How to remove visual effect of spell/active effect?

  1. gfhgvbdhwjnf dammit I used the wabba ability (visual effect) thinking it was the wabbajack as a spell like flames saved a lonngggg time ago (no saves no without effect active) and just noticed how ugly it is in third person (will ruin screenshots) tried player.dispelallspells (nothing not even buffs from armor or race went away) and player.removespell how do I get rid of it x.x (I was going to try to use it to fix another glitch I'm having <.<" 2 of my 5 housecarls refuse to wear clothes/armor at all after leaveing home and going back and all 5 have same armor, I heard hitting the nudists with wabbajack can turn into animals temp and would fix it, was doing that because my wabbajack staff doesn't work with a mod I have) I saw it in concel command thinking it was a spell (that's how I found it)

    User Info: PrinPrin

    PrinPrin - 3 years ago

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