How can i bind my side mouse keys on skyrim?

  1. I have a dragonwar GKM-001 KEYBOARD & MOUSE COMBO SET that i bought recently. i used the provided driver app to bind mouse key 4 and 5 to [z](shout) and [tab](menu). they work normally on the system(z and tab work on notepad when i use the keys) but it does not work on skyrim. is there any update/mod/fix/workaround available that will make it work? any help appreciated.
    ps. i searched a lot for the answer. most people keep saying to use the driver.(but i am using it) and binds the buttons to keyboard keys(i did) but it isnt working. The only other answers were about hotkeys to favorites (which i dont need)

    User Info: ColonD

    ColonD - 3 years ago


  1. If you go into the Skyrim in game control menu, you can click the current button for the shout and menu and remap them by pressing the buttons you want after. Hope this helps!

    User Info: Jolster

    Jolster - 3 years ago 0   4

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