Why does weaponspeedmult not catch up and how can I fix it?

  1. Here's the situation: I have both the quick shot and dual flurry perks wich are supposed to chance the weaponspeedmult to 1.30 and 1.35 when using a bow or dual wielding. I used the console command player.getav weaponspeedmult to check this. This normally works fine, however when I started tempering my weapons (legendary status) I encountered some problems the game had with catching up. If I switched from a twohander (legendary) to a bow (legendary) the speed remained 0.00. Likewise if the speed was 1.30 with the same bow equipped and I switched back to the same twohander the speed remained 1.30. The speed only resets when I fast travel or switch to an untempered weapon or staff. Merely unequiping weapons doesn't seem to work either.
    On the subject of dual flurry: If I want to dual wield daggers (both legendary) the speed would remain 0.00 until fast travel after which it would update to 1.35. Changing a piece of armor also seems to reset the value.
    This is quite annoying and I haven't been able to pinpoint if one of the mods I use is responsible for this. I'm using a lot of them to be honest but none of them edit the archery or onehanded perk tree.

    User Info: Zeus9001

    Zeus9001 - 4 years ago

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