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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Mythril Wyrm

    Version: 1.15 | Updated: 07/03/15 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |                                                      |
    |                     Version 1.15                     |
    |                Created by Mythril Wyrm               |
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    Table of Contents
    I. Update History
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    III. Foreword
    IV. The Interface
         A. Population
         B. Food
         C. Tech Points
         D. Energy
         E. Map
         F. Collections
         G. Tech
              1. Technologies
                   a. Science
                   b. Medicine
                   c. Learning
                   d. Construction
                   e. Food Mastery
                   f. Spirituality
              2. God Powers
                   a. Spawn Butterflies
                   b. Swarm of Bees
                   c. Sunshine
                   d. Lightning Strike
                   e. Hand of Bloom
                   f. Tempest
                   g. Fog of Doom
                   h. Time Warp
                   i. Revive
                   j. Grant Youth
                   k. Earthquake
         H. Trophies
         I. Puzzles
         J. Menu
         K. Name
         L. Skill
         M. Action
         N. Faith
         O. Detail
    V. Life on Isola
         A. The Protagonists
         B. The Antagonists
         C. Helpful Hints
    VI. Walkthrough
         A. Getting Started
         B. The Hungry Totem
         C. The Knowing Totem
         D. Repairing the Aqueduct
         E. The Pain Totem
         F. The Rainbow Totem
         G. The Blocking Totem
         H. The Hollow Totem
         I. Replenishing the Lake
         J. Restoring the Faith
    VII. Puzzles: A Quick Reference List
    VIII. Questions & Answers
    IX. Special Thanks
    X. Contacting Me
    To skip to a specific section, press Ctrl + F, type in a section name, and
    press Enter.
    I. Update History
    v0.95 - Completed all sections except God Powers. Further updates to come once
    I experience all the game has to offer.
    v1.00 - Completed list of God Powers, fixed the tech point costs of Level 3
    Medicine and Learning, added a General Tips section, and made numerous minor
    v1.01 - Added more specific information about the rewards for finding duplicate
    collectibles, corrected some mistakes regarding Lightning Strike and time
    frames, and made a few minor changes.
    v1.02 - Added more specific information about increases in maximum population
    and energy, revised the description of Revive, and made a few minor changes.
    v1.10 - Added more information on Hand of Bloom, new content to the General
    Tips and Questions & Answers sections, and a quick reference list to the game's
    puzzles and their solutions.
    v1.11 - Fixed some typos and made a few minor changes.
    v1.12 - Updated Contacting Me section and the quick reference information for
    Puzzle #13, and made a few minor changes.
    v1.13 - Revised the General Tips section, changed its name to Helpful Hints,
    and made a few minor changes.
    v1.14 - Added a reader submission to the Helpful Hints section, updated the
    Special Thanks section, and made a couple of minor changes.
    v1.15 - Added reader submissions to Helpful Hints section, updated the Special
    Thanks section, changed formatting, and made some minor changes.
    II. Legal Notice/Disclaimer
    This FAQ is copyright 2012-2015 by Devin McCain. At this time, only the sites
    on the list below have my permission to host this FAQ:
    GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)
    IGN (http://www.ign.com)
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    Please notify me as soon as possible if you find it posted anywhere else. If
    you want to post this FAQ on your own website, you may do so only if you obtain
    my permission in writing and agree to leave the FAQ completely unchanged. If
    you post it without my explicit permission or change it and try to pass it off
    as your own, there will be unpleasant consequences when I find out. Feel free
    to print a copy of this FAQ for personal use, but do not publish or distribute
    it with intent to turn a profit on it. I'm sharing it free of charge, so please
    respect that.
    All other copyrights and trademarks mentioned in this FAQ are the property of
    their respective owners. I neither claim nor challenge their ownership.
    This FAQ may contain spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.
    I take no responsibility for any embarrassment, injuries, or deaths that result
    from the use of this FAQ or any of the information contained herein. If you're
    that stupid, it's your own damn fault.
    Got that? Good. Now, let's move on to the fun stuff...
    III. Foreword
    Hello, and welcome to my FAQ for Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers! I've been
    a fan of the Virtual Villagers games since I started playing them more than a
    year ago, and after completing three of the first four games and craving a new
    escape from responsibility, I decided to give the fifth one a try. While still
    holding true to the puzzle simulation roots of the series, New Believers
    introduces heathens and divine powers to the mix, drawing more emphasis to the
    simulation elements of the game and giving players more active control over the
    events on the island.
