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Trophy Guide by SunsThirdStone

Version: 1.0.2 | Updated: 07/31/2013
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Version 1.0.2 (7/31/2013)

By Nick Zitzmann
E-Mail: moc.liamg@namzkcin (spell that backwards for an E-Mail address)

This document is in Unicodeâ„¢ UTF-8 format. If you didn't see a small TM symbol
in that previous sentence, then you need to set your browser to interpret this
page using the UTF-8 encoding.


Copyright 2013 Nick Zitzmann.

The author and contributors are solely responsible for the content of this FAQ.
Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix were not involved in any way, shape, or form.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the
terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version
published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no
Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

To summarize the above paragraph, I don't particularly care if you want to
re-publish this FAQ elsewhere, or create your own derivative of this FAQ (e.g.
a localized version). However, I **do** care if you plagiarize this FAQ, or
re-publish it under a different license. Also, there are no warranties at all
on the information in this FAQ.

The entire license is available online at the following URL:

That said, the latest version of this FAQ will always be posted first to
GameFAQs: <http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps3/615699-tomb-raider/faqs/67157>

Please do not E-Mail me asking for permission to host this guide on your site.
Permission is granted. You're welcome. :)


1.0.0 (6/3/2013):
First release.

1.0.1 (6/7/2013):
Minor corrections.

1.0.2 (7/31/2013):
More minor corrections.


In this guide, I will help you get as many trophies as you can. You can use
your browser's search feature (Command-F on OS X, Control-F on other platforms)
to search this document for a specific trophy by name. They are listed below in
the order in which they appear in the PS3 version's trophy listing.

Pay particular attention to the trophies marked as "missable." In single player
mode, once you've passed certain points in the game, you won't be able to go
back and get these trophies without starting a new game. All multiplayer
trophies are missable if you didn't play multiplayer with other players when
the servers were on and other people were playing the game.

Note that, when I say "trophy" in this document, I mean "achievement" if you're
playing the X360 version of the game. Except for the platinum trophy, which is
a PS3 exclusive (as they almost always are), the trophies in the PS3 version
are identical to the achievements in the X360 version.

This is a spoiler-free guide.


True Survivor (PS3: Platinum, X360: N/A)

Missable: Of course

Most PS3 games are difficult to "platinum," that is, receive the platinum
trophy for acquiring all other in-game trophies, for one of the following

1. They have at least one trophy that requires an insane amount of talent to
   pull off (e.g. some of the pro guitar/drum trophies in "Rock Band 3")
2. They have at least one trophy that requires finding many tiny needles in
   one very large haystack with little to no in-game guidance (e.g. the blast
   shard trophy from "Infamous")
3. They have at least one trophy that requires a lot of time and competence
   (e.g. the trophy in "Final Fantasy XIII" awarded for acquiring all of the
   items in the game)
4. They have at least one trophy that is just plain insane

And then there's Tomb Raider, which is different, because none of the
single-player trophies are particularly insane to acquire, the game has in-game
guides for acquiring all of the hidden objects, and none of the single-player
trophies require skill or any special talents to acquire.

However, the game has multiplayer trophies, and you need to get all of the
single-player **and** multiplayer trophies to platinum this game. The problem?
Once the game falls out of popularity with the masses, it will be very
difficult to acquire those multiplayer trophies, and once Square Enix switches
off the multiplayer servers, it will become impossible to acquire them, which
means no platinum trophy for you. So if you're reading this many years after I
first wrote it, I'm very, very sorry...

Bookworm (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Historian (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
Relic Hunter (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Archaeologist (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
Looking for Trouble (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Bag Full O' Cache (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
No Stone Left Unturned (PS3: Gold, X360: 50)

Missable: No

All of the above trophies are awarded for finding the hidden documents
("Bookmark" and "Historian"), relics ("Relic Hunter" and "Archaeologist"), and
GPS caches ("Looking for Trouble" and "Bag Full O'Cache"). These trophies are
not difficult to acquire, because each of the areas with collectable items can
be revisited, and all but two of them (Base Approach and Mountain Base are the
exceptions) have a treasure map hidden in them that shows you the locations of
unacquired items on your map.

