How do I remove Vampirism?

  1. I don't want to be a do I get rid of it once I've become one?

    User Info: emharger

    emharger - 9 years ago

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  1. Full Expalination

    Same happened with me. It's not to hard. First go to any inn/pub and ask the bartender about any rumors going around. He will instruct you to go to Falion in Morthal. His house is next to Alva's house. Talk to him and tell him to cure you. You must buy a black soul gem from him and dump any other soul gems you carry. Then find an enemy, use the spell so"soul trap" on them, and kill them. this will fill your black soul gem. Bring the filled black soul gem back to Falion. He will tell you to meet him at a certain location at dawn (6:00). He will perform the excersism on you and then you will be cured.

    User Info: Marvle121200

    Marvle121200 - 6 years ago 16   6


  1. curing vampirism once you've already become a vampire : as mentioned from other answer

    curing sanguine vampire (the one that if left alone will make you a vampire) is by activating any shrine on the temple (e.g. shrine on the temple in whiterun I forgot the name)

    User Info: toxicode

    toxicode - 6 years ago 7   5
  2. According to the official game guide,
    "There are but two ways to cure yourself of vampirism:
    -You can contract Lycanthropy. The blood ritual that transforms you into a werewolf will cure any diseases you have. Of course, you now have other, more hairy problems to deal with...
    -Or, you can visit a mage called Falion in Morthal, the Hold Capital of Hjaalmarch, and complete Side Quest: Rising at Dawn.

    User Info: icemonstersocce

    icemonstersocce - 9 years ago 14   13
  3. Two ways is join the companions and become werewolf and or cure potions. It helped for me.

    User Info: rina1994

    rina1994 - 6 years ago 4   3
  4. You can become a werewolf as part of the Companions' quest line. Those quests provide the cure to lycanthropy as well, so you can cure that if you aren't interested in that. You can also ask a bartender or innkeeper about rumors, and they'll tell you to find Falion in Morthal. To complete the quest, you'll need a black soul gem with a human soul in it. Cast soul trap on an elf, human, orc, Argonian, or Khajiit and kill them to take their soul.

    You can do Falion's quest numerous times, but you can only become a werewolf one more time if you choose to cure it as part of the side quests if you have Dawnguard installed. If you have Sanguinare Vampiris but haven't turned into a vampire yet, you can pray at a shrine, drink a potion of cure disease, or eat an ingredient that cures ailments.

    User Info: Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2 years ago 3   2
  5. Look for any innkeeper and say heard any rumors? They may say that a guy named falion in morthal is....and it will start the quest rising at Dawn.go to falion u will need a black soul gem, you can buy 1 from him but it will not be filled.when you give him it meet him at the ritual place at dawn(5-6am)and he will perform the ceremony to cure it. Hope this helps!!!

    User Info: Bluedragon218

    Bluedragon218 - 7 years ago 4   4
  6. There is a wizard in Morthal woulch is just south of Solitude. The wizard has the name of Falion who can cure you of vampirism.

    User Info: Jamerio627

    Jamerio627 - 6 years ago 1   2
  7. Yes you can, but why. There are many techniques to pwning the vampire disabilities and reaping the positive abilities. Wear jewelry that is enchanted with regeneration of Magika, Health, and Fatigue. Wear a hood, it allows you to move faster in sunlight. And besides, with the Dawnguard DLC, you can have your way with a huge castle, and the wenches within it! Except Serana, she... just doesn't swing that way I guess...

    User Info: ScholarAboveAll

    ScholarAboveAll - 6 years ago 3   4
  8. yeah i agree, with scholar; i went out of my way to contract it. you could contract lycanthrope, to cure it, if you already did the companions questline and forfeited lycanthrope status to become a vampire in dawnguard dlc, Aela will perform the ceremony again with you if asked. and as mentioned above there is a sidequest with Falion in Morthal. it is quite possible to do many quests at night and many are in dungeons, etc. so then sunlight isnt really a concern.

    User Info: CleopatraPtolmy

    CleopatraPtolmy - 2 years ago
  9. Lol I just responded to another person's exact same question and I know this question is probably dead but for future refrences here this is from the wiki all credit goes there:

    "Another way of curing vampirism is via console commands; open the console and type, setstage 000EAFD5 10. By using the console command code showracemenu to change the Dragonborn's race, vampirism is immediately removed. This is also true of the changesex command"

    User Info: V0nt3gr0

    V0nt3gr0 - 8 years ago 6   8
  10. Fallion in Morthal
    become a werewolf (companions questline)
    console commands (if on pc)

    User Info: AlabamaPeach

    AlabamaPeach - 6 years ago 2   4
  11. Another way is to get of cure disease im sure it will work this happens to me to and all nine holds tried to chase me

    User Info: bladesmagic

    bladesmagic - 6 years ago 3   5
  12. well if its cured by lycanthropy join the companions have some fun as a werewolf. Kill the witches through the quest to cure yourself

    User Info: usernametaken

    usernametaken - 6 years ago 0   2
  13. Basicly I played the game on XBox 360 Version so what I thought was for you to go to the Dawn Guard and if they kill you ( is what I think since I have Vampiresism it might work ) you will become Imperial, Nord, etc.

    User Info: EpicTails321

    EpicTails321 - 6 years ago 1   3

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