I'm torn.... I don't know if I should get Skyrim Special Edition or Elder Scrolls Online.. What should I get?

  1. Which game is better?

    User Info: LadyMiraak

    LadyMiraak - 1 year ago

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  1. You just asked the equivalent of "I'm torn... I don't know if I should get the chicken or the fish? Which is better?"

    "Better" is an entirely subjective_opinion_. Some people will have a definite preference for the chicken, some will tell you the fish is better. It's a matter of what suits your taste and play style.

    Special Ed is essentially the single player Skyrim experience with an upgraded engine and graphics.
    ESO is an MMO - with a boatload of players, guilds, factions, etc. Essentially it's WOW in Skyrim, with alll the pros and cons that come with MMOs.

    Me personally? I have been pretty much turned off of MMO's because every time I play one, I end up getting jacked around by other players. Once, I was on vacation, offline about 10 days. Logged in to find out my guild had up and moved, en mass, to a new server. I never got an official notice from the guildmaster or senior characters, just found a couple of notes left for me by one of the cooler guys asking where I was and referencing "you're going to miss the jump in a couple of days" in one and "We're jumping tomorrow at noon, see you on the other side!". I had no idea what server they moved to and I wasn't going to go random server hopping to try to find them...

    But I have friends who swear by their ESO or WOW, or Warhammer, or EVE Online, or Secret Worlds guilds/teams, and go on about how great their buds are and the game is.

    If I feel a sudden urge for interaction/co-op/team play? I'll pick up a rando game of Counter Strike, TF2, or maybe Dungeon Defenders. Something that is pure shoot'em up with no character advancement or attachment.

    It boils down to this: If you want the multiplayer interaction then run with ESO. If you prefer solo play, get SE.

    User Info: Evil_Geoff

    Evil_Geoff (Expert) - 1 year ago 2   0

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