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Guide and Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

Updated: 05/27/2014
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        /¯| Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthough by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
      _/  |_  ____   _____\¯¯|__   ____________  |¯¯| __|¯¯/___________
     {_   __\/  _ \ /     \) __ \  \_  __ \__  \ |¯¯|/ __ (/ __ \_  __ \
       |  | (  {_} )       \ \_} \  |  | \// __ \|  / {_/ |  ___/|  | \/
       |__|  \____/|__|_|  /___  /  |__|  (____  }__\____ |\___  }__|
                         )/    )/              )/        )/    )/
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| INDEX |¯
    I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
   II. TACTICS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TCTC
  III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT

       00) Scavenger's Den/Coastal Bluffs ............................... WK00
       01) Coastal Forest ............................................... WK01
       02) Mountain Temple .............................................. WK02
       03) Mountain Village ............................................. WK03
       04) Base Approach ................................................ WK04
       05) Mountain Base ................................................ WK05
       06) Base Exterior ................................................ WK06
       07) Cliffside Village ............................................ WK07
       08) Mountain Village [Part 2] .................................... WK08
       09) Mountain Pass ................................................ WK09
       10) Chasm Monastery .............................................. WK10
       11) Mountain Village [Part 3] .................................... WK11
       12) Mountain Descent ............................................. WK12
       13) Shantytown ................................................... WK13
       14) Cavern Entrance .............................................. WK14
       15) Geothermal Caverns ........................................... WK15
       16) Solarii Fortress ............................................. WK16
       17) Fortress Tower ............................................... WK17
       18) Summit Forest ................................................ WK18
       19) Gondola Transport ............................................ WK19
       20) Shipwreck Beach .............................................. WK20
       21) Cliffside Bunker ............................................. WK21
       22) Shipwreck Beach [Part 2] ..................................... WK22
       23) Research Base ................................................ WK23
       24) Shipwreck Beach [Part 3] ..................................... WK24
       25) Chasm Stronghold ............................................. WK25
       26) Chasm Shrine ................................................. WK26
       27) Chasm Ziggurat ............................................... WK27

   IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN

       Regional Collectibles ............................................ RGNL
       Skills ........................................................... SKLL
       Trophies ......................................................... TRPH
       Weapons .......................................................... WPNS

    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
   VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
  VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT

I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
 Controls can be checked in the main menu's Gameplay Options. They can't be
 modified, but the usual options (toggle vibration, invert Y Axis, fiddle with
 aim sensitivity) are there. Combat difficulty can be changed as well, if the
 game's being too hard/easy (starts on medium).
  ___________ _______________________________________________________________
 | BUTTON    | FUNCTION                                                      |
 | D-Pad     | Weapon select (U: Bow, D: Pistol, L: Shotgun, R: Rifle)       |
 | Start     | Toggle pause menu                                             |
 | Select    | Toggle objective menu                                         |
 | Circle    | (in chosen direction) scramble at reduced height              |
 | Square    | Reload/action button                                          |
 | Triangle  | Melee button or (when foe is incapacitated) enable finisher   |
 | X-Button  | Jump button                                                   |
 | L1 Button | (hold) Aim weapon                                             |
 | L2 Button | (while still)) enables Survival Instincts to see environment  |
 | L3 Button | (when aiming) swap shoulder camera                            |
 | R1 Button | (while aiming) fire weapon                                    |
 | R2 Button | (while aiming) use weapon's alternate fire                    |
 | R3 Button | Centers camera angle                                          |
 | L. Analog | Controls movement                                             |
 | R. Analog | Controls camera POV                                           |

II. TACTICS                                                              [TCTC]
 If Lara wants to make it off the island, she'll have to dig deep into her
 repertory of action and shooting skills...which she doesn't have yet...because
 she's a rookie. Players will be developing/earning these over the game's
 natural course, though.

 Related Items: Shotgun, Rope Arrows, Rope Ascender, Grenade Launcher

 Throughout the game, certain barricades will pose problems for Lara, barring
 her way until the right tool falls in her lap. Outside of certain impediments
 that can simply be blown up with nearby barrels, most will have a required
 weapon or tool.

 Flammable Debris --> Torch (or Fire Arrows)
 Wooden Barricade --> Shotgun
 Rope-Wrapped Door -> Rope Arrow
 Metal Barricade ---> Grenade Launcher
 Cement Barricade --> Rope Arrow + Rope Ascender

 Related Items: ---

 Finishers are enabled when an enemy is weakened, showing a "triangle" prompt
 above the head. If Lara hits the button at close range, she'll execute that
 foe. Skills in the Hunter and Brawler tiers can enable bonus XP or facilitate
 finishers easier through dodge counters, respectively.

 Related Items: Pry Axe/Climbing Pick, Rope Arrows

 Most doors Lara encounters fall into two camps: jammed metal doors and closed
 wooden ones. The latter type requires a strengthened Pry Axe or Climbing Pick
 to unjam, while rope arrows are needed to pull open the latter (assuming
 they have a rope affix). Both can only be opened from a particular side.

 Related Items: Climbing Pick

 A new facet to Lara's mountaineering lets her scale craggy rock faces with
 her pick. To do this, jump at the face and hit Square, which latches her onto
 the side. (Square doesn't need to be held down once attached.) In this mode,
 Lara will do her vertical climb carefully, although the player can use the
 jump button + a direction to move quicker. Just remember to hit Square again
 or Lara will fall off and become squashed tomatoes...

 Related Items: Rope, Rope Ascender

 Once Lara gets that twiny "key item," she can create ziplines from one point
 to another (this is done by standing by a notched post and firing, with R2,
 into a rope-wrapped target in the distance.) If Lara fires at an appropriate
 object, but isn't standing near a post, she tries pulling it instead of tying
 it tautly. Later on, after obtaining the Compound Bow, Lara gains the ability
 to fire arrows into climbable crags. Applicable targets will always turn the
 reticle red. Other notes:

 - rope arrows expend no ammunition
 - user-created ziplines may disappear if another is created
 - rope arrows fired into rope-covered doors will destroy the door
 - firing rope arrows into foes does little damage, but will put them closer

 Related Item: ---

 Scrambling (O-button) quickly moves Lara in the chosen direction with a low
 profile, minimizing the likelihood she's shot when taking fire. This usage
 can be improved with Brawler skills, enabling:

 - Dirty Fighting: Hit Triangle while scrambling to blind enemies with dirt
 - Dodge Counter : Time triangle prompt while dodging melee to arrow-stab foe
 - Dodge Kill ---: Same as Dodge Counter, just do prompt perfectly

 Dodge-countering is a very important skill, enabling Lara to quickly slay
 most foes (when done right) while earning invulnerability for the maneuver's
 duration. As armored foes become more frequent, investing points in dodge-
 -related abilities is very wise. For XP hounds, dodge kills are considered
 "finesse" kills, and thus subject to "Accomplished Killer" bonuses. (Dodge
 counters to the knee consume no arrows.)

 Related Item: any weapon

 Pick any weapon from the d-pad and it'll have the same usage: L1 to point
 the thing, R1 for primary fire, R2 for alternate fire (when applicable). The
 reticle will turn red on certain objects, like enemy heads, small animals and
 (when firing rope arrows) correct targets.

 Alternate firing methods are obtained through upgrades or, in the rifle and
 bow's case, automatically in the campaign. These methods are:

 Pistol -- Rapid-Fire (fires 3-shot bursts)
 Rifle --- Grenade Launcher (fires grenade in arc trajectory)
 Longbow - Rope Arrows (create ziplines, pull enemies & objects toward Lara)
 Shotgun - Choke Shots (heavily reduces spread for longer range)

00) SCAVENGER'S DEN/COASTAL BLUFFS                                       [WK00]
 Pre-walkthrough notes:

  • The guide is written for Normal difficulty.

  • In the post-game, one can find missed collectables. None of them are lost
    permanently, so 100% completion is easily achievable.

  • Most tasks can be broken up into sub-missions, giving XP upon completion.
    Since it's so prevalent, the walkthrough'll follow that lead.

  • Collectibles, camps and general locations have an associated coordinate
    on the map -- like [712353,3416078] -- to ease searches. Although it
    seems complicated, most maps aren't big enough for all the numbers to
    factor in, so they can mostly be read as [xxx353,xxxx078].

 Notables: Torch

 Wakey, wakey! After the opening shipwreck and creepy snatch-n'-grab, Lara
 finds her world, quite literally, turned upside-down. Gain momentum using
 the left analog, rocking back and forth until the corpse sack nearby can be
 bumped into the brazier. Repeat the same for the burning overhang, plummeting
 our gal into the swampy depths. (This cave system is one-time-only, by the
 way, so pull the brakes on those completionist tendencies -- there's nothing
 of note here!)

 Remove the rebar and stumble toward the next room. Next to the odd display
 (emphasis on the "splay"!) is a Torch, Lara's first big of new gear. This can
 be used to, unsurprisingly, ignite things -- try 'er out on the wood barricade
 blocking the tunnel.

 Lara's torch will be snuffed by runoff, but it can always be relit using other
 fire sources. Later, this won't be necessary, but it's crucial early, since
 Ms. Croft is up a creek: stranded, no weapons, no nothin'. The game will give
 the "use L2" prompt to use Survival Instincts, which highlights things of
 import in a given range. The mast and rigging nearby glows, hinting that it
 can be set aflame. Use the scaffolding to cremate the mast, in turn blowing a
 hole in the rock.

 Climb up and through, and be ready to shake the pursuer (left analog). The
 waterlogged tunnel leads to the next cavern.

 XP -----: 300
 Notables: ---

 Relight the torch and approach the makeshift cargo lift suspended nearby. Its
 supports can be incinerated, raising it and lowering a second, which collects
 shipwreck debris in its cage. From the high walkway, jump to the high cage,
 forcing the other to dump its cargo in the red container. Set that bundle of
 junk alight, then push (Triangle) the flaming debris down the slope.

 • If one pushes the debris before setting it on fire, nothing happens. One'll
   have to let more wooden crap enter the 2nd cage and repeat as necessary.

 If all goes well, the convenient oil barrels mine a new passage. Follow the
 given path until Lara slides through the collapsing cavern into a lower area.
 There'll be a small gauntlet that tests Lara's knowledge of the controls thus
 far (like jumping gaps), culminating in another meeting with the pursuer. This
 time, after shaking him off, hit the button prompt to get away safely. Failing
 the prompt leads to a "crushing" game over, reloading the checkpoint.

 Finally, escape this nasty pit by leaping the abyss and doing an impressive
 uphill scramble (alternate R1 & L1). Dodging boulders when prompted is a must,
 too. The original series was notable for all the ways Lara could bite the big
 one, and the reboot won't fail to impress either!

 Notables: Two-Way Radio

 Here's where the real one-woman island trek starts. After a lifeboat is
 spotted, cross the log bridge and small climbing course to reach a downturned
 aircraft, parallel to the falls. This marks a small tutorial in climbing
 finesse, notably jump-climbing (upward+X) and ledge-catching (Square, when
 about to fall). Both are part and parcel to the game and never lose their
 use. After climbing the cockpit and sidling to the wing, jump-catch (given
 direction + X) to leap the uncrossable part.

 Beyond the cliff path, one may propel Lara up specially marked ledges (they
 have white paint, typically) by jumping and pressing X to "double jump" once
 more. Hop down to the wrecked camp to find the Sam's pack, containing a radio.

01) COASTAL FOREST                                                       [WK01]
 Camps -------: 03
 Documents ---: 05
 Relics ------: 03
 GPS Caches --: 05
 Treasure Maps: 01
 Ghost Hunter : 10

 XP -----: 250
 Notables: ---

 Leaping to the next ledge goes awry, dropping Lara down the rocky chute to
 the Coastal Forest region. (In case it's not obvious, locations seen thus
 far can't be visited again.) This is the first truly explorable region and
 the first to offer collectibles. Completing the tasks earns XP, which will
 fast-track Lara's skill development. Hit Select to see the regional overview.

 But before Ms. Grabbyhands starts looting things, she has to find shelter. An
 nearby overcrop provides the perfect campsite, giving Lara a chance to reflect
 on happier times. (Tones of the Tomb Raider 1 theme are reprised slightly,
 too, for those paying attention.) This also introduces the Endurance's crew,
 those Lara was separated from earlier.

 XP -----: 250
 Notables: Makeshift Longbow

 Oh dear...hunger is setting in. A stroll down the trail reveals a deer and
 hanging victim, complete with his own bow. To get Lara's first weapon, one
 must approach the corpse -- this requires climbing the outpost building and
 balance on the log. When prompted, extend out to snag the weapon.

 Lara will start with four arrows, but ammo quivers will begin spawning now,
 solving the problem almost immediately.
 XP -----: 150
 Notables: ---

 Like most wild animals, if Lara comes stomping through the sagebrush, they'll
 simply run away. Using the higher paths gives a better vantage point and
 sightlines. There's also multiple deer around, so feel free to kill as many
 as one wants -- they give slight XP bonuses and can later drop salvage, the
 "currency" used for weapon upgrading. Certain animal kills count toward the
 platform-specific trophies/achievements.

 XP -----: 150
 Notables: ---

 Once a stag's been bagged, return to the cliff campsite for chow time. (If
 one's finding the hunt difficult, make liberal use of Survival Instincts with
 L2.) Visiting the camp lets one improve Lara's inherent skills. Only the
 Survivor and Hunter paths are available now, though; Brawler will come later.
 Personally, I would suggest upgrading any ability that improves salvaging, as
 they're more useful the earlier they're acquired. As more weapons are gained,
 improving ammo capacity will be helpful, too.

 After Roth's radio transmission, the next segment starts.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 As one may have noticed, the Coastal Forest is split into two halves, and
 Lara only has access to the southern wilds so far. A second look at the wood
 will reveal the bunker near the ill-fated bowman has opened -- the ladder &
 tunnel below lead toward the second area. [Entering locks Lara in, forcing
 her to continue onward, note.]

 Before going, consider getting the loot in this area. These objects glow
 yellow in L2's search mode, and if one's still not sure, the reticle turns
 red when fixed on them (if breakable, that is). The string of numbers denotes
 the map coordinates, letting one find the exact position to go. If the
 directions aren't good enough, check the Regional Collectibles section for a
 bit more depth.
 |_| Document 1/3 ------ [712353,3416078] SE of bunker, in overturned truck
 |_| GPS Cache 1/3 ----- [712351,3416072] Use cliff walkway SE of bowman body
 |_| GPS Cache 2/3 ----- [712366,3416069] In small waterfall at stream's end
 |_| GPS Cache 3/3 ----- [712364,3416067] On remnants of climbable wood platf
 |_| Ghost Hunter 1/10 - [712345,3416061] On branch; spot from campsite cliff
 |_| Ghost Hunter 2/10 - [712350,3416078] Branch where bowman's corpse hung
 |_| Ghost Hunter 3/10 - [712359,3416064] Dangling on rock overcrop, west side
 |_| Ghost Hunter 4/10 - [712363,3416063] W. of old wooden climbable platform
 |_| Ghost Hunter 5/10 - [712366,3416074] Suspended from log spanning 2 ledges

 Having trouble finding the coordinates? Make sure to set a custom waypoint
 marker on the map, which makes things ten times easier.

 XP -----: 350
 Notables: Pry Axe

 Nothing left to do but explore this soggy rat hole. Past the tunnel is a
 creepy hovel, complete with another locked door. However, Lara can burn some
 garbage (to the owner, I'm sure they're priceless possessions, but whatever)
 to find a meat locker. Lara will automatically steal the Pry Axe, which she
 can wield as a melee weapon -- this replaces her flimsy shoulder charge.
 |_| Relic 1/3: Hannya Mask (on table opposite Pry Axe workshop)

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 This handy-dandy new blade allows Lara to pry open those steadfast doors, so
 one can return to the Coastal Forest's southern region too, if needed. Either
 way, the way forward is through the NE door. This leads to another watery
 passage and bunker ladder, depositing Lara in the northern half of the woods.
 She'll immediately hear Sam's voice in the distance.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 See the scene up the path, which then starts...

 XP -----: 130
 Notables: ---

 Boy, Lara's sure in a pickle! For this event, wolves will leap from the brush
 and our crafty Croft will have to plant an arrow right in their sweet spot.
 The wind adds some guesswork to the equation, so even it out by keeping a wide
 field of view. Time hangs when the foe lunges; aim true and it'll all be over
 quickly (for the mutt, that is!)

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Resting, like milk, does a body good -- Lara's ready to explore the northern
 half now. Upgrade/save at the camp, then turn attention toward the netted
 cache at waist level. These can only be destroyed with fire; torches'll do the
 trick for now. Lara can start earning salvage from specially marked boxes,
 too, so stomp every one around! They'll be needed for weapon upgrades.

 Venturing forth has Whitman call out, asking to check the north hill. Lara'll
 have to deal with a wolf ambush en route, no matter which path she takes (for
 XP hunters, all can be triggered). Now's a great time to square away any
 loose collectibles, too.
 |_| Treasure Map ------- [712382,3416112] upper tree stand by waterfall bridge
 |_| Document 2/5 ------- [712365,3416100] on table at 2nd campsite
 |_| Document 3/5 ------- [712386,3416100] SE corner, table by cave-in entr.
 |_| Document 4/5 ------- [712365,3416118] west end, old shrine; by a statue
 |_| Relic 2/3 ---------- [712383,3416102] SE area, underneath bridge
 |_| Relic 3/3 ---------- [712371,3416124] easily missed cave in NW cliff face
 |_| GPS Cache 4/5 ------ [712375,3416100] on climbable cliff E of 2nd campsite
 |_| GPS Cache 5/5 ------ [712373,3416120] Northcentral area, on T-shaped cliff
 |_| Ghost Hunter 06/10 - [712374,3416112] underneath creek's middle footbridge
 |_| Ghost Hunter 07/10 - [712377,3416115] middle creek footbridge, above torch
 |_| Ghost Hunter 08/10 - [712365,3416119] western shrine, above broken statue
 |_| Ghost Hunter 09/10 - [712385,3416112] east area, underneath broken bridge
 |_| Ghost Hunter 10/10 - [712390,3416125] NE camp area, under gate's SE eaves

 When most of the scrounging is done, visit the northern shrine doors where
 our esteemed archaeologist now inhabits. They'll try to open the gate, but
 the Pry Axe can't handle the force, so Lara quits. Strengthening it should
 fix that dilemma though...

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 There's plenty of salvage to collect in this area, both in crates and from
 animal corpses. If Lara scraped together the requisite amount (50) already,
 this task finishes immediately.
 |_| Document 5/5 ------- [712387,3416131] table by Whitman's NE camp area

 • CHATTERBOX: One of the game's hidden trophies/achievements is speaking with
   all Endurance crew members whenever they appear. To do this, one must speak
   to any available buddies and completely exhaust their dialogue. To get a
   leg-up, talk with Whitman 5 times, until he reminds Lara about her crank
   duty. These chat scenes are missable in general, so do it before upgrading
   the axe and continuing into the gate.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Inspecting any campsite at this point will automatically toss Lara into the
 new upgrade screen. Once the upgrade's done, it's time to...

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 ...pry this sucker open! Move Lara to the left crank and mash Square button
 to gradually lift the gate. Doing so automatically finishes this area and,
 for now, prevents passage back.

02) MOUNTAIN TEMPLE                                                      [WK02]
 Camps -------: 01
 Documents ---: 02
 Relics ------: 02
 GPS Caches --: 02
 Treasure Maps: 01
 Pyromaniac --: 05

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 There's nothing to explore here, so Lara need only ascend, listening to the
 good doctor's dialogue. Like the previous area, the Mountain Temple is also
 split into two sections: the first, which Lara is in now, contains absolutely
 no collectibles and is one-time only; the next has all collectibles and
 challenges, and can be visited repeatedly (later on, that is).

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: Semi-Auto Pistol

 After a pleasant meeting with some mercenaries, Lara will be bound and told
 to stay put while a roundup begins. Naturally, it's disobeyin' time. Without
 weapons, though, the only course of action is stealth. Avoid the trigger-happy
 Russians' flashlight beams by ducking behind cover and taking any opportunity
 to ascend further. It's hard to go wrong here, so long as one doesn't stray
 right in front of the surly soldiers.

 At the fourth soldier "checkpoint" is encountered, take shelter in the space
 between loose boards. This soon starts a panic event where Lara must knee and
 bite the attacker (input listed prompt) and wrangle control of his gun (stick-
 -shaking) before finally killing him (mash Square, hit R1). Whew. Assuming our
 gal didn't get strangled for her insolence, she'll come out with the Pistol,
 her first upgradable weapon. No time for that just now, though... [+25 XP]

 Even with the bow reclaimed, all ammo has been taken, so keep an upward trek
 through the burning structures, to reach the far stairway. Don't bother
 approaching the gunmen below, since there's no recourse to take and they'll
 automatically kill Lara anyway.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Up the stairway is a scene where Lara finds ammo and gets to draw first blood
 on the belligerent bow-wielders. Kill both as leisure, loot their bodies (the
 game's assailants are a major source of salvage & ammo) then pry into the
 temple building ahead. The pursuers will set it aflame, so before Lara turns
 into a burnout, kick through the boards into the balcony.

 On the way up the side path, the game gives a reminder: the longbow kills
 silently. Lara can eliminate sentries without alerting the gunmen below, which
 naturally sets up more stealth kills. (There's an achievement relating to
 this, so get a head start now!). Two more idiots can be shafted after Lara
 reaches an upper ledge via shimmying. They also alert one more goofus who can
 be slain as he descends the exit ladder -- Lara needs to take this to exit
 the one-time-only area.

 XP -----: 10
 Notables: ---

 Luckily, there's no enemies nearby immediately, letting Lara use the waterfall
 campsite (fast travel now unlocked) and scrounge up any ammo, if needed. It's
 possible to get a few of the collectibles now, but for an easier time, let's
 clear out any straggling banditos.

 They first appear past the bridge, discussing a ritual. The game reminds one
 that the soft 'plink' of arrows can be used as a distraction, though it's not
 too necessary here. They alert 3-4 more, which can be safely slain from the
 waist-high wall Lara first takes as cover.

 The upward path is actually completely blocked, but Lara can climb into a
 crack near a jump-up point. Inside, destroy the lantern (counts toward the
 Pyromaniac challenge) to set up a chance for stealth killing -- approach an
 unsuspecting guard and use Triangle for a nice neckbreaker. The next four
 foes can be removed silently with the bow, although it's not that important,
 since reinforcements will come as Lara climbs higher. Swiftly take them out,
 salvage and use the zipline to escape.

