, kill the orcs. Follow the path until you reach a dead end, a
gnome will then push you off the cliff (little *******!!!!) Go back to the same
place and the gnome will give you some advice.

Follow the advice by using the vine directly under you; follow the path until
you can see the sun stone. However there are some odd coloured tress in the way.
Friday will suggest you use the whistle to call Cutter. Do this and they'll come
and cut the tree's down and you can go and get the sun stone!

If you've been following this guide you will be able to use the tree and
teleport to the start of Green Maze. If not you'll have to find another way out.
It isn't that hard; just follow a straight forward path from where you are.

A. Ryuma Again!!!

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock

Types of monsters in this area:

Right go and save, buy eke-eke and what ever else you need to do. Head back to
Ryuma and climb the lighthouse; the person here will fix the light house. Next
to him is a chest with life stock in it.

Now I suggest you do the next quest although it is not mandatory it will give
you a nice new piece of equipment and a life stock.

B. Old Witch Dude! (Optional)

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

1 lifestock and Saturn Ring

Types of monsters in this area:

From Ryuma carry on through the screens from left to right like you were heading
for Mercator. However don't change direction where you normally would just keep
going. You'll have to jump across some platforms on the next screen.

When you've done this you have another screen with some platforms and a jar.
Pick up the jar and place it on the platform the furthest away from where you
started this screen.

Go back to the start and jump across the platforms and then onto the jar which
is one the platform with a bit of care you'll pass this screen. The next screen
is just a house, go inside and talk to the dog. She wants a bell.
But this isn't an object it is another dog, remember the dog in Massan? Go and
talk to her, her name is Bell.

Head back to the house and the witch will turn you into a dog!

Basically there is a path you must take to the witch but there are four blocks
in your way, in order to get rid of the blocks you must complete four tasks.
These tasks are based on speed and reflexes rather than logic.

Follow the straight path until you reach the first puzzle room, there is a
series of switches you must press in order to get a certain switch to appear and
be pressed. Press the first switch. Another will appear, press it. Three
switches will then appear, press the one in the top left. Then press the button
on the middle of the top, then the middle one and then the one on the middle

A little lost? It's hard to explain what switches I mean without a picture,
therefore just generally follow the directions and then just randomly press the
switches and then sooner rather than later you'll press the right button. You'll
know it's the right one because it stays red.

Return to the main path and you'll be able to get a little further, take the
side path to the second puzzle room. This time you need to touch four switches.
Each time you use a switch you can then hit the next one. However you have very
little time before the next button in the sequence is blocked again and you have
to start again. The only way to be fast enough is to travel across the
boulders... This is difficult.

Once the last switch has been pressed return to the main pathway and make your
way to the third puzzle room. There is a long path with many statues in the way.
By each statue is button. However the buttons is stopped. The idea is to press
the first button, quickly run to the second button and land on it before it is
blocked again.

If you mess one up you have to start again! Once you have hit the last button
you appear trapped. Or I did. But you can jump from the switch over the statue!

Make your way to the fourth puzzle room, probably the easiest as well! You just
have to jump from block to block to reach a switch. These blocks do collapse but
it is still easy. The only problems occur when you try and jump around the

Now make your way to the witch... She is standing by a chest and two switches.
She presses the wrong switch and she kills herself! Excellent...saved you the
bother! Now you turn back into a human and can open the chest. You should have
41 hit points now. On your way out collect the crate and put it by the table
with the Saturn ring on. Get the ring and equip it!

You're just over half way through the game now... 53% according to the oracle

-----6.8: Verla! -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

5 lifestocks, chrome chest, golden statue, thunder sword, 5 eke-eke and 2 keys

Types of monsters in this area:

Now head to Mercator and go to the port, you'll be shipped to Verla!
Everyone is missing, except the priest and shop keeper. So exit the town and go
to the right and climb the hill to get the lifestock in a chest you can see.

Next go to the left and go round the side of the house and open the chest to get
another life stock. 43 We should have now!

Now head along the straight path up the mountains until you reach the mine,
enter and you'll soon come to a room with loads of Cyclopes. Kill them and head
out to the right. Use the crate and blocks to reach the treasure with an eke-eke
and a life stock.

Now head back to the Cyclopes room and head out to the north, where we came from
and this time don't go up the ladder but go north through the door. Kill the
orcs. Go down the ladders until you get in a room with mummies, kill them and
exit from this room.

Kill the unicorn monsters and carry on through this room. Kill the skeletons
here, avoid the boulders as you cross the bridge, jump on the switch and you can
go through the door. Kill the knight here and jump on the switch. Return to the
unicorn room and another door is open here.

Go through it and cross the ledge and avoid the spiked balls. In this area jump
down the gap and you'll find three chests which contain 2 eke-eke and a golden
statue. Head back up. Carry on to the next room and kill all the baddies and the
gate will open.

In the next room is a boss called Slasher. When you kill him open the chest by
the people to get a key. Now you can head back to the Cyclopes room at the

Unlock the door and jump across the pit using the blocks. The next room you have
to jump across spikes! In the next room there's a lot of baddies to kill. Go to
the door on the right and kill the orcs. Make a stairway using the jars! This
will allow you to reach the platform directly to Nigel's left if he just entered
the room.

The door up here leads to a room full of spiked boulders. Avoid them and go
through the door

Once there go through the door and you'll be standing above a room full of
lizard men go down kill them go down the stairs, switch the switch, go back
upstairs, and kill the lizard men. Use the crates to go back on the ledge you
jumped down from and head back to the spike room. A new door is opened in the
top room.

Go through a passageway full of lizard men, kill them and come out through a
door in the south wall, open the chest to get a life stock - that's 45 hit
points now.

