What is the code to end a quest?

  1. I have several qust that won't show as finished or won't advance including Red Eagle, Return to Skald and Blood On The Ice. I'm tired of messing with them and just want to conslole code them out. I play on a PC. Thanks in advance. Also three out of seven Dragon priests have not had their masks when I defeated them. Is this part of the same problem? One of them was Red Eagle.

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    Mr_C_Guy - 6 years ago
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    Thank you MahkraFUD I was able to find the info and get the quest ended.

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    Mr_C_Guy - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. setstage <quest ID> <stage #>
    This and many other console codes can be found one the Skyrim Wiki:

    Find quest IDs and stage numbers here:

    Typically, stage 200 is the end of a quest; so you'd type 'setstage <quest ID> 200' to mark a quest completed.

    Also, if you find a quest on UESP that doesn't have all the stages listed, you can use this command:
    sqs <quest ID>
    This will "show quest stages" -- it lists each numbered stage of the quest & whether that stage is completed (1) or not (0).

    If you have a bugged quest, it can also be useful to use:
    resetquest <questID>
    This will set all stages of that quest to 0. You can then use the setstage command to mark the stages complete as needed in order to fix the bug. (Example -- if you pick up an item, it may mark a later stage of a 'fetch' quest completed. This may then cause the quest giver to never actually ask for the item. You can use resetquest, then talk to the quest giver to actually have him ask for the item, then use setstage to mark the retrieval part finished, then talk to the quest giver to turn in the item.)

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