How I controll my character to get different killcam results?

  1. Anyone know how to control which killcam / finisher you get?

    I've been trying to do the choke hold / neck snap one for ages now and all I get is the suplex, I tried lots of things to change the outcome (like holding different buttons, standing still, moving forwards/backwards/sideways etc) and plenty of other people seem to be able to do them on command.

    By holding different buttons when using my werewolf i can pick what killcam I get but all I EVER get with other is characters a random one, unless its an unarmed attack then I get the suplex 100% of the time.

    Any ideas?

    User Info: Son_Of_Mowgef

    Son_Of_Mowgef - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can't actually control your killcam/finisher. It's just a 50-50% chance to get killcam/finisher.
    It's a matter of what weapon you have on your hand and what stance your on.
    To change your percentage,go to console command (press the ~ button)
    and type "set KillMoveRandom to 100" with no apostrophe, this will change your killcam/finisher to 100%

    Hope this helps

    User Info: gigagreymonx

    gigagreymonx - 7 years ago 0   0

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