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There will be a myriad of spells, swords, armors, etc. available to the avatar in order to enable the player to overcome his more fierce enemies. The player will meet Elementals and Demons and Angels, whose powers he will be able to invoke if he reaches the required level in magic and if he does their biddings. Whether on the side of light, or dark, the player will be offered a beautiful environment, with a lovely scenery and authentic ancient architecture, great spell effects and a great story to play and live in. The story of the game is based loosely on the history of ancient Persia, and the symbology of the "Epic of the Kings", also known as Firdauwsi's Shahnameh. It will touch also on various epics on the ancient history of Assyria, Babylon, and Egypt, and offer an exciting new take on all of the above. There are also numerous sub-quests, the completion of which will bestow many valuable items and anew abilities on the player. One of the major role playing features in the game is the possibility of a choice between the side of Light or that of the Darkness. The player will meet people, and befriend or fight with them depending on his alignment, which in turn depends on his previous actions and even thoughts! (i.e. the player will have to choose his path in his own mental realm when he hears his inner voice) The player will advance in strength, agility, etc. in order to grow from an aspiring young prince, to a renowned Pehlivan and magician.

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