 Hostilities now ended, Lara can find all the collectibles at her leisure. One
 of the lanterns in "Pyromaniac" is missable, but the game provides a sixth as
 a spare, ensuring players can't foul anything up too badly. If five are hit,
 the sixth gives no XP, note. (As before, if additional directions are needed,
 see the main collectibles page.) 
 |_| Document 1/2 --- [712434,3416153] River cave right next to the campsite
 |_| Document 2/2 --- [712442,3416144] Next to the zipline-attached torii
 |_| Relic 1/2 ------ [712434,3416147] building near dead-end stair & torch
 |_| Relic 2/2 ------ [712435,3416145] upper building, west of main footpath
 |_| GPS Cache 1/2 -- [712429,3416144] building immediately west of campsite
 |_| GPS Cache 2/2 -- [712434,3416152] By crate along stone stairway
 |_| Pyromaniac 1/5 - [712433,3416148] Hanging a ways above the campsite
 |_| Pyromaniac 2/5 - [712428,3416160] by Log lara crosses along cliff's edge
 |_| Pyromaniac 3/5 - [712435,3416155] mandatory to burn through path blockage
 |_| Pyromaniac 4/5 - [712439,3416152] in mandatory burning bldg, by waterfall
 |_| Pyromaniac 5/5 - [712435,3416144] hanging on south side of a pagoda
 |_| Pyromaniac 6/5 - [712430,3416141] High SW cliff, under sheltered roof

 With the area properly pillaged, the path under the zipline leads up to a
 rocky fissure. Lara will wedge herself in, letting the player ascend without
 too much difficulty. Approaching the distant gunfire ends the level.

03) MOUNTAIN VILLAGE                                                     [WK03]
 Camps -------: 05
 Documents ---: 07
 Relics ------: 06
 GPS Caches --: 15
 Treasure Maps: --
 Tombs Raided : 02
 Illumination : 10
 Egg Poacher -: 05

 XP -----: 500
 Notables: ---

 Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and wolves...no wait, that's not right...
 Roth's out of commission for a spell, leaving Lara to on food collection
 duty. Those who want to top off their XP for a skill point can find tons of
 loot, although the level isn't fully explorable yet, and won't be for awhile.
 Lara will have to revisit it several times to clear 'er out.
 |_| Document 1/7 ------- [712458,3416172] Largest building 2F, by rope door
 |_| Relic 1/6 ---------- [712458,3416170] Under large building, on hillside
 |_| GPS Cache 01/15 ---- [712476,3416169] Half-hidden under large waterfall
 |_| GPS Cache 02/15 ---- [712469,3416155] Low-roof bldg w/ rope affix point
 |_| GPS Cache 03/15 ---- [712455,3416175] Cliff overlooking largest building
 |_| GPS Cache 04/15 ---- [712459,3416179] By some Japanese stones & a torch
 |_| Illumination 01/10 - [712470,3416161] Statue under wall-less structure
 |_| Egg Poacher 1/5 ---- [712458,3416172] Roof of largest house

 Back to the task at hand. Once Lara gets to the north side of the largest
 building, a path on yet another downed plane will be available. Leap from
 the first section into the fuselage, then use the ensuing cliffs to get onto
 the plane's roof. It'll teeter quite a bit, finally crashing down (making the
 lower path connect naturally) once Lara leaps to the white-colored, makeshift
 ladder visible on the next cliff. Climbing the next jump-up point will place
 Lara in front of the wolves' den.
 |_| GPS Cache 05/15 ---- [712478,3416188] In front of waterfall tomb entrance

 Note that the tomb accessible from the waterfall/bridge area nearby can't be
 completed just yet. The cave is very linear and Lara automatically picks up
 Roth's bag when approached.

 XP -----: 500
 Notables: Climbing Axe

 On the way out, one of the lupine thieves will attack Lara from the shadows,
 forcing a QTE to retaliate (Square), kick it away (Triangle), hold it at bay
 (Square) and finally stab the livin' daylights out of it (Triangle). It can
 also be salvaged, adding further insult to injury.

 Outside, using the zipline to reach Roth quicker is the better shortcut, but
 getting the 6th GPS cache makes better use of the time. Stand underneath the
 rope at the den's cliff, then look down and SW -- the cache should be shining
 on a roof below. It may seem like an instant game over, but Lara can make it
 without many problems. 
|_| GPS Cache 06/15 ---- [712462,3416182] Roof (jump from wolves' den cliff)

 After Roth regains consciousness, he'll note the radio tower is the best bet
 at sending out an SOS...and since he won't be vaulting up mountainsides in
 the near future, his partner will have to do the legwork (pun intended). To
 help with this, Lara earns the Climbing Axe, letting her climb the grayed-out
 rock faces with Square button. 

 XP -----: 100 XP
 Notables: ---

 This handy new tool will be gain heavy mileage throughout the game, so get
 used to it quickly. Unlike normal climbing which carries little risk (outside
 the stray mash-Square-to-confirm-catch scenario), reckless mountaineering can
 lead to Lara jumping off into thin air. Thus, it's prudent to proceed slowly
 and surely 'til one gets the hang of jump-climbing.

 • CHATTERBOX: Those pursuing the hidden Chatterbox achievement should speak
   to Roth four times before continuing up the mountain. Lara can do this chat
   any time before heading too far up the mountain.

 • OPTIONAL: TOMB OF THE UNWORTHY. This can be entered from the waterfall area
   right near the wolves' den. In the main chamber, there'll be two suspended
   steel cages. First, reach the far torch by bounding over the central cage,
   then burn the corpse bags to remove the counterweight. Finally, push the
   path-side cage off the ledge; this makes the central cage a stepping stone
   to the treasure's upper reaches. [250 XP for solving, 1250 XP as treasure,
   250 salvage as treasure, Mountain Village Relic Map obtained.]

 Return to the wolves' den area by ascending the cliff near the downed plane,
 then use the crags to reach the next-highest projection. Leap toward the
 outcrop splitting the current, then climb up to the small housing area (take
 cover by the wooden debris). Lara can pick off the 3 sentries in her preferred
 way, although the breakable lantern nearby can make a nice announcement.
 |_| Document 2/7 ------- [712481,3416193] In eastern shed where sentry stood
 |_| Relic 2/6 ---------- [712469,3416196] In western shed, 3F interior
 |_| GPS Cache 07/15 ---- [712482,3416193] Atop eastern streamside shed
 |_| GPS Cache 08/15 ---- [712471,3416197] Western shed, on ground (N side)
 |_| Illumination 02/10 - [712472,3416201] Ledge north of western shed
 |_| Egg Poacher 2/5 ---- [712471,3416197] Atop western streamside shed

 Got everything? Good. There's a couple ways to reach the next-highest ledges,
 but the easiest is using the exterior of the east shed. Double-jump to the
 next pull-up point, then reach the bridge via a small rock climbing course.
 Naturally, this rickety sucker starts crumbling when Lara commits to her
 passage! Do a slo-mo leap of faith off the end and (hopefully) cling to the
 far rock wall.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 After the radio transmission, zipline to the low ground...and an unsurprising
 ambush awaits! It's the same type of bow-wielding, molotov-throwing clowns
 who've appeared before, so it shouldn't be any big deal. The cave marks the
 proper entrance to...

04) BASE APPROACH                                                        [WK04]
 Camps ------ 1
 Relics ----- 2
 GPS Caches - 2

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 This is one of the smaller areas Lara encounters, and the objective from the
 previous level has carried over. There'll be a small scene at the campfire
 before Lara can proceed northwest.
 |_| Relic 1/2 ----- [712465,3416226] Cliff right near campsite
 |_| GPS Cache 1/2 - [712459,3416224] Behind truck near campsite

 Up the trail, Lara can sneak toward a merc camp with a vigilant searchlight.
 Although it seems omnipresent, the main beam of the light is sweeping the
 ground further on, so stealthily killing the nearest gunhand won't give away
 any position. Approaching the main camp ends this segment.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 It's very easy to do the next few kills without raising an alarm, precisely
 because of how predictably it operates. It helps that OHKO bowshots will drop
 foes silently, too -- just make sure to do it when the beam is off. Eliminate
 the three foes (nearest to farthest, naturally) before quietly approaching.
 If done right, Lara can take the electrician inside unawares. He, like the
 others, will have their backs to her.

 Carefully creeping upstairs will gives a shot at two sentries near the main
 searchlight -- they, too, can be neutralized with nary a whisper. That just
 leaves the last two in the guardtower by the broken bridge. For those who want
 perfect stealth, it's wisest to eliminate the walker first. (If one misses
 a killshot completely, it's possible a soldier will come inspect Lara's
 position, stumbling on her trail of corpses.)

 With the tension over, now's a good time to collect any stray artifacts and
 any left-behind corpses.
 |_| Relic 2/2 ----- [712445,3416259] Searchlight bunker, near the stairway
 |_| GPS Cache 2/2 - [712456,3416248] Tower by broken bridge, SW walkway

 So, from the final guardtower, climb up near the searchlight to reach its
 apex. The level ends after the zipline is used.

05) MOUNTAIN BASE                                                        [WK05]
 Camps -------- 1
 Documents ---- 3
 GPS Caches --- 2
 Non-Believer - 5

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: WWII Submachine Gun

 Lara should be able to hear cronies talking in the distance at this point,
 though they're not within eyeshot just yet.
 |_| Document 1/3 ----- [712444,3416269] On table right by wet passage

 Break the nearby valve with the climbing pick, letting Lara dissipate the
 mustard gas (?) in the broken-wall shortcut. Peeking into the next hallway
 should spot the idling sentries, and one shot at the red barrel sends 'em to
 their maker. That just leaves one more alerted bowman... Before ascending the
 stair, search the anterooms (the SE dead end has a salvage-filled locker).
 |_| Non-Believer 1/5 - [712443,3416286] Room opposite stair (burn with torch)

 Upstairs, be prepared to snuff the Solarii melee fighter who suddenly jumps
 from a vent partition. Eliminate him and enter the lantern room (ignore the
 namesake items for now), which leads into a vent-accessible control area.
 |_| Non-Believer 3/5 - [712457,3416287] Lantern room, west wall

 Break open the nearby valve for a small scene, demonstrating the glass panes
 are bulletproof. Backtrack, pick up a lantern and toss it into the gas for a
 few fireworks. Lara's quarterback skills'll open the way forward. [+250 XP]

  • If one broke all the lanterns earlier by horsing around, simply reload the
    last checkpoint to set things right again.

 Approaching the injured Solarii will earn Lara a rifle. Doesn't matter much
 if that guy is slain, since he can't be looted anyway.
 |_| Non-Believer 2/5 - [712458,3416298] burning room, north half; east wall
 |_| Document 2/3 ----- [712449,3416306] N end of burning room, desk by ammo
 |_| GPS Cache 1/2 ---- [712453,3416306] NE corner of burning room, by graffiti

 Exit west into the dark room to find a waiting ambush. Lara can take a few
 slo-mo potshots before the real fight begins. It's not a bad idea to claim
 higher ground immediately (jump to ledge near the spotlight), since there's
 only a couple people up there and any reinforcements arrive at ground level.
 Additionally, foes are vulnerable when pursuing up the ledge, only raising
 the chances of success. The fight ends when the 10-12 soldiers take dirt naps.
 |_| GPS Cache 2/2 ---- [712436,3416302] in ambush room, under upper ledge
 |_| Non-Believer 4/5 - [712432,3416299] in ambush room, NW control room; wall

 That upper ledge contains a campsite, so there's reason to visit it even if
 the foes are dispatched without visiting (the Brawler category has unlocked,
 for skill upgrade purposes). Continue down the bunker hall to find one last
 straggler (melee type) jumping through the ceiling. He's the last obstacle to
 reaching the comm console.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Lara's reward for her massive climb? Another climb! This time, the goal is
 the tip-top of the comm tower, visible through the cracked roof. Great...
 |_| Document 3/3 ----- [712432,3416285] Comm room, on a desk
 |_| Non-Believer 5/5 - [712433,3416288] Comm room, on a wall

 Make sure to get everything in this level for now! Once Lara squeezes into
 the exposed wall's pipework passage, backtracking'll be disabled for awhile.
 The cramped route leads out into the next level.

06) BASE EXTERIOR                                                        [WK06]
 Camps --------- 2
 Documents ----- 2
 Relics -------- 2
 GPS Caches ---- 1
 Treasure Maps - 1

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 New level, same objective. The first of the two campsites is near the bridge
 road, although fast-travelling is disabled at the moment. The area lacks
 collectibles, too, so head across the main girter to encounter a small QTE:
 fighting off a grappler (analog shake) and kicking him off (Triangle). This
 will alert the other foes ahead, preventing Lara from taking cover back where
 she came.
 |_| GPS Cache 1/1 ---- [712408,3416297] after crossing bridge, behind truck

 The entrance road will have a few sandbags for cover as the bowmen ready an
 attack. Make sure to scramble (O-button) as prompted to avoid molotov fire;
 there's three attackers in all, including one on a far roof.

  • It's now possible, or perhaps a little earlier, to find weapon mods, items
    used to improve Lara's arsenal to unlock upgrades. They're found randomly
    in salvage and on enemies, so always seek 'em out!

 Approaching further cues four more foes from a northern roof, two of which
 will zipline toward Lara. There's an achievement/trophy for killing five of
 'em in flight, so feel free to reload the last checkpoint (moments earlier)
 for a head start.
 |_| Relic 1/2 -------- [712396,3416282] after bridge, SE bldg in mercs' camp

 Continuing up the road starts causes foes to attack from the next building,
 although this one has explosive barrels, letting Lara halve their ranks with
 little ado. The other three stream out the building's bottom floor, a couple
 being melee fighters. With that batch done, the looting can commence; 2F is
 reachable by double-jumping up the outer wall.
 |_| Document 1/2 ----- [712398,3416298] building with the red barrels, 2F

 Climb up the wall near the western sandbags to find a small overlook on a
 locked building -- it's not without occupants! About 7-8 types, including
 molotov-throwers, are fought here. A few more zipliners can be picked off for
 easy kills, as it only takes one shot to cause a fatal fall.

 When they're cleared, jump down for a scene where an armored enemy emerges
 from his hole. Frontal assaults are worthless on this guy, so take the game's
 suggestion to dodge (O-button) when he swings. This creates a small opening
 of vulnerability. It takes about 8-10 pistol shots to eliminate him, and he
 always drops a bow upgrade part. [50 XP]

 That's the last of the foes, so scour the building's husk for any valuables,
 notably a salvage locker and crate. The Radio Tower campsite is on top of the
 building. Note that unlocking Tier II in the skills automatically earns Lara
 the "Axe Strikes" Brawler skill, which in turn gives more melee heft. [Make
 sure to learn the Dodge Counter ability as soon as possible, as it's useful
 in close-range encounters.]
 |_| Relic 2/2 -------- [712381,3416297] armored guy's building, 2F
 |_| Treasure Map 1/1 - [712390,3416289] use lower zipline @ Rad. Tow. campsite

 Now that all the collectibles are found, all that's left is the electrical
 duty atop the tower. Shimmy up the zipline attached to the structure, then
 prepare to take the rickety ladder up its side. Lara will do each of the
 three climbing stages (ladder, secondary ladder, rung ladder) automatically,
 except for the player-controlled ascension.

 When it comes time to tune the transmitter, use left analog to find the SOS
 emergency channel (controller will vibrate), then switch to the next dial to
 adjust the squelch. When the static is eliminated, hold the position and
 listen to the broadcast. Eventually, Lara gets the chance to broadcast her
 distress call, ending the scene.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: Fire Striker

 The only way off this blasted hunk o' junk is the SW zipline, its ending so
 far away, Lara can't even see the bottom! Ride that sucker to the Solarii
 fuel depot, also enemy-less terrain. Inside the quonset, Lara can pick up a
 Fire Striker, letting her light torches by holding Square -- no more burning
 barrels for this gal!

 Find the crankvalve near the petrol tanks, then light the puddle it makes to
 create the smoke signal. However, disaster soon strikes, forcing Lara to
 abandon the position and slide down a ledge.

 XP -----: 500
 Notables: ---

 There's not much to this part, besides sliding left/right to avoid debris
 fields. If Lara hits one, well...it's pretty obvious what happens. Once it's
 done correctly, hit Square to grasp the ledge, then jump to a side building
 to avoid the reckless propeller. Lara ends up in a new level now...

07) CLIFFSIDE VILLAGE                                                    [WK07]
 This section has no collectibles, just a camp, and it's one-time-only, too.
 Oh, and linear...very linear.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Off the bat, Lara spots a parachuter being carried into the distance. There's
 a mandatory prompt about using banners as trapezes, although after proceeding
 through the Mountain Village, this may be old knowledge. Either way, use it
 to crash into the next hut to start the adrenaline-pumping flight.

 As the building starts to fall off the cliff, use the ramp to reach the roof,
 then jump onto the crate for a small breather. Entering Hut #2 soon drops
 Lara to the bottom floor, from which hut #3 is accessed. From there, trapeze
 into hut #4, leap to hut #5 and, similarly, to hut #6. Reaching this point
 slides Lara to the safety of hut #7. [100 XP]

 Unfortunately for the parachuter, he wasn't as lucky, and Lara gets to fight
 the armored Solarii who slew him. Eliminate him, loot hut #7 for its ammo and
 salvage net, then proceed south to the Cliffside Vista campsite. Continuing
 on from here earns a call from Roth.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: Rope Arrows

 Up the stone stairway, Lara will encounter a mercenary camp and become snared
 in an animal trap -- she'll have to fight off 3 attackers while upside-down,
 then shoot the pulley. This situation gives birth to a wondrous new invention
 for the bow: Rope Arrows. Lara can now switch to that ammo type, use R2 to
 fire into targets and pull them toward her. For buildings with rope-encrusted
 brackets, this can destroy the house; for foes, this can pull them off ledges
 to their death. [The latter has an achievement relating to it.] This counts
 as a free Bow upgrade, also.

  • Note that, although it's considered an ammo type, Rope Arrows consume no
    arrow ammunition. This is no doubt because they're used so often from now
    on. So, feel free to use 'em in a pinch! Just remember that their purpose
    is utility, not destruction -- it can take awhile to kill even one foe with

 Once Lara mandatorily destroys the first shelter, eliminate the remaining 3
 attackers at leisure (one is a machine-gunner). Lara can put her new arrows
 to use, this time by dragging the rope-covered crate off a ledge. Gee, aren't
 these neat? Use this method to reach the next footpath and, optionally, a
 second time to demolish a higher hut (contains arrows & salvage).

 Further east, Lara gets a tutorial on rope bridges. To make one, stand near a
 notched post while firing an arrow at an appropriate target. This time, rather
 than pulling the target toward, she ties off the rope, creating a "bridge" to
 shimmy across. Of course, depending on the height, these "bridges" can turn
 into one-way ziplines. Only one "bridge" can exist at a time, though, so one
 may as well make a path into the building to get the food cache.

 Similarly, down the path, rope arrows can pull open the pesky locked doors
 that have rope affixations. This tunnel leads to a one-way slide into the
 next level, where one can meet Roth to end the segment.

08) MOUNTAIN VILLAGE [PART 2]                                            [WK08]
 Camps -------: 05
 Documents ---: 07
 Relics ------: 06
 GPS Caches --: 15
 Treasure Maps: --
 Tombs Raided : 02
 Illumination : 10
 Egg Poacher -: 05

 XP -----: 200
 Notables: ---

 Lara is dead set on finding the pilot, who's conveniently left a smoke beacon
 across the village. 

  • CHATTERBOX: Like before, those who want the Chatterbox trophy should speak
    with Roth (4x) at his new campsite. Remember, doing this is pointless if
    one missed the previous chances. [Also, autosaves don't seem to save this
    stuff very well, so if one talked with Roth then visited a camp before
    quitting, it'll have to be repeated to count. Same thing goes for reloading
    a checkpoint.]

 Opposite the campsite is a notched post for a rope zipline. Once taken, Lara
 will land near torii debris, perfect cover for the three mercs patrolling the
 grounds. Lara can either initiate a straight-up gunfight or wait for one to
 leave, making it easier for stealth. [Those who've been trying to get zipline
 kills for the trophy can stealthfully kill the two stragglers, then sneak
 behind the third guy for a sniping opportunity.] One of the salvage crates
 around here should contain a bow part, enabling an upgrade next time a camp
 is found.
 |_| Relic 3/6 ---------- [712446,3416182] In the hut the three mercs exited
 |_| Illumination 03/10 - [712464,3416189] Along path near next zipline

 Clean out a few salvage crates, then take the next zipline down, landing not
 far from the main waterfall in the village, only a tier higher than was
 previously accessible. Lara lands in a two-tier hut, an area free of foes,
 provided the third merc didn't get away earlier.
 |_| Illumination 04/10 - [712481,3416184] west ledge, accessible from hut
 |_| GPS Cache 09/15 ---- [712484,3416179] underneath the two-tier hut

 The smoke signal is actually reached by continuing east, but for those who
 want all collectibles, one will want to take the nearby zipline that extends
 SW, toward a plateau that was previously inaccessible. [The downed plane has
 decimated the hillside, however, making it reachable on foot.]
 |_| Relic 4/6 ---------- [712458,3416140] SW village plateau, in SWmost house
 |_| Illumination 05/10 - [712454,3416152] SW village plateau, by cliff stairs
 |_| GPS Cache 10/15 ---- [712451,3416151] SW village plateau, by NW cliff hut
 |_| Egg Poacher 3/5 ---- [712463,3416153] SW village plateau, on north house

 And, if Lara revisits the lower village, she can get another collectible,
 hopefully completing the Kanpo Herbs set for 500 XP!
 |_| Relic 5/6 ---------- [712463,3416168] lower village, inside rope door
 |_| Document 3/7 ------- [712484,3416152] at Roth's former camp, by crash
 |_| GPS Cache 11/15 ---- [712491,3416166] lower village, cliff by plane nose

 • IF ONE BACKTRACKED, TO RETURN to the upper north ledge Lara left from,
   its easiest to reuse the same plateau-connected zipline (just leap onto it
   from the roof). However, the most fruitful way is cliff-climbing at Roth's
   old camp. The nose of the plane points to a new series of ledges, containing
   a bit of salvage along the way.

