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Award Guide by OldSchoolVidiot

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 04/27/13

  _  ___             _        ___                  _     ___ ___ ___ 
 | |/ (_)_ __   __ _( )___   / _ \ _   _  ___  ___| |_  |_ _|_ _|_ _|
 | ' /| | '_ \ / _` |// __| | | | | | | |/ _ \/ __| __|  | | | | | | 
 | . \| | | | | (_| | \__ \ | |_| | |_| |  __/\__ \ |_   | | | | | | 
 |_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, | |___/  \__\_\\__,_|\___||___/\__| |___|___|___|

                    ____  _____ ____  _   ___  __
                   |  _ \| ____|  _ \| | | \ \/ /
                   | |_) |  _| | | | | | | |\  / 
                   |  _ <| |___| |_| | |_| |/  \ 
                   |_| \_\_____|____/ \___//_/\_\

       _                        _        ____       _     _      
      / \__      ____ _ _ __ __| |___   / ___|_   _(_) __| | ___ 
     / _ \ \ /\ / / _` | '__/ _` / __| | |  _| | | | |/ _` |/ _ \
    / ___ \ V  V / (_| | | | (_| \__ \ | |_| | |_| | | (_| |  __/
   /_/   \_\_/\_/ \__,_|_|  \__,_|___/  \____|\__,_|_|\__,_|\___|


I.    Version Info
II.   Introduction
III.  Subtle Hints
IV.   Succinct List
V.    Complete Guide
VI.   List of Conversations
VII.  Debug Mode Commands
VIII. Credits
IX.   Contact Info
X.    Legal Stuff


-Version 1.00
First complete version (April 2013)

-Version 1.01
Fixed a couple typos


There are 28 secret awards you can earn in KQIII Redux. When you have
earned them all, you can access Debug Mode, which allows you to cheat
in various ways. These commands are listed in the Debug Mode section.

Unfortunately, there is no indication when you have completed the
requirements of an award. You won't know if you obtained an award
until you see the awards list at the end of the game.

Some of the awards were relatively easy to figure out. Some of them
required knowledge of other Sierra adventure games. Some of them were
very obscure and took quite a while to figure out. I completed the
game more than 30 times before I finally got the last award. (12 of
those runs were just to figure out that dang 'Enry the 'Ermit award!)

This guide will list all of the awards. It will give subtle hints
about them in case you prefer to figure them out for yourself and
just need a little help. Finally, it will explain each of them in
detail and walk you through obtaining them.

This guide contains plenty of spoilers, so you should complete the
game at least once before you use this guide.


1) Consolation Award       - If at first you don't succeed, you'll
                             probably get this award.

2) Perfectionist Award     - Points matter.

3) Dag-nab-it Award        - There's more than one way to break a web.

4) Blue Hedgehog Award     - Sonic got this award without even trying.

5) 'Enry the 'Ermit Award  - Hermits are generally lonely and looking
                             for conversation.

6) Underachiever Award     - Sometimes less is more.

7) Sloth Award             - Laziness is its own reward.

8) Lightweight Award       - Do you really need all that stuff?

9) Problem Child Award     - Just how much can you get away with?

10) Rise and Shine Award   - Cock-a-doodle-doo!

11) Molasses Award         - Slow and steady wins this race.

12) Scatterbrain Award     - Were you born in a barn?

13) Grudge Award           - Revenge is a dish best served hot.

14) Gluttony Award         - Are you going to eat that?

15) Insomniac Award        - No rest for the weary.

16) Wallflower Award       - Better seen than heard.

17) Pacifist Award         - We don't need no stinking weapons.

18) Neat Freak Award       - Well aren't you a good little slave.
19) Shortcut Award         - Why walk when you can fly?

20) Marathon Award         - You're no cartographer.

21) Stockholm Award        - Parting is such sweet sorrow.

22) Klutz Award            - Watch where you're going!

23) Roger Wilco Award      - Two things Roger can't get rid of.

24) Infamous Award         - Bottoms up!

25) Mr. Bigglesworth Award - Though thy cat be shorn and shaven...

26) Legenimor Award        - A secret correspondence, a long lost
                             artifact, a chat with a seer, a chat
                             with a ghost, a chat with a creepy
                             old man.

27) Dolittle Award         - Animal verbosity.

28) Goldilocks Award       - What would Goldilocks do?


1) Consolation Award       - Obtain no other awards.

2) Perfectionist Award     - Score the maximum: 210 points.

3) Dag-nab-it Award        - Throw the knife at the web.

4) Blue Hedgehog Award     - Beat the game in under 39 minutes.

5) 'Enry the 'Ermit Award  - Complete conversations with all people
                             and animals.

6) Underachiever Award     - Score the minimum: 171 points.

7) Sloth Award             - Don't do any chores in Manannan's house.

8) Lightweight Award       - Board the boat with only 5 items. Don't
                             get the statuette from Seran's chest.

9) Problem Child Award     - Irritate Manannan three times.

10) Rise and Shine Award   - Wake Manannan.

11) Molasses Award         - Take longer than 2:02:00 to beat the 

12) Scatterbrain Award     - Leave everything open: both drawers and
                             the cabinet in Manannan's bedroom, the
                             wand cabinet, the trapdoor, the drawer
                             in the Behr's house, and break Baby
                             Behr's chair.

13) Grudge Award           - Feed Manannan the Tainted Porridge the
                             first time he requests food.

14) Gluttony Award         - Eat the Fruit, Bread, Mutton and

15) Insomniac Award        - Don't sleep.

16) Wallflower Award       - Only complete the necessary

17) Pacifist Award         - Leave the knife on the cave floor.