The areas with collectable items are, in the order in which you will find them:
* Coastal Forest: 5 docs, 5 GPS caches, 3 relics
* Mountain Temple: 2 docs, 2 GPS caches, 2 relics
* Mountain Village[1]: 7 docs, 15 GPS caches, 6 relics
* Base Approach: 2 GPS caches, 2 relics
* Mountain Base: 3 docs, 2 GPS caches
* Base Exterior: 2 docs, 1 GPS cache, 2 relics
* Shantytown[1]: 5 docs, 15 GPS caches, 7 relics
* Geothermal Caverns: 3 docs, 5 GPS caches, 3 relics
* Summit Forest[1]: 2 docs, 5 GPS caches, 3 relics
* Shipwreck Beach[1]: 4 docs, 15 GPS caches, 6 relics
* Cliffside Bunker: 4 docs, 5 GPS caches, 3 relics
* Research Base: 3 docs, 3 GPS caches, 1 relic
* Chasm Shrine: 3 docs, 3 relics

[1] means these areas also host (an) optional tomb(s), and completing them will
give you the area treasure map.

For all other areas, you can make the treasure map's location appear on your
map by earning the Cartography skill. The Orienteering skill will also make
objects appear on your map when you activate survivor view.

In addition to the above:
1. There are two "hidden" documents that are unlocked by finding GPS caches.
Find half of them to unlock the first document, and find the other half to
unlock the second document.

2. Lara will make journal entries as you play through the main quest. These,
too, count towards the document & 100% trophies. You can't miss these unless
you've been intentionally passing up campfires. The last journal entry unlocks
during the ending.

Scrounger (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: No

You'll get this trophy by collecting 5,000 pieces of salvage as you play the
game. The good news is the trophy is cumulative, so you don't need to have
5,000 pieces on hand at any moment to get it. Just play the game, break every
salvage chest, open every big chest, and say hi to every dead body, and this
trophy will be yours easily enough.

Picky (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Yes

You need to loot 200 enemies to acquire this trophy. It is missable because you
will find very few Solarii are still left after you've finished the game. But
you have to go out of your way not to get this trophy, because looting your
enemies is not a particularly difficult task.

Clever Girl (PS3: Silver, X360: 25)
Lethal (PS3: Silver, X360: 50)

Missable: No

These two trophies are acquired by purchasing skills with your in-game
experience points. There are three skill sets, Survivor, Hunter, and Brawler
(which is not available at the beginning of the game). Each has three skill
levels (Rookie, Hardened, and Specialist), which are unlocked by purchasing
skills at the unlocked level or below.

You'll get experience from killing things, as well as finding collectable items
(see "No Stone Left Unturned" above) and finishing experience challenges. There
are more than enough points in the game to acquire all of the skills, so these
trophies are not missable.

The "Clever Girl" trophy got its name from a line from the movie "Jurassic
Park," in case you were curious.

Now We're Getting Serious (PS3: Bronze, X360: 25)
The Professional (PS3: Silver, X360: 50)

Missable: No

You need to upgrade your weapons to get this trophy. There are two ways you can
improve your weapons:

1. By finding parts
2. By finding salvage

Parts upgrade your weapons so that you can purchase more modifications, and
salvage is used to purchase those modifications at camps.

Here's where to find those parts:

Makeshift Longbow: Automatically acquired in the Coastal Forest
Recurve Bow:       Find two parts in salvage crates, one in the Base Exterior
                   and the other in the Mountain Village
Compound Bow:      Automatically acquired in the Shipwreck Beach
Competition Bow:   Find two parts in salvage crates in the Shipwreck Beach, and
                   one more part on an enemy in the Chasm Monastery

Semi-Auto Pistol: Automatically acquired in the Mountain Temple
Tactical Pistol:  Automatically acquired in the Summit Forest
Magnum Pistol:    Find three parts in the optional tombs (see "Intellectually
                  Superior" below)