 Alrighty, back to the main quest. From the upper route where Lara normally
 lands (by two-tier hut), the stone steps lead NE to a chasm. Shoot a zipline
 at the torii, then carefully climb the cliff to avoid the two Solarii above.
 Lara can eliminate them at leisure once they leave on patrol.
 |_| Illumination 06/10 - [712488,3416195] in cave path the Solarii enter

 Next, Lara will come to the other half of a broken bridge, with the option
 to create a zipline higher or jump down to a lower path. If one goes higher,
 Lara will stumble upon the level's second secret tomb.

 • SECRET TOMB: HALL OF ASCENSION - Progress through the cave and across the
   windswept bridge into the main chamber. The goal is to close the shutter,
   raise the suspended lift, then jump off onto the wall when the wind picks
   up. However, if the timing isn't right, this won't work. As a rule of
   thumb, once the shutter is closed, wait until the wind blows open one of
   the shutters before raising the lift. After that, all that's left is to
   reach a side beam and shimmy to the treasure room. [250 XP for completion;
   1250 XP, 250 salvage, Handgun Part, Mountain Village GPS Cache map as loot.]

 Once the tomb's done, Lara can get the rest of the upper loot before going
 toward the smoke beacon.
 |_| Relic 6/6 ---------- [712498,3416201] NE shrine remnants along stream
 |_| Illumination 07/10 - [712502,3416186] Middle spire w/ stairway
 |_| Illumination 08/10 - [712508,3416203] N ledge; access from tomb entry post
 |_| Document 4/7 ------- [712519,3416199] NE ledge w/ old hut on it
 |_| Document 5/7 ------- [712512,3416189] SE spire w/ hut, near smoke beacon
 |_| Egg Poacher 4/5 ---- [712509,3416202] cliff underneath secret tomb entry
 |_| Egg Poacher 5/5 ---- [712510,3416188] SE spire w/ hut; on small SW ledge
 |_| GPS Cache 12/15 ---- [712506,3416196] central spire (has big rope post)

 To reach the smoke beacon, Lara must head to the SE spire. This can be done
 a few ways: (1) visiting the center/south spire, then going east (2) going
 east from the Hall of Ascension area, east again, then south. Note that both
 ways, as well as a few other detours, must be taken to get collectibles
 accessible thus far.

 Once Lara makes the easterly zipline to the smoke beacon ledge, shimmy until
 an event breaks the post, forcing Lara to climb its rocky face to survive.
 The segment ends once Lara yells for Captain Jessop.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 With the way back out of commission, continue forward until Lara slides down
 the embankment into the next level.

09) MOUNTAIN PASS                                                        [WK09]
 Camps: 1

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 This is a very short one-time-only area with no collectibles outside a camp
 that's impossible to miss -- it's right down the main route. There's little
 to do while exploring the linear path, outside of looting random salvage and
 food caches. Once Lara reaches the monastery bridge, approach Jessop for some
 scenes, which throw Lara into...

10) CHASM MONASTERY                                                      [WK10]
 Camps: 1

 XP -----: 500
 Notables: Trench Shotgun

 ...another mini-level with no collectibles! Lara starts out suspended and
 bound, but can swing left to right, allowing a foothold to pry free (Square).
 The fall rattles her marbles a bit, but she's otherwise unharmed, and with
 all weapons to boot! The radio, however, is busted.

 Enter the corpse-strewn passage for a small scene, then advance forward 'til
 Lara tumbles into open air [+100 XP]. Continue up the steps until Lara finds
 a Nazi's trench shotgun, which she immediately commandeers. When it's not
 punching holes in sorry Solarii hides, it can destroy wooden barb-wire
 barricades, like the one currently blocking Lara's route. [+250 XP]

 The path culminates in a high aperture, letting Lara into the former queen's
 tomb. Along with one of her silliest utterances ("I hate tombs!"), she gains
 some insight into Himiko's legend. Her pursuit unit catches up here, composed
 of 6-7 melee types and one gunner. Apparently these guys rarely have a "Bring
 Your Gun to Work Day," 'cause they're food for Lara's new shotty.

 With the fools schooled, rope-pull the bell so it crashes into the nearest
 half-crumbled door. This leads to the Sheltered Alcove savepoint (mandatory
 along this route) and another shotgun barricade. Destroy it and attempt to
 use the rickety walkway before it quite literally becomes dust in the wind,
 forcing Lara to shimmy on its foundation. Simply move forward, jump to the
 remaining planks, then climb up the vertical portion.

 From here, Lara can infiltrate the bell tower...though it's not that great,
 since the foes (Solarii melee fighters and an armored type) are alerted at
 once. If one's already learned the Dodge Counter/Kill moves, this is a great
 chance to practice on the armored doofus. Don't have 'em? Acquire 'em when
 possible, as they're lifesavers.

 Use the side rubble to approach the upper balcony (requires killing one last
 melee fool) near the bell-ringer, which is useless as-is. The goal here is
 to careen it into the splintering, load-bearing supports along the bell. Open
 a shutter, turn around and rope-pull the ringer; then, close that shutter
 and repeat for the other side. When both are sufficiently smashed, eliminate
 the 6 Solarii who jump onto the balcony -- one guy drops a Bow part.

 Finally, open both shutters and aim for the bell, which breaks off, providing
 an exit below [+250 XP]. The sudden fall and sudden-er Oni appearance heralds
 a remarkable, death-defying egress over the crumbling structure. (Ignore any
 foes in this area, as they can't be looted.) The first chasm jump is normal,
 the second requires trapeze-ing to safety; the third happens very quickly,
 but is otherwise normal; the fourth, onto a bridge, marks the end.

 Of course, Lara's momentum carries her further down still, starting a slide
 event. Use the shotgun to break two barricades (why would someone erect such
 a thing here...?) to finally reach blessed safety. Following Sam's distress
 message, the segment ends.

11) MOUNTAIN VILLAGE [III]                                               [WK11]
 Camps -------: 05
 Documents ---: 07
 Relics ------: 06
 GPS Caches --: 15
 Treasure Maps: --
 Tombs Raided : 02
 Illumination : 10
 Egg Poacher -: 05

 XP -----: 500
 Notables: ---

 This isolated cave opens to the region's final campsite, providing access to
 the NE spire-filled region's lower area. There's no enemies in the immediate
 region, so Lara can search the shallow stream beds for salvage and other
 |_| Illumination 09/10 - [712521,3416191] by campsite stream, southern ledge
 |_| Illumination 10/10 - [712498,3416185] cliff overlooking three-merc area
 |_| GPS Cache 13/15 ---- [712503,3416194] along stream, N of fenced-off falls
 |_| GPS Cache 14/15 ---- [712509,3416186] cliff past campsite (use rope tree)

 As Lara goes west from the broken bridge, one can hear gunmen talking down
 the road. These can be eliminated from the main path, using the low railing
 as cover, though those with a little daring-do can get high ground. (This'll
 require making a zipline near the campsite, then crossing the torii to a new
 cliff. There's salvage and an Illumination statue here but no cover.)

 From the merc platform, make a new zipline down to the boarded-up shack that
 has been inaccessible the entire time. The shotgun makes a perfect door key
 here, rewarding Lara with a small radio-related scene. Players can now square
 away any remaining collectibles, one of which is in a upper west hut behind
 a barricade. (Backtracking manually is possible, but it's easiest to visit
 the overlook camp via fast-travelling.)
 |_| GPS Cache 15/15 ---- [712501,3416161] on rock, north side of shack
 |_| Document 6/7 ------- [712503,3416158] shack's loft; reach via floor debris
 |_| Document 7/7 ------- [712448,3416180] upper west shack

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 To continue, jump the gap east of the recent hovel, ziplining down through
 the roof of an old shack. Grab the ledge when prompted, then wait for the
 curious Solarii to return to his patrol. This sets up an opportunity to snipe
 a lantern the group stands around, taking out a few of the goons in a fiery
 explosion. (The snooping guard should have a Shotgun Part to take, also.)

 The detonation's noise will alert guards further down the path, but they only
 investigate when Lara descends down the steps or reaches the side path's cliff
 overlook. Trying the latter route lets one walk a torii to a new cliff,
 side-stepping the 4-man encounter entirely (and earning some ammo boxes for
 the trouble).
 To finish the level, head through the plane wreck toward the frothy rapids.

12) MOUNTAIN DESCENT                                                     [WK12]
 This level has no collectibles or camps, a one-time-only level's hallmark.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Lara will have no choice but to cross, and earns a nice trip over the falls
 for her trouble. This starts a mandatory, slip-and-slide descent, requiring
 our favorite tomb raider to navigate (left/right) to avoid debris, snapping
 shotgun barricades when prompted. The easiest road to completion is sticking
 entirely on the right-hand side -- fancy maneuvers will only give Lara her
 first (and last) javelin tracheotomy.

 If all goes well, Lara careens into an old Japanese plane's cockpit, giving
 just enough time to strap on a parachute before plummeting into the second
 and final section: tree dodging! As with the river portion, use left/right
 to yaw away from the nearest pines, and be careful about overcompensating --
 too far to one side sets up a painful impalement.

 Eventually, a bone-crunching fall will sound the end of this segment, putting
 Lara in one of the largest levels...

13) SHANTYTOWN                                                           [WK13]
 Camps -------- 06
 Documents ---- 05
 Relics ------- 07
 GPS Caches --- 15
 Tombs Raided - 02
 Silencer ----- 04
 Laid to Rest - 05

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 After the fall, Lara's ribs have more cracks than the I-90, so she'll need a
 patch job to get in working order. She won't even be able to make the simple
 leap across the nearest incline, instead tumbling down into the shantytown's
 lower portion. She'll spot a helicopter in the distance, making it the next

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: Lighter, Fire Arrows

 The nearest salvage crate should contain a Shotgun Part, so grab it before
 entering the watery crack nearby -- it leads under the hovel to fresh(er) air.
 Lara can now eliminate the murderers here: one melee fighter, the other four
 having guns. Note that a few will come from the rooftops, so use the nearest
 garbage for cover. When everyone's bleeding, trip the rope trap and take the
 Rifle Parts within (should be the last one needed for an upgrade).

 With her climbing abilities dampened, Lara can only north toward the copter.
 The path is linear from here on out, with only a few foes to deal with: two
 after making the next jump (1 gun, 1 melee) and another gunman near the heli
 itself. Ms. Croft will need to rope-pull the loading ramp door to complete
 the objective.

 Lara will earn the Lighter (replaces Fire Striker) and, by proxy, the ability
 to make Fire Arrows. As their name suggests, these can ignite targets -- any
 quick-fired shots won't count. When stealth is necessary, regular arrows will
 attract less attention.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 After the convo with Roth, a massive fight will break out, enough that, at
 the end, if Lara hasn't moved around, foes and their ammo/salvage drops will
 have disappeared. Those who don't want to miss out should stay active! There's
 about 20 foes to fight here, with melee types being the minority. (A few even
 zipline in, for those aiming to get the related kill trophy.) Thankfully, the
 foes won't employ a bumrush strategy, letting Lara pick them off leisurely,
 while using explosive barrels to tenderize the groups.

 • Unlike levels past, fast-travelling is accessible at this point. Make sure
   to upgrade the WWII Submachine Gun to an Assault Rifle, if able.
 |_| Document 1/5 ----- [712587,3416095] tall bldg SE of helicopter, 3F
 |_| Document 2/5 ----- [712575,3416084] shack east of largest pond, 1F
 |_| Document 3/5 ----- [712576,3416086] shack east of largest pond, 2F
 |_| Relic 1/7 -------- [712569,3416093] bldg south of 1st campsite, 1F table
 |_| Relic 2/7 -------- [712587,3416096] tall bldg SE of helicopter, 2F
 |_| Relic 3/7 -------- [712579,3416079] tall building in SE area, 2F
 |_| Relic 4/7 -------- [712574,3416074] small SW bldg, behind shotgun barrcd.
 |_| GPS Cache 01/15 -- [712576,3416081] small shack, S of water tunnel bldg
 |_| GPS Cache 02/15 -- [712562,3416084] balconied tower in west end, 1F
 |_| GPS Cache 03/15 -- [712588,3416082] tall bldg in SE area, 1F
 |_| GPS Cache 04/15 -- [712593,3416091] east 1-room shack, behind shotgun door
 |_| GPS Cache 05/15 -- [712581,3416067] mouth of cave to Well of Tears tomb
 |_| Silencer 1/4 ----- [712564,3416087] balconied tower south of 1st campsite
 |_| Laid to Rest 1/5 - [712571,3416099] SE of heli campsite, ground level
 |_| Laid to Rest 2/5 - [712558,3416111] hill behind helicopter, NE side
 |_| Laid to Rest 2/5 - [712564,3416086] on balconied tower SW of heli campsite
 |_| Laid to Rest 3/5 - [712594,3416081] East side of multistory bldg, by fence
 |_| Laid to Rest 4/5 - [712583,3416068] alongside Well of Tears tomb

 Approaching the southern gate will cue a mandatory event, so do any searching
 before that point.

 In addition to an optional tomb and a tremendous amount of collectibles & 
 challenges, Lara can also find an extra Shotgun and Rifle Part (though their
 location's rather random). Diligence'll pay off, so search well -- most tall
 structures can be investigated at several levels. There's little to no foes
 in this area, outside of an eastern ambush and another by the tomb below.
 |_| [712580,3416067] OPTIONAL TOMB: WELL OF TEARS

     This is located in the northern half's SW area, in a church. Fight off
     the ambush that occurs here (if Lara enters, she'll be hung upside-down)
     then rope-pull the floorboards to reveal the main entrance. Descend for
     awhile to find the puzzle proper. Toss three yellow containers onto the
     suspended lift to make it drop, then climb onto the lift and remove all
     containers. Run off the lift up to the campsite ledge, and jump onto it
     as it rises, giving enough time to reach the side path leading to all
     the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Shantytown Relics map

 Ready to mosey? Good. Inspect the southern gate to...

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 ...have it slammed in Lara's face, trapping her between it and a contingent
 of dirty, angry, gun-wielding militants. It's possible to move around the
 rooftops for a nice chase, but really, the gate is almost perfect, since it
 lets players snipe explosive barrels while giving decent cover. There's about
 20 foes (scant few melee types; get used to it!) to slay total. As before,
 try to loot most of the corpses before the game despawns them.

 To proceed into the southern half, burn the gate's wooden crossbar with the
 handy-dandy fire arrows, then operate normally.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 Use the Ancient Gate camp for skill/upgrade purposes before approaching the
 slippery slope. Part of this area is fenced off, stopping unfettered access
 to the upper windmill, so there ain't much to look at yet.
 |_| Document 4/5 ----- [712601,3416049] SE of Ancient Gate camp, shotgun door
 |_| Laid to Rest 6/5 - [712591,3416049] S of Ancient Gate camp, W side of pond

 Cross the pond to the south, hearing Grim from the tower nearby. Pay attention
 to see what becomes of his bratty pursuers.
 |_| GPS Cache 06/15 -- [712594,3416030] by base of creek bridge

 Climbing Grim's ramshackle residence shows karma has other plans...plans that
 include dynamite. Remarkably, this portion is easier than the last ambush as
 the cover-seeking enemies are usually melee types, rendering any long-range
 advantages useless. Lara will need to snipe the rooftop enemies who DO have
 sightlines, but beyond that, there's a lot of melee types; they zipline in
 about halfway through. No other advice needed beyond staying mobile -- we're
 talking explosives, folks!

 • As mentioned before, killing zipliners contributes to the "Deadeye" trophy,
   and there's plenty of chances here -- it's the positioning due to threats
   of dynamite that foul it up. Reloading from a checkpoint before the event
   ends can help out on this end.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 The way up to Grim is thoroughly trashed, so Lara will need to find a way up
 to the cargo rigging. Use the zipline created in the latest ruckus to reach
 new heights! Current collectibles, for reference:
 |_| Laid to Rest 7/5 - [712600,3416028] Hanging on Grim's tower
 |_| Laid to Rest 8/5 - [712581,3416048] On cliff alongside cargo platform
 |_| Silencer 2/4 ----- [712595,3416035] On top of the new zipline's bldg
 |_| Relic 5/7 -------- [712584,3416039] base of streamside cargo platform
 |_| GPS Cache 07/15 -- [712584,3416039] by small stream footbridge
 |_| GPS Cache 08/15 -- [712586,3416047] N of cargo platform vert. climb part

 Blow out the shotgun barricade to reach the west cargo platform's base. All
 it takes to reach the upper part of Shantytown is going upstairs, climbing
 vertically once, then a final jump-up point. (Don't bother continuing back
 south on the platform toward the massive lifts; we won't need to visit there
 for awhile.)

 Reaching this altitude automatically alerts the nearby welcome wagon, mostly
 made of dynamite-throwers and a few gunmen. They can be annoying to fight
 from afar, so try close-range tactics -- this may bait a few into wasting
 time descending.
 |_| Relic 6/7 -------- [712598,3416061] N of next jump-up point, in barricade
 |_| GPS Cache 09/15 -- [712600,3416057] E side of walkway by jump-up point

 Ascend the next jump-up point to reach the windmill bridge, naturally guarded
 by gunmen on the other side. For an easier time, shoot the upper SE balcony
 foe first, since he has the best trajectory. The windmill itself will even
 absorb some of the incoming lead, too, although it doesn't play favorites.
 A few more gunmen will attack once the gap is cleared.

 That'll do it for local hostilities, giving players some time to collect the
 nearest goodies. Visiting the tomb first is advisable, as its reward includes
 a GPS Cache map. Most of the salvage around here is around the windmill's
 base and in the mine tunnel just north of there.
 |_| Document 5/5 ----- [712606,3416057] windmill base, western table
 |_| Relic 7/7 -------- [712610,3416060] windmill base, nook table by stairs
 |_| Silencer 3/4 ----- [712602,3416052] w. of windmill base, by fence opening
 |_| Silencer 4/4 ----- [712607,3416060] windmill area, jump-up point (W side)
 |_| GPS Cache 10/15 -- [712598,3416050] lower fence area west of windmill
 |_| GPS Cache 11/15 -- [712606,3416049] SW of windmill base, in shotgun brcd.
 |_| GPS Cache 12/15 -- [712601,3416057] w. of windmill base, by fence/barrel
 |_| GPS Cache 13/15 -- [712608,3416059] Top of windmill
 |_| GPS Cache 14/15 -- [712626,3416053] a little ways into tomb's tunnel
 |_| GPS Cache 15/15 -- [712613,3416070] north of windmill, 2F mine walkway

     Located in the southern half, in a cave east of the windmill campsite.
     Traverse the tunnel as normal (fairly normal outside of shimmying when
     a slope surprises Lara) to find the tunnel proper. Start collecting the
     yellow cans from nearby ledges -- may require rope-pulling the hanging
     tires -- and dropping them into the boxed-in part of the makeshift tin
     seesaw. Three are needed to offset Lara's weight so she may leap off it,
     dig into the rock wall and continue to the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP,
     250 salvage, Handgun Part, Shantytown GPS Cache map.

 All collectibles, except a final campsite, can be found by this point, so
 it's off to find Grim! Hop a lift on the windmill's cargo conveyor, riding
 to the isolated southern tower. The inevitable fight begins en route, giving
 a few good shots at explosive barrels lining the SW tower (next destination).
 The fight is a redux of the previous tower fight, only a few extra stories
 higher. This is a good battle to get final kills for the "Deadeye" and "Boom
 Goes the Dynamite" trophies, too.

 Event ends after the Solarii ranks are 15 men shorter.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Use the ziplines to reach Grim's tower, loot any available bodies (most will
 have despawned in the scene interruption) and use the rope on the west side.
 About halfway through, two Solarii -- one definitely modeled after Robert
 Downey Jr.! -- will try fouling up the plan. When they cut the rope, Lara'll
 dig into the cliff, leading to a small scene with Roth. [+100 XP]

 The only remaining path to the bridge leads by the final campsite (now's a
 great time to learn Dodge Kill Mastery, if Tier 3's unlocked), which should
 100% the level if everything else is done. Cross the smaller west bridge,
 climb into and through the tower and, finally, onto the fortress bridge's

 Climb the ladder-like planks and start sneaking east under the walkway, until
 Roth makes a timely diversion. Shimmy to the southern plank, jump to the
 eastern one and continue hugging the white-lined lip. Roth will advise Lara
 to stop near the gap, so obey the directive, plus his nudge to move again.
 Going renegade will cause Lara to be shot, resulting in instant failure.

 Eventually, Roth's sharpshooting buys his ward time to climb onto the bridge
 itself...only for an enemy to sneak up and knock her off. Grab hold of the
 woodwork and ascend, only for the local militia to be alerted. This starts a
 nice "bullets are destroying the environment, gotta get to safety" event on
 the nearest rooftops. The final step will be climbing a final cliff. [+100 XP
 for finishing segment, +100 XP for final Roth check-in.]

 Reaching the next level, opposite the soggy tunnel, ends the level properly.

14) CAVERN ENTRANCE                                                      [WK14]
 No collectibles in this, the shortest level around.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Traverse the tombs to find a scene with Sam, after which control is given as
 Lara...swims in several feet of human blood...with nothing but her bow. Exit
 the grisly gumbo to reach the next level.