18) Neat Freak Award       - Do all chores and don't break Baby
                             Behr's chair.
19) Shortcut Award         - Outside Manannan's house turn into an
                             Eagle and exit the screen to the east,
                             west or south.

20) Marathon Award         - Never use the Magic Map or teleport with
                             the Magic Stone.

21) Stockholm Award        - Feed Manannan at least five times before
                             feeding him the Tainted Porridge.

22) Klutz Award            - Fall down the stairs in the laboratory,
                             run into the anchor by the store.

23) Roger Wilco Award      - End the game with the Broom and the Fish.

24) Infamous Award         - Buy two drinks at the tavern.

25) Mr. Bigglesworth Award - Get Hair from the Cat twice.

26) Legenimor Award        - Get the letter from Manannan's desk, get
                             the statuette from Seran's chest, complete
                             conversations with the Oracle and Seran,
                             talk to the Man in Black.

27) Dolittle Award         - Complete conversations with all animals.

28) Goldilocks Award       - Try to take each of the porridges, sit in
                             each chair, lie on each bed.


Consolation Award
Don't get any other awards. Make sure you don't get max points, do at
least one chore, have at least one unnecessary conversation, take
extra items onto the boat, and sleep at least once. The hardest award
to avoid is Klutz. Don't fall down the stairs in the lab or run into
the anchor by the store.

Perfectionist Award
Get all 210 points. Points that can be missed have asterisks beside
them. All others are required to beat the game.

1  - Get the Tin Cup
1  - Get the Fruit ***
1  - Get the Bread ***
1  - Get the Mutton *** (must get Fish if you skip Mutton)
1  - Get the Spoon
1  - Get the Knife
1  - Get the Clay Bowl
1  - Get the Fly
1  - Get the Mirror ***
3  - Get the Key
3  - Get the Magic Map ***
1  - Get the Rose Essence
1  - Get the Cat Hair
1  - Get the Chicken Feather ***
4  - Hide forbidden items under your bed
1  - Get the Sand
1  - Get the Snake Skin ***
1  - Get the Cactus
2  - Break Smaude’s curse ***
3  - Give the Mirror to Smaude ***
1  - Get the Amber Stone ***
1  - Get the Porridge
1  - Get the Thimble ***
1  - Fill the Thimble with Dew ***
1  - Get the Soil
1  - Get the Mistletoe ***
1  - Get the Fish *** (must get Mutton if you skip Fish)
1  - Fill the Tin Cup with Ocean Water
1  - Enter the Library
1  - Get the Journal
1  - Read the Journal
1  - Give the Mutton or the Fish to the Eagle
1  - Get the Eagle Feather
1  - Get the letter from Manannan's desk *** (click desk 4 times)
4  - Open the Wand Cabinet
4  - Open the trapdoor to the laboratory
1  - Get the Saffron
1  - Get the Toadstool Powder
1  - Get the Toad Spittle
1  - Get the Flask
1  - Get the Nightshade Juice
1  - Get the Ground Fish Scales ***
7  - Complete “Flying Like an Eagle or Fly” Spell
1  - Fill the Flask with Ocean Water
7  - Complete “Enhancing Musical Talent” Spell
3  - Overhear the bandits in the tavern as a fly ***
1  - Get the Lute
1  - Get the Mud
4  - Kill the Spider
3  - Enter the Oracle's Cave
2  - Get the Mandrake Root
1  - Give the Lute to the Minstrel
1  - Get the Water Pitcher
1  - Get the Missing Spell Page
1  - Get Acorns
3  - Lower the Rope Ladder
2  - Climb the Rope Ladder
4  - Get the Purse
1  - Get Dog Hair *** (or get Cat Hair a second time)
1  - Buy the Salt ***
1  - Buy the Leather Pouch
1  - Buy the Lard
1  - Buy the Fish Oil
7  - Complete “Brewing a Storm” Spell
7  - Complete “Turning Another into a Cat” Spell
10 - Give the Tainted Porridge to Manannan
7  - Complete “Understanding the Language of Creatures” Spell ***
7  - Complete “Teleportation at Random” Spell ***
7  - Complete “Causing a Deep Sleep” Spell
7  - Complete “Becoming Invisible” Spell
3  - Give the Purse to the Captain
2  - Board the Ship
2  - Escape the Cargo Hold
4  - Puzzle 1 - Cross the Bridge
4  - Puzzle 2 - Cross the Swamp
4  - Puzzle 3 - Pass through the Arch
4  - Choose Seran’s items in the correct order
2  - Get the Orb from Seran's Chest
3  - Retrieve your Possessions from the Captain’s Chest
3  - Fly to Daventry
3  - Get Past the Yeti
3  - Outwit the Yeti at the Cave Maze
6  - Kill the Dragon
3  - Untie Rosella
2  - Get past the Fire Walls
2  - Get past the Unstable Ground
3  - Enter the Castle

Dag-nab-it Award
Throw the knife at the web over the cave entrance.

Blue Hedgehog Award
(A reference to Sonic the Hedgehog)
Beat the game in under 39 minutes. For some reason, 11 seconds are
added after you enter the castle, so you must enter the castle by
38:48 to end with a time of 38:59. This is much easier than it
sounds. Once you have qualified for the Grudge Award, you can easily
complete the remainder of the game under 39 minutes. (I usually only
have a few seconds to spare on Grudge but have a few minutes to
spare on Blue Hedgehog.)

'Enry the 'Ermit Award
(A reference to Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero)
Complete all conversations with every person and every animal. See
the Conversations section below for a full list of these
conversations. This is the hardest award to obtain. Miss any one
of the many conversations and you'll be starting from scratch.