Trench Shotgun:      Automatically acquired in the Chasm Monastery
Pump-Action Shotgun: Find three parts in salvage crates in the Mountain Village
                     and Shantytown
Combat Shotgun:      Find three parts in salvage creates in the Shipwreck
                     Beach, Cliffside Bunker, and Research Base

WWII Sub Machine Gun: Automatically acquired in the Mountain Base
Assault Rifle:        Find three parts in salvage crates in the Mountain
                      Village and Shantytown
Commando Rifle:       Find three parts in salvage crates in the Shipwreck
                      Beach and Shantytown

Salvage can be found everywhere in single player. You'll find it in salvage
crates, in the big chests, at the end of each bonus tomb, and on each dead body
you search. Learning the Advanced Salvaging and Bone Collector skills will help
you maximize the amount of salvage you receive, so make sure you acquire them
early on for the best results.

Big Game Hunter (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
Tastes Like Chicken! (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)
Feather Duster (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: No

To get these trophies, you need to kill and loot (just killing them doesn't
count towards any of the totals):

* 10 large animals. Look for them in the Coastal Forest, Summit Forest, and
  Shipwreck Beach.
* 10 small animals other than crabs. They're found everywhere, but the best
  places to look are in the Mountain Village, Coastal Forest, Summit Forest,
  and Shantytown.
* 10 flying animals. They're found in every outdoor area.

Sharp Shooter (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Yes

You will be awarded this trophy for killing 50 Solarii by shooting them in the
head with any weapon. The easiest way to do this is to use the bow or pistol,
and aim for the head. It's also easier when you're not in a firefight, so if
you're trying to get this trophy, remember that when you're going for stealth

Predator (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Equalizer (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Widowmaker (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)
Gunslinger (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Yes

During the course of a single-player campaign, you must kill 50 enemies with
the bow, 75 with the rifle, 40 with the shotgun, and 35 with the pistol, to get
these four trophies. Just remember to mix up your use of weapons as you go
through the game, and you should be able to get all four trophies easily by the
time you reach the last base camp.

Epic Fumble (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Yes

The Solarii will throw two kinds of explosives at Lara: Molotov cocktails, and
dynamite sticks. Early on in the game, they will use the former, while they
start using the latter once you reach Shantytown for the first time. You can
only get this trophy if:

1. A Solarii lights a stick of dynamite (not a Molotov cocktail),
2. You shoot the Solarii prior to them throwing the dynamite, causing them to
   fumble it, and
3. The explosion kills two or more Solarii, which may include the guy who lit
   the dynamite.

I got this trophy in Shantytown at the ambush that occurs just outside of the
first optional tomb. Your last chance to get this is right before the game's
ending. Your last good chance to get this is at the big ambush at the Transport

Get Over Here! (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Yes

At some point in the main quest, after you reach the Cliffside Village, you
will acquire the Rope Arrow. Once you have it, you need to find five different
Solarii with large drop-offs between you and them (preferably one where the
Solarii is standing very close to the drop-off), and shoot them with the rope
arrow (hold and release R2 on PS3, or RB on X360). If you hit them, then Lara
will give them a nudge. If they're standing close to the ledge, then Lara will
pull them right over the ledge.

Note that not all Solarii can be targeted with rope arrows. In particular, this
won't work against Solarii that are wearing combat suits. If you aim at a
Solarii with the rope arrow button held down, and the target cursor does not
turn red, then that means that particular Solarii cannot be targeted.

You can start on this the moment you get rope arrows, and your last good chance
at getting this trophy is at the Cliffside Bunker.

Like several other Tomb Raider trophies, this one's name is also most likely a
pop culture reference, this time to "Mortal Kombat."

Opportunist (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Yes

You have to get 25 stealth kills, using either a sneak attack or the bow and
(regular) arrow, to win this trophy. Actually, it's difficult to miss unless
your play style made Lara as stealth as an elephant, or you really went out of
your way not to kill anyone.

