Why does my sword knock enemies down doing no damage over and over again, did I over enchant it?

  1. Ok, so I am starting to wonder if I may have over-enchanted my sword. Half of the time it just knocks them on their ass, and they keep coming, registering no damage. The other half of the time it kills outright.
    Nordic Sword (Legendary)
    Dmg: 447 +873
    Absorb 42 points of health.
    If target dies within 21 seconds fills a soul gem.
    Burns the target for 12 points, targets on fire take extra damage.
    Target takes 267 points of frost damage to health & stamina.
    Chance to paralyze target for 2 seconds.
    If target dies within 2 seconds fills a soul gem.
    Chance to paralyze target for 8 seconds.

    User Info: DrengrHundr

    DrengrHundr - 1 week ago
  2. It's possible your mods are causing strange interactions. Scripts do not always behave predictably in Skyrim.

    User Info: KZadBhat420

    KZadBhat420 - 5 days ago


  1. With that damage output, you should be able to oneshot anything even on Legendary difficulty.
    When you don't, it's most likely due to the superbugged paralize enchant glitching out.

    I'd suggest you to create a new weapon without that enchant and see if you still have problems dealing damage.
    And, if you don't want to kill your enemies in one blow, you have to drastically lower those stats. How much you need to lower depends on the difficulty you play with.

    User Info: Sage5

    Sage5 - 1 day ago 0   0
  2. Of course, it goes without saying that it could just be a mod problem.
    What I wrote above is what could be the cause in a non-modded save or a modded save with no mod conflict.

    User Info: Sage5

    Sage5 - 1 day ago

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