Go back to the passageway and north, you'll kill the boss Dex here, open the
chest, get a key and the villagers will tell you about their escape tunnel they
had been digging. Go back to the mushroom room and drop down, open the door with
the key and go through.

Avoid the spiked balls, go down the stairs and jump in direction your facing off
the ledge you'll find a switch and two chests, the chests have eke-eke in them.
Switch the switch and exit and go down.

On a little platform in the lava is a new piece of armour, the chrome breast,
you should equip it. Cross over to the exit for this room. In the new room take
the wooden two blocks first and make your way to the north east across the lava.
You will get hurt but in a room over there you'll find a life stock.

Head back to the top of the ledge and cross over on the yellow blocks. Exit
through the door. Kill the enemies in here and go through the door. Avoid the
spikes in the next room and eventually you'll get to the final boss called

Once his killed all the villagers escape. Now is the time to get back to Verla.
Talk around town and you'll find out that the villagers have uncovered the
special thunder sword and put it in the well for you, go and get it

A. Stuff to do (Optional)

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

5 lifestocks, restoration and a dahl

Types of monsters in this area:

Now the path back to Mercator is open if you want to go back! Once through the
cave, you'll see a lot of blocks you can climb do so and you'll come to a chest
with a restoration in it.

Go into the side turning on this screen and Friday will inform you that her home
village is close. Make your way to the switch and jump on it, then find the
chest with a life stock there.

I would also suggest saving up for the life stock you can buy in Verla and in
Destel. That would make 49 hit points.

Now remember the secret passenger the people of Verla built, go through it and
eventually on the top of a cliff you'll find a chest with a lifestock
in it. That's 50 hit points!

Now there's another passage in the mines that wasn't open before it is a path to
Destel as soon as you get outside find a gap in the tree's to find a chest with
a dahl in it. In the next area go on the rising block then drop down to the
ledge with another lifestock!

Now when you come to a sign go to the left and drop down a few levels, go in the
cave and you can buy another life stock...52hit points now!

On the way to Destel there is one more life stock behind a cliff.

-----6.9: Destel -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

7 lifestocks, healing boots, 2 Dahl, 3statues of Gaia, mind repair, 2 eke-eke
and 4 keys

Types of monsters in this area:

Destel is like most of the other small villages you have seen except it is
mainly inhabited by dwarves! There's a church, inn, shop ECT.

Want to make your 53 hit points 54? Well go to the shop; see the chest behind
the counter? Jump on it and eventually if you walk towards the innkeeper you
will drop in behind the chest. Open the chest for another lifestock!

You can also meet pockets in the back room!

Right when you're done here, exit the village to the North east. See the
Mars stone on top of a hill? Go around the hill next to it, climb on it and drop
onto the hill with the mars stone.

On the next screen climb the hill and stand on the edge of the ledge closest to
the chest, it's a hard jump but it be done, open the chest for another life

Carry on down the path and you'll se the Duke sailing away! Follow him down to
your right. When you start walking through the tree's be sure to turn to the
right and go through a hidden passage to two chests. You'll get a lifestock and
a dahl.

Climb the structure and you'll see the duke sail off. Go back to the village.
Some-one has broken the seal to the well! Rest, save ect and go in!

Follow the path until you get to the room with moving platforms. Drop down
around halfway to a platform with a door on it. Go in and kill the two bubbles.
Put the crates in any three holes and you in another, a chest will appear with a
key in it. Don't give up its hard. The best thing to do is pick up a crate walk
around a hole until you fall in it climb out and carefully align yourself and
place the crate in.

Go out and continue along the platforms until you reach the other side, climb
the stairs and go on the block, jump to the other side, open the chest, to get
eke-eke. Go through the door, follow the path and collect the life stock.

Go back and drop to the chest in the middle of the room for another life stick,
it's very easy if you jump from the right platform. Make your way to the west of
the room, avoid the boulders. Go into the next room. Get the life stock in this
room then make your way to the exit.

Keep going until you find a chest with a dahl. Go to the other side, and jump to
the door on the left. You'll find pockets and he'll run off. Open the chests for
a statue of Gaia and a lifestock that's 60hit points.

Go through the other door this time and kill all the skeletons, go through the
first door you saw when coming in. Kill the enemies and then open the chest for
a key! Go through the next two doors and you'll get a key in each of them.

Finally you can unlock the door. Go through use the jar to climb up and let a
baddie follow you, make it jump on the switch so you can climb up and unlock the

In the next room get all four chest to get two eke-eke, a mind repair and a
dahl. Then unlock the door. Go through kill the boss. Get the healing boots and
equip them. Unlock the door and go through.

Follow the linear path, heal yourself at the statue of the goddess, and go up
the vine and then another vine out into the open. Carry on until you get to a
signpost; get the lifestock in the chest. Continue until you are at a cave

Go south into a shop, buy the life stock. The go back to the lake shrine.
Read the clue and go to the goddess and get the two gala's statues from the
chests by the statue. Use the Gaia statue by the goddess. Head outside and
there'll be a path to a building away from the shrine

A. Lake Shrine

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

5 lifestocks, axe magic, shell armour, sword of ice, golden statue, a dahl,
several eke-eke and 3 keys

Types of monsters in this area:

Go in and some unicorns will talk to you and run off. Go up the carpet into a
priest's room. Save head out and go through the bottom left hand door.

Avoid the spiked balls and push all the buttons. After you press one button
another will appear, when they are all done the gate is opened. Go through kill
all the enemies and go downstairs.

Go into the statue square and you'll have access to the first room, the unicorns
talk to you, head back and you'll have access to a second room. All you need to
do is quickly throw the crate on the button and jump on the platform before it
disappears. Open the chest and get the key. In the final room avoid the spikes
and open the chest for another life stock.

