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by Tsuruke

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Impatience of a Saint Page Locations by Tsuruke

Updated: 02/21/14

Impatience of a Saint Quest

*Locations of Jiub's Opus pages -- Inside the Soul Cairn
Page 1- When you come to the "gate" (separating the entrance to the soul cairn from the entrance to the Boneyard) with steps to pass to the other side, dont pass them, go to the right against the wall and there will be another stairway, Walk up it and you will see a page.
Page 2- Near the broken Dragon wall near where the entrance to the Boneyard. Come out of the Boneyard and make a right, you will see an entrance with a Broken Dragon wall with a chest and the 2nd page on the floor.
Page 3- North-West of the hole in the big wall. The southside of the wall, there is an entrance to a building and another small area, its is located there.
Page 4- Almost exactly west of page 7. Exit boneyard, Head Southeast (left), follow the wall up the stairs there will be a page in front of chest.
Page 5- Left of jiub when he is sitting down by the dead fire pit, near a stone well with a spirit whisp circling around the well itself.
Page 6- South (and a little west) of the "gate" (that bridges the 1st area and 2nd area). Inside a Mini Building (with 4 entrances) Visibly seen looking south when standing on the steps of the gate. Page 6 is located in front of a chest, on the floor, guarded by "sleeping" a Mistman.
Page 7- South of where you fight the East tower Boneyard Keeper, on a raised platform with a kind of pedestal in the middle.
Page 8- Behind the gate at the very beginning of the soul cairn which you must open by casting magic or shooting arrows, at the glowing orbs on either side.
Page 9- Is in a maze-like building area in the upper part of the map. You'll know it's the right building if it has a bunch of square, winding "hallways." You have to take a portal to the roof of the building, where the page is.
Page 10- Is on top of a barrel by the soul husk merchants cart, located on your right, right as you walk through the giant wall from the entrance of the soul cairn.