15) GEOTHERMAL CAVERNS                                                   [WK15]
 Camps --------- 2
 Documents ----- 3
 Relics -------- 3
 GPS Caches ---- 5
 Treasure Maps - 1
 Firestarter --- 6

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 The path will be blocked by natural gas, which Lara can detonate with fire
 arrows -- just make sure the reticle is red, lest the shot do nothing. This
 leads to the Pit campsite, all fast-travelling disabled to match circumstance.
 The final "Confessions of a Solarii" document nearby can complete the set.
 |_| Document 1/3 ---- [712673,3416016] Right by first campsite

 Further along, players get a first-hand glimpse at what happens to fresh meat
 in prison...one of the few times the phrase gets a literal interpretation. If
 spooked, the creepers will scatter, so make the first shot count -- hitting
 the natural gas vein works wonders. Lara can now explore the western hub and
 its attendant passages. [Arrows are scarce at this point, but there's a batch
 that respawns instantly if Lara runs out -- find it near the north tunnel
 entrace, near the corpse eaten earlier.]
 |_| Relic 1/3 ------- [712684,3416016] Main hub, northern candlelit ledge
 |_| GPS Cache 1/5 --- [712674,3416009] Main hub's west tunnel, higher ledge
 |_| GPS Cache 2/5 --- [712680,3416021] Main hub's north tunnel, on footpath
 |_| Firestarter 1/6 - [712686,3416011] Main hub, hanging on ceiling
 |_| Firestarter 2/6 - [712677,3416010] Main hub's west tunnel, in ceiling
 |_| Firestarter 3/6 - [712685,3416019] Main hub's north tunnel, east ceiling

 Start the jailbreak by twisting the west door's valve, then igniting the gas,
 sending the whole thing up in flames. Scuttle down the ensuing passage to
 find two weary patrolmen, reluctant to investigate the noise. Capitalize on
 their reticence by silently murdering the straggler, then his inquisitive bud.
 Remember that fire arrows aren't silent for this part...
 |_| GPS Cache 3/5 --- [712698,3416009] East of main hub, by food cache & ammo

 Unfortunately, these noobs don't have Lara's confiscated arsenal. Find the
 next checkers-playing pair nearby, and opportunistically eliminate them when
 one investigates the rattling gas pipe. That does it for the hapless humps
 working in this sector, so get the collectibles sitting 'round. [The treasure
 map often throws people for a loop, but has no special requirements -- just
 climb the platform's side!]
 |_| Document 2/3 ---- [712704,3416013] By checkerboard guards were playing at
 |_| Relic 2/3 ------- [712704,3416006] Table by Catacombs campsite
 |_| Firestarter 4/6 - [712707,3416018] On other side of electrical door
 |_| Treasure Map ---- [712708,3416012] High loft ledge NE of campsite

 Near the campsite, blow the valve near the crate platform to smash the cube
 toward the low door, creating a nice stepping stone. This sets up a chance to
 kill three guards as they jabber by a fat, juicy gas spout. No more guards in
 the area after them, though.
 |_| GPS Cache 4/5 --- [712705,3416028] by food cache along lower footpath
 |_| Firestarter 5/6 - [712705,3416028] hanging high above this food cache

 Climb the nearby rockwall and sneak down the path, stealth-killing the first
 guard (melee) then another flashlight-waver on the opposite stairwell (bow).
 Some of the remaining worshippers can't be OHKO'd by headshots, so it usually
 turns into the OK Corral...only Lara has naught but a bow. Lure them down the
 previous bottleneck if things get too rough, because they tend to spread out
 a bit from the shrine itself. [The gas can be used as a weapon, also.]
 |_| Firestarter 6/6 - [712697,3416031] hanging from shrine area ceiling
 |_| Document 3/3 ---- [712691,3416032] on Sun Queen shrine
 |_| Relic 3/3 ------- [712690,3416036] behind shrine; must ignite gas first
 |_| GPS Cache 5/5 --- [712690,3416024] South of the final iron gate

 At the passage's end is a locked door, a valve and a hanging jail cell on a
 pulley. Hoist the cage so it's near to the door, then detonate the gas valve
 to smash it through the gate, opening a way to freedom. Travel the exploding
 tunnel until it gives way, sticking Lara in a lower passage that leads right
 to the captured Endurance crew's holding cell.

 Pull up to the low cover and wait for the three guards' conversation to end,
 setting up an easy stealth kills on 'em all. After a reunion, detonate the
 gas valve near the suspended fuselage, then use the newly-opened path and
 platform to get on top of the cell. From here, destroy the 2nd counterweight
 by shooting the gas billows in succession, starting at the nearest. If done
 right, the explosions will direct the cage for smashin' time. Of course, this
 has the side effect of destroying the cavern floor in cataclysmic horror...

 Climb the fuselage's siding to get topside, then jump to the new ledge with
 the capped gas valves. Break both and line up a bowshot so it goes through
 both plumes in succession. This will be enough to careen the crew's cell to
 safety, although it strands Lara in the process.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 Climb the final two cages to reach the ledge. Gee, wasn't that simple?

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Follow the passage to its end. No reason to complain 'bout free XP, I guess.
 Use the climbing pick to enter the far door, resulting in...

16) SOLARII FORTRESS                                                     [WK16]
 Another level that has no collectibles, just a camp.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Where's Sam? That's the burning question, hahaha...oh dear. Traverse the only
 corridor around to find Solarii being caught in explosions and the like. The
 first batch can be looted, the second batch can be killed for goodies. [Wait
 too long undetected and batch #2 will all die in a far explosion.] Either way,
 a route onto the rooftops opens.

 Cross the tiled eaves to a climbable wall, from which several windowsills can
 be reached. After a run-in with a burning man, follow the balcony route for
 a scene involving Mathias' burning casework. Now on the rooftops, track the
 Solarii ahead to a zipline. Upon reaching the adjacent building, stragglers
 will open fire, forcing a small confrontation by the gap. Afterwards, climb
 the wall near their "fortified" position and turn back inside.

 Lara will recover her weapons after a scene with Whitman, leading to the
 next objective...

 XP -----: 140
 Notables: ---

 The fortress may be turning into a deathtrap, but everyone still has time to
 put Lara in their sights. Not much for cover in the throne room 'sides pots
 and columns, so stay mobile to keep up with multiple points of origin. When
 6-8 are slain, a few heavy-duty troops appear. Headshots won't kill them in
 one hit, so just use the shotgun when they draw near (and they will, unlike
 wussy cover-seeking normals). The event ends when these troops go down. One
 of the final troops should have a Shotgun Part.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Enter the blinding SW door to finish the objective. Yawn.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: Grenade Launcher

 The next stairway series will have several small-scale fights: 5 in the first,
 two in the next, then about 5 more. Notice how shotgunners and heavy armor
 types are bleeding into the normal ranks now? All the more reason to learn
 the Brawler dodge counter skills, if not done already. [For reference, all
 skills in that category should be accessible by now.]

 Emerge from outside to be greeted by a sod on a machine-gun emplacement. It
 tears through most cover like butter, but leaves just enough to hide behind.
 Move from one low-standing wall to the next, making for the climbable wall
 out of gun range. Zipline toward the gunner for a fun event that results in
 a grenade launcher rifle upgrade. This can be fired with R2, just as prompted
 here. [+250 XP]

 This new device can destroy metal barricades, one of which is now blocking
 the only route through the fortress. Destroy it, pick off a few Solarii 'fore
 they scramble for cover and let loose! An ammo box nearby should refresh the
 grenades carried. Once they're kaput (the searchlight user is easily the most
 annoying), hit the level's only campsite for upgrades. By now, it's possible
 to upgrade the shotgun to a pump-action, which unlocks a few other goodies
 like incendiary ammo.

 Past the searchlight alcove, blow another hole for a scene with Sam.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Zipline down to a back alley requiring a little grenadier finesse to break
 out of. The people "searching" for Sam will instead be "waiting" around, and
 the rising smoke isn't helping anything. Relying heavily on L2 mode pays
 many dividends, as all active foes will be red-tinted and any corpse (there'll
 be many) is yellow. Instead of gunning down the street's middle, try luring
 foes toward sheltered alcoves, ensuring they can be looted before despawning.
 Also, there's plenty of 'nades here, so be liberal, especially toward foes
 behind cover (much of which can be destroyed entirely).

 About halfway through the streets, Lara will be spotlighted by a gunner's
 helper, forcing her to proceed with more caution. [This spotlight is wrapped
 up good and can't be sniped, note.] Avoid being ripped apart by scrambling
 from cover to cover, aiming for the SW watchtower manned by two grunts. Nix
 'em in the preferred fashion, climb up and zipline to the next building. From
 here, Lara can finally shove a literal grenade up his proverbial tailpipe,
 finishing the hectic segment. [+100 XP] Now, zipline to the gate.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Ascend to the gunner's old location, using the zipline to a south battlement.
 Entering the next wall port ends the level.

17) FORTRESS TOWER                                                       [WK17]
 Although it's more of an extension of the last level, it's given its own map
 data, so let's just roll with it...

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 "I hopped into a burning fuel storehouse"...no good story ever starts that
 way, but it'll be going into Lara's memoirs, I'm sure. Start climbing ASAP
 to avoid a fiery death in the hellfire below. Follow the remaining route along
 the wall, leading to a zipline sill

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Slide down to the fortress' main bridge (the underside was visited earlier)
 for a small scene where pursues are sicced on Lara. Run at the foreground
 to make a death-defying leap, then shake off the doggy who won't loose his
 prey. The final blow requires a pickaxe QTE.

 Topside, leap over the crumbling segments to tumble into a tower's basement.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 As directed, scale the interior ledges and stairway, leading to a tumble
 onto the outer walkway. Trapeze-swing to ever-burning safety, then use the
 rock wall to tumble BACK inside. Leap onto the railing and pull up (shimmying
 alone won't pass muster) for a crate grab. This leads to an upper window and
 second rock wall.

 Wasting time in this part will usually result in death, so do it well and
 quickly. Cross the explosion-filled gap to a third rock wall, itself breaking
 apart, and ascend before it and the scalariform beams all turn to tinder. The
 reward is a rooftop rescue!

 XP -----: 

 Run up the last platform and leap to Roth. As far as escapes go, this could've
 gone better...

18) SUMMIT FOREST                                                        [WK18]
 Camps ----------- 03
 Documents ------- 02
 Relics ---------- 03
 GPS Caches ------ 05
 Tombs Raided ---- 01
 Red Cap Roundup - 10

 XP -----: 50
 Notables: Tactical Pistol

 Lara's buddies will go on ahead to the beach, leaving her time to explore the
 level as she likes. (A free upgrade to the pistol is received at this time.)
 First is the western extremity containing the crash site, but no enemies. The
 ten mushrooms that appear in this area are annoying to find, so make liberal
 use of L2's survival sight. 
 |_| Document 1/2 ---------- [712597,3415994] on cliff rock near pyre
 |_| Relic 1/3 ------------- [712606,3415996] in hollow log N of crash site
 |_| GPS Cache 1/5 --------- [712606,3416000] N of helicopter, along slope
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 01/10 - [712605,3415994] by tree west of helicopter
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 02/10 - [712610,3415994] behind tree SE of helicopter

 There's only one path east from here, so take 'er. Toward the end, Lara will
 spot a flashlight-wielding search party in the distance.
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 03/10 - [712616,3416004] along slope, east path exit

 Approach them unwares, take cover and stealthfully neutralize the pair. This
 middle section is composed of two forested halves separated by a shallow
 swamp. Counting the first foes, there's about 10 hunters around the region,
 all inspecting areas that won't overlap with the others. They're also very
 predictable, allowing Lara to silently eliminate all of them with executions
 or (more commonly) well-timed arrows. Approach the east staircase to spawn
 the final 3 guards, although they won't move into a patrolling AI routine
 unless Lara baits them (firing an arrow at a nearby cliff works).

 With the unpleasantness over, Lara can finally search the swamp in peace.
 |_| Document 2/2 ---------- [712637,3416000] large hunting lodge in area
 |_| GPS Cache 2/5 --------- [712629,3415987] W ledge; use raised cabin to get
 |_| GPS Cache 3/5 --------- [712638,3415987] SE waterfall area, in shallows
 |_| GPS Cache 4/5 --------- [712636,3415986] S ledge; use rockclimbing ledge
 |_| Relic 2/3 ------------- [712627,3415999] W tree platform; use rock wall
 |_| Relic 3/3 ------------- [712638,3415989] SE cliff; use zipline & platform
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 04/10 - [712624,3416007] W of northern footbridge, by tree
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 05/10 - [712632,3416005] alongside northern footbridge
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 06/10 - [712626,3416000] west bank of swamp
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 07/10 - [712633,3415984] S.most part of stream, west side
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 08/10 - [712636,3415992] SE dead end, by cliff shtgun door
 |_| Red Cap Roundup 09/10 - [712627,3415990] W cliff ledge via the embankment

 Of course, there's an optional tomb to find as well, north of the hunting
 lodge on the swamp's east side.

     Time for some fire arrow action. Ignite the gas to clear the first ledge,
     climb up to the next-highest platform, ignite the far ledge's wooden
     debris. All that's left is jumping to the rock wall and taking the nook's
     loot. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Summit Forest relic map.

 Approaching the eastern stairway exit ends the segment.

 |_| Red Cap Roundup 10/10 - [712642,3415998] Along eastern stairway exit

 XP -----: 900
 Notables: ---
 Rope-pull the door off its hinges to locate the titular cave's wolf pens --
 each can give up to 20 XP for headshot kills, though they aren't skinnable
 for salvage. From the side platform, pull the goat carcass to put a trapeze
 in position between the rock wall. Do the small jump to find the hunters'
 salvage-filled shrine. The final cache is here, too.
 |_| GPS Cache 5/5 --------- [712656,3416016] wolf cave shrine, along table

 Slip down the next decline, catch the ledge and sneak through the narrow
 cliff to find the, uh, batcave, which leads into Shantytown's SE sector. Use
 the zipline for a convo with Alex, which finishes the segment.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Follow the convenient ziplines to reach the village's western cargo lift.
 Unlike before, it's up and running for anyone who wants to catch a ride down.

 • Those who want to revisit Shantytown to get any missed goodies can do that
   now, if they prefer. Everything remains the same, excluding one-time-only
   paths leading to the Solarii Fortress.

19) GONDOLA TRANSPORT                                                    [WK19]
 As its dearth of collectibles suggests, this ride is one-time-only, too.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 It's a scenic trip down Mt. Yamatai (made that up right now) with nothing
 to do but talk with Sam...

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 ...until the lift halts, forcing Lara to (make a) zipline to the nearest
 strut. Use the ammo cache as necessary, then ascend the structure to a 2nd
 zipline, which connects directly to the shipwrights' pet project. Naturally,
 Lara's inclinations of an ambush are spot-on, and a fight breaks out as soon
 as her boots are on deck.

 Though the fight's rather run-of-the-mill, the cover foes' take is close by
 each other, making it a great opportunity to claim the "Epic Fumble" trophy
 (shoot dynamite-thrower to make it drop explosive, which kills him and two
 buddies at once). This may be the best place to do it, and with zipline-crazy
 reinforcements, there's plenty of potshots for "Deadeye" as well.

 After nixing about 20 guys, one genius has the idea to start tearing the ship
 apart with a machine-gun emplacement, causing the whole thing to flip 90
 degrees. Now a vertical climb, simply do the climbing course (yellow rungs)
 as the gunner unveils them, leading to level ground.

 Complete the next jump for a series of ziplines, requiring one to press
 O-button when the scene temporarily slows. If the first half goes well, Lara
 tumbles into a tin flume (with shotgun barricade) that leads to the remaining
 half. Tumble over the falls and take the remaining path into...

20) SHIPWRECK BEACH                                                      [WK20]
 Camps -------- 04
 Documents ---- 04
 Relics ------- 06
 GPS Caches --- 15
 Tombs Raided - 02
 Cairn Raider - 05
 Mine Sweeper - 10

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 ...Ahh, this author's favorite level! Windswept beaches, a vista most people
 would kill for (if they didn't die getting here), tons of challenges and
 collectibles... Though it's the biggest area in the game, only the central
 beach portion is accessible for now -- the northern elevator can't be used
 and Lara has no means to visit the southern half's shipwreck cove.

 Salvage crates in this area should cough up a Shotgun and Rifle part, so be
 thorough. Several boxes are hidden around rocky structures in the NE and the
 dilapidated structures at the survivors' camp.
 |_| Document 1/4 ------- [712469,3415977] Survivors' camp bldg #1, on table
 |_| Document 2/4 ------- [712464,3415981] Survivors' camp bldg #2, on table
 |_| GPS Cache 01/15 ---- [712481,3416008] Cliff by broken walkway
 |_| GPS Cache 02/15 ---- [712491,3415990] NE of survivors' camp, by mine
 |_| GPS Cache 03/15 ---- [712493,3415973] SE of survivors' camp, under a dock
 |_| GPS Cache 04/15 ---- [712471,3415971] S of survivors' camp, by an anchor
 |_| GPS Cache 05/15 ---- [712469,3415978] Atop one the 2 survivors' camp bldgs
 |_| Cairn Raider 1/5 --- [712469,3416008] Atop pinnacle w/ rock-climbing face
 |_| Cairn Raider 2/5 --- [712483,3415992] On rocky hill along NE downward path
 |_| Cairn Raider 3/5 --- [712471,3415995] N of survivors' camp, on flat hill
 |_| Mine Sweeper 01/10 - [712491,3415990] NE of survivors' camp, by GPS cache
 |_| Mine Sweeper 02/10 - [712491,3415990] SE of survivors' camp, on beach
 |_| Mine Sweeper 03/10 - [712470,3415963] S of survivors' camp, in shallows

 To complete the objective, find the scrappy Endurance crew as they're working
 on the PT boat. Lara will finish the segment here.

 • CHATTERBOX: If one's been doing all the optional convos thus far, speak to
   Reyes, Jonah and Sam on the boat's deck three times each. Lara will have
   to wait until their scripted dialogue ends, though, which is often one of
   the reasons this series of chats is easily missable.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 The goal is to survey the nearby galleon for a block and tackle. From the PT
 boat dock, jump down to the fragmented west dock (this shakes loose siding
 that blocked beach ladder access) and make for the crane's zipline. If Lara
 uses L2 to mark important objects, she should be able to spot a mine along
 the ship's east side.
 |_| Mine Sweeper 04/10 - [712462,3415948] SW of dock crane, floating in sea
 |_| Mine Sweeper 05/10 - [712478,3415945] along galleon's east side

 Trapeze-jump onto a rock wall, then climb into the hull "window" to complete
 the objective.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Upon falling inside, Lara should spot two unaware guards nearby. Eliminate
 and continue climbing east, along the hull, to reach the upper deck. Lara
 should spot the block and tackle immediately, so snipe its pulley to destroy
 the mast (makes next path), then snatch 'er up.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: Compound Bow

 Continue back west on this top deck to find three final Solarii, including a
 dynamite-thrower. Now that Lara has a grenade launcher, encounters like this
 should be a simple matter.
 |_| Relic 1/6 ---------- [712478,3415934] small shelter near 3-merc fight

 Use the stern's zipline to quickly reach the beach. Jonah will be waiting by
 the campsite, giving a Compound Bow upgrade as his thanks. With this, Lara
 can use rope arrows on rock walls, something that will be necessary to reach
 the Endurance wreck far to the south. (Additionally, Lara's arrows should
 penetrate enemy headgear far better, resulting in better stealth payoffs.)

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 • CHATTERBOX: Those still seeking the hidden achievement can talk to all the
   crew again, including Dr. Whitman. Exhaust all options as before (Jonah has
   the most, Reyes the least).

 Now that Lara's bow has enough force, she can use the SE dock pole to make a
 rope line into the nearest craggy rock, a necessary first act to reach the
 climbing course that leads to a shipwreck. This isn't the Endurance, but it
 does have some purloinable prizes.
 |_| Relic 2/6 ---------- [712516,3415974] shipwreck SE cabin, tier below top
 |_| Relic 3/6 ---------- [712515,3415974] shipwreck's lowest tier, on table
 |_| GPS Cache 06/15 ---- [712508,3415980] On cliff ledge NW of shipwreck
 |_| GPS Cache 07/15 ---- [712515,3415977] atop shipwreck's last steel mast
 |_| Mine Sweeper 06/10 - [712509,3415967] waters along shipwreck; spot w/ L2

 With all goodies found, zipline down to the southern lighthouse tower. Start
 climbing the ruined cement walkway to spawn two guards discussing Lara's
 recent exploits -- both can be slain silently. Before climbing there's a few
 things to do, plus another Rifle and Bow Part in a random crate 'round here.
 For easier references, I'm calling this very tall building an old lighthouse.
 |_| GPS Cache 08/15 ---- [712520,3415957] ammo alcove near waterfall
 |_| GPS Cache 09/15 ---- [712515,3415947] on isolated dock pltfrm on rocks
 |_| GPS Cache 10/15 ---- [712537,3415951] SE wooden shipwreck, by cliffs
 |_| Cairn Raider 4/5 --- [712503,3415950] lower west side of lighthouse
 |_| Mine Sweeper 07/10 - [712501,3415957] waters NW of lighthouse
 |_| Mine Sweeper 08/10 - [712521,3415950] beach SE of lighthouse
 |_| Mine Sweeper 09/10 - [712513,3415942] waters S of lighthouse
 |_| Mine Sweeper 10/10 - [712536,3415945] wooden shipwreck SE of lighthouse

 Eventually, Lara will have to climb the lighthouse remnants, as it's the only
 way to reach the upper SE cliffs. No matter which way Lara picks the first
 time, she'll end up at the west-side rock wall, which leads to the top. A
 small ledge on the south side lets one break the shotgun barrier that stops
 quick north-side access.
 |_| Relic 4/6 ---------- [712507,3415953] top-floor lighthouse room, on floor

 The existing zipline leads to the upper cliffs that make up the final stretch
 of this exhilirating level. Lara will drop by two friend murderers ripe for a
 rope-pull death. Their ledge is right near the closed entrance to an optional
 tomb, only unlike the beachside one, this one's currently doable. [The two
 final relics are an easy +500 XP per if they complete their sets.]
 |_| GPS Cache 11/15 ---- [712518,3415963] on slightly lower north cliff
 |_| Relic 5/6 ---------- [712523,3415963] tomb path, entrance tunnel table
 |_| Relic 6/6 ---------- [712525,3415965] tomb path, upper bunker table
 |_| [712521,3415961] OPTIONAL TOMB: THE FLOODED VAULT

      This is accessible from the upper SE cliffs and found almost immediately.
      Go through the old bunker to reach a control room. Hit the button (which
      electrifies the water accidentally) then a 2nd by the stairway, giving
      access to that room. First, burn the mobile platform's mooring, then
      smash the shotgun barricade. Where the latter stood, rope-pull the float
      closer; use it as a stepping stone to reach SE walkway. To cross again,
      rope-pull the ceiling debris to temporarily lift the broken lighting.
      Now, lift the lighting again and draw the platform underneath, ensuring
      it won't kill Lara when she visits the northern staircase leading to all
      the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Shipwreck Beach relic map.

 Alrighty, back to the upper SE cliffs. A few straggling collectibles are
 still available.
 |_| Cairn Raider 5/5 --- [712522,3415951] S of tomb, lower western cliffs
 |_| GPS Cache 12/15 ---- [712526,3415954] SE of tomb, along lower footpath

 From the secret tomb entrance's upper ledge, continue south along the bridge
 to find the path across the lower shipwreck: the intact mast! Cross it, fire
 a rope arrow into the craggy cliff (the rope door across the way won't count
 here) and it should all become clear.
 |_| Document 3/4 ------- [712539,3415942] Under small structure by zipline

 The southern tunnel leads into the next level.