Head back to the throne room and take the right hand passage. Press the button
and kill the statues then go through the door by unlocking it. Press the switch
when it appears to stop the statues and go down stairs.

Head through the room on your left and make your way to the chest and open it to
get a golden statue mind the spikes. Head back to the room with five statues.

Hit the button and the statues cross over from one side of the room to the
other, you just stand in front of them to stop them. Make a bridge doing this
from the button to the ledge on the other side.

Now you have to jump on the platform to make another appear briefly be quick and
you'll get the chest with a lifestock in it.

Now go where you got the golden statue and fall down the hole, pick up the two
eke-eke and go through the door, kill the orcs destroy the statue in the spikes
and go upstairs.

Cross the room across the platforms and then fall down the hall, one step away
from the stairs and you'll land on a pillar which will allow you to jump to the
other platform and open the chest. Yet another lifestock!

Go into the next room, destroy the ghost generator thingy. In the next room,
jump on the first platform as you pass the second platform jump on it. The aim
is to get one of the knights to jump on the switch while you're near the door on
the other side so you can go through it.

In the next room pick up the boulder and walk to the locked gate, quickly throw
the boulder on the carpet and run through the door. It may take a few goes but
it is quite easy.

Walk through the next room, ignore the button and statue. In the next room hit
the three switches by using the platforms and then go through the door. Kill the
knights in this room and if you need to use the crates to get over the door.

Press the button in the next room and fall down the pit it opens, kill the green
bubbles and throw the crate onto the statue on the right. Throw the boulders in
this room into the four corners and jump on the switch. Return to the room with
the green bubbles, throw the crate on to the statue on the right and go through
the other door.

In this room follow the golems to get access to a room; the duke will mock you
again, I actually found this one quite funny! Anyway go back to the other room
and you'll have access to another room.

In this room kill the lizard men, and go through the door at the bottom, in the
next room the gate on the right of the screen is actually slightly opened, go
through it! Go through the top door here and kill the chest monsters, then
collect a key.

Go back a little ways and up the stairs, put the crate on the statues head and
make your way round to the door. Push the button in the next room then fall
down, go through the door and there'll be a wooden platform which will give you
access to the sword of ice, equip it.

The great thing about this sword is that it can be used from distance when the
bar is filled. Go back to the green bubble room and use the key in the locked
door, go through. Carry on to another follow the statue room, the first room
will contain the shell armour, it is the best thing you have so far so equip it.

In the second room don't do anything just come back and access the third room.
The plan here is to walk the worms into a hole each and you jump in the fourth,
this will make a chest appear with a lifestock in it. It may not always work but
keep trying it eventually will.

Go back to the second room which we ignored earlier. Use the box to gain access
to the stairs, Keep on the edge of the spikes until you reach a button, press it
then go through the nearest door.

Here you have to jump across marble slabs. On the third one try and drop down.
You see the golden statue the trick is to try and land on that and then onto the
yellow block to gain access to the chest with a lifestock in it.

Go back to the marble slabs and cross the room, switch the switch and another
switch will appear in an isolated slab in the middle of the marble slabs, press
it. Now go through the newly opened door. Kill the ninja like creatures here and
go through the top door, and then the top left door. Kill the lizard men, drop
down the hole and get the life stock.

Kill the statue here and go through the door in the bottom right, get the key
and come back this time go through the door at the bottom.

Go back to the room with spikes everywhere and use the key on the locked door
here, ignore the gold statues and go through the door to the bottom right! Use
your special ice sword attack to kill the statue; it may take a bit of time to
get the angle right. This is the statue behind the a boulder by the way.

This'll make a switch appear, hit it. Jump down the hole on the left side so you
fall on a marble slab then quickly jump to the northern most platforms and
through the door. Run around this room avoiding the ghosts until a switch
appears at the bottom of the stairs!
Hit it and go through the door that opens (North the one we just came through.)
Press the button in here and go back to the room with the ghosts, wait for the
switch to appear, use it and go back out of this room. Jump on the marble slab
again and go through the other door, kill the red ninja things.

Go through the northern most doors and put the crate by the statue and use them
both to get up the stairs! Put a boulder on each of the statues heads to open
the door. In here you'll find two chests.

Return to the ninja room, kill them again and go through the other door. Pass
this room and use the statue of the goddess to heal yourself, then go back one
room and open the door using a key. It is the door with two golden statues by

In the next room open the chest to get a dahl. In the next room you'll fight the
unicorns. Now these guys are so easy! What was all the fuss about! In the next
room you fight the duke, who is also quite easy.

The Duke happens to be quite a poor fighter, he is basically a swordsman
(Oh my god you wouldn't have thought so looking at the way he carries his
sword!) Just look at him he looks like a joke. I mean I could almost play
through the whole of Landstalker just to see that jerk looking like an idiot! I
mean he looks so stupid it's more depressing than sad! When you defeat him he
surrenders and lets you take the treasure but when you try to open a chest, Zak
jumps you.

Dam the Duke has all the gems; however you are teleported back to Mir who gives
you a new item/ spell called axe magic. This is a passive item. This means it
grants you ability without equipping it or using it. You can cut down the weird
coloured tree's we keep seeing.

B. Stuff to do (Optional)

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

3 lifestocks, casino ticket, several eke-eke and a pair of fire boots

Types of monsters in this area:

Outside of Mir's tower there are two sets of weird tree's find and cut them both
to get a dahl and a life stock! I would return to the area where you fought the
duke as you can go and open the other three chests to get two eke-eke and a life

Also return to Mercator as people now say different things and Arthur in the
castle will give you a casino ticket! You can now gain entrance to the area in
the well!

Now go and get some more equipment, head all the way back to Massan and cut the
tree's there to gain access to another cave.

