Why my left hand when equipped with magic doesn't work?

  1. Whenever I equip magic on my left hand, i cannot cast spell. On my right hand, however, it works perfectly fine. This also happens with unarmed (punching). I can punch right and left fists with LHM button (click once, right punch. Click twice, right then followed by left punch) but my RHM button shows a block motion without a weapon.

    I first notice when my handcuffs were cut and tried to equip flame as it was the first spell available.

    everything else works fine such as RHM on bows to push target and hold breath and focus aiming.

    User Info: mythycalc

    mythycalc - 7 years ago
  2. Maybe you misread, but what i mean is this:

    I equip a sword (1 handed) on my right hand and UNEQUIPPED on my left. when I use M2 (right click) it shows block movement, which is normal.
    Now, my right hand is the same, a sword. My left hand I now equip with magic (any magic and i know how to do it). when i use M2 (right click) it still shows a block movement, but not the magic.
    Even when I unequipped both (unarmed, punches), my M2 (right click) shows a block movement, not a left punch.

    User Info: mythycalc

    mythycalc - 7 years ago


  1. Look there are two types of hand attacks left and right (pretty obvious) if the default settings are put on then right hand attack will be just a click (left click) and clicking on the right side of the mouse or maybe the options on your computer is different but you have to right click and even if that doesn't work just go into controls and it will be there somewhere.

    User Info: jhorbok

    jhorbok - 7 years ago 1   1

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