How can I fix "This save relies on content that is no longer present"?

  1. um bit of a problem, im using vortext, i installed and then uninstalled a mod without starting the game and now i cant go to solstheim. the dawnguard, dragonborn, Hearthfire bsa and esm files are still there so idk what to do. (i did get the special edition off g2a if that has anything to do with it)

    User Info: dsfgxfgrsthdyj

    dsfgxfgrsthdyj - 3 weeks ago

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  1. If you're also running other mods beyond the official ones, it's possible the installation/uninstallation of the mod mentioned has put things out of order. Check your list of save games in Vortex, it will tell you what mods were saved with them, as well as what order they're in. If you have to manually adjust load order, there's an icon in line with each mod you can click on, and you can drag that to whichever mod you want it to load after, or before, and get options to determine from there. It's easy enough to look up in Vortex, if you need help.

    User Info: KZadBhat420

    KZadBhat420 - 3 weeks ago 9   0
  2. Just another reason I still prefer to have all my games on disc, and not on Steam or Vortex or anywhere else. If something goes wonky (and it will), you can easily erase it all and start anew... and there is less chance of files getting corrupted in the first place. This is especially important in older games like Skyrim, which has always been buggy.

    User Info: Tickledpuppy

    Tickledpuppy - 3 weeks ago
  3. On Steam you can refresh your files, that is, have it redownload and bring it to original status. Vortex . . . Vortex doesn't even handle the game itself, only the mods, and it handles them in a way that it's easy to remove them and bring everything back to fresh state. Vortex doesn't even place the mod files into the game directory, but rather just hard links them.

    Basically, that whole spiel is god damn ignorant.

    User Info: KZadBhat420

    KZadBhat420 - 3 weeks ago

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