In the first room fall down the hole, move off that spot fast before a boulder
hits you. Climb the ladders until you reach the top, press the button, go down
the stairs and down the hole, switch the switch, and climb the ladders.

Go down the stairs until you reach the pit, jump backwards down it and try to go
forward and you'll land on a new platform, climb the stairs and push the button
then drop down the hole. Hit the button down there and climb up again. Fall down
again and hit the button at the edge of the pathway. Now go into the cave and
kill the enemies here.

Follow the path until you reach a chest with a lifestock in it and the fire
boots. You can now leave!

At this point I have 72 hit points, make sure yours is similar.

-----6.10: Mountain Area-----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

4 lifestocks, gola eye, moon ring, a dahl and loads of eke-eke

Types of monsters in this area:

Go back to Mercator and then go through the fountain as if you were going to
Green Maze however when you reach the sign post destroy the tree's and head
towards the mountain area

Continue until you reach an area with lizard men here. Kill them. To get through
this area go through a narrow path to the left. When in the tunnel look around
and you can open a chest with a life stock in it.

After you collect it go through the path in the north, keep going until you
reach a special tree. You'll find a dahl in a chest on this screen. Go through
the path on your left in the next screen. Look around for another life stock
here. Follow the path until you reach a broken bridge, make your way across this
until Dex comes down and confront you.

Your about to fight, but Friday intervenes claiming it is an unfair fight and
Zak agrees he then flies off and says he'll wait for you to the North. Carry on
across the screen and make your way down the hill, don't miss the two chests.

Come out of this screen and you'll find yourself in a screen with a goddess
statue and a cave, go in the cave and find the hidden passage on your left and
you'll find the moon stone. You can see it if you walk north but won't be able
to get it that way.

Return to the bridge and cross it, then take the north path this time, you'll
find Zak here. This is quite an easy fight just walk away from Zak and he'll
miss you, and then hit him.

Eventually he'll give in and give you the gola eye! You can use it on the
goddess to continue in the game but you still have other things to do. Go to the
bridge again and jump off to a platform off of the right side of the bridge at
the other end of the bridge.

Open the two chests and into the cave, go on through the cave opening chests and
killing monsters until you reach an area with lizard men and mushrooms. Look for
a secret passage to the south to open a chest with a lifestock in it. That's 77
hit points now.

Use the Gola eye on the goddess and you'll have access to a teleporter, use it
and you'll be where you were at the start of the game! That journey for

This time you'll have to fight your way through the area. When you get to the
room where the boulder knocked you continue to the end and you can now access
the chest with a lifestock in it.

Continue until you reach a room with the Duke, watch what the little clip and
follow the Duke into a new town, Kazalt!

A. Kazalt

Items found: No items here!

Types of monsters in this area:

Talk around to learn some important facts. You'll also have unlimited lifestocks
available at the shop for 1200 golds! When done make your way to King Nole's

-----6.11: King Nole's Palace -----

Items found: This will include all items found but not bought in the area or
gained from killing monsters

4 lifestocks, Sword of Gaia, Gola horn, Gola fang, Hyper Armour, iron boots,
snow boots, 3 keys, loads of eke-eke, garlic, Venus ring, a few dahl, Gola nail
and a lantern

Types of monsters in this area:

In the first room just kill all the bubbles and press the switch and go in the
door to the south. Kill all the enemies and go through the room, in this room go
through the door across the spikes.

When you enter the next room a spiked ball falls on you, try to avoid being hit
by it. Open the chest and go through the room. Kill all the enemies here and use
your special ice attack to kill the statue. Then go downstairs.

Go through a door on the bottom right. Although you can't see you should still
manage to do it. In this room push the button and carry the crate down. Use the
two crates to jump into the cave, make your way round. Climb the ladder and
avoid the spikes to reach the next room.

Kill the mummies first and then jump across the ledges on top. It's quite
straight forward.  Eventually you'll find a chest with an eke-eke in it and soon
after a skeleton, kill it, climb down and open the chest to get a lantern!

In the next room you'll need the lantern.... mmmmmm handy! Anyway press the
button and quickly jump across the platforms before they disappear and open the
chest to get a key.

Backtrack to the room with spikes everywhere. Unlock the door to the south. Go
down the stairs and then search for two chests, one with a life stock and one
with an eke-eke. Go back upstairs and go through the door! You'll need to use
the lantern to see here. Kill the baddies.

Go down the stairs and collect the crate in the bottom right hand corner.
Throw it on the switch. Jump onto the moving platform and go through the door on
your far right. Kill the lizard man and then throw the jar onto the switch; it
may take a while to do it without smashing it.

Follow the path and drop down the pit. You can then pick up the iron boots! Now
head back to the room with spikes and very narrow passages. In one of the
corners you'll find a hidden teleporter, take it and go downstairs.

Put on your iron boots. Get the jar and put it on the spiked ball and jump
across to get a lifestock. Return to the platform room. Go down the bottom door.
Go downstairs Make a stair case out of the switches but make sure the one which
doesn't make a spiked ball appear is the last step. Climb to the top and a chest
will appear with a life stock. That's 82 if you bought one lifestock in Kazalt.

At this point return to the bubble room at the start of the dungeon. I returned
to Kazalt at his point and bought another life stock. Replenished and saved.

This time don't press the switch just take the other door, avoid the boulders
and continue into the next room. Go to the bottom of the room and walk across
the long passage of spikes, I hope you got your iron boots handy! Press the
button on the other side. Go back to the start, across the now lowered grey
block, down the stairs and then up another set of stairs

Press the button and go back and head through the door near the lowered grey
block, avoid the teleporter a continue to the next room. Follow the path, and
you'll come outside and open the chest, you'll find a key in there. Also there
are four trees in the centre which you can cut, fall down the hole you have made
and pick up the ultimate sword of Gaia

Make your way back to the platform room and go to the bottom door. Eventually
you'll find a locked door. Open it.  Follow the path, jump over the two spiked
balls. Jump over the ledge and walk through the door. Kill all the bubbles in
this room, stand by the gate and throw the crate at the switch; get through the
door before the boulder falls.

