ENB Grainy/Grid effect (most noticeable on shadows)?

  1. So I just recently decided to shift my mods from NMM to MO. I had been using the RealVision ENB through NMM using the injector version ENB since I have a laptop with Optimus. Everything was good and dandy.

    Now that I am using MO, the wrapper version ENB is more compatible and I believe I got it working with Optimus. But that's just a side note.

    So, now when I load RealVision through MO (to test I only load RealVision), I get a nice grainy/grid thing going on. It is most prevalent on shadows. I have Googled this over and over again and edited my enblocal.ini and skyrimprefs.ini and fumbled around with the ENB in-game settings but I can't seem to figure it out.

    I am relatively new to using ENBs and I'm sorry there can't be any pics.. so yeah, any help getting rid of this grainy effect would be appreciated.

    User Info: slouching_carp

    slouching_carp - 4 years ago

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