    There are quite a few secrets to discover as your tribe learns more about the
    origins and motives of Isola's heathens, and uncovering them is one of the most
    fun parts of the game. I encourage you to experiment and try to figure things
    out on your own before looking up a solution, but if you're at a complete loss
    to destroy a totem, convert a heathen, or solve one of the many puzzles of the
    island, I hope that this FAQ will provide the answers you seek.
    IV. The Interface
    As with any simulation game, it's important to know how to read and navigate
    the menus. Below is a list of all the terms and buttons you'll see on the
    screen, starting at the top left and ending at the bottom right.
    A. Population
    The number of villagers - men, women, children, and infants - who belong to
    your tribe. Directly affects your energy. The population caps at 10 with no
    housing huts, 20 with one hut, 35 with two huts, and 90 with all three. In
    addition, each collection you complete increases the population cap by 5.
    B. Food
    The comestibles available to your villagers. A larger food supply allows you to
    sustain a larger population.
    C. Tech Points
    The number of points available to upgrade your technologies. Your villagers can
    accumulate tech points by working in the laboratory or collecting scientific
    Once you build the clothing hut, you can also spend tech points to change your
    villagers' clothes.
    D. Energy
    The available fuel for your God Powers. A larger population will provide you
    with more maximum energy and a higher rate of energy generation. In addition,
    each new relic your villagers find will add 3 to your maximum energy.
    E. Map
    Displays an overview map of the area. You can click anywhere to zoom in.
    F. Collections
    Displays the collectibles and necklace pieces your villagers have found.
    G. Tech
    A list of the technologies available to your tribe and the divine powers
    available to you.
    1. Technologies
    These all start at Level 1 and can be upgraded twice.
    a. Science
    Increases the rate at which your researchers accumulate tech points. At Level
    2, your villagers will be able to build a clothing hut. Though expensive, this
    technology is worth getting early if you want to maximize the returns on your
    Scientists' time.
    Level 2: 8000 points
    Level 3: 70,000 points
    b. Medicine
    Decreases the likelihood that your villagers will fall ill and increases their
    fertility rates and lifespans.
    Level 2: 5000 points
    Level 3: 50,000 points
    c. Learning
    Increases the rate at which your villagers learn new skills. At Level 3, your
    villagers will be able to build a nursery school where adults can teach their
    skills to children.
    Level 2: 4000 points
    Level 3: 35,000 points
    d. Construction
    Enables your villagers to build more complex structures. Each level allows your
    villagers to construct another housing hut, increasing the maximum population
    of your village.
    Level 2: 5000 points
    Level 3: 65,000 points
    e. Food Mastery
    Increases the amount of food your villagers can harvest. Food collection rates
    increase by 50% at Level 2 and 100% at Level 3.
    Level 2: 3000 points
    Level 3: 40,000 points
    f. Spirituality
    Increases your maximum energy and allows your villagers to make additional
    modifications to the statue.
    Level 2: 8000 points
    Level 3: 80,000 points
    2. God Powers
    These will become available to you as your maximum energy increases.
    a. Spawn Butterflies
    Summons butterflies wherever you click. All of the children on the map will be
    drawn toward them and play with them until they fly away. Aggressive heathen
    children will be too distracted to chase your villagers. Consumes 10 energy.
    b. Swarm of Bees
    Summons a swarm of bees in the target area. The swarm will linger for a few
    seconds, stinging any islanders who walk into it and making them run around in
    pain. Aggressive heathens won't chase your villagers while being stung by the
    bees. The bees can also be used to pollinate the noni patch, adding 20 to its
    supply of fruit. Consumes 25 energy.
    c. Sunshine
    Clears the sky and covers the map in daylight. Consumes 50 energy.
    d. Lightning Strike
    Strikes the target area with a bolt of lightning. Any islanders struck by the
    lightning will run off to hide in the jungle. They'll stay hidden for about a
    minute before coming out and resuming their duties. Be aware that aggressive
    heathens will still chase your villagers if they encounter them while fleeing
    from the lightning. Consumes 100 energy.
    e. Hand of Bloom
    Causes flowers and mushrooms to grow in the target area. The flowers disappear
    after a few seconds, but children can pick the mushrooms for food. If used on
    the irrigated field, it will cause 800 crops to grow instantaneously. Consumes
    150 energy.
    f. Tempest
    Fills the sky with clouds and causes a rainstorm. Heathens will often hide in
    the jungle to stay dry. Consumes 300 energy.