Down and Dirty (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Yes

This trophy is awarded to you for stunning 15 enemies, and then killing them
with a finishing move. You can stun an enemy by:

1. Hitting them with a melee attack
2. Shooting them in the legs
3. Using the "Dirty Fighting" skill
4. Using the "Dodge Counter" skill

Once they're stunned, you will see either a â–³ (PS3) or Y (X360) icon appear
over the top of them. Press the button to execute the enemy.

Deadeye (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Yes

At certain ambush spots, the Solarii will enter the fray by using zip lines. To
get this trophy, you need to shoot 10 of them off the lines. If you haven't
been paying attention (like I did the first time I played through the game),
then this trophy is easy to miss. The best strategy is to find cover, use your
machine gun, and try to ignore the other Solarii. If you miss them, then
restart from the last checkpoint and try again.

I haven't confirmed this, but I'm pretty sure that shooting Solarii off of
descending ropes doesn't count towards the total.

Your first chance to get started is at the Mountain Base. There are lots of
zip-lining Solarii in Shantytown, so make sure you shoot down as many as you
can shoot down. Your last chance to get this trophy is at the Transport
Gondola. After that, the Solarii will quit using zip lines to enter the battle.

Former Adventurer (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Yes

Sadly, shooting the Solarii in the knees with your bow won't get you this
trophy. What you need to do instead is use Dodge Counter to stun (but not kill)
25 enemies. So if you already have Dodge Kill unlocked, it becomes more
difficult to obtain this trophy, since it doesn't count towards the total if
the counter does not stun them.

I'm fairly certain this trophy's name was inspired by a famous line from the
video game "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." (It was also repeated in an episode
of the TV show "NCIS.")

One Smart Cookie (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
Intellectually Superior (PS3: Gold, X360: 50)

Missable: No

There are seven bonus tombs in the game: Two in the Mountain Village, two in
Shantytown, one in the Summit Forest, and two in Shipwreck Beach. It is very
difficult to miss these bonus tombs; all of them have graffiti painted outside
of them, all of them will make a chime when you're near one, and all of them
will also be announced on your screen and appear on your map when you're near
one. All but one of them can be entered at any time in the game; the only
exception is the "Temple of the Handmaiden" tomb in the Shipwreck Beach; you
need to get the Rope Ascender from the Cliffside Bunker before you can enter.

Each tomb has no Solarii presence, and an easy puzzle. If you can't solve it at
first, then keep using survivor view (L2 on PS3, LB on X360), and Lara will
give you hints on how to solve the puzzle. At the end of each tomb is a "Pulp
Fiction"-style MacGuffin, lots of experience points and salvage, and sometimes
the area treasure map, other times a pistol upgrade part.

Unfinished Business (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)
Inconceivable! (PS3: Silver, X360: 50)

Missable: No

Welcome to the game's two most frustrating unmissable trophies. You get these
by completing experience challenges in thirteen different areas of the game.
The problem? They don't show up on your map, so you need to find them manually.
Thankfully, they will turn yellow in survivor view (L2 on PS3, LB on X360).

I'm serious here: Don't try hunting for experience challenge objects without
using survivor view as frequently as possible. You will lose your mind

In case you were wondering, "Inconceivable!" is a famous movie line, from "The
Princess Bride."

Here are the locations of all of the experience challenge items:

A. Coastal Forest (Ghost Hunter)
1.  From the base camp, start heading back to the Coastal Bluffs. Once Lara
    stands back up, look to the left.
2.  Remember where you got the bow?
3.  It's a little to the northeast of the base camp (on the map), look for a 
    rock with bridge parts on top of it.
4.  Look underneath two rock platforms near the northeast corner of the
    first area.
5.  Look in the tree near that big rock near the southeast corner of the
    first area.
6.  In the second area, look underneath the big bridge.
7.  From #6, get on top of the bridge and look at the nearby trees.
8.  There's one near the broken bridge to the east, too.
9.  Look above the statue in the western-most corner of the second area.
10. The last one is just east of the gate.