Underachiever Award
Get the bare minimum of 171 points. You must skip all of the points
listed below:

1  - Get the Fruit
1  - Get the Bread
1  - Get the Mutton
1  - Get the Mirror
3  - Get the Magic Map
1  - Get the Chicken Feather
1  - Get the Snake Skin
2  - Break Smaude’s curse
3  - Give the Mirror to Smaude
1  - Get the Amber Stone
1  - Get the Thimble
1  - Fill the Thimble with Dew
1  - Get the Mistletoe
1  - Get the letter from Manannan's desk
1  - Get the Ground Fish Scales
3  - Overhear the bandits in the tavern as a fly
1  - Get Dog Hair
1  - Buy the Salt
7  - Complete “Understanding the Language of Creatures” Spell
7  - Complete “Teleportation at Random” Spell

Sloth Award
Don't do any chores for Manannan. You will be punished the first
time he assigns you a chore, but he will never assign you another
chore after that unless you make him mad.

Lightweight Award
When you leave Manannan's house for the last time to head for the
boat, take only the six items required to beat the game: Eagle
Feather, Rose Essence, Purse, Sleeping Powder, Invisibility
Ointment and Storm Brew. When you loot the chest on treaure island,
do not take the statuette.

Problem Child Award
(Reference to the classic John Ritter movies)
Do things that irritate Manannan until he is about to kill you.
These include failing to do chores, failing to feed him, getting
caught in the study or the bedroom, and talking to him in the
tower or blocking the telescope. Irritate him 3 times and then
complete the game for this award. (To make sure you've irritated
him enough, save each time. When he kills you, restore the last

Rise and Shine Award
Wake Manannan up. Just talk to him twice in a row while he's

Molasses Award
Take 2:02:00 or longer to beat the game. Since 11 seconds is added
after you enter the castle, you need to enter the castle with a time
of at least 2:01:49. (You can pass 15 minutes at a time by getting
punished and being hung up in the kitchen. You can quickly add 45
minutes to the game time by doing this.)

Scatterbrain Award
Leave everything open and break Baby Behr's chair. In Manannan's
bedroom, leave both drawers and the cabinet open. In Manannan's
study, leave the wand cabinet and the trapdoor open. In the Behr's
house, leave the drawer open and break Baby Behr's chair.

Grudge Award
Feed Manannan the Tainted Porridge the first time he requests food.
This award is the second hardest award to obtain. (It's much harder
than beating the entire game in 39 minutes.) You have to go to town
twice to loot items, complete three spells, close the trapdoor,
replace the wand, and hide everything under your bed before he
returns from his first journey. I've never completed this with more
than 20 seconds to spare.

Before Manannan leaves for his journey, you should get:

Tin Cup
Clay Bowl
Magic Map
Rose Essence
Cat Hair

Save before you get the forbidden items and stash them under your
bed as quickly as possible when you get them. Once he goes on his

Get your stuff from under your bed.
Run down the mountain.
Go one screen west for the Sand.
Head to the Behr's garden and get Soil.
Head to town and get the Fish.
Fill the Tin Cup with Ocean Water.
Head to the Library and get the Journal.
Read the Journal for the combination to the trapdoor.
Use the map to get back to the top of the mountain.
Give the Fish to the Eagle.
Get the Eagle Feather.
Enter the Study and get the Wand.
Open the Trapdoor.
Get the Saffron and the Flask from the shelf in the lab.
Complete "Flying like an Eagle or Fly"
Complete "Enhancing Muscial Talent"
(Put the Ocean Water from the Tin Cup into the Flask for that
 spell; you don't have to go fill the Flask from the ocean)
Use the map to go back to town and into the Tavern.
Drink the Music potion.
Get the Lute. You can hit Esc to skip the song.
Go three screens north from town to the Oracle's Cave.
Turn into an Eagle and kill the Spider. (Esc skips this scene.)
Go into the Cave and get the Mandrake Root.
Time pauses during the Oracle conversation, so no hurry there.
Go two screens west and one south to get to the Minstrel.
Talk to the Minstrel three times, then give him the Lute.
Get the Water Pitcher.
Look at the Water Pitcher in your inventory.
Go one screen north and look at the hole in the rock.
Use the Water Pitcher on the hole.
Get the Missing Spell Page.
Go two screens south to the treehouse.
Turn into a fly and fly into the hole at the base of the tree.
Click the hand on the hole to lower the ladder.
SAVE here in case the bandit is awake.
Climb the ladder and enter the treehouse.
Get the Purse.
Climb back down the ladder and use the map to get to town.
Enter the store and buy Fish Oil.
Use the map to get back to the top of the mountain.
Go back to the lab.
Place the Missing Spell Page in the Spell Book.
Complete "Turning Another into a Cat"
Put the Cat Cookie in the Porridge.
Close the trapdoor.
Replace the Wand and close the cabinet door.
Hide everything but the Tainted Porridge under the bed.
Feed Manannan the Tainted Porridge.

Gluttony Award
Eat the Fruit, Bread, Mutton and Porridge. (You have to be in the
dining room to eat them.) The Porridge respawns, so you can get it
again to feed Manannan.

Insomniac Award
Go the whole game without sleeping.

Wallflower Award
Only complete these necessary conversations:

Talk to the Barmaid three times AFTER trying to to get the Lute.

Talk to the Minstrel three times to be able to give him the Lute.

Talk to the Captain once to be able to give him the Purse.

Talk to the First Mate to board the ship.

Talk to the First Mate after completing the first and second chores
to get subsequent chores.

These are the only conversations you have to initiate by clicking
on people. Conversations that happen automatically don't affect this
award, including the entire Oracle conversation. Don't do the extra
two lines of the Oracle conversation, though.)

Pacifist Award
Throw the knife at the web over the cave. The knife will end up on
the floor of the cave. When you enter the cave to get the Mandrake
Root, don't pick up the knife.

