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Reviewed: 04/01/00 | Updated: 04/01/00

Tomb Raider clone in fantasy setting? Sweet!

Sick of Lara this, Lara that? Here's another adventure game with a babe for you to control. This time, her name's Rynn, and she's almost as good as Lara. This action adventure game is also as good as the Tomb Raider games themselves.

In the world of Drakan, their history has been full of fights between man and dragon. Then, using some contraption by the name of the Dragonstone, they where able to create a pact and keep peace in the land. The ones who enforced this and spread the word around were none other than the Order of the Flame. Of course, nothing's happy forever, and the ''dark'' mages, dark magic, and other annoyances have appeared, and it's up to Rynn, and her dragon (Arokh) to save the day.

The graphics are supberb, with brilliant lighting and texture detail. The controls, however, are probably the best ''aspect'' of the game. Almost like Heretic 2, it includes mouselook so that if you hate your view, you can easily change it. There's also the adventure must-have controls, e.g run, jump, duck, roll over, pose for the camera, etc.

There's plenty of weapons Rynn can arm herself with as well, ranging from swords, to huge clubs, and bows. However, as in System Shock 2, there's the annoying but realistic inclusion of weapon degradation. I guess some of you will get annoyed.

Cons? The AI is a bit dodgy. They're programmed to attack whenever you get within a certain range, so that means no sneaking up. Also, attacking in confined spaces is, well, a bitch, as if you get stuck in a corner, it's quite, quite hard to work your way out.

Overall, it's a much better game than the too ''try-hard'' Indiana Jones and Prince of Persia 3D, so check it out. Oh, and she can rival Lara in the looks department. Now that's a character.

Rating: 8

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