B. Mountain Temple (Pyromaniac)
1. The first lantern is destroyed as part of the main quest and can't be
   missed. So if you're missing one, it's not the one in the crawlspace near
   the big pagoda.
2. Look in the pagoda just southwest of the base camp. Actually, you cross this
   one while moving from the gate to the base camp.
3. Look at the outside of the pagoda just east, a little north, and up
   from the base camp.
4. Look on the west wall of the northwestern-most pagoda.
5. The last one is on the south corner of the pagoda southeast of the base

C. Mountain Village (Illumination)
   (IMPORTANT: You need a fire starter to activate most of these. There are
   three ways to start a fire: Light your torch using another fire, light your
   torch using the Fire Striker, or use a napalm arrow. You get the latter two
   as you play through the main quest.)
1.  The first one is in plain sight northwest of the base camp.
2.  Look north and west of the first one, near the northwest corner of the
    first area.
3.  It's on the way up the mountain, just southeast of the first bonus tomb.
4.  It's on the west side of the waterfall, near the top.
5.  It's inside the cave on your way to the second bonus tomb.
6.  It's in the building to the east and a little bit south (on the map) of
    the second bonus tomb.
7.  It's in the buildings to the south (on the map) of the second bonus tomb.
8.  It's on the water just south of the day camp from which you emerged from
    the Chasm Monastery area.
9.  From the first bonus tomb, climb up, and then take the first two ziplines
    you see to reach the western-most area of the map (below the other base
10. From #8, head back to the camp, take the zipline up, and follow this path
    around a bend and across a log to the last statue.

D. Mountain Village (Egg Poacher)
1. The first egg is on the roof of the building located west of the base camp
   (on the map) with the zipline headed up and northeast.
2. Look on the roof of the big building to the north of that (the one with the
   two rope crates hanging from it).
3. Go to the cave to the southwest of the second bonus tomb. When you emerge
   from the west side, you can see the nest on top of a rope crate in the
4. Go to the ledge below the second bonus tomb and walk across the log.
5. Go to the rock southwest of where you emerged from the Chasm Monastery.
   Climb to the building on top of the rock and look down over the edge.

E. Mountain Base (Non-Believer)
   (IMPORTANT: You need a fire starter to activate all of these. If you don't
   have one, then there are two flaming oil barrels in this area. You can use
   either one to light your torch on fire.)
1. In the very first room, on the left wall. They look like a red tapestry with
   a Rorschach test on them.
2. On the wall in the room with the graffiti "Embrace the flames" written above
   the doorway.
3. In the room with the burning turbines; look on the left wall. (This is the
   room you blew up on your first trip through the area.)
4. In the same room as #3, just to the left of the graffiti "No one leaves."
5. After going down the staircase, look at the back of the first room you see.

F. Shantytown (Laid to Rest)
   (IMPORTANT: All of these are located prior to going through the gate. You
   need to use a napalm arrow, followed by a rope arrow, to activate each of
   these. This challenge is unique because there are more effigies in the area
   than you need to tear down in order to pass the challenge. There are
   effigies south of the gate, but here I'm going to only list the northern
1. Look beyond the fence just north and a little west of the base camp. See
   that thing in the background that looks like an effigy of a ghost?
2. Jump down the stairway from the base camp (the one on the left, not the
   right one), then turn around. It will be right in front of you.
3. From #2, turn back around, go onto the roof of the building, and look to
   the right (southwest-ish), and then look up a little.
4. There are three buildings that are just north of the gate. Get on the roof
   of the northeastern one and look east.
5. The last one is located to the right of the gate.

G. Shantytown (Silencer)
   (IMPORTANT: All of these, except for #4, are located after going through the
1. It's on the windmill near the base camp. See the green building near the
   base camp? Climb onto its roof. Climb up one more level and look to the left
   (west). It looks like a spotlight.
2. Run west of the base camp, down the stairs, and past the fence.
3. Go back to the windmill, jump past the windmill, jump down, and get on the
   roof of the one with the three alarm speakers. This was that part in the
   main quest where you were constantly getting ambushed while approaching the
   base camp.
4. The last one is on a tower south of the base camp on the north side of the

