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Junk Food and Justice in Outer Space!
A garbled transmission signaling the Vorticon's invasion of the third planet is the only clue.
And wouldn't you know, it's after bedtime!
For eight-year-old genius, Billy Blaze, the mission is clear. Pack a lunch, build an interstellar space fighter (from common household items) and protect the Earth. Become COMMANDER KEEN - guardian of truth, justice, and all the really cool "stuff" at the Mall!
- Exciting, smooth scrolling graphics
- Bounce to higher areas with your pogo stick
- Enormous, exciting areas to explore
- Game save and restore
- Keyboard and joystick modes
Attack now or be left holding your three ring hyperspace inertial l-binder!
To play Commander Keen 1,2,3 you will need:
- MS-DOS 3.0 or later
- IBM or PC Compatible computer
- 286 or better
- Hard Disk
- One 3.5" disk drive
- EGA or VGA resolution
Commander Keen also supports:
- Joystick

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