Find your way to find a lifestock...  84 hit points now. Kill all enemies here.
And then find the statue with a boulder near it and used your sword of Gaia
power attack to kill it. This will let a switch appear. Somewhere! Find it and
press it.

Now go through the door way near the entrance to this area. Kill the baddies and
go downstairs the aim here is to get a baddie to jump on the switch while you
run through the gates.
This area I found difficult but it's really quite easy. Just get a crate and put
it by the ledge with a crate, leave it there. Go get the switch and put it by
the tall platform.

Go and jump on the crate on the ledge and jump up and pick up the crate on the
higher ledge. Build a stairway with two crates and a switch. Make sure the
switch has a crate on it. A chest will then appear on the tall platform. Get it
to get a key.

Go back to the massive area and go through the door in the bottom right hand
corner. When you get to a locked door unlock it and go through. Go down the
stairs here, the ones to the bottom left.

Avoid the blue squares in this room and go up the stairs. Kill all the lizard
men here. If you put the crate on the middle button then go down the stairs it
opens you can find a priest.

Now put the crate on the right switch. Go down the stairs this opens. Fall down
the holes and open the chests as you go, When there's a turn off go into it and
climb up until you find the Venus ring. Go back down and continue along the path
and you'll fight a lava guardian, defeat him and you'll get Gola's Nail.

Your now 90% through the game! Now head back to the area where there are two
sets if staircases. Go down the one in the bottom right. Carry on down the path
until you are standing on an edge.

Fall down and make your way to certain hands until you have found the ice boots
and a life stock! When you've got those two treasures make your way to the top
left ledge and go through the door there.

In this room you have to make the spike balls fall together so all the buttons
are pressed at the same time. In the next room you have to kill some knights, go
through the door at the bottom here.

Go through the door past the iron balls. Equip the snow boots and walk across
the ice to a pit fall down it and talk to the guy there. He says you need some
wood to make a raft and you should go and find his son.

Go back to the room which had the locked door on the way to the fire monster.
But this time go straight ahead and you can talk to the son.
Follow the path and cut down the trees. Pick up the logs and head back to where
the first man was. Make a raft and you'll find some chests. Make another raft
here and you'll fight a boss named spinner who is very difficult.

When you win get the fang of Gola and exit the room, go behind the waterfall and
collect the hyper armour the best in the game. You'll also find a chest. Anyone
replenish yourself and go back to town if you need it.

Go back to the massive room with skeletons. Go through the door in the bottom
right, kill all the lizard men, go across the ice and through the door.
Make your way to the top of the structure and take the platform to the other
side, kill the skeletons, follow the path until you find a chest full of garlic.

You'll fight micro again and then you'll get Gola's horn. Go back to town and
rest. Go back to this room and go up the stairs!  In this room avoid the red
balls and find your way to the door, go through!

On this screen make your way around the edge of the room avoiding the spikes
until you reach the teleporter, use it.  In the next room kill the lizard men
and go into the room open to you, find the dahl in here and come out. Kill the
lizard men again and pick up a jar.

With the jar still in your hands, make your way across the platforms and on the
other side put the jar on the switch. Go through the door.

In this room climb up the ladder and obviously try and avoid the spiked balls!
Use the teleporter.

In this room, avoid the enemies and don't touch anything, just run through the
door already opened. In this room kill the enemies, go into the next room. Here
jump across to the other platform using the floating block, here press the
button and QUICKLY run across the path avoiding the boulders and get past the
two blocks before they rise again.
Go past the next room avoiding the boulders. Now I hate this room but I have
learnt a trick! Now the aim in this room is to hit the switch and go into the
slots in the wall to provide a platform for the green statue to walk across and
then the same for the grey statue, I managed this after around 40 minutes!!!
However I found out accidentally, that if you jump just before the statue walks
over you it will start to jump. It will automatically do this all the way to the
other side! Great however it is hard to do but not as hard as the other way.
You'll need to do the same with the grey statue as well!

When you do this the skeleton in front of the ladder disappears and you can
climb it, do so! Avoid the red balls up here and run to a button, press it and
read the signs if you want...

Once the button is pressed go and fall down the hole. Go through the door here
and push all the buttons to open another door, go through. Go up the stairs,
read the sign and fall down the hole and kill the lizard men then press the

Fall down the hole and you should land on a platform in a room with skeletons,
if there is no platform do this section again. The platform will take you to a
picture which will open up.

In this room you'll fight a giant boos, once killed you'll go through another
secret door, here you'll have to fight another spinner. It is easier than the
last one as you are on an edge.

This has one more option to go back to Mercator and stock up... You should take

Carry on along the passage and these special items you have collected will glow
and grant you access to King Nole's treasure. However King Nole awakes and wants
to kill you...naturally!

King Nole is easy if you have the sword of Gaia and a few golden statues. When
King Nole is dead, the Duke appears and offers you 20 golds...ehhh NO!!!! A
dragon will come and kill him for you... Great....Now the dragon wants to kill
you too!

Bah this fights a little harder, you have to attack only when the dragon lowers
his head, he also inflicts a lot of damage and one of his attacks stuns Nigel!
When you kill him the treasures are lost! But that doesn't get Nigel down. Watch
this ending and then feel good about yourself... Then feel sad that the game has
ended and then start thinking about the plot unfolding.

Don't hesitate to contact me with anything about this game.