21) CLIFFSIDE BUNKER                                                     [WK21]
 Camps ---------------- 2
 Documents ------------ 4
 Relics --------------- 3
 GPS Caches ----------- 5
 Treasure Maps -------- 1
 Previous Inhabitants - 4

 A main note: this area has a couple camps, but none are fast-travellable, so
 backtracking (which is possible) can be a pain. It's worth it to clean the
 place out first time through.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Lara's collapsed tunnel leads to a campsite vista, overlooking the Endurance
 at the far end of the bunker.
 |_| GPS Cache 1/5 ------------ [712557,3415935] In grass by rope post

 Create a zipline down to the far cliff with the inconveniently fenced ledges.
 Lara will have to use the exposed pipework climbing course, pulling up into
 an old pillbox.
 |_| Previous Inhabitants 1/4 - [712559,3415925] wall by pillbox's barricade

 Duck through the ruined wall's path to encounter the bunker's central room,
 crawling with enemies. Lara can sneakily kill the nearest guard and the four
 electricians, and even snap the hoisted generator's pulley to take out 3-4
 goons. However, those who want perfect stealth can wait for the initial convo
 to end, making one guy on patrol. Kill the non-armored non-patroller, then
 stealth kill the armored patroller in a dark controller, which just leaves
 the armored electrician (easy stealth kill) and the far armored door guard,
 who can be baited into the opening. Note that trying this scenario and going
 back to the previous checkpoint might restart Lara in a hostile situation,
 making this all a waste of time.

 Either way, Lara will still have to visit the bottom-floor stairway, which
 should have foes to deal with (if alerted, an explosive barrel roller can
 quickly have his tables turned). Once Lara winds 'round to the 2F balcony,
 reinforcements will have arrived. Clear out the 4-5 soldiers, then trapeze
 jump to the 3F ladder. Finally, the shootout can be brought to an abrupt halt
 by shooting the rooftop gas drum, which digs 4 more graves.

 The roof is accessed by shimmying on the suspended wooden lift, and there's a
 few collectibles to get (now that Lara has a moment to catch her breath).
 |_| Document 1/4 ------------- [712568,3415934] main room F1, northern table
 |_| GPS Cache 2/5 ------------ [712562,3415926] main room F1, south corner
 |_| GPS Cache 3/5 ------------ [712566,3415931] highest bunker rooftop
 |_| Previous Inhabitants 2/4 - [712563,3415928] main room, high west wall
 |_| Previous Inhabitants 3/4 - [712562,3415931] highest bunker rooftop
 |_| Previous Inhabitants 4/4 - [712574,3415931] on outdoor crane

 From the roof, jump down to the next-highest roof with the campsite.
 |_| Document 2/4 ------------- [712565,3415926] by Endurance Overlook camp
 |_| Relic 1/3 ---------------- [712571,3415931] behind truck by campsite
 |_| GPS Cache 4/5 ------------ [712568,3415925] behind cliffside crates

 Create a zipline down to the spire cliffs nearby.
 |_| GPS Cache 5/5 ------------ [712568,3415914] East side of this spire

 The Endurance is just one zip down the rope line.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: Rope Ascender

 Finding refuge in the salvagable pipes, Lara has no choice but to burst out
 into the open where Borys and his two cronies are working. Kill the small
 fry and prepare to do battle with the largest Russian creation since the Red
 October! He's armored, guards his head and packs a wallop if his fists
 connect, so fire when he's attacking. Actually, the easiest way to do this is
 dodge-countering his punches, which creates a headshot opening 100% of the
 time. After enough damage is dealt, do a finisher (Triangle, Triangle) on
 the poor bastard.

 Lara's reward is a Rope Ascender, which lets her pull heavy objects via the
 rope, break down cement barricades and (obviously) ascend ropes quickly. It's
 needed to get items back in the bunker, but backtracking's closed off for now,
 so onward! Demonstrate the machine's prowess by forcing the weighted pulley,
 which drops cargo for a belowdecks shortcut. If only all problems could be
 solved through smashing!

 Although her last experience with the ship was dreadful, Lara finds time to
 reflect in her old quarters. [+150 XP] The final "Endurance Crew" log can be
 found here, too.
 |_| Document 3/4 ------------- [712554,3415893] on floor of quarters

 The corridor leads to the Endurance's main break, populated by two bowmen.
 Nix those suckers, zipline down and enter the flooded hold. [+250 XP] Alex
 and all his troubles will be located in the next room.

 To bust in, Lara will need to rope-pull the maintenance pulley along its
 square configuration. Pull it east, south, west, then north to reach the
 correct location. (For directions where pulling doesn't apply, jump on a
 ladder and use momentum to force it in that direction.) Once in the ceiling,
 kick the yellow pipe until it clears the track. Now, move the track west,
 south, east (to latch on), then west to reach Alex.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Just watch the scene.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Ahh, yet another escape from the Endurance. At the first gap, latch onto the
 rope and quickly ascend before things get too...Davey-Jones-Locker-ish. Use
 the ascender to quickly return to the bunker, too, now that the explosion
 has jostled a crate into its perfect place. Rope-pull the heavy generator
 into the fragile ceiling and jump down.
 |_| Document 4/4 ------------- [712567,3415927] Automatically obtained

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Time to blow this joint. Use the Rope Ascender to break any remaining doors,
 including the pillbox barricade that leads out to the exit cliff. Oddly
 enough, the designers made the treasure map the last obtainable collectible,
 which is nigh worthless for any diligent player.
 |_| Relic 2/3 ---------------- [712568,3415929] Main room F2, rope door
 |_| Relic 3/3 ---------------- [712559,3415928] pillbox cliff
 |_| Treasure Map ------------- [712561,3415929] pillbox cliff, by old door

22) SHIPWRECK BEACH [PART 2]                                             [WK22]
 Camps -------- 04
 Documents ---- 04
 Relics ------- 06
 GPS Caches --- 15
 Tombs Raided - 02
 Cairn Raider - 05
 Mine Sweeper - 10

 Only new collectibles are listed in this section. See the previous Shipwreck
 Beach overview for the brunt of things.

 XP -----: 400
 Notables: ---

 The fun-filled trip back to camp begins anew, this time via the zipline that
 exists behind the cement barricade. Lara will happen upon three more Solarii
 up here, but no others are around, so eliminate with impunity. The Grotto
 campsite here is a day camp of little note.
 |_| GPS Cache 13/15 ---- [712528,3415953] low ledge/walkway E of campsite

 Use the mercs' zipline to revisit the eastern wreck, which puts Lara just a
 stone's throw from the real destination. Trying to enter the nearest tomb
 automatically starts this scene, also.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 The goal this time is the ruins north of Shipwreck Beach, where apparently
 there's info on how to control the storms.

 • CHATTERBOX: If one has done all previous Chatterbox segments, the trophy
   is obtainable now -- hear all lines from Whitman, Reyes and Jonah. (Sam is
   here also but went to sleep, so she isn't required.)

     The entrance is a little ways east of the survivors' camp, requiring the
     Rope Ascender to enter. The puzzle itself is very simple, too. Start by
     raising the "sluice" with the crank lever, then scramble to high ground
     adjacent to there. When the buoy turns the first corner, the trapeze bar
     is put in place. Use it, then rope-pull the next device; the buoy will
     put that in place, too. Use the configuration to reach the far rock wall
     and the bounty beyond. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Handgun Part, GPS
     Cache Map.

 Access to the northern region is via the cargo elevator past the PT boat,
 which requires that handy Rope Ascender to enter. The lever restores power
 (kinda-sorta) and completes the necessary rock-climbing course. The segment
 ends when Lara's back on terra firma.
 |_| GPS Cache 14/15 ---- [712455,3415995] roof of elevator shaft

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Create a zipline to the NE spire's rock wall, then get topside for the final
 two collectibles in the level.
 |_| Document 4/4 ------- [712462,3416009] by broken concrete wall
 |_| GPS Cache 15/15 ---- [712461,3416012] other side of old water tower

 The broken wall is a stepping stone onto that water tower, which in turn
 leads onto the cargo gondola's ricketiest pylon. Reach the next platform,
 rope-pull the cart next-over and hop onto it. Repeat the same for the second,
 too, only jump off before it delivers Lara to the underworld. (Not a Tomb
 Raider Underworld joke, I swear!) The zipline's the only remaining path now.

 Now properly at the ruins, use the upper pipework to reach the exterior
 ladder. Make sure to get the salvage crate atop the rock wall -- if all the
 others in the level were previously obtained, it'll usually contain a Bow
 Part. (This can be found in salvage crates elsewhere, of course.)

 Two Solarii gunmen are up the nearest stairway, but Lara can take 'em out
 once they finish with their "ghost" story. Climb the pipes to reach the next
 rock wall, only to pull up and descend (a newly-created zipline) to another.
 Jump to the next ladder, destroy the pillbox barricade and visit the northern
 passage to put this segment in the history books.

23) RESEARCH BASE                                                        [WK23]
 Camps --------- 1
 Documents ----- 3
 Relics -------- 2
 GPS Caches ---- 3
 Treasure Maps - 1
 Sun Killer ---- 5

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 The level begins by leaping to the shaft's rock wall and safely descending
 into that clear mountain water. Right behind Lara is a destructible debris
 barricade. (There's a Shotgun Part to find on this level, so be sure to scan
 properly for salvage sacks.)
 |_| GPS Cache 1/3 -- [712454,3416045] on ledge along water
 |_| Relic 1/2 ------ [712458,3416047] thru waterside grenade barricades

 The water part ends at another climbable crag, leading to a fissure that
 leads down into the laboratory proper. 
 |_| Sun Killer 1/5 - [712451,3416051] high ceiling above cement drop-down pts

 Lara'll catch sight of Solarii bandits ahead immediately, both of which can be
 silently nixed. Crowbarring the near door with the pick alerts 'em if they're
 alive, but is necessary to reach the opposite vent entrance. [One of the "Sun
 Killer" icons has to be shot at through the vent opening, an impossible feat
 if attempted from anywhere but this particular doorway.]
 |_| Document 1/3 --- [712461,3416051] on desk near campsite
 |_| GPS Cache 2/3 -- [712457,3416047] isolated vent-access room via pick door
 |_| Sun Killer 2/5 - [712457,3416044] from camp doorway, shoot thru S vent
 |_| Sun Killer 3/5 - [712459,3416049] on flooded corridor's ceiling

 Through the western shutter is an old elevator. It still works, but can't
 reach the locked 1F level. To get around this cosmic slight, players'll have
 to unfasten the lift's supports, one on each corner. [All spots to dismantle
 have the yellow-and-black "warning" lines, so look for them to find clues.]
 Once the lift's called initially, the first can be broken on the crate stack.

 That leaves three cogs. They can be done in order, though it's not necessary.

 • 2F - Call the elevator, then descend the stairway again, hopping to a small
        platform right above it.

 • 3F - Call the elevator, descend to the 3F button area and look for a ladder
        straight up to the appropriate dismantling zone.

 • 4F - Between 3F and 4F is a shotgun barricade on the shaft's side, which
        opens access to the outer rock wall. To reach it, call the elevator
        to 4F, then drop down as it rises. Time a jump through, traverse the
        small course and break the final sprocket.
 |_| Document 2/3 --- [712448,3416049] on debris stack by 3F lift button

 The wanton destruction breaks the floor below, giving much-needed access to
 the lower halls. [+100 XP] There's a few Solarii mercenaries in this area,
 but not many places to hide...for them, that is.
 |_| Relic 2/2 ------ [712442,3416049] behind crate by large locked door
 |_| GPS Cache 3/3 -- [712433,3416055] behind corridor's north crate stack
 |_| Treasure Map --- [712433,3416047] behind corridor's south crate stack
 |_| Sun Killer 4/5 - [712444,3416050] elevator area, opposite stairwell door
 |_| Sun Killer 5/5 - [712439,3416049] hanging in fenced-in machinery area

 • If Lara has found every cache up to now, the final one bestows 1000 salvage
   and the "GPS Secrets - Unknown:Failed Mission" document. This won't count
   toward the level's documents, but one does get to hear the famous TR "found
   a secret" SFX.

 With all items found, proceed west into the ancient tomb. Approach the old
 general's skeleton to find the final document automatically.
 |_| Document 3/3 --- [712438,3416043] Acquired automatically

 Approach the tomb's entrance to be rebuffed, explosion-style.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 If signs of modernity didn't give it away, a massive firefight was destined
 to break out here. Fight 3-4 dynamite throwers on the northern balcony, then
 prepare to eliminate those entering from the ceiling. Destroying this wave,
 plus a few more long-range types, will destroy the balcony further, allowing
 (eventual) escape through that route. Just get through the remaining 3-4
 armored types!

 One rock-climb event later, Lara will emerge from the tunnel back into the
 previous area.

24) SHIPWRECK BEACH [PART 3]                                             [WK24]
 Camps -------- 04
 Documents ---- 04
 Relics ------- 06
 GPS Caches --- 15
 Tombs Raided - 02
 Cairn Raider - 05
 Mine Sweeper - 10

 All collectibles can be obtained by now, and for those following this guide,
 were in "part 2" of Shipwreck Beach. Refer to those previous sections if need

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Make a zipline down to the old shack, just in time to clobber two unaware
 catwalk guards a few feet away. Where the fence stops, jump SW onto the
 ledges, resulting in two final ziplines that mark a shortcut to the PT boat's
 dock. A scene will play upon reaching the survivors.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Jump on the boat to continue, ending the section. However, she can do all the
 normal stuff (finding missed collectibles, returning to other parts of the
 island, etc.) before committing to the game's final stage.

25) CHASM STRONGHOLD                                                     [WK25]
 Only a single camp to locate in this level.

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 --- Technically, this first part is in the Mountain Pass level. ---

 On her own again, Lara begins next to a notched post. Zipline over to the
 opposite cliff and continue until a scene reintroduces the delightfully
 puckish Oni. One is spotted running away post-scene, and Lara can shadow him
 by ziplining to the NE crag. Only a single way in from there...

 XP -----: 100
 Notables: ---

 Continue down the hall until the oni disappear into the adjacent hallway. Set
 fire to the debris pile, giving access to the procession chamber full of the
 irascible swordsmen. Without drawing extra attention, sneak upstairs, across
 the aisle and start shimmying across the stone ledge lining the balcony. The
 final jump to freedom will end up alerting the foes, so run towards the
 foreground until our gal tumbles into the rough. [+100 XP]

 Along the thin canyon, three Oni will attack. Despite their previous displays
 of prowess, they're nothing more than armored melee fighters, susceptible to
 all Lara's normal methods (including dodge-counter OHKOs). They also drop a
 good bit of salvage, so don't forget en route to the next campsite. Segment
 ends when one reaches the windswept cliffs.
 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 The trek begins anew via the NE scaffolding path. Slide into the graveyard,
 reach the bridge and roll to lower ground (that's putting it nicely) for an
 Oni war declaration.

 Four melee types will begin the assault, and when climbing higher, 8-9 more
 appear (including 2 heavy armor shieldbearers). After crossing the stone
 "bridge," two more archers and shieldbearers. Inching SE will require beating
 about apx. 23 more foes, generally a group of 5-6 (archers/melee types) with
 reinforcements replacing them. Good strategies:

 - get high ground and take potshots as they climb up
 - shoot explosive packs (bright red) to damage foes' armor
 - liberal use of grenades, since there's several resupply points with 'em
 - using dodge counters makes Lara invincible while they're being performed

 When the contingent is slain, pull the main gate off its hinges and venture
 forth, witnessing a fun bridge scene with Papa Oni. This is the last scene
 needed to finish the level.

26) CHASM SHRINE                                                         [WK26]
 Camps --------- 2
 Documents ----- 3
 Relics -------- 3
 Treasure Maps - 1

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 There's a campsite with ammo strewn about from the get-go.
 |_| Relic 1/3 ---- [712594,3416266] First room, table by campsite
 |_| Document 1/3 - [712593,3416262] First room, floor by SE door

 The adjacent chamber is noticeably empty, but has two crank levers: one to
 open the floor's circular grate, the other to raise a large cage. The grate
 begins closed, so which order they're to be used in is a foregone conclusion.
 |_| Document 2/3 - [712601,3416260] Cage room, NE corner by crank lever
 |_| Relic 2/3 ---- [712596,3416263] Cage room, NW carnage-filled cage
 |_| Treasure Map - [712594,3416259] Cage room, upper balcony by metal chest

 With the cage raised to its highest point, climb to the balcony, pull it
 NE, then let it smash into the wall, revealing a climb-up point. To reach
 that entrance, one must repeat the proceedings, just with the cage at its
 lowest point. (Close grate first before lowering.) Lara will have to jump
 onto the cage when it swings NE, then jump off at the destination. Might take
 a few tries to get into the statuary chamber.
 |_| Document 3/3 - [712605,3416250] statuary chamber, floor of S alcove

 The remaining candlelit tunnel results in Sacred Passage campsite. The game
 will prompt players about a point of no return -- fast-travelling is cut off
 once Lara continues forward. The game's final collectible is here, too.
 |_| Relic 3/3 ---- [712615,3416245] by campsite

 Break through the remaining door to reach...

27) CHASM ZIGGURAT                                                       [WK27]
 Only a campsite here for collectible hunters.

 XP -----: 40
 Notables: 100

 Lara lets her prize get away, earning a frostbite-filled climb. Begin in the
 eastern hall. Zipline to the twin crags, then reach the balcony full of
 lanterns. The exterior ice is the de facto ladder up to the tower's next
 level, where one must rope-pull the bell north so the wind influences its
 path, right into a locked gate.

 Restart the climbing course, making a new zipline to a bell. This hasn't been
 done before, and since it results in instant failure while ascending, it's no
 wonder one might never try again! In freefall, move Lara to the nearest beam
 to avoid a fiery, brimstone-y death below. Reyes will radio in when Lara
 reaches the west balcony ledge.

 Sprint to the SW stairway, which gives way mid-jump, so quickly cling to the
 glacial wall behind it, then climb the fortress windows. Himiko will show her
 ice-carving prowess, but let's avoid a second demo -- zipline to the upper
 face and start the trek down to the statue. If all goes well, Lara climbs up
 the mountain face into the Ziggurat Vestibule campsite's niche. Fast travel
 is disabled, but there's gobs of ammo laying around to make up for it.

 Players can survey the next step from the adjacent balcony...quite a climb.
 Trapeze-jump to the exterior latticework, then switch to the SE portion when
 the wind shreds the first. This leads to the final part of the climb, through
 a lightning-struck glacial wall. However, because the wind is constantly
 sweeping debris away, it ain't as dangerous as the horn-driven music implies.

 The summit scene does nothing but display how Lara can't interfere with the
 ritual. Instead, use the circular path until the propet's hired guns start
 their last charge. There's little to differentiate this from previous rows,
 but they all rely on machine-guns, so it's easy to get perforated without
 advancing slowly. When the tower is uncovered, blow it the red barrels. One
 final armored shieldbearer will cap the encounter.

 Once the oni show up, progress east to encounter #2. It's just as dangerous
 as the first (merciless machine-gunners), plus a few dynamite-throwers tossed
 in for good measure. Be sure not to destroy the second tower prematurely, as
 there aren't any foes there until one advances far enough. The fight ends
 when two armored shieldbearers arrive.

 XP -----: ---
 Notables: ---

 Advance until the wind blows part of the wall away, leaving a needle-thin,
 imagination-defying pillar in the thick of the tempest. Jump to the nearby
 rock wall and climb up to encounter #3: Papa Oni and his band of oni cronies.
 Despite the obvious strength difference, he can't OHKO the young girl with
 his mace (or neck-grab attack). To defeat the brute, dodge his swing and fire
 into his armorless back a few times, enabling a QTE to remove part of his
 helmet. Each time this is done, Papa Oni summons a few archers into battle,
 plus gets a little faster with his lateral swing. The boss goes down after
 three QTEs, the last of which requires a little pickaxe brain surgery (mash

 Approach the ritual altar for a staged QTE with the "final boss". Dig the
 pickaxe into him (Triangle), then prevent him from crushing Lara's trachea
 (mash Square). When she gets a round off, alternate L1 and R1 for some dual
 pistol murderin'. And thus, the true twin-pistoled warrior legend is born!

 Now that peace is brough to Yamatai, the game's final scenes play. The game
 will autosave post-credits, and those wanting 100% completion (if not already
 gotten) can hit "continue" to revisit the island.
_____________________________________________________/ IV. APPENDICES [APND] |_
REGIONAL COLLECTIBLES                                                    [RGNL]
 There are many regions to explore in the game -- some have nothing there,
 many are chock full of collectibles and revisited several times. This section
 will list the main locations' relics, documents, GPS caches and assorted
 challenges. [If an area isn't listed here, it either has nothing or only
 campsites, none of which are missable.]

 Two main tips for easy use:

 • If a level is big enough, odds are it has a treasure map to find -- these
   are generally in tombs. Reaping these rewards will display GPS caches or
   documents and relics, making searches ten times easier. (Challenges aren't
   displayed in this fashion, however.)

 • Each collectible has a number listed next to it, e.g. 712353,3416078. This
   is the map coordinate, visible by entering the map and moving the cursor
   around. Use these to pinpoint hard-to-find items; custom waypoints, which
   are visible by hitting L2, go one step further.

 Completing challenges and finishing relic/document sets tends to give the
 same XP bonuses each time. (If a category gives a different amount, that'll
 be listed in its section.)

 Camps ------ no XP per, no XP on completion
 Documents -- 25 XP per, 500 XP on completion
 Relics ----- 25 XP per, 500 XP on completion
 GPS Caches - 05 XP per, 0 XP on completion
 T. Maps ---- 25 XP per, 0 XP on completion
 Challenges - 10 XP per, 150 XP on completion

 Tombs work a little differently. Early ones will give 250 XP for solving the
 puzzle, in addition to the 1250 XP and 250 salvage bonuses. Some tombs may
 give a weapon part and/or region treasure map, too. Later tombs do away with
 the 250 XP solving bonus. [The DLC-only "Tomb of the Adventurer" makes the
 exception, giving only 250 XP and nothing else.]

