1. Ray Arnett Additional Animation
  2. Dave Schreiber Additional Audio
  3. Liz Beetem Additional Character Art
  4. Massive Black Additional Character Art
  5. Hiu Lai Chong Additional Character Art
  6. Lucas Hardi Additional Character Art
  7. Liz Rapp Additional Effects
  8. Gabrielle Adams Additional Environment Art
  9. Alex Schwartz-Rudd Additional Environment Art
  10. Christopher Zdana Additional Environment Art
  11. Istvan Pely Additional Graphic Design
  12. Markus Alind Additional Programmer
  13. Magnus Auvinen Additional Programmer
  14. Ken Cockerham Additional Programmer
  15. Chris Dayle Additional Programmer
  16. Chris Esko Additional Programmer
  17. Jim Kjellin Additional Programmer
  18. Andrew Meggs Additional Programmer
  19. Matt Daniels Additional Quest Design & Writing
  20. Nate Ellis Additional Quest Design & Writing
  21. Brian Robb AI Programmer
  22. Jay Woodward AI Programmer
  23. Jeremy Bryant Animation
  24. Jangjoon Cha Animation
  25. Lianne Cruz Animation
  26. Gary Noonan Animation
  27. Juan Sanchez Animation
  28. Alex Utting Animation
  29. Ricardo Vicens Animation
  30. Mark Lampert Audio Director
  31. Ben Carnow Character Art
  32. Charles Kim Character Art
  33. Jonah Lobe Character Art
  34. Dennis Mejillones Character Art
  35. Dane Olds Character Art
  36. Yan Qin Character Art
  37. Kurti Kuhlmann Co-Lead Designer
  38. Adam Adamowicz Concept Art
  39. Ray Lederer Concept Art
  40. Todd Howard Director
  41. Andy Barron Environment Art
  42. Ryan Salvatore Environment Art
  43. Megan Sawyer Environment Art
  44. Todd Howard Game Designer
  45. David DiAngelo Gameplay Programmer
  46. Joseph DiAngelo Gameplay Programmer
  47. Steve Meister Gameplay Programmer
  48. Dan Teitel Gameplay Programmer
  49. Craig Walton Gameplay Programmer
  50. Jonathan Bilodeau Graphics Programmer
  51. Paul Graber Graphics Programmer
  52. Jeff Sheiman Graphics Programmer
  53. Orin Tresnjaka Graphics Programmer
  54. Natalia Smirnova Interface Art
  55. Ricardo Gonzalez Interface Programmer
  56. Ahn Hopgood Lead AI Programmer
  57. Josh Jones Lead Animator
  58. Matthew Carofano Lead Artist
  59. Christiane H. K. Meister Lead Character Artist
  60. Bruce Nesmith Lead Designer
  61. Noah Berry Lead Environment Art
  62. Scott Franke Lead Graphics Programmer
  63. Erik Deitrick Lead Interface Programmer
  64. Jeff Browne Lead Level Designer
  65. Craig Lafferty Lead Producer
  66. Guy Carver Lead Programmer
  67. Brett Douville Lead System Programmer
  68. Daryl Brigner Level Design
  69. Joel Burgess Level Design
  70. Steve Cornett Level Design
  71. Ryan Jenkins Level Design
  72. Andrew Langlois Level Design
  73. Justin Shcram Level Design
  74. Angela Browder Producer
  75. Kevin Kauffman Producer
  76. Nathan X McDyer Producer
  77. Phil Nelson Producer
  78. Emily Sears Production Assistant
  79. Ashley Cheng Production Director
  80. Brian Chapin Quest Design & Writing
  81. Jon Paul Duvall Quest Design & Writing
  82. Shane Liesegang Quest Design & Writing
  83. Alan Nanes Quest Design & Writing
  84. William Shen Quest Design & Writing
  85. Emil Pagliarulo Senior Designer & Writer
  86. Jeff Gardiner Senior Producer
  87. Tim Lamb Senior Producer
  88. Grant Struthers Special Effects
  89. Mark Teare Special Effects
  90. Ryan Ashford System Programmer
  91. Shannon Bailey System Programmer
  92. Joel Dinolt System Programmer
  93. Mike Dulany System Programmer
  94. Jason Hammett System Programmer
  95. Mat Krohn System Programmer
  96. Ryan Lea System Programmer
  97. Mike Lipari System Programmer
  98. Jeff Lundin System Programmer
  99. Christopher Rodriguez System Programmer
  100. Jean Simonet System Programmer
  101. Charles Marinet Voice actor: Parrthurnax
  102. Cory Edwards World Art
  103. Tony Greco World Art
  104. Daniel T. Lee World Art
  105. Nate Purkeypile World Art
  106. Rashad Redic World Art
  107. Ryan Sears World Art
  108. Clara Struthers World Art
  109. Rafael Vargas World Art
  110. Robert Wisnewski World Art


Data and credits for this game contributed by Barbara", Blk_Mage_Ctype, Fossil, nsplayer, and oliist.

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