What is the best strategy for (Archery vs Destruction)?

  1. I am creating a character that is a necromancer/hunter. I want to include the destruction and archery tree, but my character will be too diverse. Archery my character will be using the bound bow, but I wanna include destruction as well but they are both ranged attacks which do you believe is best. The Bound Bow or destruction.

    User Info: Jaybell98

    Jaybell98 - 6 years ago

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  1. The answer to this question depends on your approach to the game. Are you the sneaky type that lets undead summons/conjurations tank for you while you hide and snipe? Or, do you want to be a supportive caster that uses meat shields? As far as I've read online, the bound bow is affected by archery and sneak perks. IMO, I would go with the former option because knee shots are hilarious, magicka becomes less of an issue (unless you are like me and reduce the magicka cost to 0 through enchanting equipment), and you can't sneak with spells (unless you get the silent casting perk in the illusion tree). Now, looking at the necromancer/hunter idea, I would think that archery is a better option. If it were me, hell, I would probably use a real bow because I could improve and enchant it. Whether you would want to use a bound bow or real bow is up to you. My preference between destruction and the bound bow would be the bound bow, given the options you have presented. I hope this helps :D

    User Info: Shadow4jx

    Shadow4jx - 6 years ago 1   0

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