 Note that the "Lara's Journals" section of the Documents tab isn't dependent
 on any regional finds, but is instead unlocked during the plot, by advancing
 the story and visiting a campsite. 


  |_| [712348,3416063] Fast Travel Camp: Sheltered Ridge
  |_| [712366,3416100] Fast Travel Camp: Forest Ruins
  |_| [712384,3416130] Day Camp: The Gate

  |_| [712353,3416078] SOLDIER: ONI STALKERS
      South half of forest. From bunker entrance, head east toward blue-roofed
      debris shack containing item.
  |_| [712365,3416100] SAM: FAMILY STORY

      North half of forest. After completing the wolf-killing event, claim it
      from a table at the campsite.
  |_| [712386,3416100] SAM: FEELINGS OF UNEASE

      North half of forest. The SE corner of this area has a bridge leading
      toward a cave-in. The document is on a table in front of that entrance.
  |_| [712365,3416118] SAM: FILMMAKER

      North half of forest, past the stream; west side. There's another old
      shrine here (Lara will comment on approach), and the document is only
      a stone's throw from the headless statue.
  |_| [712387,3416131] WHITMAN: DON'T LEAVE ME

      North half of forest. After first meeting with Whitman at his NE camp,
      search a table near the gate.

  |_| [712354,3416089] NOH MASKS: HANNYA MASK

      It's hard to miss this one. After the bunker opens and Lara gets trapped
      inside, it can be found on a table in the creepy abode where the Pry Axe
      is found. [+10 XP when the inside is inspected.]
  |_| [712383,3416102] NOH MASKS: FEMALE NOH MASK

      North half of forest, toward SE corner. Underneath a footbridge leading
      toward a caved-in (has white figure painted above it).
  |_| [712371,3416124] NOH MASKS: ONI NOH MASK

      North half of forest, NW cliff face. The relic is within a small alcove,
      easily missed if not looking for it. Said cave is only a short distance
      from where a scripted wolf attack takes place. [+10 XP when price tag is

  |_| [712351,3416072]

      South part of forest. Stand at the bowman's corpse and look toward the
      stream -- remnants of a wooden walkway should be visible. Follow this
      path and double-jump up to the target cliff overlook.
  |_| [712366,3416069]

      South part of forest. Simply follow the stream SE until it forms a pool;
      the cache is hidden within the small waterfall nearby.
  |_| [712364,3416067]

      South part of forest. Near where the stream ends, Lara can find a wooden
      platform built on a sizeable rock structure -- the cache is at its apex,
      along with bow ammo. [This is actually right nearby the other cache in
      this area, for reference.]
  |_| [712375,3416100]

      North half of forest. After the wolf-killing event, take Lara NE a bit
      toward the stair. Instead of going down, take the half-hidden rock path
      to the right (south). After jumping down to a lower ledge (contains a
      walkable log), the cache should be gleaming in plain sight.
  |_| [712373,3416120]

      North half of forest. The GPS locator is on part of the rock structure
      that separates the area's northern paths. (On the map, it looks a little
      T-shaped.) Lara can reach its SE corner by either using the lower ledges
      on its south end or vaulting from the torii on the eastern steps.

  |_| [712382,3416112]

      North half of forest. In the eastern portion, near the waterfall and
      broken bridge. Using a ledge alongside it, Lara can leap onto the torii
      (wooden structure) en route to a tree stand, which contains the map.

  |_| [712345,3416061]
      South half of forest. At the first campsite, backtrack west through the
      outcropping. Hanging from tree branch alongside cliff.
  |_| [712350,3416078]

      South half of forest. It's on a mid-sized branch of the tree where Lara
      got the corpse's longbow.
  |_| [712359,3416064]

      South half of forest. Dangling from a rather nondescript outcropping,
      western side. Further west of there, along the lower cliffs, is a few
      old planks, giving a landmark if needed.
  |_| [712363,3416063]

      South half of forest. In the SE region, where the stream becomes a small
      pool, find the rocky remnants of a wooden platform. The totem is on this
      structure's western side.
  |_| [712366,3416074]

      South half of forest, suspended from a log that spans two higher ledges.
      Lara can actually walk on that log if she approaches from further south
      (leads to bow ammo and a salvage crate; the latter is unopenable when
      first encountered).
  |_| [712374,3416112]

      North half of forest, intact footbridge near the center. The totem is
      hanging underneath.
  |_| [712377,3416115]

      North half of forest, intact footbridge near the center. This time,
      rather than peeking underneath, look in a tree alongside it. The totem's
      hanging almost directly above a stone torch.
  |_| [712365,3416119]

      North half of forest, shrine along west cliff. It will be hanging above
      the torchlit, headless statue. This is also where one of the documents
      is found.
  |_| [712385,3416112]

      North half of forest, hanging underneath the eastern broken bridge.
  |_| [712390,3416125]

      North half of forest, Whitman's NE camp area. Look under the eaves on
      the gate's SE side.

 Note: no collectibles are in the initial burning/mercenary section. They only
 show up after Lara has evaded her pursuers and climbed the exit ladder.

  |_| [712434,3416148] Fast Travel Camp: Mountain Temple

  |_| [712434,3416153] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: STRANDED

      At the campsite, cross the flow at roughly the same height to find a
      cave with the book on a crate.

      After escaping the burning building, Lara must zipline down a rope to
      safety. The document is right alongside the torii the rope attaches to.

  |_| [712434,3416147] EDO PERIOD FANS: GUNBAI WAR FAN

      After ziplining from the burning building, instead of heading onward
      (SE), take the downward stairway to the west. At the bottom is a broken
      building near a torch; the relic is just inside.
  |_| [712435,3416145] EDO PERIOD FANS: GREEN FOLDED FAN

      After ziplining from the burning building, a little west of there is a
      jump-up point (marked with the bleached wood) that leads toward another
      temple building. Lara can find the relic in its burned-out, top-floor

  |_| [712429,3416144]

      Just west of the campsite is a destroyed building containing the cache.
  |_| [712434,3416152]

      Past the campsite, and after fighting off the stairway bandits, Lara can
      go west toward a wall-less structure containing food and ammo. Alongside
      it is a small rocky ledge containing the cache.

  |_| [712431,3416148]

      The first campsite is by a series of waterfalls. If Lara goes to the
      cliff along the lowest part of that river, she can jump in and squeeze
      through a crack hidden by the flow, resulting in the map's cave. Once
      Lara gets a Lighter, she can get the salvage here, too.

  |_| [712433,3416148]

      From the main campsite, simply look upwards to find it hanging in plain
      sight, attached to a nearby pagoda.
  |_| [712428,3416160]

      After eliminating the first wave of bowmen, Lara can cross a log near
      the area's northern (cliffside) extremity. The lantern is hanging just
      near there.
  |_| [712435,3416155]

      The main path will be blocked by wooden debris, but there's a jump-up
      point allowing Lara to pop inside. To exit, she'll need to destroy the
      lantern near a barricade. This is mandatory to get through the level.

  |_| [712439,3416152]

      After the game prompts for the neck-breaking silent kill, a lantern can
      be spotted on a beam near the waterfall.
  |_| [712435,3416144]

      After ziplining down from the burning pagoda, the lantern can be spotted
      on an upper, south-facing eave of another pagoda, this time in the west.
      This is the same building that contains a relic.
  |_| [712430,3416141]

      In the high SW cliffs, beneath a sheltered cliff platform. The only way
      to reach it is (after ziplining) diverging from the main path west, then
      doing a few jumps from the nearest pagoda. However, it's visible from
      afar from many areas, so one needn't climb all the way up to get it.


  |_| [712484,3416152] Fast Travel Camp: Village Plateau
  |_| [712456,3416197] Day Camp: Tomb of the Unworthy
  |_| [712434,3416173] Fast Travel Camp: Village Overlook
  |_| [712499,3416234] Day Camp: Hall of Ascension
  |_| [712520,3416199] Day Camp: Mountain Descent


      Inside the large house at the listed location, near the barbed barricade
      that can be destroyed with a shotgun.

      After getting the Climbing Axe, reach the housing area above the wolves'
      den. Eliminate the three mercs here, then search the eastern shed; the
      document's on a table here.
  |_| [712484,3416152] ENDURANCE OFFICERS - REYES: DEAR ROTH

      Available during 2nd visit. Found at Roth's first camp, by plane crash.

      Available during 2nd visit, upper NE region. The rocky spire nearest
      the smoke beacon has an old hut on it; the document is on its floor.

      Available during 2nd visit, upper NE region. This is on an isolated NE
      ledge, kinda hard to access. The simplest route is, from the Hall of
      Ascension's entrance, ziplining down to the eastern hut with the torch
      statue, then continuing east to the target. (This is directly east of
      a bird's nest for "Egg Poacher".)
  |_| [712503,3416158] ANCIENT SCROLLS - HOSHI: AT HER SIDE

      Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. Once Lara reaches the
      region's SE shack, listen to Sam's radio scene, then climb atop the
      ground-floor debris. Lara can use it to reach the book's isolated loft.
  |_| [712448,3416180] ANCIENT SCROLLS - GENERAL: THE OATH

      Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. Backtrack to the upper
      west hut (visited after the Cliffside Village portion) and "unlock" the
      barricade with the new shotgun. The book is within the small cell.

  |_| [712458,3416170] SEMPER FI: SILVER FLASK

      Underneath the largest building at the listed location. It's reachable
      by using the rope-suspended boxes or hopping along the series of roofs
      at a similar height.
  |_| [712469,3416196] KANPO HERBS: YAGEN

      After climbing above the wolves' den and eliminating the mercs around
      the small housing area, enter the west building. It's possible to climb
      up to the third floor using the jump-up points, both inside and out. The
      relic is on 3F. [+10 XP for inspecting mortar well]
  |_| [712446,3416182] KANPO HERBS: MEDICINAL HERB VIAL

      Available during 2nd visit to the village. After meeting with Roth at
      the campsite, Lara will zipline down to a hut containing three mercs.
      The relic is inside that hut. [+10 XP for inspecting mushrooms.]
  |_| [712458,3416140] SEMPER FI: OLD PHOTOGRAPH

      Available during 2nd visit to village. The plane wreck makes the SW
      plateau easily accessible, and the relic is stored within the southwest
      house in that area. (There's graffiti arrows drawn inside, so it's very
      hard to miss, even more so if one found a treasure map for this area
      in a previous level!) +10 XP for reading back of photo.
  |_| [712463,3416168] KANPO HERBS: DRIED GOBO ROOT

      Available during 2nd visit to village. Return to the lower village where
      Lara first started the region (when Roth was attacked) and look for a
      rope door at ground level. The herbs are inside there.
  |_| [712498,3416201] SEMPER FI: USMC DOGTAGS

      Available during 2nd visit to village. In NE region, Lara will need to
      climb a cliff, stumbling upon two Solarii. Afterwards, she'll have to
      make another zipline to climb higher. However, instead of doing that,
      look downward to find a smaller path near the falls. Lara can jump down
      safely, then hop the stream to find a golden box in plain sight.

  |_| [712476,3416169] A bit north of where Roth's camp originates, jump into
      the river (yes, it can be safely waded in) and snoop under the large
      waterfall. The characteristic glimmer can't be seen, so look for the
      pick-up icon.
  |_| [712469,3416155] On top of a smaller structure. It has ropes twisting
      around part of the beams (visible from afar), so finding it shouldn't be
      hard. Approach from the taller structures in the west for best effect.
  |_| [712455,3416175] This is on a western cliff overlooking the largest
      village building. To reach it, use the house's interior to gain its
      top-floor cliff access, then pull up to the ledge with the cave-in. [This
      is right near the roof containing a nest for "Egg Poacher," by the way.]
  |_| [712459,3416179] On the north side of the largest village building, near
      some Japanese shrine stones and a torch. Search in the brush.
  |_| [712479,3416188] The nearest waterfall to the wolves' den -- also the
      entrance to the optional puzzle, Tomb of the Unworthy -- contains a cache
      right at its entryway. This can be claimed immediately, though the tomb
      itself will require a Climbing Axe to proceed.
  |_| [712462,3416182] At the wolves' den entrance, move to the cliff beneath
      the zipline, then look down and SW. The cache should be glowing visibly
      on the roof of a structure far below. Though it looks like a death
      sentence, it's doable with nary a scratch.
  |_| [712482,3416193] After climbing to the streamside housing area above the
      wolves' den, move to the eastern of the 2 buildings. Lara can double-jump
      up the northern exterior to reach the roof where the locator rests. (Lara
      can also leap off the western high ground and work east to accomplish the
      same thing, but the first way is easier.)
  |_| [712471,3416197] After climbing to the streamside housing area above the
      wolves' den, search the ground floor of the western shack. Should be by
      the northern side.
  |_| [712484,3416179] Available during 2nd visit. After Lara meets Roth at
      his campsite, she'll zipline toward a hut, then have to take a second
      zipline to the upper east walkway near a waterfall. Underneath the hut
      she lands at is the cache, although it may be hard to find, so mash the
      Square button.
  |_| [712451,3416151] Available during 2nd visit. Once Lara visits the SW
      plateau, easily accessible due to the plane wreck, climb the NW stairs
      in the area (via jump-up point). Atop the stairs is a hut, and near the
      fence on one side is the cache.
  |_| [712491,3416166] Available during 2nd visit. The crashed plane is now
      down by Roth's old camp, and standing on its nose lets Lara reach a new
      ledge. The cache is right on this nearest cliff, off to one side.
  |_| [712506,3416196] Available during 2nd visit, upper NE area. Once Lara
      has to cross the canyon with all the thin rock formations, zipline to
      the central-ish one that contains nothing but a big rope post. The cache
      is within its brush; it's visible from certain angles.
  |_| [712503,3416194] Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. From
      the campsite area, head west, crossing the broken bridge. Where the path
      and stream next intersect, travel a bit north to find the cache on a
      small bank.
  |_| [712509,3416186] Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. At
      the streamside camp will be a notched post used to create a zipline at
      the far, ropebound tree. Cross to that ledge, then follow the footpath
      to a small overlook (enemies will be below if they weren't fought yet)
      containing the device.
  |_| [712501,3416161] Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. Once
      Lara eliminates the three mercs in the area, she can zipline down to a
      boarded-up shack, inaccessible 'til she shotguns the doors open. A cache
      is on the house's north side, sitting atop a rock.

  |_| [712470,3416161] Under wall-less structure in village's lowest portion
  |_| [712472,3416201] After climbing to the streamside housing area above
      the wolves' den, the statue can be spotted a bit further up the falls,
      on the west side. To light it, use the lamp on the eastern side, then
      jump to the center and cross a beam to reach it.
  |_| [712464,3416189] Available during 2nd visit. After ziplining down from
      Roth's western camp, past the hut containing the mercenaries, it'll be
      right near the next zipline.
  |_| [712481,3416184] Available during 2nd visit. After ziplining down from
      Roth's camp, Lara will take another zipline, ending up further east,
      not far from the waterfall. The hut she lands in has a broken wall that,
      when leapt from, can reach an adjacent (west) ledge containing a statue.
  |_| [712454,3416152] Available during 2nd visit. In the natural course of
      progression, Lara will get a chance to reach the SW village section that
      was previously inaccessible. However, the downed plane has changed the
      hillside, making it reachable on foot (and by zipline). The torch statue
      is by a cliff jump-up point behind a west-side house.
  |_| [712488,3416195] Available during 2nd visit. Along the main NE route Lara
      takes, she'll encounter two Solarii above a climbable cliff. They'll walk
      into a small cave shortcut toward the west waterfall; the statue's within
      this route.
  |_| [712508,3416203] Available during 2nd visit, NE area. There's an isolated
      ledge with the statue on it in the north of the spire-filled area. It's
      easy to reach from the Hall of Ascension's entrance.
  |_| [712502,3416186] Available during 2nd visit, NE area. Lara will have a
      chance to cross the canyon with several tall, thin spires; one of these
      spires has a crafted stairway on it. Zipline down to it and find the
      statue on the southern side.
  |_| [712521,3416191] Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. Only
      one campsite is in the area, near a stream and broken bridge. To the
      south of this broken bridge is a statue ledge in plain sight.
  |_| [712498,3416185] Available during 3rd visit, post-Chasm Monastery. At
      the campsite area, make a stream-spanning zipline, then follow the path
      to a torii over the path below. The far cliff contains the statue.

  |_| [712458,3416172] On the roof of the largest (multi-story) house in the
      village. Enter the interior and reach the top floor, then use the
      western cliff access to make the final leap. Alternately, pull up onto
      the roof via the lower southern eave, from the balcony overlooking a
      rope-suspended crate.
  |_| [712471,3416197] Once Lara climbs to the streamside housing area above
      the wolves' den, reach 3F of the western shed (using jump-up points,
      inside and out). The outer 3F ledge also lets one climb to the roof,
      which has the nest.
  |_| [712463,3416153] Available during 2nd visit. The wrecked plane makes the
      SW plateau easily reachable, so head there. Use the western jump-up
      point to find a stone staircase leading NW, but instead of following it,
      leap off the cliff onto the nearest house. The nest is found here.
  |_| [712509,3416202] Available during 2nd visit, upper NE region. Look for
      an area below the Hall of Ascension (secret tomb) where a log spans two
      cliffs. The nest will right along the northern dead end here.
  |_| [712510,3416188] Available during 2nd visit, upper NE region. The spire
      nearest the smoke beacon contains the remnants of a hut, and on the SW
      face of this formation is a small ledge with the nest. (This is easily
      visible when approaching from the SW, note.)

  |_| [712479,3416188] TOMB OF THE UNWORTHY

      This can be accessed after obtaining the Climbing Axe from Roth, and is
      located behind the waterfall nearest the wolves' den. In the main
      chamber, there'll be two suspended steel cages. First, reach the far
      torch by bounding over the central cage, then burn the corpse bags to
      remove the counterweight. Finally, push the path-side cage off the ledge;
      this makes the central cage a stepping stone to the treasure's upper
      reaches. REWARD: 250 XP for solving; 1250 XP, 250 salvage and Mountain
      Village Relic Map as treasure.
  |_| [712502,3416207] HALL OF ASCENSION

      This can be accessed during the second village visit, in the NE region,
      after making an upward zipline (entrance with white markings is visible
      from a distance). To solve the puzzle, Lara must reach a far wall via
      a windblown lift. For correct timing, close the shutter, wait until the
      draft blows open one of those shutters, then raise the lift and climb on.
      If all goes well, Lara can double-jump to a peripheral beam, then shimmy
      to the treasure room. REWARD: 250 XP for solving; 1250 XP, 250 salvage,
      Handgun Part and Mountain Village GPS Cache map.


  |_| [712464,3416227] Fast Travel Camp: Broken Tunnel

  |_| [712465,3416226] BRONZE COINS: BRONZE CHINESE COIN

      After seeing the camcorder scene at the first (and only) campsite, the
      relic container is sitting right near the cliff.

      Once Lara infiltrates the searchlight bunker, she'll have to kill an
      electrician merc and move upstairs. Do this, but before approaching the
      guards' walkway, search along the railing by the burning barrel.

  |_| [712459,3416224] Behind a truck near the level's only campsite
  |_| [712456,3416248] After eliminating the final enemies in the guardtower,
      before climbing higher, circle around to the walkway's SW side. The GPS
      cache and some food will be there.


  |_| [712433,3416294] Fast Travel Camp: Map Room


      Right at start of level; on desk after exiting the watery passage.

      After destroying the gas-filled control room, head past the injured guy
      into a side room. The document is on a desk near some ammo boxes.
  |_| [712432,3416285] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: ALONE

      Once Lara survives the massive ambush and breaks into the communications
      room, it can be found on a desk nearby (post-scene).

  |_| [712453,3416306] After detonating the gas and claiming the enemy rifle,
      exit north and look around the "No One Leaves" graffiti.
  |_| [712436,3416302] Once Lara takes care of the massive floodlight ambush,
      look under the ledge lining one side of the room. It's against a wall.

  |_| [712443,3416286] Anteroom opposite a stairway. This is where the first
      enemies in the level are encountered.
  |_| [712457,3416287] Inside the lantern-filled room; west wall.
  |_| [712458,3416298] After using the lantern to detonate the strange gas,
      Lara can move north into the a burning room with an injured Solarii. The
      banner is on the east wall, and one of the few things not on fire...
  |_| [712432,3416299] Once Lara survives the spotlight ambush in the western
      bunker, the banner can be found in the small (ground-level) control room.
  |_| [712433,3416288] In communications room; available post-scene


  |_| [712408,3416297] Day Camp: Bridge Overlook
  |_| [712380,3416289] Fast Travel Camp: Radio Tower

  |_| [712398,3416298] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: THE SOLARII

      In the mercenary camp past the bridge, there'll be a building where Lara
      can shoot red barrels to kill some bowmen. After clearing the place out,
      double-jump up the south wall to reach 2F, where the document awaits.
  |_| [712381,3416288] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: RESEARCH

      On a rug near the Radio Tower campsite.

  |_| [712396,3416282] SENSHI ELITE: JAPANESE DOGTAGS

      After crossing the bridge and fighting off the first couple battles,
      Lara can visit the bombed-out SE building to find the relic box.

      Once Lara's taken out her first armored enemy, enter the building he
      came from. The relic is behind a 2F pickaxe door. [+10 XP for finding
      the kanji.]

  |_| [712408,3416297] After crossing the broken bridge and fending off the
      attacker, inspect the opposite (south) side of the military vehicle to
      find it.

  |_| [712390,3416289] After finding the Radio Tower campsite, use a zipline
      to visit a lower rooftop. The map (for all Mountain Base collectibles)
      is on a crate here.


  |_| [712563,3416103] Fast Travel Camp: Helicopter Hill
  |_| [712573,3416046] Day Camp: Well of Tears
  |_| [712592,3416058] Day Camp: Ancient Gate
  |_| [712617,3416051] Fast Travel Camp: Windmill
  |_| [712637,3416053] Day Camp: Chamber of Judgment
  |_| [712584,3416016] Day Camp: Vista Tower


      Northern half, tall building SE of the helicopter. The document's on 3F,
      accessible by reaching 2F, then using the jump-up point on the southern
      exterior. (It's possible to use a lateral bar on the north side to reach
      a wooden beam, too, but it's unneeded.)
  |_| [712575,3416084] ENDURANCE CREW - GRIM: THE GOOD OLD DAYS

      Northern half, shack just east of the largest map-visible pond; 1F.
      This is the exact same building Lara snuck under via the watery passage
      when she first came to the level, which should narrow it down.

