How do I get the "Level up" to stop showing on my Skyrim screen when the character is loaded?

  1. I actually have the answer for this, and it has to do with NVIDIA Control Panel/GeForce Experience Program(s). I loaded Skyrim about to play on my character only to find the level up on every of my previous saves. Then I defragged, dis a disk cleanup, etc. Then, I checked out my time and about 2 hours later, I noticed that on the NVIDIA control panel logo, it looked like a black ! with a yellow background to it, so I hovered over it and it told me I had an updated available. Went to the GeForce Experience Program, loaded it up, installed the update (requires a restart when completed.) Went back to Skyrim, and the level up is no longer there.

    User Info: SGT_Smash

    SGT_Smash - 1 week ago

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