Where's some good early game gear?

  1. I’ve just started the game, and right now I’m at the quest where I’m supposed to talk to the Greybeards, and I’m at the town about halfway up the mountain (I can’t remember the name). Currently, I’m playing a warrior. Where’s some good gear that I could get now or soon?

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    SinjinG - 3 weeks ago
  2. Honestly? Just look up some stuff to craft on your own when you fell like taking it easy and not risking your life. Its really easy to level up off crafting and it doesnt take long until crafted items far surpass anything you can get. Combine that with enchanting and its not even close and you dont even need the crazy exploits to make great items

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    EVILCAP - 2 days ago

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  1. Here is one I like, or two, that I found on the Steam forums:
    All you have to do is pay 250 gold to get to Solstheim at any level.

    Once in Solstheim, head out of town from the exit near the docks and proceed down the road.

    You will come across someone fighting three ash spawn.

    There is one Redoran Guard laying dead on the ground. Loot his body and obtain a set of Bonemold Armor, an Elven Sword, and Elven Bow.

    Just remember to save your game before exiting town and do not fight the ash spawn. They will kill you in one or two hits. Also do not go to sleep or explore any of the large glowing stones with people around them, as it may start the Dragonborn questline.

    Instead let the guy fighting them fight until he goes into bleedout, then the ash spawn will chase you. Lure them back to town, but don't get to far ahead of them and let the Redoran guards finish them off for you.

    Make sure to loot the ash spawn bodies for a note, if you read the note it will start a quest. I usually wait until much later to read it. If y ou don't loot them for the note you may loose the quest when they despawn.

    Also while in Raven Rock, speak to Glover Mallory and obtain his Ancient Nordic pickaxe, but do not return it to him. Instead keep it and use it to mine with as the pick axe is a quest item until you return it and will be weightless until you do.


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    chaoyun2k (Expert) - 3 weeks ago 3   1
  2. Best to try and do Crescius Caerellius mission in Raven Rock mine before getting the pick axe other wise you will have to lose it's quest item status to finish this quest as you will only be able to ask about the pickaxe and not the mission in the mine.

    User Info: Olld-Onne

    Olld-Onne - 3 weeks ago


  1. Valdr's Lucky Dagger is an excellent weapon that can be gained very early on even in the vanilla game.

    If you head to Moss Mother Cavern, located southeast of Rorikstead, you can meet an injured Nord named Valdr. If you patch him up and see him through his task, you can get his lucky dagger, which has a 25% chance of dealing critical damage. Further, since the effect is not considered an enchantment, you can use it with the "Elemental Fury" shout, which improves its DPS even more.

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    hylianarmy - 2 weeks ago 1   0
  2. You can get the quest for the undead-busting Dawnbreaker sword as early as level 10, and if you're playing the PC version of the game, you can even exploit a glitch to duplicate the weapon by sneaking over and setting off a Scroll of Firestorm right behind the quest target.

    User Info: Storm_Walker

    Storm_Walker - 5 days ago 0   0

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