      Northern half, shack just east of the largest map-visible pond; 2F
      interior. Exact same place as the "Goold Old Days" document above, only
      a few steps east and one floor up.
  |_| [712601,3416049] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: BELIEF

      Southern half. Head south of the Ancient Gate camp, staying off to the
      left (east) side. Jump down to the lower parallel walkway and blast into
      the shotgun barricade; the book's on the table narby.
  |_| [712606,3416057] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: OBSESSION

      Southern half, upper windmill area; base of windmill, on western table.

  |_| [712569,3416093] INRO: DECORATIVE INRO

      Northern half. After the ambush by the helicopter, search the building
      south of the nearest campsite (one side is blocked by a barricade). It'll
      be sitting on a table.
  |_| [712587,3416096] INRO: METAL INRO

      Northern half. After the helicopter ambush, while still in the area,
      go through the eastern shotgun barricade toward the next building (an
      ambush should be right after this). The relic can be found on 2F of the
      building near all the explosive barrels; that sheltered area is an easy
      way to get access. [+10 XP for inspecting inside of inro.]
  |_| [712579,3416079] ANIMAL STATUARY: JADE HORSE

      Northern half, tall building in SE of area (a bit north of the gate
      that connects the two halves of town); 2F. Lara can break through a
      northern shotgun barricade or use southern rooftops to claim 'er. [+10XP
      for finding manufacturing tag.]

      Northern half, SW part of town, right near the secret tomb in that same
      area. It'll be on the shelf of a small shack with a shotgun barricade
      for a door.
  |_| [712584,3416039] INRO: COMMANDER'S INRO

      Southern half, after the battle by Grim's tower. Once Lara climbs up the
      new zipline, look down and to the west for a shotgun barricade leading
      through a fence. The base of the cargo platform here has the relic.
  |_| [712598,3416061] INRO: SCRIBE'S INRO

      Southern half, after climbing the western transport lift. Eliminate the
      locals, approach the next jump-up point. Instead of going east, walk a
      thin path north to a shotgun barricade containing this relic.

      Southern half, upper windmill area. The relic box is sitting on a table
      at the windmill's base, in a small nook near a north-side stairway.

  |_| [712576,3416081] Northern half, small shack south of the building with
      the watery basement passage Lara used at start of level. It's near two
      shotgun-breakable barricades.
  |_| [712562,3416084] Northern half, balconied tower in the west, right along
      the fetid pond Lara starts the level near. Climb up to its 2F base, then
      search the SW side for the cache.
  |_| [712588,3416082] Northern half, tall building in SE area; 1F, via shotgun
      barricade on west exterior. If it's proving too hard to find, look for
      two ziplines already connected to its roof.
  |_| [712581,3416067] Northern half, SW church containing entrance to Well
      of Souls tomb. Rope-pull the floorboards to reveal the main tunnel, then
      jump inside to find the cache immediately.
  |_| [712593,3416091] Northern half, east side. Find the tallest building in
      that area -- it looks like a dark gray square on the map -- then search
      SE of there at ground level. The cache is in a small 1-room shack at
      ground level, behind a shotgun barricade.
  |_| [712594,3416030] Southern half, creek by Grim's tower; along bridge's
      underside. This can be found pre-event, although the bridge is destroyed
  |_| [712584,3416039] Southern half, after the battle at Grim's tower. Climb
      the new zipline and use the western shotgun barricade to reach the cargo
      platform's base. The cache is along a small wooden footbridge.
  |_| [712586,3416047] Southern half, after the battle at Grim's tower. Reach
      the western cargo platform's base, then go up the stairs. There'll now
      be a part where Lara must climb the jump-up point ladder to continue.
      Instead, find the shotgun barricade behind this shaft; it has the cache.
  |_| [712600,3416057] Southern half, after climbing western cargo lift strut.
      Eliminate the hostiles and approach the next jump-up point, but instead
      of ascending east, loop counterclockwise on that same walkway to find
      the cache.
  |_| [712598,3416050] Southern half. After reaching the windmill's base, Lara
      can go SW to find a fenced-in portion preventing direct access to the
      lower pond area & Ancient Gate campsite. (This will be removed after the
      Shipwreck Beach level, note.) The cache is along the fence interior.
  |_| [712601,3416057] Southern half, upper windmill area. This is west of the
      windmill's base, behind a makeshift fence near a burning barrel.
  |_| [712608,3416059] Southern half, upper windmill area. This is found on
      the windmill's highest balcony, the same one a north-south zipline
      connects to. To reach it, reach the landings where Lara would normally
      hop onto the rotating freight. The western landing, accessible by a 2F
      jump-up point (also containing a visible "Silencer" noisemaker), leads
      to the apex.
  |_| [712626,3416053] Southern half, after reaching windmill campsite. Found
      within the nearby tomb's tunnel, along a northern wall.
  |_| [712606,3416049] Southern half, windmill area. Go to the windmill base's
      western staircase and find the burning barrel. Almost directly south, at
      level ground, is a shotgun barricade containing the cache.
  |_| [712613,3416070] Southern half, windmill area. Take the dirt road north
      of the windmill to meet a mine tunnel; the cache is sitting near a beam
      spanning two upper walkways.

  |_| [712564,3416087] Northern half, in a tall, balconied tower south of the
      helicopter area campsite. Lara will need to go south from that camp,
      sticking to the west shanties, and use their roofs to gain access.
  |_| [712595,3416035] Southern half. After the battle at Grim's tower, use
      the new zipline to get above the barb-wire ledges. The noisemaker's up
      the nearest ladder here.
  |_| [712602,3416052] Southern half, windmill area. West of the windmill's
      base is an opening in the fence, actually overlooking the pond Lara slid
      into after the gate ambush. The noisemaker is on the west side of this
  |_| [712607,3416060] Southern half, upper windmill area. If the base of the
      windmill is considered 1F, then the 3F platforms would be level with a
      ever-rotating cargo conveyor. If Lara reaches 2F, she can use a jump-up
      point in the west to hit a 3F balcony containing the silencer.

 LAID TO REST [10 XP per, 150 XP on completion; extra effigies give no XP]
  |_| [712571,3416099] Northern half, SE of helicopter campsite; ground level.
  |_| [712558,3416111] Northern half, hill NE of helicopter; hanging on fence
  |_| [712564,3416086] Northern half, west side; atop the multitier, balconied
      tower. Tower holds a GPS cache and noisemaker (for "Silencer") also.
  |_| [712583,3416068] Northern half, southern area, between the Well of Tears
      tomb and the gate connecting the shantytown's two districts. It can be
      spotted from a distance if Lara gets high enough.
  |_| [712594,3416081] Northern half, along SE boundary; near multistory bldg
  |_| [712591,3416049] Southern half, pond area S of Ancient Gate camp. It's
      on a western fence.
  |_| [712600,3416028] Southern half, hanging on tower Grim starts on (N side)
  |_| [712581,3416048] Southern half. As Lara reaches the base of the cargo
      platform, go up the first set of stairs and look up -- it'll be hanging
      on the cliff face.

  |_| [712580,3416067] WELL OF TEARS

      This is located in the northern half's SW area, in a church. Fight off
      the ambush that occurs here (if Lara enters, she'll be hung upside-down)
      then rope-pull the floorboards to reveal the main entrance. Descend for
      awhile to find the puzzle proper. Toss three yellow containers onto the
      suspended lift to make it drop, then climb onto the lift and remove all
      containers. Run off the lift up to the campsite ledge, and jump onto it
      as it rises, giving enough time to reach the side path leading to all
      the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Shantytown Relics map
  |_| [712618,3416052] CHAMBER OF JUDGMENT

      Located in the southern half, in a cave east of the windmill campsite.
      Traverse the tunnel as normal (fairly normal outside of shimmying when
      a slope surprises Lara) to find the tunnel proper. Start collecting the
      yellow cans from nearby ledges -- may require rope-pulling the hanging
      tires -- and dropping them into the boxed-in part of the makeshift tin
      seesaw. Three are needed to offset Lara's weight so she may leap off it,
      dig into the rock wall and continue to the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP,
      250 salvage, Handgun Part, Shantytown GPS Cache map.


  |_| [712675,3416015] Day Camp: The Pit
  |_| [712704,3416007] Fast Travel Camp: Catacombs


      This is right near the first campsite, almost impossible to miss.

      After the western hub is breached, Lara can continue past some guards
      to reach a second door by escaping gas. A little west of here is where
      the guards were playing checkers, and the document's alongside the seat.
  |_| [712691,3416032] DIARIES OF A MADMAN: LOST

      This is sitting on the northern Sun Queen shrine, usually obtained after
      disposing of the pious gunmen first found there.

  |_| [712684,3416016] CEREMONIAL FANS: FUNERAL FAN

      Western hub, after the first campsite. This main cavern has a small
      candlelit ledge on its north side (not in a tunnel, note); the box is up
  |_| [712704,3416006] CEREMONIAL FANS: WEDDING FAN

      This is in a box near the second campsite, not far from the second door
      Lara must blow open.

      This is in the room with the Sun Queen worshippers, behind the shrine.
      It can't be accessed until Lara ignites the main gas clouds, though.

  |_| [712674,3416009] After reaching the west hub past the first campsite,
      search the west, gas-filled passage. It's at the end, on a higher ledge.
  |_| [712680,3416021] After reaching the west hub past the first campsite,
      search the northern tunnel. It's along the main path, near some cages.
  |_| [712698,3416009] After breaking out of the western hub, find the two
      patrolmen investigating Lara's latest explosion. The cache is right near
      the wall containing the arrow ammo, herb and food stash.
  |_| [712705,3416028] NE passage, past the malfunctioning electrical door
      Lara must climb over. Once the three patrolmen are dead, look by a food
      cache along the main footpath.
  |_| [712690,3416024] At the end of the level is an iron gate Lara must smash
      to exit. In the candlelit alcove here is a food cache, right by the GPS

  |_| [712708,3416012] Once the second campsite is found, go NE to find the
      wooden platform near a gas valve and square crates. Although it seems
      like there'd be more to the climb, Lara need only scale the planks on
      the western face. The map shows all GPS caches, documents and relics.

  |_| [712686,3416011] After reaching the western hub past the first campsite,
      look on the main cavern's ceiling. Use L2 to find the bag easier.
  |_| [712677,3416010] After reaching the western hub past the first campsite,
      search the west, gas-filled passage. Kill the prisoner, then use L2 to
      spot the bodybag, half-hidden in a ceiling fissure.
  |_| [712685,3416019] West hub, north tunnel; ceiling near eastern cages.
  |_| [712707,3416018] By iron door north of the second campsite. Lara can hit
      it through the gate, or climb to the other side and do the same trick.
  |_| [712705,3416028] After crossing the broken iron door near the 2nd camp,
      look for a food cache right along the main path. The flammable sack is
      on the ceiling above it.
  |_| [712697,3416031] Toward the end of the level, Lara will have to shoot it
      out with some Sun Queen worshippers at their shrine. Once they're done,
      search the ceiling near the shrine for the bag o' miscellanea.


  |_| [712598,3415996] Day Camp: Summit Marsh
  |_| [712634,3415999] Fast Travel Camp: Hunting Lodge
  |_| [712642,3416015] Day Camp: Stormguard Sanctum 

  |_| [712597,3415994] ENDURANCE OFFICERS - ROTH: AN APOLOGY

      Western pyre area Lara starts in; rock by the cliff.

      Central swampy area, inside large hunting lodge

  |_| [712606,3415996] DAGGERS: CHOU DYNASTY DAGGER

      Western crash site area, in a hollow log a bit north of the helicopter.

      Central swamp area, west-bank tree platform. Lara can reach it by using
      the nearby rock wall, its adjacent platform, then the existing zipline.
      [+10 XP for finding bloodstains.]
  |_| [712638,3415989] DAGGERS: JADE CEREMONIAL DAGGER

      Central swamp area. Go to the SE area and pull up onto the ledge near a
      cliff shotgun barricade. Instead of going further south, instead climb
      the zipline to a hunting platform. The relic's ledge is right nearby.

  |_| [712606,3416000] Western crash site; N of helicopter, in swampy trees
  |_| [712629,3415987] Central swamp area, SW cliffs. Rope-pull the raised
      hut's leg to make it enterable, then jump north to the cache's ledge.
  |_| [712636,3415986] Central swamp area, ledge along stream. Lara must break
      into the eastern cliff barricade, slide down and time a cling onto the
      rock face. From there, just jump to the isolated ledge.
  |_| [712638,3415987] Central swamp area, SE waterfall area; in shallow water
  |_| [712656,3416016] Eastern wolf cave, upper shrine area; floor by table.

  |_| [712605,3415994] Western crash site; by tree, west of helicopter
  |_| [712610,3415994] Western crash site; by tree, SE of helicopter
  |_| [712616,3416004] Along path connecting west crash site to central swamp
  |_| [712627,3415990] Central swamp, western cliff ledge by way of embankment
  |_| [712624,3416007] Central swamp, by tree west of northern footbridge
  |_| [712632,3416005] Central swamp, along northern footbridge
  |_| [712626,3416000] Central swamp, on swamp's west bank
  |_| [712633,3415984] Central swamp, southernmost part of stream; west bank
  |_| [712636,3415992] Central swamp, SE dead end (by cliff shotgun barricade)
  |_| [712642,3415998] Central swamp, along eastern staircase/cave entrance


     Central swamp, north of lodge. Ignite the gas to clear the first ledge,
     climb up to the next-highest platform, ignite the far ledge's wooden
     debris. All that's left is jumping to the rock wall and taking the nook's
     loot. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Summit Forest relic map.


  |_| [712474,3415978] Fast Travel Camp: Survivors' Camp
  |_| [712529,3415963] Day Camp: The Flooded Vault
  |_| [712522,3415953] Day Camp: The Grotto
  |_| [712492,3415993] Day Camp: Temple of the Handmaidens


      Building at survivors' camp, on an interior table.

      Building at survivors' camp, on an interior table. This is the structure
      Lara must break into with the climbing pick.
  |_| [712539,3415942] ANCIENT SCROLLS - HOSHI: IN HER IMAGE

      Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from the lighthouse. From the secret
      tomb's tunnel entrance, go south across the bridge, cross the mast and
      (create a) zipline down to the craggy cliff. The document is under the
      nearest roofed structure.

      Post-Endurance events, after scaling northern elevator shaft. Make a
      zipline to the NE spire, climb its rock wall, then look behind a cement
      wall for the note.

  |_| [712478,3415934] YUAN DYNASTY JADE: BROWN JADE INK BOX

      After reuniting with the survivors and getting access to the SW galleon,
      reach the top deck and kill the three mercenaries there. Before going
      further north to the final zipline series, look for a small sheltered
      area with a table -- the box is there. [+10 XP for finding engraving.]
  |_| [712516,3415974] A FAMILY OUTING: STUFFED BUNNY

      Eastern shipwreck, after obtaining Compound Bow from Jonah. Reach the
      main wreck and search a SE cabin -- on the tier just below the top deck
      -- to find. [+10 XP when name tag is seen.]

      Eastern shipwreck, after obtaining Compound Bow from Jonah. Reach the
      main wreck and visit the lowest tier available. The relic's on a table.
  |_| [712507,3415953] A FAMILY OUTING: TOY TRAIN

      SE lighthouse, available after clearing eastern shipwreck. Once the apex
      is reached, drop down an upper south-side ledge. The relic's inside, on
      the floor. [+10 XP for finding name on bottom.]

      Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from lighthouse. Lara will discover the
      secret tomb almost immediately; the relic is on a table in the lead-up
  |_| [712525,3415965] A FAMILY OUTING: WORN WALLET

      Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from lighthouse. Proceed into the tomb
      tunnels until reaching an upper bunker with a salvage net and locker.
      This final relic is on a table. [+10 XP for inspecting pictures.]

  |_| [712481,3416008] NE corner Lara starts level by. It's on a small cliff
      adjacent to the broken wooden walkway.
  |_| [712491,3415990] NE of survivors' camp, by a naval mine.
  |_| [712493,3415973] SE of survivors' camp, under dock at nearby beach.
  |_| [712471,3415971] S of survivors' camp, on beach; along a giant anchor.
  |_| [712469,3415978] Survivors' camp, on top of the southern of the two
      buildings. In fact, this is the only one Lara can climb on, since the
      other is a shortcut down from the initially inaccessible north heights.
  |_| [712508,3415980] E shipwreck area, after obtaining the Compound Bow from
      Jonah. While doing the climbing course to reach the scrapped tanker, one
      can reach a higher ledge NW of said tanker, which houses the cache. This
      is reachable from the top deck, too.
  |_| [712515,3415977] E shipwreck area, after obtaining the Compound Bow from
      Jonah. After reaching the destroyed ship, climb its eastern mast to the
      tip top; the cache is on this high platform.
  |_| [712520,3415957] SE "lighthouse" area, accessed when the Compound Bow is
      given and the eastern wreck is traversed. Search near the waterfall to
      find an ammo alcove with this cache.
  |_| [712515,3415947] SE "lighthouse" area, after traversing the eastern
      shipwreck. Near the tall structure is a shorter rock structure with a
      piece of isolated dock on it. To reach the cache atop it, jump on the
      rocks alongside it, then the wooden post, then to the outcropping. It's
      a little annoying, but the easiest way.
  |_| [712537,3415951] SE "lighthouse" area, after traversing the eastern
      shipwreck. Continuing SE at sea level will reach a wooden shipwreck; the
      cache is along the cliffs here.
  |_| [712518,3415963] Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from the lighthouse.
      This is nearby on a slightly lower northern cliff.
  |_| [712526,3415954] Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from the lighthouse.
      South of the secret tomb's entrance tunnel, along the small waterfall's
      pool, is a footpath. The cache is glimmering right near it.
  |_| [712528,3415953] Upper SE cliffs, post-Endurance events. Lara can now
      reach the highest campsite with the Rope Ascender, and by proxy, the
      ledge right below it. Search said ledge on the east side.
  |_| [712455,3415995] Post-Endurance events, after climbing northern elevator
      shaft. The cache is actually on the shaft's tin roof, and can be reached
      by an adjacent jump-up point.
  |_| [712461,3416012] Post-Endurance events, after climbing northern elevator
      shaft. Zipline to the next spire with a climbable crag, and when on flat
      ground again, look behind the broken concrete wall.

 CAIRN RAIDER [5 XP per, 150 XP on completion]
  |_| [712469,3416008] NE area near where Lara first begins the beach level.
      Jump into the stream alongside the broken wooden path and break the
      shotgun barricade, which allows one to rope-pull the flotation device
      into the lower pool. Since Lara can't climb up onto these while in the
      water, use the 2nd device as a stepping stone to reach the pinnacle's
      rock-climbing wall. The cairn is atop this structure.
  |_| [712483,3415992] NE of the survivors' camp is a rocky hill along the
      sloping footpath. On the north side, Lara can use a series of ledges to
      reach the cairn. A food cache will be along the way, ensuring one's going
      the right way.
  |_| [712471,3415995] Due north of the survivors' camp, on a flat hilltop
      that overlooks a rusted tank and zipline. No climbing needed for once.
  |_| [712503,3415950] After getting the Compound Bow upgrade (post-galleon)
      and reaching the eastern shipwreck, continue south again to reach a very
      tall building with two sentries. The cairn is at low ground on the west
      side of this structure.
  |_| [712522,3415951] Upper SE cliffs, after ziplining from the lighthouse.
      Go south of the tomb while sticking to the lower west cliffs, until the
      cairn's found near a jump-up point.

  |_| [712491,3415990] NE of survivors' camp, along cliffs (very hard to miss)
  |_| [712491,3415990] SE of survivors' camp, near a beach dock
  |_| [712470,3415963] S of survivors' camp, floating in shallow water.
  |_| [712462,3415948] SW galleon area. Upon reaching the dock crane, look to
      the empty sea further SW, hopefully spotting it in the waves.
  |_| [712478,3415945] SW galleon area. This is floating in the bay along the
      ship's east side, although it's often hard to spot without being in L2
      mode. Best place to shoot is probably after the dock crane's zipline,
      which puts one right near 'er.
  |_| [712509,3415967] Eastern shipwreck area, after obtaining Compound Bow
      from Jonah. The mine is floating in the water SW of this wreck, and if
      Lara traverses the debris pieces west of the ship, the game prompts one
      to use LW investigations. It's the easiest way to find it, anyway.
  |_| [712521,3415950] SE lighthouse area, after obtaining Compound Bow and
      traversing the eastern shipwreck. The mine is in plain sight on the
      lighthouse's SE beach.
  |_| [712513,3415942] SE lighthouse area, after obtaining Compound Bow and
      traversing the eastern shipwreck. The naval mine is floating in the
      waters south of the lighthouse, although sightlines are often impeded
      in the north (unless up high). It's easy to plink at it from the cove
      cliffs, not too far from where another mine starts.
  |_| [712536,3415945] SE lighthouse area, after obtaining Compound Bow and
      traversing the eastern shipwreck. Continue moving SE at sea level to
      reach the remnants of an old wooden ship; the mine's within the rubble.
  |_| [712501,3415957] SE lighthoue area, after traversing the eastern wreck.
      This is floating in the waters a bit NW of the lighthouse itself, but
      debris prevents it from being sniped from certain angles. Use the low
      west path around the lighthouse for a good vantage.

  |_| [712521,3415961] THE FLOODED VAULT

      This is accessible from the upper SE cliffs and found almost immediately.
      Go through the old bunker to reach a control room. Hit the button (which
      electrifies the water accidentally) then a 2nd by the stairway, giving
      access to that room. First, burn the mobile platform's mooring, then
      smash the shotgun barricade. Where the latter stood, rope-pull the float
      closer; use it as a stepping stone to reach SE walkway. To cross again,
      rope-pull the ceiling debris to temporarily lift the broken lighting.
      Now, lift the lighting again and draw the platform underneath, ensuring
      it won't kill Lara when she visits the northern staircase leading to all
      the goodies. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Shipwreck Beach relic map.
  |_| [712485,3415986] TEMPLE OF THE HANDMAIDENS

     The entrance is a little ways east of the survivors' camp, requiring the
     Rope Ascender to enter. The puzzle itself is very simple, too. Start by
     raising the "sluice" with the crank lever, then scramble to high ground
     adjacent to there. When the buoy turns the first corner, the trapeze bar
     is put in place. Use it, then rope-pull the next device; the buoy will
     put that in place, too. Use the configuration to reach the far rock wall
     and the bounty beyond. REWARD: 1250 XP, 250 salvage, Handgun Part, GPS
     Cache Map.

  |_| [712556,3415932] Day Camp: Bunker Vista
  |_| [712565,3415923] Day Camp: Endurance Overlook


      Main bunker room, past the pillbox; ground floor, on northern table
  |_| [712565,3415926] ENDURANCE CREW - ALEX: OVER HIS HEAD

      Right by the Endurance Overlook campsite, accessed from the bunker roof.