    g. Fog of Doom
    Covers the map in billowing fog that obscures the heathens' vision. Your
    villagers will neither flee from nor be chased by the heathens until the fog
    dissipates. Consumes 400 energy.
    h. Time Warp
    Accelerates time for one islander, allowing him or her to move and work much
    more rapidly. Consumes 500 energy.
    i. Revive
    Restores the dead to life. When targeting a villager, it must be used on the
    bones before another villager picks them up. Consumes 600 energy.
    j. Grant Youth
    Turns an adult villager into a 5-year-old child. The child will retain all of
    the skills he or she had as an adult. Consumes 700 energy.
    k. Earthquake
    Causes an earthquake, instilling a little faith in every heathen on the map.
    This is the only way to convert the heathens in orange and red masks. Consumes
    800 energy.
    H. Trophies
    A list of the achievements in the game. Attaining them is solely a matter of
    personal pride.
    I. Puzzles
    A list of the game's puzzles and descriptions of the ones you've solved. If
    you're not sure what to do next, look to the pictures of the unsolved puzzles
    for clues.
    J. Menu
    Returns you to the main menu.
    K. Name
    The name of the currently selected villager.
    L. Skill
    A description of the selected villager's aptitude - Untrained, Trainee, Adept,
    or Master - in his or her primary skill.
    M. Action
    An explanation of what the selected villager is doing.
    N. Faith
    A meter that displays the selected villager's attitude towards your tribe and
    its belief system. Red represents disloyalty; blue represents loyalty.
    O. Detail
    Allows you to get a detailed profile of the selected villager, change his or
    her name, assign a primary skill, and choose whether to sort your villagers by
    age (the default), skill, or health. The arrows to the right and left of this
    button will scroll through your villagers in ascending and descending order
    V. Life on Isola
    A. The Protagonists
    Communities function best when everyone makes a contribution, and your tribe on
    Isola is no different. Your villagers have six skills that will help them
    survive on the island:
    -Farming determines how effectively a villager can harvest food.
    -Building determines how quickly a villager can build or demolish structures.
    -Research determines how quickly a villager generates tech points in the lab.
    -Healing determines how easily a villager can cure someone else's illness.
    -Parenting determines how easily a villager can make babies.
    -Devotion determines how effectively a villager can instill faith in heathens.
    At age 14, your villagers will gravitate to the area near the fire pit and wait
    for you to assign them a task. Drop them in the appropriate area to make them
    practice one of their skills. Once they reach Trainee aptitude in a skill, they
    will practice it at every available opportunity. By default, a villager's
    primary skill is the one in which he or she has the highest aptitude, but you
    can set a new primary skill in the Detail menu at any time. You can also pick
    villagers up and drop them in new areas to make them practice new skills, but
    they tend to shift back to their primary skill until their aptitude in the new
    skill increases.
    Villagers can become parents at age 18. To try for a baby, pick up a villager
    and drop him or her on top of a villager of the opposite sex. If they're both
    in good health, housing is available, and the time is right, they'll adjourn to
    the love shack and the woman will emerge with a baby. She'll then have to nurse
    her child until it's old enough to wander around on its own. Nursing mothers
    are unable to work and will flee from potential paramours, so make sure that
    your tribe can cope with a diminished workforce before directing your women to
    make babies. Women remain fertile until age 50.
    Villagers between the ages of 2 and 13 are children and will spend all their
    time running around and playing. Although they can't work, they serve another
    important purpose: they're the only ones who can pick up the scientific
    equipment, relics, and mushrooms that occasionally appear on the map. Stay on
    the lookout for these; they'll provide your tribe with an extra source of tech
    points, energy, and food in the early stages of the game. Children are also
    needed to destroy one of the totems, as the walkthrough will explain.
    When the game speed is set to Normal, your villagers age one year for every two
    hours of real time. Depending on how much research has gone into Medicine, a
    typical villager will live for 60-80 years.
    B. The Antagonists
    Not all of the people on the island are sympathetic to your cause. The ones in
    the masks are heathens, who do not share your tribe's belief system. You cannot
    pick heathens up or view their stats, though your villagers and your powers can
    affect them in various ways. Heathens have four different behavior patterns,
    which are indicated by the colors of their masks.
    Heathens in green masks are not hostile and can be converted by your villagers.
    Drop a villager on top of one of them to initiate a conversation and raise the
    heathen's faith. The heathen will join your tribe when the needle reaches the
    blue half of the meter.
