Reset AFT causes CTD - Help?

  1. So I have been trying to fix INPC's Zora. After marrying her (which I have to use the console commane "setstage dialoguezora 20" in order to even get the proper "...I love you..." dialogue to marry her) she simply stops responding to AFT Group Commands.

    (In fact, Unless I "kill her" she wont even respond to regular individual AFT commands. They dont even come up as options. But if I "kill her" she resets, and I can at least give her individual commands. But she still does not respond to the Group Command Menu)

    So I decided to try AFT Reset. It starts the process. But then after reseting one follower, it simply CTD.
    So I went back in, dismissed my followers, tried AFT Reset again, this time it was able to reset two followers, but then CTD.

    How do I get it to reset?

    (Also, yes, I have the AFT patch for INPC's)

    User Info: HawkSkyrim

    HawkSkyrim - 4 years ago

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