What is the best house in Skyrim?

  1. I know Solitude house is the most expensive and Windhelm house is the biggest, but which house is the best.

    User Info: THEASSASSIN2711

    THEASSASSIN2711 - 7 years ago


  1. I say windhelm, it has all the stuff you need and isn't too expensive, solitude was too small for me and not enough storage space and breezehome doesn't have an enchanting table

    User Info: Thorninator

    Thorninator - 7 years ago 2   0
  2. Depends on what you want out of your home, and what you're willing to do for it. Most expensive house is in Solitude (25,000), comes with an enchanting table, an alchemy table, and a few places to put weapons/armor on display. The house in Windhelm (12,000) has the same stuff, only more display places and bookshelves and less than half the cost of the house in Solitude, but you have to solve the Blood on the Ice quest and finish the Civil War on either side as prerequisites (either you become a Stormcloak or you kill and replace Ulfric). Breezehome is quaint enough, cheap too (5000), and it's right next to a smithy with all the stuff you need to make your own gear, not to mention that it's the quickest and easiest to get permission to buy the house. I never got the house in Markarth, but I do know that it will cost 8000 gold.

    User Info: Storm_Walker

    Storm_Walker - 7 years ago 3   1
  3. The house in Markarth is pretty useful, provided you can get up to lvl 20. It's relatively cheap, at 8000 gold for just the house and around 13 000 with all the decorations. It's quite cheap and better than the one in whiterun, since you can actually get an enchanting table. The quests for it are pretty easy, and the size is reasonable, since you don't have to go up and down stairs like you do in Solitude. There are also a lot of weapon mounts, which is pretty sweet for all the deadric weapons you'll have in the late game.
    Basically, it's cheap, easy to get, easy to get around in and has everything you need.
    Best house in the vanilla game

    User Info: dragon-reborn

    dragon-reborn - 4 years ago 2   0
  4. Its really down to personal preference, I own proudspire in solitude, I like it mainly cuz it comes with a bunch of mannequins to put all my armor that's good but I don't want to give away.

    If u have hearthfire then that is best, Lakeview in farkarth only cost 5000 and its massive, plus u can make it into whatever house u want instead of sticking to pre-made furniture in normal houses

    User Info: mktuoster

    mktuoster - 4 years ago 2   0
  5. Don't forget about mods. My modded Proudspire have a basement (about 4-5 giant rooms) full of display cases, plaques (both shield and weapon), mannequins and a fully operational smithy (forge, workbench, grindstone, tanning rack, smelter).
    With that in mind, it depends on you to choose which city you want to have your house in.

    User Info: gaming_noob4000

    gaming_noob4000 - 7 years ago 2   1
  6. Gaming_noob is right, there are a large number of mods that out do the in game housing and they are free. If you are playing Skyrim on PC check out the Steam workshop and also check out NexusMods.

    User Info: radogamer

    radogamer - 6 years ago 2   1
  7. personally i would say Windhelm because it has a lot of soul gems and potions and space where i can hang my weapons, but it definitely depends on what u like.

    User Info: RavitheKhajiit

    RavitheKhajiit - 5 years ago 2   1
  8. From the in game houses I would choose Solitude since I like elegance but if you have heart fire then any of the houses you can build is cool since you can render it to your liking. If mods are taken into consideration then my favorite house is this one mod called Dragonborn Castle. Unfortunately at the moment it does not support spouses or kids but other than that it's awesome :3

    User Info: Queen_Finelia

    Queen_Finelia - 4 years ago 2   1
  9. If you have heart fire any of them :) otherwise I agree with storm walker.breeze home is enough foe you ;)

    User Info: GladiusVortex

    GladiusVortex - 5 years ago 1   1
  10. In my opinion, the house in markarth is really cool and very spacious. To truly have the best house though, download the hearthfire DLC.

    User Info: MisterEpicPanda

    MisterEpicPanda - 4 years ago 0   0
  11. I think that des mons is the best but it's a mod.

    User Info: dudeman770

    dudeman770 - 4 years ago 1   2

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