    Heathens in orange masks are hostile. They will growl at your villagers and
    chase them away if they get too close.
    Heathens in red masks are not hostile, but they look fearsome. Your villagers
    will flee from them if they get too close.
    Heathens in purple masks are not hostile. They carry necklace pieces and are
    the masters of their respective skills. They cannot be converted by normal
    means; convincing them to join your tribe will require you to complete specific
    C. Helpful Hints
    There are a total of 48 relics and pieces of scientific equipment to collect:
    8 common, 8 uncommon, and 8 rare pieces of each. Always keep your eyes peeled
    for new ones.
    Finding duplicate relics or scientific equipment will provide you with extra
    energy (10/50/150) or tech points (100/250/500). Rarer collectibles yield
    larger rewards.
    Your villagers will drop any items they're carrying if they have to flee from
    heathens. Make sure they have a clear path to their destination when they pick
    up a collectible.
    Children and nursing mothers make good bait for hostile heathens. Drop one near
    a group of heathens, then pick up the bait and drop it a little farther away
    when they give chase. It doesn't cost any energy, and with a little patience,
    you can make the heathens chase your villager all around the map. You can also
    pick the villager up and carry him or her to the area to which you want to lure
    the heathens while they're in pursuit.
    When hostile heathens give chase, they will only move as fast as the villagers
    they're chasing. Using elderly villagers or villagers who dislike running as
    bait can start a low-speed chase that will keep the heathens busy for quite
    some time.
    Your villagers' likes and dislikes will affect their behavior and how easily
    they learn certain skills. Take these into consideration when assigning their
    primary skills.
    Polymaths are useful in a wider variety of situations than one-trick ponies.
    Each time one of your villagers masters a skill, have him or her practice a new
    skill for a while. Your villagers should have no trouble mastering at least two
    skills each.
    Sickness spreads, and not even Master Doctors can cure themselves if they're
    sick. Always have at least two villagers practicing Healing to prevent massive
    outbreaks of illness.
    Villagers will become weak if they lose too much health from sickness or
    hunger. If this happens, drop them on the food bin and have them eat until they
    are no longer weakened.
    Use Hand of Bloom to keep your villagers fed if their population starts to
    outstrip its food supply.
    Doctors, Devotees, and Parents can be picked up as soon as they successfully
    heal, enlighten, or kiss their targets. This saves time and allows them to be
    given other tasks right away.
    Have at least one male with Parenting as his primary skill at all times. This
    will provide your tribe with a source of children while you're away from the
    To quickly increase a male villager's Parenting skill, find an elderly female
    villager and drop the male on top of her repeatedly.
    Elderly villagers move and act more slowly than young villagers. Put them to
    work in the laboratory to minimize the loss of productivity.
    When there are no construction projects to undertake, villagers can increase
    their Building skill by fixing huts. They can also polish the statue after you
    research Level 3 Spirituality and complete the final modification.
    A ball of light will appear above the heads of heathens who converse with one
    of your Devotees or are affected by Earthquake. You won't be able to instill
    any more faith in them until the light disappears, which takes two hours on
    Normal speed. Be persistent!
    Converting heathens will allow you to surpass the population cap imposed by
    housing. If you want to have as many villagers as possible, make sure that your
    tribe has reached its maximum population before conversing with a heathen whose
    faith is high.
    Heathens do not age until they join your tribe.
    Some of the events on the island can change your villagers' likes and dislikes,
    boost their aptitude in a skill, or even cause them to join the heathens'
    ranks. If an event prompts you to choose a course of action, think it through
    carefully before making your choice.
    Pausing the game, dropping one child on top of a mushroom or collectible, and
    then unpausing and immediately dropping a second child on top of it will allow
    you to collect the item twice. This can be a good way to get some extra food,
    tech points, or energy in a pinch.
    Pausing the game and turning your computer's clock forward will elapse time on
    the island accordingly. If you choose to take advantage of this feature, do so
    sparingly, because you will have no way to monitor or control your villagers'
    ages, health, or food supply until you resume the game.
    VI. Walkthrough
    There are many paths to victory in Virtual Villagers 5, but if you're going for
    speed and efficiency, I recommend following the one below.
    A. Getting Started
    After naming your tribe, you'll be treated to a short movie that provides the
    backstory of the game:
    "There was once a mysterious island called Isola, home to a tribe of lost
    One day a child made a discovery. Something lost...and again found...on a
    forbidden path, at the edge of the village.