              ********   7: Equipment guide   ********

  This section is here to inform you about all the items you can equip during
the game. This has several uses. Maybe you just want to know all the equipment
you can find so you know what you're missing or what your looking for. Maybe you
want the location of this equipment.
  Or maybe you're not sure what something exactly does! This is often the case
with the rings. However with the weapons and armour it is very straight forward
what is the better equipment. The equipment becomes available in the order of
their power.
  For instance you'll find the Shell armour after the chrome armour. This means
the shell armour is better. Also note on the equipment screen the better armour
and swords are further to the right of the screen.

Anyway hopes this helps!

---Swords: ---

Broadsword: You already own this weapon. It has no special powers but is all you
will require to destroy all enemies you will meet in the opening stretch of the

Magic Sword: This is a better sword than the broadsword which really goes
without saying. It adds fire damage when fully charged. You'll get this from a
retired soldier on a side road between Gumi and Mercator.

Thunder Sword: As the name suggests this sword adds lightning damage when fully
charged. It is a reward for rescuing the people of Verla, it is in the well.

Sword of Ice: Yes you've guessed it; it provides extra ice damage when fully
charged. It has a long distant special attack. It will be in the Lake Shrine!

Gaia Sword: The best sword in the game! When fully charged and it is used it
will create an earthquake hitting all enemies on the screen. Due to its power
you won't find this until right near the end of the game in King Nole's palace.

---Armour: ---

Leather Breast: This is your starting piece of armour. It's not that strong but
it will protect from any serious harm at the start of the game.

Steel Breast: This armour protects you twice as well as the original leather
Unlike most other equitable items in this game you actually have to purchase
rather than find this item. It costs 480 golds in a shop in

Chrome Breast: This item is three times as powerful as the leather armour.
It is on a platform in some lava in the Verla Mines.

Shell Breast: This item is twice as powerful as the steel breast. You'll find
this in a room in the Lake Shrine

Hyper Breast: This is the best piece of armour in the game and is a whole five
times as powerful as the leather armour. Unfortunately because of this you won't
find this until the end of the game. It is found behind a waterfall after you
beat the boss named spinner

---Boots: ---

Leather Boots: You already start the games with these! Unfortunately they don't
actually do anything. But don't worry you'll soon find some useful boots to

Healing Boots: Every step you take slightly heals Nigel while these are being

I find these boots very useful throughout the entire game and only change them
in odd situations. It will be available after you beat the giant boss in the
Verla mines.

Fire-Proof: Allows you to walk on fire without taking damage (Bet you didn't see
that one coming :p) You'll find it in the secret cave in Massan.

Iron Boots: Not quite as obvious as the fire proof boots but it does have a use,
it allows you to walk on spikes without taking damage. You'll find it in King
Nole's Palace.

Snow Spikes: Allows you to walk on ice. That's all. Near in mind you have to do
this to complete the game. You'll find this in King Nole's Palace on one of the
giant hands

---Rings: ---

Saturn Stone: Very useful item. It doubles the rate at which Nigel's swords
This means you can release more powerful attacks more often. It is only useful
if you have one of the special swords though and you'll have one if you've
followed my guide. You'll get this if you complete the optional witch's quest.

Mars Stone: Increases Nigel's resistance to poison. This may sound a poor
ability but in some situations this could be a life saver.

Moon Stone: Increases resistance to mind altering spells. The ring is useful in
places. You'll find it just before you fight Zak in the mountain area.

Venus Stone: Triples the rate at which Nigel's sword recharges. Personally it is
my preferred ring. It really helps in combat. You'll find in the lava chamber of
King Nole's Palace.

                  ********   8: Ordinary item guide ********

Eke-eke - Restores half your hearts. Friday will use it on you if you die and
have some left. It usually cost around 15-20 golds.
But it is often found free in chests. You can get it for bargain 11 golds in the
Mercator port at a certain point in the game. Enemies often drop this in place
of gold.

Dahl - A lot rarer than eke-eke. It restores all your hearts. You will not
automatically use it if you die. It costs around 300 golds and can sometimes be

Detox Grass - Costs around 20 golds, it is hardly ever found in chests. It cures

Mind Repair - Cancels any mind problems you have, it costs 80 golds and is not
often found. However some enemies carry this.

AntiParalyze - Costs 100 golds but is sometimes useful. This cures all

Restoration - Sometimes dropped by enemies and sometimes in chests. Very useful
item as it cures paralysis and poison. It is quite expensive at 200 golds

Statue of Gaia - Often found in chests and can be bought for around 200 golds.
It causes an earthquake which harms all enemies on the screen. It is the same as
the special attack caused by the sword of Gaia...See another similarity?

Golden Statue - It is often found in chests and can be bought for around
200 golds, it keeps your sword fully charged for a limited time...very useful.

Key - Always found in chests. They are used to open locked doors. They can't be
bought, they can't be found on enemies!

                  ********   9: Key item guide ********

Idol Stone: Find in the house of the major of Gumi. Use to open the entrance to
the swamp shrine!

Red Jewel: You get from the major of Massan for saving Fara! It is one of the
jewels you need to access King Nole's treasure

Lifestock: Increases your maximum health by one hit point. These are often found
in chests in tough places. You can also buy these at high prices throughout the
game. However you can only buy one lifestock per town except in Kazalt!

Lithograph: Tells you of the location of the jewels...however you don't own this
item for long and so it doesn't really do anything... It does continue the story
though and tells you how to find King Nole's treasure.
You'll find this in Thieves Island.

Safety Pass: This allows you to enter Mercator... You'll get it from rescuing
the major of Ryuma from the thieves' caves.

Bell: This makes a noise when life stock is close, it can be bought for
750 golds in a shop in Mercator!