Neat Freak Award
Do all of the chores: Feed the Chickens, Sweep the Kitchen, Dust the
Study and Empty the Chamberpot. To be safe, do them all at least
twice. Also, don't break Baby Behr's chair.

Shortcut Award
Outside Manannan's House, turn into an Eagle and exit the screen to
the east, west or south.

Marathon Award
Complete the game without using the Magic Map or teleporting with the 
Magic Stone.

Stockholm Award
(Reference to Stockholm Syndrome)
Don't feed Manannan the Tainted Porridge for a long time. I am not
100% sure if this is based on the game time or the number of times
you feed him. I got this award when I fed him FIVE times before I
fed him the Tainted Porridge. (If you don't get the award for feeding
him five times, try feeding him six times)

Klutz Award
Be clumsy. Fall off the stairs every time you enter the laboratory,
run into the anchor every time you go to town. (Fall off the stairs
on the laboratory screen, not the upper stairs.)

Roger Wilco Award
(Reference to the Space Quest series, especially SQ6)
Complete the game with the Broom and the Fish.

You lose the Broom after you do the chores and go to sleep, so you
have to get the Broom again after putting the pirates to sleep. On
the upper deck of the ship, walk past the sleeping pirate on the
north side or you will fall.

You have to feed the Mutton to the Eagle to be able to keep the Fish.

Infamous Award
Buy Ale at the Tavern twice.

Mr. Bigglesworth Award
(Reference to the Austin Powers movies)
Get Cat Hair twice. Use the first Cat Hair to complete
"Understanding the Language of Creatures" to be able to get the Cat
Hair a second time.

Legenimor Award
(Reference to the added subplot in the AGD conversions of KQ)
Get the hidden letter from Manannan's desk by clicking on the desk
four times.

Complete the conversation with the Oracle:

1) Ask about your name.
2) Ask about your origin.
3) Ask about Daventry's plight.
4) Ask about Daventry's King.
5) Ask about your family.
6) Ask about your sister.

-When that conversation is over, quickly talk to her again and-

7) Ask about the Oracle.
8) Ask about Morgeilen.

Complete the conversation with Seran:

-Before you choose the items, talk to him and he'll say-

1) "You must choose"

-Before you loot the chest, keep talking to him until you see all of

2) "Words are seldom wasted on the right questions."
3) "Your life is but a moment; spend it not dwelling on those who
    have passed."
4) "Age begets wisdom but robs us of the wise."
5) "Truth, trust, and mercy in others begins with yourself."
6) "It is belonging, not belongings, that is important."
7) "Be dutiful, faithful, and loyal in life, but do not forsake your

Get the statuette from Seran's Chest.

Talk to the Man in Black (The Father) at the end of the game.

Dolittle Award
(Reference to the Dr. Doolittle book series)
Complete all of the conversations with animals. This is part of the
'Enry the 'Ermit Award so you shouldn't bother doing this one on its
own. See the Conversations section below for a full list of

Goldilocks Award
(Reference to the classic fairy tale)
Try to take all three bowls of porridge. Sit in each of the three
chairs. Lie on each of the three beds. (You must try to take the
bowls of porridge; you do not get credit for using the mouth icon
to "taste" them.)


This section lists every single line of conversation you will need to
see to get the 'Enry the 'Ermit Award and the Dolittle Award. There
are over 200 lines of conversation, making this the most difficult of
the awards to obtain. Not all of these may be required, but after 11
unsuccesful attempts at getting 'Enry the 'Ermit, I went a little

I didn't include all of the thousands of lines of conversation, only
as many lines as are necessary to show which conversation it is. This
is usually only the opening line of the conversation, because that
opening line is unique. Sometimes, though, the first line of a
conversation is used more than once, like when you talk to Manannan
after he eats. Three of those conversations begin with "Ah.. Master?"
so I included the next couple lines as well.

A lot of the people and animals spout lines at random. You may have to
talk to them many times to see every line.

The animals don't always speak when you enter the screen. You may have
to leave and enter the screen many times to overhear these
conversations. (The rats are the worst. I usually have to leave and
enter the screen ~20 times to overhear their 3 conversations.)

When talking to the animals, it may help to turn the speed all the way
down so you can easily tell the two animals apart.

=                                MANANNAN                          =

                             * In the tower *

-Talk to Manannan-

1) "Gwydion, I've many things on my mind. Get to work or I'll find
    you something to do."

-Walk in front of the telescope-

2) "Uh... Master?"
   "Do not disturb me! I require the utmost concentration."

-Overhear these while he is at the telescope-

3) "Those little devils! What are they doing?"
4) "They are going to regret this!"
5) "I can't believe they would do this! They know my rules!"
6) "Well, I can see those wretches need my attention down there!"
7) "Tsk, tsk. What a shame. And they seemed so obedient at first."

                             * In the study *

-Enter the study while he is at the desk-

8) "Boy, you know I don't like you to enter my private study, 
    especially when I'm writing. Leave now, or I'll make you leave!"

                            * In the bedroom *

-Talk to him while he is sleeping-

9) "Hhrrummph!"

                               * Anywhere *

-When he is hungry-

10) "I am hungry. Prepare me a meal at once!"
11) "I am ravenous. Fix me something immediately!"

                          * In the Dining Room *

-Talk to him when he is waiting for food-

12) "Ah... Master?"
    "Don't jabber at me, boy! Bring me my food, NOW!"

-Talk to him after feeding him the first time-

13) "Ah... master?"
    "What is it? Speak quickly, boy!"
    "What are the people of Llewdor like?"

-Talk to him after feeding him the second time-

14) "Ah... master?"
    "What is it? Speak quickly, boy!"
    "If I may know, how long have I been here?"