    The elders gathered to examine the mask. They had never seen one like it
    before. They must determine if others are nearby, so they appoint a small group
    of villagers to search the forbidden path."
    You will then be prompted to select five starting villagers. Their ages, sexes,
    and initial skills are randomly generated, though older villagers will usually
    have higher aptitude in a skill. If you don't like a particular villager, click
    the Reject button and try again. Who you bring is entirely up to you, but I
    suggest the following:
    -Two with high Building skill. (To speed up construction and demolition jobs.)
    -One with high Research skill. (To help you accumulate tech points faster.)
    -One nursing female. (To get extra energy and a child.)
    -One child. (To gather collectibles and mushrooms.)
    As a bonus, try to bring at least one villager who likes running. Making this
    villager a Farmer will greatly expedite food collection.
    Once you've selected your villagers, you'll see a second, shorter movie:
    "The path took them into the darkest parts of the jungle. Although they could
    see no one, they sensed they were being watched.
    An ambush! Your villagers have been captured and are now the prisoners of this
    faceless tribe! Do you need help getting started?"
    If you click the Yes button, the game will provide you with hints to get you
    started and familiarize you with the interface. If you're using a walkthrough,
    chances are you won't need them.
    The first thing you'll notice is that your villagers are being held in a corral
    made of bamboo. It doesn't do much to restrict their mobility, but the heathens
    around them and the fly-covered pile of food don't make for a very comfortable
    living arrangement. Pick up all of your adult villagers and drop them on the
    fence, and they'll start tearing it down and using the materials to build a
    food bin. Once they have a more sanitary place to store their food, drop them
    on the statue to the north. It won't take long to modify, and doing so will
    boost your villagers' Building skill and your energy pool. Use Spawn
    Butterflies and Swarm of Bees to keep the hostile heathens away from your
    villagers as they work, and enlighten the non-hostile ones at every available
    Before doing anything else, check the hospital on the west side of the map. If
    there are no hostile heathens near the Heathen Master Doctor, drop one of your
    villagers on top of him. Keep trying until you successfully treat his illness,
    and he'll join your tribe and give you the first piece of the necklace.
    B. The Hungry Totem
    Requirements: 1+ Builder(s)
    Once your villagers have a food bin and the beginnings of a statue, they'll
    need a steady supply of food. The noni patch to the east of the statue is a
    prime feeding ground, but you'll need to use Swarm of Bees to drive the
    heathens away from it. While they're running around and trying to evade the
    bees, drop all of your adult villagers on top of the totem and they'll start
    tearing it apart. Three or more semi-seasoned Builders will quickly reduce the
    Hungry Totem to rubble, giving your tribe access to the noni patch and the
    Now that you have the means to support a larger population, you're ready to
    build the love shack. Drop some Builders on top of it, and they'll have it
    constructed in short order. While you're at it, have your villagers gather dry
    grass from the west bank of the river and wood from the woodpile. After they
    deposit their materials in the fire pit, drop another villager on it to light
    the fire. Keeping your villagers warm and dry will reduce the rate of sickness
    among them, so keep the home fire burning.
    Conceive a baby or two once the love shack has been assembled. You'll need the
    extra villagers soon.
    C. The Knowing Totem
    Requirements: 1+ Builder(s)
    No matter how often you use Swarm of Bees on it, the noni patch won't sustain
    your tribe indefinitely. Securing the laboratory is the first step to procuring
    a replenishable food supply.
    The heathens in the red and orange masks should now be congregating around the
    Knowing Totem. Drive them off with Lightning Strike, then have your best
    Builders demolish the totem. Once it's out of the picture, the heathens will
    vacate the laboratory. At this point, you should have at least half your
    villagers working on research at all times - you'll need a lot of tech points.
    Getting the Heathen Master Scientist to join your cause will take time, effort,
    and Level 2 Science. She's mulling over a difficult proof, but you can help her
    with it by dropping one of your Master Scientists in front of the drawing board
    on the left. When she sees the solution, she'll spend some time pondering it
    and gain a little faith. Wait until the light above her head disappears, then
    repeat the process twice more for a new follower and the second piece of the
    D. Repairing the Aqueduct
    Requirements: Level 2 Construction, 1 Master Scientist, 1+ Builder(s)
    Drop your Master Scientist on top of the broken aqueduct, and he or she will
    supervise the repair project. Drop a few Builders on top of it, and they'll
    start working in earnest. Use butterflies, bees, or lightning bolts to keep any
    wandering heathens at bay.
