Will having a high pickpocket level early make my game harder ?

  1. I was playing skyrim recently and i chose to make a new "sneaky thief" like character. I came to riverwood and began to take jewels and gold from people's pockets. It was so satisfying when i grabbed something without the guy catching me, that i didin't ever realise that my pickpochet level raised to 50 and i was rewarded with 4-6 levels. The problem is, that when you level up, the monsters and bandits do so too. My combat skills are around 30 one-handed and maybe 25 block. Do i have to make a new character, or it's possible to raise my combat skills before the enemies begin to kick my ass ?

    User Info: EggZekutor

    EggZekutor - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. This is not Oblivion, where doing this could seriously screw you over. Skyrim does not infinitely level enemies with your character level, but simply applies your level to a range which is assigned to any given dungeon or area.

    In other words, a particular dungeon may be assigned to be L15-25. If you enter this dungeon very early in the game, say, L5, then this will be a very hard dungeon to get through, since the game will try to scale everything to your level, but the lowest it can get is L15. On the other hand, if you enter this dungeon at L35, itll be a walk in the park since nothing poses a serious threat to you.

    Basically, just keep playing and retreat if an area seems to difficult. Find some more low-level dungeons to train your combat skills and return later.

    On a side note you may want to rethink your build, though. Sneaky characters dont really go around with swords and shields, they usually go with a bow and perhaps a dagger for some sneaky throat-slashing. You can pull off the combination of frontal assault plus sneak thief, but it will not be the easiest build to get going since the two skill sets dont really complement each other.

    User Info: Seal64

    Seal64 (Expert) - 3 years ago 0   0

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