-Talk to him after feeding him the third time-

15) "I am curious, master."
    "A dangerous mindset, boy."
    "I know. But I was wondering... how powerful are you?"

-Talk to him after feeding him the fourth time-

16) "Ah... Master?"
    "What is it?"
    "Have you any family?"

-Once he's a cat, keep talking to him until you hear all of these-

17) "You won't look so clever once YOU'VE been shrunk down to size."
18) "Just wait, you wretched boy. You'll pay for this."
19) "You'll never be a prince; you've been a pauper too long."
20) "I'll trap you like the rat you are."
21) "Change me back. Immediately!"

=                         PAINTING OF MANANNAN                     =

                          * When he is human *

1) He's probably politer than the real thing.
   "Don't count on it!"

                          * When he is a cat *

2) "Meow!"

=                          MANANNAN'S MIRROR                       =

-Talk to the mirror-

1) "Mirror, mirror, oval vanity,
    Make my master lose his sanity,
    He appears if I am slack,
    Angry, mean, in cloaks of black,
    And orders me to do his bidding.
    I want out..."

=                             THE MINSTREL                         =

-Overhear these four lines-

1) "Days They're all the same..."
2) "Pain Throbs to my chores..."
3) "Home Is there a place..."
4) "Why does the end not come to me? I'll try again."

                  * Before trying to get the pitcher *

-Talk to him three times for these lines-

5) "Greetings. That's an... interesting poem."
6) "Have you always wanted to be a poet?"
7) "Have you finished your composition?"
                   * After trying to get the pitcher *

-Talk to him two times for these lines-

8) "Your pitcher intrigues me. What does it do?"
9) "How does your pitcher work?"

=                            SMAUDE (Medusa)                       =

                      * Before you approach her *

-Talk to her from across the room-

1) "Wh-who are you?"

                   * After breaking the enchantment *

2) "Please, there must be something I can do or offer you perhaps."
3) "If it would please you, I would have this unique stone."
4) "Bring me a looking glass, and I will gladly permit you the stone"

                    * After giving her the mirror *

5) "I am most grateful to you."

                   * After getting the amber stone *

6) "This stone is most unique. Would you tell me something of it?"
7) "I take it, then, that you are of magical persuasion?"
8) "I am most grateful to you. May the stone serve you better than it
    served me."

=                              BANDIT 1                            =

1) "Beat it, kid!"

=                              BANDIT 2                            =

1) "Get lost!"

=                              BARMAID                             =

                    * Before trying to get the Lute *

1) "What do you sell here?"
2) "Any news from abroad?"

                    * After trying to get the Lute *

3) "The lute made this young man happy?"
4) "Why does the lute now hang on the wall?"
5) "May I borrow the lute?"
6) "You want me to play for you?"

                  * Get the Lute without Music Potion *

7) "I'll give it a try."

                   * Get the Lute with Music Potion *

8) "I'm ready to play."

=                            STOREKEEPER                           =

1) "Greetings. What have you for sale?"
2) "Tell me, good storekeep. What news is there of the outside world?"
3) "If you do not mind my asking, how many in your family?"
4) "How long have you been married?"
5) "What do you know about Manannan?"
6) "What sort of curfews does Manannan have on the townspeople?"
7) "Are you keeping well?"

=                               ORACLE                             =

1) Ask about your name
2) Ask about your origin
3) Ask about Daventry's plight
4) Ask about Daventry's king
5) Ask about your family
6) Ask about your sister

-After those lines, quickly talk to her again before she fades-

7) Ask about the Oracle
8) Ask about Morgeilen

=                             FIRST MATE                           =

                     * Before paying the captain *

1) "Quit yer yammerin', boy. I ain't got time fer ya. I gotta keep
    trespassers away from this here jolly-boat. Scram!"
2) "I'm warnin' ya, boy. I gots a tricky sword hand. Better go away
    afore I cain't stop meself!"

                     * After paying the captain *

3) "Aye. The capain said you'd be comin' along. Get on board!"

                          * On the island *

4) "Yer heard the captain! Get movin'... unless ye want a lump on
    your rump to match the one on your head instead."

                          * During chores *

5) "As long as ye make yerselves useful, we might not use ye as an
    anchor just yet."

=                              CAPTAIN                             =

                          * Before paying *

1) "Aye, me bucko, be ye wantin' passage on me ship? Whatcha runnin'
    from? Aw, s'no matter, 's long as ya got gold. Let me see how much
    ya got!"
2) "Don't ignore me laddie! I asked ya how much gold ya got fer
    passage on me ship!"
3) "Too late bucko. I ain' in'erested in ya no more. Go pester some'un

          * Enter the captain's cabin before the island *

4) "What are you doing here? Stay Put until we get ashore!"

                          * On the island *

5) "Quit yer prattlin'. Get in there and find me that treasure!"

           * Enter the captain's cabin after the island *

6) "What are you doing here? - If ye keep causing trouble in here,
    matey, I'll make ye walk the plank."

=                               SERAN                              =

                       * Before choosing items *

1) "You must choose."

                      * Before getting the chest *

-Keep talking to him until you've seen all of these-

2) "Words are seldom wasted on the right questions."
3) "Your life is but a moment; spend it not dwelling on those who have
4) "Age begets wisdom but robs us of the wise."
5) "Truth, trust, and mercy in others begins with yourself."
6) "It is belonging, not belongings, that is important."
7) "Be dutiful, faithful, and loyal in life, but do not forsake your

=                               YETI                               =

                       * During the cave maze *

1) "You'd better have more meat on you than the last one!"
2) "Hey! I ordered my meal pre-cooked."

                        * After the cave maze *

3) "I'm getting sick of trespassers. I'm going back to Serenia."