    Repairing the aqueduct will irrigate the field and provide you with crops at
    regular intervals, thus allowing you to sustain a larger population. It will
    also convince the Heathen Master Farmer to join your tribe, which will earn you
    the third piece of the necklace and a short movie about the beginnings of the
    heathen tribe. Build some new housing and convert heathens or make babies to
    enlarge your tribe before pressing on.
    E. The Pain Totem
    Requirements: 100 maximum energy, 1+ Builder(s)
    As the heathens migrate southward, they'll stake claim to the hospital. You
    must destroy the Pain Totem to drive them away. The problem is, it shocks your
    villagers whenever they try to touch it.
    The solution is to give the totem too much of a good thing. Hit it with
    Lightning Strike to overload it, and your villagers will be able to approach it
    safely. This totem takes a little longer to demolish than the previous two and
    will soon build up a new electrical charge, so you may have to hit it with more
    than one lightning bolt to finish the job. Upgrade all of your technologies to
    Level 2 and complete the second modification to the statue before you go after
    the next totem.
    F. The Rainbow Totem
    Requirements: Constructed clothing hut, 2+ Builders
    This totem takes more time to demolish than the last three, and the heathen in
    the red mask will frighten your villagers away from it. For some odd reason,
    being in the hot spring protects him from Swarm of Bees and Lightning Strike,
    so you need to find another way to drive him off.
    Close examination of the Rainbow Totem will reveal the answer. Notice that the
    color orange is missing from it. Notice as well that three pots of dye will
    appear near the farm once your villagers complete the clothing hut. You'll need
    to drop two different villagers - preferably Builders, to speed things up - on
    the pots of red and yellow dye in the span of a few seconds. They'll carry the
    pots over to the hot springs and pour the dye in, turning the water orange and
    driving the heathens out. You can then have your Builders begin deconstructing
    the Rainbow Totem in peace. They probably won't finish the job before the dye
    fades from the water, but you can keep coloring the hot springs until the totem
    lies in pieces.
    G. The Blocking Totem
    Requirements: 500 maximum energy, as many Master Builders as you have available
    I strongly suggest converting the Heathen Master Builder before dealing with
    this totem. He won't join you until you beat him in a building contest, which
    he completes much faster than even your most experienced Builder. The challenge
    may seem impossible at first, but your Godly Powers can shift the balance in
    your favor. Use Time Warp on one of your Master Builders, then drop him or her
    on top of the pile of materials while the heathen is watching. Your villager
    will easily win the contest and impress the Heathen Master Builder so much that
    he'll join your tribe. He'll also give you the fourth and final piece of the
    Demolishing the Blocking Totem presents a unique challenge. First and foremost,
    only Master Builders have the knowledge needed to tear the totem apart. Second,
    most of the heathens will be piling rubble in front of the mausoleum, so you'll
    have quite a crowd with which to contend. Finally, the Blocking Totem is by far
    the sturdiest of the totems, and the heathens will try to repair it once your
    villagers start disassembling it. If you don't want them to undo all your hard
    work, you'll need to keep them at bay until the totem is completely destroyed.
    Speed, diligence, and manpower are of the utmost importance here.
    When you're ready to go after the totem, use Lightning Strike to drive the
    heathens into the jungle. Gather all of your Master Builders, drop them on top
    of the Blocking Totem, and make sure that your other villagers are distracting
    the heathens in the orange masks. Using Spawn Butterflies to surround them with
    a crowd of children is highly effective. Keep them distracted for as long as
    you can, and strike the rest of the heathens with lightning if they approach
    your Master Builders before their work is done.
    Dismantling the Blocking Totem grants your villagers access to the mausoleum.
    As soon as they finish clearing away the rubble, they'll have a place to bury
    their dead. They'll also have access to a pan, which is necessary to solve one
    of the final puzzles.
    H. The Hollow Totem
    Requirements: 6 children
    This is the only totem that adult villagers can't destroy. It's an inside job -
    quite literally - and only children are small enough to do it.
    You'll need six children to pull off the feat. Use Lightning Strike to clear
    out any heathens around the totem, then pick the children up and drop them on
    top of the totem in sequence. Once the sixth child crawls inside, the Hollow
    Totem will crumble and give your tribe access to the lake bed. It may not seem
    like much of a reward, but it's necessary to provide your villagers with all
    the food they need.
