How do I switch to keyboard POV?

  1. Not sure if this is the right topic for this question but here goes. I'm new to the PC version of Skyrim, I always played on Xbox 360. I want to get a controller for the PC I can connect to it, or an actual mouse. But right now, for the time being, I'm stuck with the touchpad mouse and it can get really annoying trying to move and look around at the same time. I have to stop moving to look around. Does anyone know any way to fix this, or any way to switch to keyboard controls to look around? Thanks!

    User Info: AJSkyeWolf

    AJSkyeWolf - 10 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You _may_ have to go into your laptop control settings to enable the touchpad and keyboard to operate at the same time. The game should treat the touchpad just like a mouse, so you should be able to go into the game options and configure keyboard + mouse.

    Or go to Walmart and get a mouse for $8 - $20 dollars.

    User Info: Evil_Geoff

    Evil_Geoff (Expert) - 10 months ago 1   0

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