      On floor of Lara and Sam's quarters in the Endurance shipwreck.

      After completing Endurance events and returning to the bunker, pull the
      rooftop generator into the cracked ceiling and jump down. Lara finds the
      final document automatically. This may not actually give the +25 XP one
      normall receives.

  |_| [712571,3415931] ANCIENT COINS: JAPANESE 2 SEN COIN

      After reaching the second campsite on the bunker's roof, look behind the
      truck on one side. [+10 XP for inspecting backside.]
  |_| [712568,3415929] ANCIENT COINS: 100 MON COIN

      Once the Rope Ascender is obtained and Lara can backtrack to the bunker,
      use the new device on the main chamber's 2F rope door. The relic is,
      naturally, inside.
  |_| [712559,3415928] PORTUGUESE TIN COIN

      To exit the level, Lara must bust through the pillbox's barricade. The
      relic box is on this outer cliff -- very hard to miss.

  |_| [712557,3415935] By Bunker Vista campsite's nearby rope post
  |_| [712562,3415926] Main bunker room, past the pillbox; south corner. Can
      be claimed immediately upon entry, without engaging the hostiles.
  |_| [712566,3415931] Main bunker's highest rooftop, in some brush.
  |_| [712568,3415925] Main bunker's rooftop, by Endurance Overlook campsite.
      Search by the crates near the barb-wire ledge.
  |_| [712568,3415914] After reaching the second campsite, Lara must make a
      zipline down to a spire with a craggy wall. Topside, on the east ledge,
      is the cache.

  |_| [712561,3415929] To complete the level, Lara must reenter the pillbox
      and rope-pull the cement barricade out of place. The ledge she enters
      has a relic and, by the far (unenterable) door, the map on sandbags.

  |_| [712559,3415925] first pillbox, on wall by cement barricade
  |_| [712563,3415928] bunker's main chamber, on high west wall (3F)
  |_| [712562,3415931] bunker rooftop, accessed via suspended wooden lift
  |_| [712574,3415931] attached to outdoor crane; snipe from bunker rooftop


  |_| [712460,3416053] Fast Travel Camp: Research Lab


      On desk by first campsite found.

      This is in the multistory elevator area. After unfastening the first
      lift support, use the stairs to reach 3F. The document's on a barrel
      near the call button.

      Once the elevator is destroyed, continue west to the general's tomb. The
      scroll is automatically acquired in the cutscene.

  |_| [712458,3416047] HELMETS: CHOU DYNASTY HELMET

      Right at the start of the level, after dropping into the watery basement
      from the Shipwreck Beach's exterior fortress segment. Turn around to
      find a grenade barricade, and another past it, which leads to the relic.
  |_| [712442,3416049] HELMETS: CEREMONIAL HELMET

      After destroying the elevator for 1F access, notice there's a broken
      door just west of there. If Lara goes around to the other side via the
      remaining passages, behind the crate is this relic.

  |_| [712454,3416045] Right at beginning of level, in the watery basement
      portion. This'll be on a small dry ledge along the "stream".
  |_| [712457,3416047] Near the first campsite is a door Lara can pry open,
      leading into the flooded corridor alongside it. Jump from the doorway
      to the opposite vent, then find the cache inside and below.
  |_| [712433,3416055] After destroying the elevator, enter the next passage
      with the two patrolling mercs. The northern branch of this has a crate
      stack Lara can maneuver behind, by squeezing into the space between the
      low ceiling and eastern boxes.

  |_| [712433,3416047] In the basement portion, after destroying the elevator.
      In the hallway where the two mercenaries patrol, look for the southern
      crate stack. Upon further inspection, there's a small portion allowing
      one to climb over -- the (complete) map's sitting in that alcove.

  |_| [712451,3416051] After the initial water passage segment, Lara climbs
      up a wall to reach the first real part of the laboratory. Before going
      down the large cement "steps," look to the high ceiling for a sun icon.
  |_| [712459,3416049] Alongside the first campsite, where the two gunmen are
      found, is a small flooded corridor. The sun icon is hanging on the
      ceiling here, but it can't be shot from the east or south (no vantages).
  |_| [712457,3416044] Reach the first campsite and pry open the door into
      the water-filled corridor. Instead of jumping toward the vent, aim into
      that opening, particularly at the destroyed cement wall beyond. The game
      designers have cruelly placed an icon at range, barely visible and only
      able to be shot from the doorway. [If it can't be sighted, just move the
      reticle until it turns red.]
  |_| [712444,3416050] With the elevator destroyed, jump down to 1F. Just
      opposite the stairwell door is a railing, and the icon is hanging a bit
      north of there.
  |_| [712439,3416049] Once the elevator is destroyed and 1F is accessible,
      reach the passage with the two mercenary patrolment. The icon is inside
      the northern fenced-in machinery area, right along this route.


  |_| [712592,3416266] Fast Travel Camp: Sacred Hall
  |_| [712616,3416244] Fast Travel Camp: Sacred Passage


      First campsite room, on floor into SE room.

      Cage room, by NE crank lever
  |_| [712605,3416250] ANCIENT SCROLLS - HOSHI: AN END

      Statuary room past the cage room, floor of southern alcove.

  |_| [712594,3416266] VASES: KANSU BURIAL URN

      Table by first campsite.
  |_| [712596,3416263] VASES: BAN CHIANG VASE

      Cage room, in one of the northern guts-strewn cages.
  |_| [712615,3416245] VASES: SATSUMA VASE

      Floor by second campsite, in tunnel past the statuary chamber.

  |_| [712594,3416259] Cage room, on SW balcony with metal salvage chest.

SKILLS                                                                   [SKLL]
 Skills are able to be bought once Lara collects enough experience, which is
 itself obtained by completing challenges, advancing the story and murdering
 the opposition. Brawler skills aren't available until later on, however.

 Skills marked with an asterisk (*) can only be purchased if the skill right
 above them has been bought. Sometimes this will also require reaching the
 next tier. To unlock new tiers:

 Tier 1: default
 Tier 2: buy 7 skills
 Tier 3: buy 8 more skills

 So, what skills should one acquire? Advanced Salvaging is great when taken
 early, as the bonuses stack up. Later, Orienteering lets one highlight any
 nearby collectibles through walls (marks them on map also), enabling easier
 searching when treasure maps aren't available. Lara can set custom waypoints
 if she finds objects in L2, so that's just icing on the cake.

 Anything in the Hunter category, outside maybe "Steady Shot," will be pretty
 good, as they increase ammo capacity and ways to earn bonus XP. Likewise,
 the Brawler skills, particularly dodge counters, allow one to capitalize on
 bonus XP opportunities. For instance, stunning an enemy to do a finisher is
 much easier with dodge counters than shooting them in the hopes they'll fall
 into that state.

  ____________________ ___ __________________________________________________
 | SKILL              | T | FUNCTION                                         |
 | Animal Instincts   | 1 | Hold L2 to highlight nearby animals and food     |
 | Survivalist        | 1 | Extra XP when looting corpses and food caches    |
 | Advanced Salvaging | 1 | Crates (and other sources) grant extra salvage   |
 | Bone Collector     | 1 | Animal corpses grant extra salvage               |
 | Arrow Retrieval    | 1 | Can retrieve arrows from slain foes and animals  |
*| Scavenging         | 1 | Retrieve extra ammo from slain foes              |
 | Climber's Agility  | 2 | Improves climbing speed                          |
 |                    |   | During hard falls, hit Circle to reduce damage   |
 | Orienteering       | 2 | Hold L2 to highlight nearby collectibles         |
*| Cartography        | 3 | All tombs/treasure map locations revealed on map |

  _____________________ ___ _________________________________________________
 | SKILL               | T | FUNCTION                                        |
 | Steady Shot         | 1 | Doubles time for charged bow shots              |
 | Ammo Capacity       | 1 | Can carry extra ammo for all weapons            |
*| Heavy Lifter        | 2 | Maxs total extra ammo carried for all weapons   |
 | Accomplished Killer | 2 | Headshots/finishers/stealth kills give extra XP |
 | Bow Expert          | 3 | (Hit triangle) Finish stunned foes with bow¹    |
 | Pistol Expert       | 3 | (Hit triangle) Finish stunned foes with pistol¹ |
 | Rifle Expert        | 3 | (Hit triangle) Finish stunned foes with rifle¹  |
 | Shotgun Expert      | 3 | (Hit triangle) Finish stunned foes with shotty¹ |
                                                           ¹ - earns bonus XP
  ____________________ ___ __________________________________________________
 | SKILL              | T | FUNCTION                                         |
 | Pain Tolerance     | 1 | Take more damage before dying                    |
 | Dirty Tricks       | 1 | (While scrambling) Hit Triangle to blind foes    |
 | Axe Strikes¹       | 2 | (Close range) Doubletap Triangle to pickaxe stun |
*| Axe Expert         | 2 | (Close range) Hit Triangle to finish stunned foe |
 | Dodge Counter      | 2 | (While dodging) Hit Triangle to arrow-stun foe   |
*| Dodge Kill         | 3 | (While dodging) Hit Triangle to kill attacker²   |
*| Dodge Kill Mastery | 3 | (While dodging) Hit Triangle to kill most foes   |
                          ¹ - acquired automatically when Tier II is unlocked
                          ² - only works on lightly armored, helmetless types

TROPHIES                                                                 [TRPH]
 Tomb Raider's trophies can be separated into two categories: campaign and
 multiplayer. The "?" column tells the trophy type (Platinum, Gold, Silver,
 Bronze). Asterisks denote secret achievements.
  ___________________________ ___ ___________________________________________
 | CAMPAIGN TROPHIES         | ? | ACQUIRED BY...                            |
 | True Survivor             | P | Unlock all other Tomb Raider trophies     |
 | Bookworm                  | B | Find 25% of all documents                 |
 | Historian                 | B | Find 75% of all documents                 |
 | Relic Hunter              | B | Find 25% of all relics                    |
 | Archaeologist             | B | Find 75% of all relics                    |
 | Looking for Trouble       | B | Find 25% of all GPS caches                |
 | Bag Full O' Cache         | B | Find 75% of all GPS caches                |
 | No Stone Left Unturned    | G | Find all documents, relics & GPS caches   |
 | Scrounger                 | B | Collect 5000 pieces of salvage            |
 | Picky                     | B | Loot 200 enemies                          |
 | Clever Girl               | S | Purchase all skills in one category       |
 | Lethal                    | S | Purchase all skills in all categories     |
 | Now We're Getting Serious | B | Fully mod + completely upgrade a weapon   |
 | The Professional          | S | Fully mod + completely upgrade all weapns |
 | Big Game Hunter           | B | Kill & loot 10 large animals              |
 | Tastes Like Chicken!      | B | Kill & loot 10 small animals              |
 | Feather Duster            | B | Kill & loot 10 flying animals             |
 | Sharp Shooter             | B | Kill 50 enemies with headshots            |
 | Predator                  | B | Kill 50 enemies with the longbow          |
 | Equalizer                 | B | Kill 75 enemies with the rifle            |
 | Widowmaker                | B | Kill 40 enemies with the shotgun          |
 | Gunslinger                | B | Kill 35 enemies with the pistol           |
 | Epic Fumble               | B | Make foe drop dynamite, killing 2 foes    |
 | Get Over Here!            | B | Rope-pull 5 enemies off ledges            |
 | Opportunist               | B | Kill 25 enemies while undetected          |
 | Down and Dirty            | B | Perform 15 finishers                      |
 | Deadeye                   | B | Kill 10 enemies while they use ziplines   |
 | Former Adventurer         | B | Incapacitate 25 enemies w/ dodge counters |
 | One Smart Cookie          | B | Complete an optional tomb                 |
 | Intellectually Superior   | G | Complete all optional tombs               |
 | Unfinished Business       | B | Complete a regional challenge             |
 | Inconceivable!            | S | Complete all regional challenges          |
 | A Survivor is Born        | S | Finish the campaign                       |
 | Boom Goes the Dynamite*   | B | Shoot thrown dynamite out of the air      |
 | Crab Cakes*               | B | Kill FeeFee the crab                      |
 | Chatterbox*               | B | Complete all Endurance crew conversations |

 CHATTERBOX: This is a six-step achievement in which Lara must speak to her
 crewmembers and exhaust all dialogue options with each. Because these convos
 only take place at certain parts of the campaign, Chatterbox is one of the
 few missable trophies. The six set events:

  • Coastal Forest, northern half (Whitman)
  • Mountain Village, before climbing fall cliffs (Roth)
  • Mountain Village, post-Cliffside Village (Roth again)
  • Shipwreck Beach, pre-galleon visit (Reyes, Jonah, Sam)
  • Shipwreck Beach, post-galleon visit (Reyes, Jonah, Sam, Whitman)
  • Shipwreck Beach, post-Endurance visit (Reyes, Jonah, Whitman)

 CRAB CAKES: FeeFee is a crab found in the Shipwreck Beach level, along the
 beach south of the survivors' camp. As far as I know, nothing distinguishes
 her from the others, so just murder 'em all until the trophy pops.

 FORMER ADVENTURER: This requires incapacitating 25 foes with dodge counter,
 but dodge counter kills don't apply to the running count. To injure instead
 of slay, start a dodge counter and hit the Triangle prompt as soon as it
 shows. Foes can be repeatedly injured in this manner, but the trophy requires
 25 unique opponents.

  ___________________________ ___ ___________________________________________
 | MULTIPLAYER TROPHIES      | ? | OBTAIN BY...                              |
 | Adventurer                | B | Complete a match in all multiplayer modes |
 | Artilleryman              | B | Kill 20 foes using a turret               |
 | Down Boy!                 | B | Kill a ziplining foe                      |
 | Entrapment                | B | Catch a player in a snare trap            |
 | Escapist                  | B | Survive 10 explosions                     |
 | Good Samaritan            | B | Revive a teammate                         |
 | I'm All That!             | S | Win a ranked match in each multi. mode    |
 | Sole Survivor             | B | Be the only one on team not dead/downed   |
 | Lights Out                | B | Kill 10 foes with a melee attack          |
 | Master Blaster            | B | Kill 2 foes with one explosive            |
 | Monkey Around             | B | Escape death 3 times with a Rope Ascender |
 | Narcissistic              | B | Purchase a new multiplayer character      |
 | On My Way Up              | B | Reach Level 10                            |
 | Shopaholic                | B | Purchase every upgrade and character      |
 | True Commitment           | S | Reach Level 60                            |

WEAPONS                                                                  [WPNS]
 Asterisks in a column (*) denote upgrades earned automatically in the story.
 Items with a superscript (¹) can only be purchased if on the right tier and
 the upgrade directly above it was enabled. For example, to buy the longbow's
 "Stabilizing Weight" upgrade, one must have the Plaited String, which itself
 requires Reinforced Limbs.

 Dfault: Makeshift Bow
 Rank 1: Recurve Bow (requires 2 parts)
 Rank 2: Compound Bow (given by Jonah at Shipwreck Beach)
 Rank 3: Competition Bow (requires 3 more parts)
  ____________________ ______ ___ ___________________________________________
 | UPGRADE            | SALV | R | FUNCTION                                  |
 | Rope Arrows        | ---- | * | Add firing mode: rope-tethered arrows     |
 | Fire Arrows        | ---- | * | Add firing mode: flammable arrows         |
¹| Napalm Arrows      |  350 | 2 | Fire Arrows spread pool of flame on hit   |
 | Explosive Arrows   |  650 | 3 | Arrows explode on impact (uses a grenade) |
 | Reinforced Limbs   |  250 | - | Increases damage                          |
¹| Plaited String     |  250 | 2 | Increases arrow damage                    |
¹| Stabilizing Weight |  300 | 3 | Increases damage                          |
 | Penetrating Arrows |  650 | 3 | Arrows can pierce softer targets          |
 | Wrapped String     |  200 | - | Improves firing rate                      |
¹| Key Ring Trigger   |  250 | 1 | Improves firing rate                      |

 Dfault: Trench Shotgun
 Rank 1: Pump-Action Shotgun (requires 3 parts)
 Rank 2: Combat Shotgun (requires 3 more parts)
  ___________________ ______ ___ ____________________________________________
 | UPGRADE           | SALV | R | FUNCTION                                   |
 | Full Choke        |  400 | - | Add firing mode: long-range pellet burst   | 
 | Incendiary Shells |  400 | 1 | Shells ignite target on impact             |
 | Barrel Shroud     |  325 | - | Improves damage                            |
¹| Modified Receiver |  325 | 2 | Improves damage                            |
 | Polished Bolt     |  300 | - | Improves firing rate                       |
 | Padded Grip       |  300 | - | Reduces recoil                             |
¹| Wrapped Stock     |  300 | 1 | Reduces recoil                             |
 | Shell Mag         |  350 | 1 | Improves reload time                       |
¹| Drum Mag          |  400 | 2 | Improves reload time; mags hold 12 shells  |

 Dfault: WWII Submachine Gun
 Rank 1: Assault Rifle (requires 3 parts)
 Rank 2: Commando Rifle (requires 3 more parts)
  ____________________ ______ ___ ___________________________________________
 | UPGRADE            | SALV | R | FUNCTION                                  |
 | Grenade Launcher   | ---- | * | Can fire grenades (fired in arc)          |
¹| Frag Grenades      |  500 | 2 | Grenades now spray shrapnel on explosion  |
 | High Capacity Mag  |  225 | - | Magazines hold 15 more rounds             |
 | Barrel Shroud      |  350 | 1 | Improves damage                           |
¹| Match Grade Barrel |  400 | 2 | Improves damage                           |
 | Padded Stock       |  300 | - | Reduces recoil                            |
¹| Muzzle Brake       |  350 | - | Reduces recoil                            |
 | Taped Double Mag   |  300 | - | Improves reload time                      |
 | Polished Ejector   |  250 | - | Improves firing rate                      |
 | Scope              |  250 | 2 | Can zoom in (toggle with R3 button)       |
 | Silencer           |  500 | 2 | (Toggle) silences shots, but damage drops |

 Dfault: Semi-Automatic Pistol
 Rank 1: Tactical Pistol (obtained at Summit Forest)
 Rank 2: Magnum Pistol (requires 3 Handgun Parts)
  ____________________ ______ ___ ___________________________________________
 | UPGRADE            | SALV | R | FUNCTION                                  |
 | Burst Fire Mod     |  450 | - | Alt firing mode: 3-round burst (tap R2)   |
 | Extended Mag       |  200 | - | Grants 10-round magazine                  |
¹| High Capacity Mag  |  250 | 2 | Grants 12-round magazine                  |
 | Port Vented Slide  |  200 | - | Improves damage                           |
¹| Muzzle Brake       |  250 | - | Improves damage                           |
¹| Polished Barrel    |  400 | 2 | Improves damage                           |
 | Magazine Well      |  325 | 1 | Improves reload time                      |
 | Rapid Fire Mod     |  300 | - | Increases firing rate                     |
 | Ergonomic Grip     |  300 | 1 | Reduces recoil                            |
 | Silencer           |  350 | 1 | (Toggle) silences shots, but lower damage |

  ____________ ______ ___ ___________________________________________________
 | UPGRADE    | SALV | R | FUNCTION                                          |
 | Strengthen | 0050 | - | Pry axe can now be used to operate cranks         |

V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]

 [Q] - What's the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer?
 [A] - It's a DLC tomb that appears in the Coastal Forest's northern half, at
       the eastern mine's cave-in. The puzzle itself involves climbing an old
       plane and gives a substandard 250 XP as its reward (although to be
       fair, this is the first real level, so 1250 would be overkill). This
       is arguably the only DLC worth having, and it doesn't add much, sorry
       to say. (TOMB VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qDwo3R2TXU)

 [Q] - How do I get 100% completion?
 [A] - Find all collectibles (documents, relics, caches, treasure maps), raid
       all tombs (DLC tombs excluded), learn all skills, upgrade all weapons,
       complete all challenges and, of course, beat the campaign itself. This
       may seem like a lot, but I did it in 2 days on my rookie playthrough,
       so it ain't quite as daunting as all that.

 [Q] - How do I revisit levels?
 [A] - Visit camp and select the option. Note that Day Camps won't have this
       option available, and can't be fast-travelled to, either. All major
       levels (except one) will have a fast travel camp. NOTE: Sometimes the
       plot won't permit fast-travelling, so be mindful of that, too!

 [Q] - Do people still play multiplayer?
 [A] - At the time I'm writing this (5/27/2014), yes, although the battles may
       be a bit choppy and there's definitely players who may be hacking. It's
       still playable though, and for trophy hunters, that's what matters.

 [Q] - I was supposed to get the Chatterbox trophy but it didn't work!
 [A] - If the guide was followed, it should unlock. However, one common issue
       with this trophy is, when a checkpoint is reloaded, the dialogue may
       need to be gone through again. If one forgets, that blows the entire

 [Q] - Do I need an online pass to play multiplayer?
 [A] - No. This game doesn't have an online pass anyway!

 [Q] - How do I enable the bow's Penetrating Shot ammo?
 [A] - This is a passive upgrade; it isn't a new type of ammo.

 [Q] - I see a treasure map on my region map but can't get to it!
 [A] - Check again -- if it's black-colored, it was already found, and if it's
       out of the way, it might be part of a visited tomb. If one has the
       "Orienteering" skill, it's possible to locate collectibles through
       walls, map-marking them even if they're not available (this can happen
       in the Cliffside Bunker, for instance).

 [Q] - How do I get the "GPS Secrets: Failed Mission" cache?
 [A] - One must collect all GPS caches, which gives a 1000-salvage bonus and
       sticks the document in the inventory. (If following the walkthrough,
       the final cache will be in the Research Base area.) The document isn't
       automatically read when obtained, so one will have to manually browse
       it from the menu.

 [Q] - Can I do my post-game searches (or New Game Plus) with dual pistols?
 [A] - Nope.

 [Q] - Is there even a New Game Plus?
 [A] - Nope.

VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTORS                                               [UPDT]
 03-31-2014 -----------------------------+ Started guide
 05-27-2014 -----------------------------+ Finished guide

 • Sailor/Ceej, for always hostin' my crap
 • Roth, for being such a tough ol' bugger

 As usual, readers can send in any good bits of info or corrections.
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