    I. Replenishing the Lake
    Requirements: 600 maximum energy
    Natural weather conditions can help you accomplish the first part of this task,
    but you'll need a lot of energy for the second. Your goal is to make it rain
    long enough to refill the lake. Two uses of Tempest will accomplish this, as
    will using Tempest immediately after a storm. Don't wait too long after the
    first storm subsides, or the lake bed will dry up again.
    When your energy has replenished, use Revive on the lake. The dead fish will be
    brought back to life, providing your tribe with an unlimited supply of food.
    Eat hearty!
    J. Restoring the Faith
    Requirements: Restored mausoleum, lit fire, collected all necklace pieces
    With all of the totems destroyed and the heathens scratching out a living in
    their dirt patch, you're ready to meet with their chief. See the pan by the
    mausoleum? Drop one of your villagers on top of it, and he or she will bring it
    to the bank of the river. Drop someone else on it to start panning for gold
    dust. It may take a few tries, but stick with it.
    As your villagers find gold dust, they'll store it in the clay pot. Find gold
    three times, and the pot will be full. Make sure the fire is blazing and drop a
    villager on top of the full pot to start smelting the gold. You'll soon have a
    sphere of gold that's perfectly sized to fit in the indentation in the totem to
    the northeast. Drop a villager on top of the sphere to give the totem a golden
    Placing the eye in the totem will reveal the Heathen Chief's woodland retreat.
    He isn't hostile, and he'll mumble something about his daughter if a villager
    approaches him. You'll have to show him the necklace to jog his memory. Drop a
    villager on top of the necklace pieces to assemble them, then drop the villager
    on the completed necklace to present it to the chief. Seeing the memento of his
    daughter will make him cast aside his mask and join your tribe, earning you a
    master of all six skills and a short ending movie.
    With the mystery of the heathens solved and their chief a firm believer in your
    villagers' ways, you'll be free to enlarge your tribe, pursue achievements,
    complete your collections, and convert the remaining heathens at your leisure.
    May your people live long and prosper!
    VII. Puzzles: A Quick Reference List
    The following is a list of all the game's puzzles and the ways to solve them.
    Puzzle #1: The Sick Heathen
    Description: Your villagers have cured a sick heathen, who has now joined the
    Solution: Have one of your villagers heal the Heathen Master Doctor.
    Puzzle #2: The Prison Break
    Description: Your villagers have torn down the flimsy bamboo fence and built a
    food bin from it. Now they have a place to store food.
    Solution: Have your villagers tear down the fence that surrounds them at the
    beginning of the game.
    Puzzle #3: The Hungry Totem
    Description: Your villagers have torn down an enemy totem. Now they can add
    noni fruit to their diet.
    Solution: Have your villagers tear down the totem by the noni patch.
    Puzzle #4: The Knowing Totem
    Description: Your villagers have torn down an enemy totem. They have gained
    access to the lab.
    Solution: Have your villagers tear down the totem by the laboratory.
    Puzzle #5: The Hydroponic Farm
    Description: Your villagers have restored an advanced hydroponic farm.
    Solution: Research Level 2 Construction, then have a Master Scientist direct
    your Builders as they repair the aqueduct by the field.
    Puzzle #6: The Buried Mausoleum
    Description: Your villagers have restored the mausoleum, and once again have a
    place to honor their dead.
    Solution: Have your villagers clear the rubble from the mausoleum entrance.
    Puzzle #7: The Blocking Totem
    Description: Your villagers have torn down an enemy totem. They can now dig out
    the mausoleum safely.
    Solution: Have your Master Builders tear down the totem by the mausoleum.
    Puzzle #8: The Hollow Totem
    Description: Your village children have broken an enemy totem. The lake is now
    part of the believers' domain.
    Solution: Have six children crawl inside the totem by the lake.
    Puzzle #9: The Heathen Builder
    Description: Your villagers have convinced the heathen builder to join the
    Solution: Use Time Warp on one of your Master Builders, then challenge the
    Heathen Master Builder to a building contest.
    Puzzle #10: The Lake
    Description: Fish! The lake is full of life once again, and your villagers have
    a regular source of food.
    Solution: Use Tempest twice, then use Revive on the lake.
    Puzzle #11: The Pain Totem
    Description: Your villagers have torn down an enemy totem. They have gained
    access to a healing area.
    Solution: Use Lightning Strike on the totem by the hospital, then have your
    villagers tear it down.
    Puzzle #12: The Rainbow Totem
    Description: Your villagers have torn down an enemy totem. The warm springs are
    now theirs to enjoy.