=                              ROSELLA                             =

                         * After untying her *

1) "Tell me about our parents."
2) "Why did the dragon come to Daventry?"
3) "I'm glad to finally be home."
4) "I have had quite an adventure while journeying here."
5) "I am looking forward to meeting my parents."

-Click the hand on her-

6) "I can walk, thank you."

                     * After talking to the gnome *

7) "Why did you tell me to hush before?"
8) "So much for my surprise appearance."

=                       MAN IN BLACK (The Father)                  =

1) Hello? Are you alright?

=                             MAMA BEHR                            =

1) "Hello."
2) "Stay away, human."

=                             PAPA BEHR                            =

-Knock on the door when the Behrs are home-

1) "Scram!"

-Sleep in Baby Behr's bed-

2) "Keep out of our house, human!"

=                            BEHR FAMILY                           =

-Watch them leave the house four times-

1) "Hurry along there, Mildred."
2) "<sniff> Mama! My nose is runny."
3) "Papa! Where are we going?"
4) "If we go out in the woods today, will we be in for a big

=                                CAT                               =

                          * In the house *

1) "Wasn't hissing a big enough hint?"
2) "You'll get what's coming to you, Gwydion. I used to be his
3) "I don't think I've marked your room today."

                        * On the Lab stairs *

4) "You'd look mighty funny falling down those stairs, Gwydion!"

=                             CHICKENS                             =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "How long were you in the town coop?"
2) "A shame what happened to old Roger. Charming old rooster."

-Talk to Chicken 1 for these lines-

3) "Are you a breast or leg man?"
4) "What do we have to do to get a nice, handsome cock in here?"
5) "Do my feathers make me look fat?"
6) "Cock-a-doodle doo. Always wanted to say that."

-Talk to Chicken 2 for these lines-

7) "Who clipped my wings?"
8) "If there's one thing that hens can't stand, it's being prepared
    by an amateur chef."
9) "Could we get some better feed in here? I've heard of a delicious
    blend of herbs and spices."
10) "My sister has a sticky beak."
11) "My last husband complained he that was hen-pecked."

=                               EAGLE                              =

1) "Be gone, and take your savage hunger with you."
2) "Beware my talons, for the sake of your weak, wretched hide."
3) "Come no closer, lowly human. Show respect to a lord of the air."

=                               SNAKES                             =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "Do you remember where we buried the hatchlingsss?"
2) "How do you keep your ssscalesss ssso ssshiny?"

-Talk to Snake 1 for this line-

3) "I'll have hisss right ankle. You take hisss left."

-Talk to Snake 2 for these lines-

4) "Doesss he want to play with usss? He hasssn't a ladder."
5) "Do you think he hasss a tassste for venom?"
6) "We are not confectionery, human."

=                               LIZARDS                            =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "I enjoy hot days. They make me feel almost warm-blooded."
2) "I wonder which of us has the longer tongue?"

-Talk to Lizard 1 for these lines-

3) "He hasn't got enough scales. How ugly."
4) "It's a good thing we're not big enough to ride. I hear our
    distant relatives were tamed in Shapeir."

-Talk to Lizard 2 for this line-

5) "Do you think he's trying to speak to us?"

=                              SQUIRRELS                           =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "I hear there's a land to the east where the nuts are solid gold!"
2) "My brother wound up in a stew the other day."

-Talk to Squirrel 1 for these lines-

3) "You're not a gold acorn prospector, are you?"
4) "How can you crack anything open with those teeth?"
5) "I hope you've got your winter spot picked out this year."
6) "You look terrible. You need more acorns in your diet."

-Talk to Squirrel 2 for these lines-

7) "If you can't sit on the branch, you shouldn't climb the tree."
8) "How can you stay warm with only fur on the top of your head?"
9) "You look terrible. You need more acorns in your diet."

=                               BIRDS                              =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "What's with the library?"
2) "Do you know why Manannan is always going on those trips? He's
    looking for a replacement!"

-Talk to Bird 1 for these lines-

3) "I hope you're feeding those chickens well up there."
4) "Your nose could do with a sharpen."
5) "If you were meant to wear clothes, you would've been born with
6) "Aren't you a little tall for an ape?"

-Talk to Bird 2 for these lines-

7) "Quiet! I'm contemplating another egg."
8) "For animals who can't fly, you humans rarely keep your feet on
    the ground."
9) "You're a decent size. Pity you're not a worm."
10) "I bet you eat birds, just like the rest of your kind."

=                              SEAGULL                             =

-The seagull leaves forever when you get the fish so talk to it
before you get the fish-

1) "Why yes, I do come here often."
2) "I have a second cousin in Tamir, don't you know."
3) "I hate to be rude, but... mine!"
4) "The subtle blend of aquatic and solar influences give this
    specimen a most exquisite aroma. And the taste... magnificently
5) "Always start with the eyes. It can be unnerving when it's
    watching you eat."
6) "They should rename that tavern. How does “The Full Gull” sound?"

=                                DOG                               =

1) "You got long fingernails? My back's itchy."
2) "Leave me alone, will ya? I'm dog-tired."
3) "Sheddin' hair's a lot of work, you know."
4) "Your teeth aren't too sharp. You should try chewing on a bone
    now and again."
5) "I ain't nothing but a hound dog. Actually, my parentage is a
    bit unclear."
6) "I'll bet you're no stranger to living a dog's life."
7) "Got any flea powder?"
8) "My owner keeps me for testing his foodstuffs. If I don't get
    sick, he sells it."
9) "Do you know how many black cats there are around here?"
10) "I haven't got a bone to pick with you... unless you wanna give
     me one."

=                                RATS                              =

-Overhear these conversations-

1) "Did you hear the pirates talking? They're thinking of bringing a
    cat on board!"
2) "Do you know where we're going?"
3) "Did you see the boy they brought along?"