Pawn Ticket: You get this by beating Fahl over five rounds; it takes away all
but one heart.
(Just your current hearts not maximum hearts) For each heart you'll get 10 golds

Blue Ribbon: The princess will drop this when you go on the platform in the
castle court yard in Mercator. It tells you that you've one second place in a
beauty contest... You later learn this was thrown out of the tower by the
Is there more to this item? Tell me if there is!

Armlet: Find this by beating the crypt in a basement in Mercator. It'll unblock
the magic barrier outside Mir's tower.

Buyer Card: Allow you to get items for a shop in Mercator from the port of

Oracle Stone; A lovely item! It tells you how much of the game you have beaten!

Short Cake: It'll either make Friday happy or sad. Happy you'll get 9 eke-eke
and full health however if sad you'll lose most your life and all eke-eke.

Spell Book: Cast a magic spell! No idea what this does!

Death Statue: Cause a random affect on Nigel.

Garlic: Use it to get past Micro in Mir's tower. You'll find it in a chest just
before Micro.

Purple Jewel: Mir will let you have it once his explained your, his and the
Dukes position. It is one of the jewels needed to get King Nole's treasure.

Axe Magic: Mir will give you this after the fight with the Duke it will give you
access to the special areas in this game. You can now cut down the odd coloured

Casino Ticket: Gives you access to the gambling den in the well in
Mercator. Some fun games here. Arthur will give you this.

Gola's Eye: You'll get this after beating Zak. One of the items needed to get
King Nole's treasure.

Lantern: Found in king Nole's palace, it lights up dark rooms.

Gola's Nail: Allows you to get access to King Nole's treasure you'll get this by
defeating a guardian.

Gola's Fang: Allows you to get access to King Nole's treasure you'll get this by
defeating a guardian.

Gola's Horn: Allows you to get access to King Nole's treasure you'll get this by
defeating a guardian.

                  ********   10: Monster List ********

There are only a few enemies in Landstalker however there are several variations
of each monster. This can be distinguished by their colour usually. The aim of
this section is to inform you of the creatures you face in this game and a
little about them.

Although in the game the names of the monsters are not mentioned (Except the orc
kings when you save Gumi) most of the names are just common sense and it should
be easy to know what monster I am talking about.

Bubbles: The first enemies you?ll meet in the game are clear bubbles they don?t
move about much and are therefore pretty much sitting ducks. They are easy
enough to kill.

 However you?ll soon meet blue, orange, yellow and green bubbles. Each one is
stronger than the last. You?ll also notice that they move and jump around a lot
more than the lesser versions. Bubbles in my opinion are easy throughout the
whole game as they do not have any sort of range on their attack.

 Mushrooms: Very annoying creatures. They are usually found in their
invulnerable form as a small mushroom rooted to the spot. The problem is not all
these small enemies are baddies.

When it is a baddie they can take you by surprise. I hate these guys, not only
because of this but the fact that they can poison and confuse you. You?ll find
yellow, red and black versions of these.

Orcs: These are humanoid creatures who like to destroy humans. They have decent
strength and are capable of jumping. You?ll find three forms of these creatures.
Proof of these guys bad intentions are available when you look at what the orc
kings did to the people of Gumi!

Skeletons: These guys are strong and are able to hit you from quite a distance
with a long sword thrust. You?ll find a couple of forms of these throughout the

Spectres: Probably the worst type of non boss enemy in the game! They can shoot
fire balls at you and can disappear and reappear at will! They are very
difficult to deal with.

Unicorns: These are quite strong creatures which are similar to skeletons.

Cyclopes: Big and ugly is the best way to describe these beasts. They are very
strong and will try to crush you under the weight of their clubs. You?ll see
brown, purple and multi coloured versions of these.

Mummies: Un-dead creatures which have the ability to become invulnerable by sort
of unravelling themselves into a pile of bandages. Very strong but they are
quite slow.

Knights: These are very strong monsters wielding swords and heavy plate armour.
They appear to have a great defence and are usually difficult to beat.

Lizard men: These are strong monsters, who wield swords and shields. They are
easy enough to beat but the purple versions can be difficult.

Ninjas: As you would expect these are quite skilled enemies, they can jump and
hit you quite hard.

Statues: Usually these are just stationary or move just to solve puzzles but in
rare cases these will need to be killed or avoided?

Ghost Generators: These don?t directly attack you but they usually create
spectres. Therefore these should be killed post haste when you find them.

                  ********   11: FAQ!  ********

This section is based on certain areas I have got stuck in and where I
feel people might want answers so here we go. Beware spoilers ahead!

Area: Massan, Gumi, water shrine and Swamp Shrine!

Question 1: There's a cave in Massan with some odd tree's in front of it!
There's obviously something secret here...What is it and how do I get

Answer 1: In here there is a optional dungeon with some fire boots here.
To get past you need axe magic. You can't get this until later so don't
worry about this for now.

Question 2: On my way to the water shrine I see an odd looking tree. I can
go in there but there's nothing I can do here! What is the purpose of this

Answer 2: These type of tree's act as teleporters but not until you help
the master tree, Tiber. Check my walkthrough for more details.

Question 3: On my way to the Water shrine I have found a secret passage!
It leads to a dead end. However there is a vine on top of the ledge.
What's the secret here?

Answer 3: It isn't really a secret but you can't do anything here at the
moment anyway! It is just a short cut from Massan to Green Maze. It is
only usable when you go to the vine from green maze.

Question 4: I have been to Gumi and I have followed Pockets but it leads
to a land slide!
When I go to the Swamp Shrine it is also a dead end! What do I do?

Answer 4: Ignore the landslide for now. Go to the majors house in Gumi and
get a stone idol off of the shelve use it on the dead end in the swamp

Area: Ryuma and the Thieves Cave!

Question 5: I need a stronger weapon! I heard something about a magic fire
sword near here is it true?

