Illusion magic useless?

  1. I really want to play an illusion mage for my next playthrough but, if I remember correctly illusion magic always only affected level 5/10/mayybe level 15 or something max. So how am I supposed to use illusion if it won't work on any enemy after 5 hours of playing ? Is illusion just that useless for end game ? (Like i wanna Calm a dragon priest for example but..? How do I make illusion spells stronger? Does fortify illusion do anything maybe?

    User Info: Rayyy

    Rayyy - 1 month ago
  2. Fortify illusion only reduce the cost for using illusion spells

    User Info: DARKALDUIN

    DARKALDUIN - 1 month ago
  3. No. illusion magic is one of the most useful forms of magic moves.

    User Info: Veiyer989

    Veiyer989 - 53 minutes ago

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  1. How to make illusion work best requires a bit of set up.

    You need to have literally all perks in Illusion skill tree minus the cost ones for levels of spells if you intend to reduce the cost. The dual cast perk is your biggest asset as it increases the level affected combined with the expert versions of the spell should allow you to control pretty much anything with ease.

    You can also become a vampire which will grant even higher levels affected by your illusion spells. In turn if you also take the necromage perk it will further increase undead affected such as Dragon Priests.

    Note that potions of illusion affect the level as well but should not be needed once you have all of the above active. You will need conjuration for Dragons as they are not affected by illusion period but with enough cost reduction you should be able to conjure something to help with them such as Storm Atronachs.

    User Info: Olld-Onne

    Olld-Onne - 1 month ago 6   1


  1. Creating an end game level illusion mage tho . . . sounds cool, but, in my opinion there really wasn't any part of the game where a maxed out illusion mage would shine (with the exception of the vampire character like said above). Using the DragonBorn DLC skill remapping ability would probably save some time, just blow throught the game the quickest and then transform the player character. Mainly, it's best for clearing crowds if you want to empty Skyrim in a hands off, Sheograth kind of way, but without murder being the main form of come uppance, yeah, it's mostly useless.

    User Info: papercut1x4

    papercut1x4 - 1 month ago 1   0
  2. Illusion may be the most efficient way to exploit the legendary system in the game if you want to max every perk. The master level spell harmony can level illusion from 15-100 in about 3 casts with a dense enough town and 100% fortified illusion to make it free.

    User Info: 1cody

    1cody - 2 weeks ago 1   0
  3. Illusion can be useful with mods, particularly with one called "Ordinator".

    User Info: TheNextAvatar4

    TheNextAvatar4 - 1 month ago 1   1
  4. All magic is useless without heavy investment. Illusion just happens to be highly situational when it's useful on top of this.

    User Info: s_dubs

    s_dubs - 2 weeks ago 0   0
  5. Gotta say... I doubted the user who said Illusion Master spell harmony is the best to quickly gain infinite levels... but decided to max Illusion next. Did so... and wow. Casting Harmony in a place like Whiterun Market Square (during day) wil shoot Illusion from 15 to roughly 70 in ONE cast. It is so crazily broken but really really fun. Grinding for all perk points for perks takes insanely long ANY other way. Therefore despite being broken, if you want all perks, this is by far the best way.

    Credit to that user. Thanks!

    User Info: MaxStar360

    MaxStar360 - 12 hours ago 0   0
  6. Even the masters of illusion sometimes use other spells. You cannot just use illusions because they do no damage. So how to you want to kill a dragon when you don't use destruction?
    if you have all illusion perks you can use illusion spells on undead and daedra, even dwarven machines. But if you be able to calm a dragon priest, one of the strongest enemies in the skyrim, the game will be so easy and boring: you just calm anyone and kill them with an iron dagger.
    I played as a wizard in my first account and finished the college storyline. My third account was a necromancer. The only school of magic that can be used without other schools is destruction. But it's still hard to only use destruction.

    If you are playing on pc you can use this command to improve your illusion spells:
    Player.modav illusionpowermod ###

    Put a number instead of ###. Default is 0 so if you put 100 instead of # your illusion spells will be twice as strong.
    Just practice them in the college and then use this command to slightly increase their power:)

    User Info: DARKALDUIN

    DARKALDUIN - 1 month ago 3   4
  7. Illusion is there to improve all other skills in a nutshell, If you truly want an illusion-mage build sneak is the only option as a normal route.

    User Info: convertedcreme2

    convertedcreme2 - 1 month ago 1   2
  8. Illusion also hgives you the ability to sprint while invisible and inaudible, meaning you can choose when and if to engage which is useful for most builds

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 1 month ago 1   3
  9. You can also both extend spell life and reduce cost with the illusion specific scrolls you can get from the librarian

    User Info: Lockeadon

    Lockeadon - 1 month ago

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