    Solution: Complete the clothing hut, then have your villagers pour yellow and
    red dye in the hot springs and tear down the nearby totem.
    Puzzle #13: The Heathen Scientist
    Description: Your villagers have convinced the heathen scientist to join the
    Solution: Research Level 2 Science, then have one of your Master Scientists
    solve the Heathen Master Scientist's proof three times.
    Puzzle #14: The Tribute Statue
    Description: Your villagers have sculpted a grand statue! This will maximize
    accumulation of divine energy.
    Solution: Research Level 3 Spirituality, then complete the third modification
    to the statue.
    Puzzle #15: The Blind Totem
    Description: Your villagers have reactivated this peculiar totem. Your vision
    in this area is restored!
    Solution: Use the pan to find gold dust three times. Smelt the gold in the fire
    to make a golden eye, then have one of your villagers place it in the
    indentation in the totem.
    Puzzle #16: The Heathen Chief
    Description: Your villagers have finally convinced the Heathen Chief to join
    their cause!
    Solution: Have one of your villagers assemble the four parts of the necklace
    and bring it to the Heathen Chief.
    VIII. Questions & Answers
    Q: Why a Virtual Villagers 5 FAQ?
    A: It hadn't been done yet, and I enjoyed playing through the game.
    Q: This game is boring! All my villagers do is wander around like idiots!
    A: That's not a question, and you're missing the point. The game runs even when
    you're not playing it, so all you need to do is give your villagers a task and
    then stop playing for a while. They'll continue to work on it until you resume
    the game and give them a new task.
    Q: This game is too fast/slow!
    A: That's still not a question, and you can change the speed in the Options
    Q: You used all the wrong gender pronouns for the heathens! What are you, a
    complete idiot?
    A: Like the sexes of your villagers, the sexes of the heathens are determined
    randomly. I used the appropriate gender pronouns for the heathens I saw when I
    first played through the game; the ones you encounter in your game may vary.
    Q: Why can't I find scientific equipment?
    A: It won't start appearing until you destroy the Knowing Totem. Besides, it
    wouldn't do you any good to collect it before you could access the laboratory.
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I've crapped out better FAQs than this!
    A: As soon as you find a way to upload excrement, you should post your wondrous
    creation for all to see.
    Q: I posted my FAQ, and everyone I know thinks it's better than yours! Your FAQ
    really DOES suck!
    A: Congratulations! I am in awe of your superior FAQ-writing skills! Now go
    Q: This is the best FAQ I've ever read! You're a genius and a god among men,
    and I want to know more about you so that I can immortalize you!
    A: Yeah, I get that a lot. My contact info's listed below.
    Q: <insert some question that has nothing to do with Virtual Villagers 5 or the
    FAQ here>
    A: See the second sentence of my previous answer.
    IX. Special Thanks
    I would like to thank...
    ...Last Day of Work, for creating the Virtual Villagers series.
    ...the Big Fish Games forum, for hinting at how to complete the Heathen Master
    Builder's challenge.
    ...the Virtual Villagers 5 Answers page on GameFAQs, for confirming my theory
    about replenishing the lake.
    ...JCrichton (jcrichtonfs1@yahoo.com), for telling me that the heathens in the
    orange masks only move as fast as the villager they're chasing.
    ...Cameron Fix (cameronfix13@gmail.com), for the tips about pausing the game
    when having children pick up collectibles, turning the clock forward, and
    including a villager who likes running in the initial group.
    ...GameFAQs, for posting this FAQ.
    ...IGN, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Neoseeker, for posting this FAQ.
    ...Super Cheats, for posting this FAQ.
    ...you, for reading this FAQ.
    X. Contacting Me
    If you want to get in touch with me, send an e-mail to the following address:
    Be sure to replace [at] and [dot] with the appropriate symbols, and put the
    word "FAQ" in the subject line of your e-mail to ensure that it doesn't wind up
    in my spam folder. I check my e-mail every day, so you should receive a reply
    quickly in most cases. I happily accept praise, corrections, and constructive
    criticism, and will give you credit for any information you share with me that
    I decide to add to the FAQ. Rude, crass, or incomprehensible e-mails will be
    ignored or mercilessly ridiculed as my mood dictates, so keep your e-mails
    clear and polite if you want me to respond in kind.
    I also use Skype and various IM clients occasionally. If you want my contact
    information, ask for it via e-mail.
    Happy gaming!

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