-Talk to Rat 1 for these lines-

4) "I traveled on one of those royal vessels once. They're like a
    maze below decks."
5) "Ever tried plugging a leak with your tail?"

-Talk to Rat 2 for these lines-

6) "Did you know that pirate chef has at least twenty recipes on
    how to cook us?"
7) "I miss my thirty-five cousins. They never did come back from
    the lab."
8) "Remember the emergency plan. In case of fire, storm, or plague,
    find a money pouch and hide. Those things are always the first
    to be saved."


This is the reward for obtaining all of the secret awards. On any
new game, press F10 to bring up the debug menu.

Wizard Options

1) Defeat Wizard

This is the same as feeding Manannan the Tainted Porridge. He will
be removed from the game. He will not appear as a cat in the dining
room, however.

2) Track Wizard

This gives you valuable information about the Wizard:

-Current Time-
This is the amount of time on the game clock

-Appear Time-
This is the next time Manannan will appear (unless you are in your
room. He will never appear on that screen.)

-Anger Level-
This is how mad he is at you for failing to do chores, etc. It
goes up by 1 each time you tick him off. When it reaches 4, he will
kill you for your disobedience.

This shows where Manannan is currently. He can be "At desk" which is
in the study, "In tower", "In bed" or "Hidden". When the location is
"Hidden", he is either on a journey, in the dining room awaiting a
meal, or simply not in any room of the house.

This is the status of your current chore. "None assigned" means he has
yet to assign you a chore. If you have been assigend a chore, it will
display which chore you have been assigned. If you have completed the
chore, it will say "Chore completed".

This is his current behavior. "Sleeping" means he has no current
behavior. "Assigned chore" means the next time he appears he will
punish you if you haven't completed the assigned chore. "Wanting meal"
means he is in the dining room waiting to be fed. "On trip" means he
is either on a journey or in bed.

-Cat Location-
Shows the current location of the cat.

-Summon Wizard-
This will cause Manannan to appear and execute his next action.
(Punishing you, assigning a chore, demanding a meal, going to bed
or going on a journey.)

Inventory Item Options

Get Inventory Item
Enter a number 1-57 to have that item placed in your inventory.

1. Bread
2. Fruit
3. Mutton
4. Tin Cup
5. Knife
6. Spoon
7. Clay Bowl
8. Cat Hair
9. Key
10. Wand
11. Letter
12. Flask
13. Toad Spittle
14. Toadstool Powder
15. Saffron
16. Nightshade Juice
17. Ground Fish Scales
18. Magic Map
19. Mirror
20. Rose Essence
21. Fly Wings
22. Journal
23. Fish
24. Eagle Feather
25. Mistletoe
26. Water Pitcher
27. Missing Spell Page
28. Lute
29. Chicken Feather
30. Dog Hair
31. Snake Skin
32. Thimble
33. Salt
34. Magic Stone
35. Acorns
36. Leather Pouch
37. Mandrake Root
38. Fish Oil
39. Porridge
40. Lard
41. Cactus
42. Sand
43. Soil
44. Broom
45. Box
46. Powder (Apparently, both Mandrake and Acorns yield this one item)
47. Shovel
48. Oily Dough
49. Cat Cookie
50. Plaque Set (Animal tiles for Seran's Arch)
51. Orb
52. The Item (Statuette from Seran's Chest)
53. Potion 1 (Skinny potion from the Bridge Puzzle)
54. Potion 2 (Medium potion from the Bridge Puzzle)
55. Potion 3 (Fat potion from the Bridge Puzzle)
56. Treasure Map
57. Purse

Upgrade Item

1) Tin Cup - Fills the Tin Cup with Ocean Water
2) Spoon - Adds Mud to the Spoon
3) Flask - First time fills it with Ocean Water. Second time turns it
           into a Musical Talent Potion
4) Toadstool Powder to Storm Brew - Duh
5) Rose Essence - Converts Rose Essence into Magic Rose Essence
6) Amber Stone - Converts the Amber Stone into the Magic Stone
7) Pouch - Fills the Leather Pouch with Sleeping Powder
8) Porridge - Converts Porridge into Tainted Porridge
9) Lard to Invisibilty Ointment - Duh

Spell Options

Get Items for Spell
Places all items needed for a spell in your inventory.

1) Understanding Creatures

Clay Bowl
Ground Fish Scales
Chicken Feather
Dog Hair
Snake Skin
Thimble of Dew

2) Flying like an Eagle or Fly

Rose Essence
Fly Wings
Eagle Feather

3) Teleportation at Random

Spoon (Not sure why, you don't use the spoon for this spell)
Amber Stone

4) Causing a Deep Sleep

Clay Bowl
Nightshade Juice
Leather Pouch

5) Enhancing Musical Talent

Flask with Ocean Water

6) Brewing a Storm

Tin Cup with Ocean Water
Clay Bowl
Toadstool Powder

7) Becoming Invisible

Clay Bowl
Toad Spittle

8) Turning Another into a Cat

Clay Bowl
Cat Hair
Missing Spell Page
Mandrake Root
Fish Oil

9) All

Tin Cup with Ocean Water
Spoon with Mud
Clay Bowl
Cat Hair
Flask with Ocean Water
Toad Spittle
Toadstool Powder
Nightshade Juice
Ground Fish Scales
Rose Essence
Fly Wings
Eagle Feather
Missing Spell Page
Chicken Feather
Dog Hair
Snake Skin
Thimble of Dew
Amber Stone
Mandrake Root
Fish Oil

Perform Spell

Completes the spell and places the items in your inventory. You
don't need to have the spell ingredients already.

Warp Options

Warp to Room
Warps you to a specific screen in Llewdor. Enter a number 1-60 to
warp to that screen.

