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  1. Hi there!
    I have a problem with my Skyrim version. It looks like a common problem, but it is not because I don't use any mods, but this came out all of a sudden anyway: I can't interact with a NPC. It has already happened for the quest ".. With friends like this" but I thought it was an isolated case and I went through it by cheats. Now it's happening with Lisbet, in Markarth, with apparently no reason behind.

    Can anyone help me out? I don't have any kind of mod, but simply the game with all the expansions.

    Please, let me know.

    User Info: MrFrank

    MrFrank - 4 months ago


  1. "Can't interact" means what, exactly?

    You get no "E" to interact with them when facing them in close range?

    You get the "E" but only limited dialog options not related to your quest?


    Also - some basic information about your computer specs, and which version of Skyrim (Not base game +DLC, but the version number).

    Which quest are you doing that you need to interact with Lisbet?

    User Info: Evil_Geoff

    Evil_Geoff (Expert) - 4 months ago 0   0

  2. Hello? Knock-knock?

    I can't try to answer your question without that additional information.

    User Info: Evil_Geoff

    Evil_Geoff (Expert) - 4 months ago 0   0

  3. Oh you playing it on PC, just know the code of that quest. Type in the command the codes for finishing it up(search the commands for skyrim). Or if you dont want to do that, download the unofficial patch. I hope I help ya

    User Info: x-001

    x-001 - 2 months ago 0   0

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