Answer 5: Yes! It is! There's an old retired soldier called Kato who just
happens to want to give you the sword! (Handy ehhhhh!) Now on the path
between Gumi and
Ryuma just past the landslide but before the cross roads there's a turning
to the right. Go down it and follow the path to a house. Talk to the guy
here and gain the sword and feel happy!

Area: Mercator

Question 6: I want to get in Mercator but I need some sort of pass! How do
I get it?

Answer 6: Go to Ryuma and solve there problem with thieves and save the
major and he'll give you 100 golds and.... The safety pass!

Question 7: In Mercator there is a guy named Fahl. You can fight him for
20 golds.
I have beaten him and he offered me 50 golds. Should I take it or fight
Do you get something special from beating him more?

Answer 7: If you can beat him over five rounds (Each round ends when he
talks to you) he gives up and gives you a pawn ticket (Check item guide)

Question 8: How do I get past the guy in the well

Answer 8: Very late in the game Arthur will give you a casino ticket.
It'll give you access to several fun games!

Question 9: There's a piece of armour for sale in a shop in Mercator. It
costs 480 golds! Is it a rip off or should I buy it?

Answer 9: When you first enter Mercator it is a good piece of armour and
well worth saving up for!

Miscellaneous Questions

Question 10: What do the statues of the goddess do?

Answer 10: Nothing special they just fully heal you!

Question 11: How high can you get Nigel's hit points?

Answer 11: MMMMMMMM I got to 89 but I bought several lifestocks in Kazalt.
Looking at the heart layout it looks like it'll cap at 99 or 100 hearts!
Quite a difference from the 4 hearts we start the game with!

Question 12: My friend tells me that there's a secret lifestock in Massan
and to get it you need to get close to the animals! What the heck is he
talking about?

Answer 12: That's a very poor joke, to get the life stock just use the
chicken or the dog to jump on the guard near the statue, then from the
guard jump on to the statue and a chest will appear, there's your life

                  ********   12: Acknowledgements ********

Sega for making such a great game, seriously it was a breathe of fresh air at
the time to get an action / RPG. Most RPG's were in the style of
Phantasy Star or Shining force but this was different; it had only one playable
character and therefore had a much more action and ad adventure feel to it.

Me! For wasting such a lot of time writing and playing this great game!

Gamefaqs - For giving me the idea to write an faq! Also for the opportunity to
host my guides in a popular place. Now my faq has actually posted on the site I
must heap more praise on this site!

My friends - Thanks must go to them for giving me the location of many a
lifestock. They also were able to tell me an odd secret or two.

Dave Patterson - For helping me get past one or two of the speed puzzles!

Steven McKenzie - I reluctantly give thanks to this guy for claiming I couldn?t
write this guide which encouraged me to prove him wrong!

Josh Nickels - For giving me this game which I have enjoyed so much it?s a shame
he couldn?t get into it as much as I did!


         ********   13: E-mail Policy ********

Note that at this moment of time my e-mail will be unavailable due to a computer
problem so I have to do this through school. Sorry, my new computer will be up
in a few months and you?ll be informed of this when it happens.

If you have a question check the Frequently Asked Questions section first
because your question has probably been answered. If it hasn't answered your
question then try and find your answer in the walk through. This can be hard so
if you don't understand something feel free to e-mail me.

If an e-mail is needed please put in an obvious subject with the guide version
examples of this are 'Landstalker v 1.5' or 'Landstalker treasures of King Nole
version 1.5'

You may also e-mail me if you find a mistake or have something to add! I will be
grateful for this and give you full credit.

Also please note that I am not hiding any secrets or information about this
I have put everything I could on this guide. Hate-mail is not wanted although
constructive criticism is allowed... There is a fine line don't cross it. All
fan mail is welcomed and I will try to respond to all mail I receive but
understand it can be hard I have a busy life!

Also common sense stuff will apply. These include no swearing, not all in caps

         ********   14: Plans for the Future! ********

So...This guide is completed and there isn't really much more to add, however
this guide is far from being the final version. I understand that maybe some of
the walkthrough is not written as clearly as possible and this is a possible
future improvement!

The section on Green Maze could also be done in more detail and I may correct
this in the future. I also plan to add more to the FAQ section which is somewhat

Small changes will continually be added but obviously I can?t be more specific
on these points!

Will try and check through item lists in each sections

         ********   15: Outro - Unfinished Business ********

So we have finished a great game... What next? Well I always thought there would
be a sequel. I mean Landstalker - Treasure of King Nole leaves it open for a
sequel, unfortunately there never was...

However apparently this is part of the shining force series. I would suggest you
all try some of the other shining force games they are all great!

So what happened to Nigel and Friday? Do the people of Kazalt now die?
After all they were only kept alive by King Nole and now his properly dead!
We haven't seen Wally, Ink and Kayla in a while... Where are they?

What about Arthur, did he marry Julie and was he really put in place to rule
Mercator? Can Mercator run without an army? I think that the developers rushed
the end of this game...

Anyway I enjoyed this great game and I hope you did to. I found it difficult in
places and I hope this guide made it easier for you. I hope this guide will
inspire me to many more guides... hopefully for some more modern games.

I will place this guide on my website and attempt to put it on game Faqs.
Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.

                  ********   16: Legal Stuff   ********

  Landstalker and all characters in the game are trademarked and copyrighted by
Sega and Climax Entertainment.

 I am not affiliated with Sega, Climax Entertainment or anyone who had anything
to do with the making of this game.

 This FAQ may be posted on any site so long as NOTHING IS CHANGED and you
EMAIL ME telling me that you are posting it.

 This Faq is allowed for individual use but not for commercial use or
publishing. No part of this FAQs can be re-edited without the writer's
permission. No one may profit out of this in any way!

Thanks from reading - Michael Sheehan 2002/2003

Note: End of Guide!

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