You appear in the same X,Y position of the screen from which you left
so this will sometimes place you inside walls or objects.

1. Manannan's House - Entryway
2. Manannan's House - Dining Room
3. Manannan's House - Study
4. Manannan's House - Kitchen
5. Manannan's House - Upstairs Hall
6. Manannan's House - Manannan's Bedroom
7. Manannan's House - Your Bedroom
8. Manannan's House - Tower
9. Manannan's House - Stairs above Laboratory
10. Manannan's House - Laboratory
11. Manannan's House - Wizard's Work Table
12. Manannan's House - Spell Book
13. Manannan's House - Books that hides the levers to open the trapdoor
14. Outside Manannan's House
15. Upper Mountain Trail (Eagle Screen)
16. Middle Mountain Trail
17. Outside Smaude's Cave
18. Desert (Cactus Screen)
19. Desert
20. Desert (Snake Skin Screen)
21. Desert
22. Deep Desert
23. Forest (Missing Spell Page Screen)
24. Forest (Minstrel Screen)
25. Forest (Acorn Screen)
26. Forest (Bee Screen)
27. Forest (Waterfall Screen)
28. Lower Mountain Trail
29. Path to Behr's House
30. Outside Behr's House
31. Outside Oracle Cave
32. South of Oracle Cave
33. Outside Library
34. Town
35. South of Town (Mistletoe Screen)
36. Beach
37. Beach
38. Beach (Dock Screen)
39. Beach
40. Middle of Dock
41. End of Dock
42. Deep Ocean (Where you drop the spider into the ocean, crashes game)
43. Reading the Journal
44. Inside Smaude's Cave
45. Outside Bandit's Treehouse
46. Inside Bandit's Treehouse
47. Behr's House - 1st Floor
48. Behr's House - 2nd Floor
49. Oracle's Cave
50. Store
51. Tavern
52. Library
53. Talking to Smaude (Crashes the game)
54. Looking at Magic Map
55. Talking to Oracle after her main conversation
56. Looking at the Oracle's Crystal Ball (No way to exit this screen)
57. Inside Castle Daventry (Where you see Manannan kidnap you)
58. Nothing, returns you to the previous screen
59. Ocean (You can walk around this screen, but can't exit)
60. You holding Manannan as a cat (Returns to the previous screen)

Warp to Area

1. Mansion - Outside Manannan's House
2. Llewdor - Bottom of the Mountain Trail
3. Ship - Cargo Hold of the ship
4. Treasure Island - First screen of the island
5. Road to Daventry - The beach in Daventry
6. Daventry Countryside - Outside the cave in Daventry

Set GlobalInt

This command allows you to change a ton of variables. I have no idea
what any of them do. Play around with it if you like, but good luck.
There were 500 different variables in QFG2, so there's probably
about that many here as well.

If you discover any neat uses for Set GlobalInt, shoot me an email
and I'll add them and give you credit.

Misc Options

Add Map with all Locations

Puts the Magic Map in your inventory and marks all locations.

Set Lab Access Code

Sets the combination to enter the laboratory to all "-" so you can
click the "-" lever ten times to open the door. Somewhat pointless
as you can just Warp to Room 10 to get to the laboratory.

Get Gold Coins

Places the Purse in your Inventory. Same thing as using the Get
Inventory Item 57 command.

VIII.  CREDITS                            

Thanks most of all to the wonderful folks over at AGDI (Anonymous
Game Developers Interactive) for reprising so many of my favorite old
Sierra games. These include King's Quest I, King's Quest II, King's
Quest III and Quest for Glory II. These guys worked incredibly hard
to remake these classic old Sierra games with improved graphics and
quite a lot of added content. They provide them to the public free
of charge.

You can download these games (for free) at www.agdinteractive.com

If you enjoy their work, make sure you donate or buy their first game:
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine. They are currently developing
their second game: Mage's Initiation, which you can per-order now.

Big thanks Sierra On-Line for all of the great adventure games of the
80s and 90s. King's Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory,
Laura Bow, Leisure Suit Larry, Gabriel Knight, Phantasmagoria,
Conquests of Camelot, Codename: ICEMAN, The Black Cauldron, Mixed-Up
Mother Goose, Goldrush, and The Colonel's Bequest. I spent so many
hours playing these games as a kid. You can buy quite a few of these
games on Steam or over at www.gog.com.

Special thanks to Roberta Williams at Sierra for writing and
designing the King's Quest series.

Massive thanks to TriniMage over at the AGDI forums. I'd have never
figured out the last few awards without TriniMage's post. There was
really nowhere else on the web to get information on these awards
when I wrote this guide. Thanks to all the other contributors in that
thread as well: Chyron_8472, newcombm7, calvinfoo, Billetwound,
ATMachine, Xandarius, Erpy, and Brainiac.

Last, but not least, thanks to GameFAQS for being the #1 source for
stuck gamers for almost two decades now, and for hosting this
document. Since the mid 90s, if I needed help on a game, GameFAQS
has been my savior.


If you find any mistakes, have any questions or figure out any
snazzy things you can do with the Set GlobalInt command, let me know
at my gmail address:



Copyright 2013 Daniel Wells

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Please don't ask if you can host this document on your site. GameFAQS
set the bar way too high way too long ago. There are a thousand
imitations out there, but only one GameFAQS. (The one exception, of
course, would be AGDI. If they wanted to post this, they are welcome
to post it without even asking permission. After all, there'd be no
Kings Quest III Redux, hence no need for this guide, without all the
wonderful people over at AGDI! And I'd still be trying to figure out
some of the awards without the hard work of TriniMage and others in
the forums at agdinteractive.com)

Please don't alter this document or publish it anywhere else.

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