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by StuckInMyPants

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Dead Thrall FAQ by StuckInMyPants

Version: Final | Updated: 10/28/18



Some NPCs named in the sections below are part of the story. Some sections describing said NPCs, quests, or areas are also spoilers.

Special Thanks To GameFAQs user masterpug53. Your helpful information and posts on thralls inspired me to create this FAQ.

Also Thanks To:

  • GameFAQs user Cast_Supremacy for bringing Rigel to my attention.
  • GameFAQs user metatrongrhm1 for:
    • Correction of thralls possible enchantments
    • Correction regarding any enchanted pieces affecting the Dark Souls perk, not just Fortify Health.
    • Idea about noting any special loot that respawns on thralls.
  • GameFAQs user David for an absolute ton of great suggestions and feedback.
  • GameFAQs users Smackdowner1, carl8000, IamI3rian, for finding permanent items, and especially thekosmicfool for the big amount of work for finding and testing the permanency of items for the Permanent Corpse Exploit.
  • UESP for a ton of helpful information. All NPC stats came from here, as well as pretty much anything else you'd want to know. Check it out when you get a chance. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Skyrim
  • GameFAQs for the great website!