SkyUi not working?

  1. I have a cracked version of Skyrim and I installed the latest SkyUi ( 2.2) via the nexus mod manager and everything seemed to be good. I also installed the SKSE and in-game it is running, but the UI doesn't change and stays the same and I don't know what the problem is, any ideas? SenorOrgazmo - 9 years ago
  2. Oh, my Skyrim version is and maybe it has something to do with my Skyrim being in another language, but in the Skyrim launcher there is a button ' Files ' which shows active updates/content in which I have dawnguard dlc and a box next to it ticked which works perfectly fine, apparently SkyUi is supposed to be shown there which it isn't. SenorOrgazmo - 9 years ago


  1. Ugh, you knee-jerk anti-pirates are annoying. Is it too much work to actually google his damn question and find a real answer? Neither of you ass hats actually appear to have EVER added more than 2 mods to your Skyrim, if that is really ALL the answer you had to a modding question. Even right off the top of your head.

    Go to the Nexus Forums and start looking around for answers there. This SkyUI issue is cropping up all over the place, for people on Steam and pirates alike.

    Can't fix your problem for you but I can tell you where to start looking. STEP guides and google "Beginner's Guide to Modding Skyrim".

    If I were to give you a really short version, it would be:

    Download SKSE, LOOT, TES5Edit, and Wrye Bash.
    Download Vortex from the Nexus.
    Add those to the tools on the dashboard.
    Download and activate all your mods through Vortex, where possible.
    Install your mods.
    Set up rules to solve any file conflicts (Vortex will get really pushy about this, and it's worth it)
    Run LOOT to get a decent load order to work with.
    Run TES5Edit to clean your mods(google this process - it's simple, fast, and will save you a lot of headaches)
    Then run Wrye Bash to make a bashed patch.
    Do final load order checks.
    Launch SKSE and hopefully, enjoy your mods.

    This is BY NO MEANS a complete tutorial on how to mod Skyrim and make it work. But it might get your game running.

    As far as SkyUI breaking, good luck. I had to manually install mine because it and Vortex suddenly stopped cooperating with one another. Still have testing to do to see how that turns out.

    Hope this helps a little. You're not the only one having issues with SkyUI and SKSE.
    d3m0n0id - 3 years ago 4   5
  2. Buy the game, update that nasty cracked version, because there should be obviously an update >.> now INSTALL THE LATEST SKSE FROM THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE, ONLY THERE. Install it on Skyrim folder, them put SkyUI on the DATA folder and be happy.Just buy the game and everything is solved >.> Mickael1000 - 6 years ago 3   7
  3. Buy the game. Retail versions don't have this problem. dbcification - 7 years ago 2   7

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