H. Geothermal Caves (Firestarter)
   (IMPORTANT: You need to use flaming arrows to burn these sacks.)
1. From the base camp, travel north, and go over the door you can't open. Enter
   this room, then turn back and look at that door for a hanging sack.
2. In the same room as #1, go to the climbing wall, then turn around.
3. From #2, climb the wall until you reach that chamber where you witnessed
   a Solarii initiation in progress. Look up!
4. Go back to the base camp and head west. When you reach the big chamber, make
   the first right, then look up.
5. From #4, go down the hall, back into the chamber, and pass the big gas vent
   you see ahead of you. Turn around and look for it. You can't see it without
   using survival view.
6. From #5, return to the main chamber, look up, and use survival view.

I. Summit Forest (Red Cap Roundup)
   (IMPORTANT: You'll never find these without using survival view often.)
1.  There's a mushroom just to the right of the wrecked Japanese helicopter
    located just east of the western-most day camp.
2.  There's one on the left side of the helicopter, too, behind a tree.
3.  Head east from #2; there's one in the area between the two lamps.
4.  In the northwestern part of the main area, look for one behind a small
5.  Head south from #4 and look for one near the river.
6.  Further south from #5 is a small plateau. Get on top of it, and look west
    for a spot where you can jump and climb up.
7.  There's one near a dear carcass in the southwest corner of the main area.
8.  Cross the south bridge heading east, then go right around the rock up
    ahead. Follow the path to the end.
9.  Look behind the northeast corner of the north bridge.
10. The last one is at the top of a stone staircase behind the cabin.

J. Shipwreck Beach (Mine Sweeper)
   (IMPORTANT: They're all over the place in this area. While some are in plain
   sight, you'll have to use survivor view to spot the ones in the water.)
1.  There's one just east of the bonus tomb.
2.  Look on the beach near the southeast corner.
3.  It's in the water in the "harbor" south of the base camp.
4.  There are two in the ocean behind #3. To find the first one, go up the
    pier to the zipline, and look to the right and down.
5.  From #4, take the zipline and look left.
6.  Go to the washed-out area, and take the zipline to the southwestern-most
    pylon. Look in the water to the east.
7.  From #6, cross over to the other beach. On this peninsula, head southwest,
    towards the building, and look in the water to the west of the building.
8.  There's one in plain sight on the beach east of #7.
9.  Go south from #8; there's one in the water just beyond those rocks. Look on
    the left side of those rocks.
10. The last one is in plain sight on the beach below the entrance to the
    Cliffside Bunker.

K. Shipwreck Beach (Cairn Raider)
1. There's one very close to where you found mine #7 above. It's on the south
   side of that building.
2. Go to the southeastern optional tomb, and pass through the nearby cave as
   if you were heading to the Cliffside Bunker. But instead of jumping on the
   beam, look to your right. Follow that path.
3. There's one on a small plateau located north of the base camp, behind the
   blown-out truck.
4. There's one on a "floating" island north of #3. You need to jump
   onto those buoys to reach it. Set up one buoy so it's in jumping range from
   the shore, and the other should be below the wall.
5. As you're going down the hill from #4, go to the left of the big rock and
   notice the spiral ramp on its side.

L. Cliffside Bunker (Previous Inhabitants)
1. Look on the left wall as you enter the area. There are posters for you to
   burn down.
2. When you enter the big central area, look up at the walls.
3. After you reach the roof of the big central area, look at the walls.
4. The last one is way up high in the background on that gondola tower near #3.

K. Research Base (Sun Killer)
1. Go through the door just southwest of the base camp, and look up.
2. While you're at the same spot, look through the window in the background.
3. Go east of the base camp, double-jump up the wall, turn around, and look up.
4. There's one on the first floor of the elevator shaft; look to the right of
   the "1" on the wall.
5. The final one is located just down the hall from #4, behind the fence.
   At last, the trophy is yours!

A Survivor Is Born (PS3: Silver, X360: 75)

Missable: No

You know how most PS3 and X360 games give out many of their trophies just by
reaching certain points in the single-player game's main quest? Well, Tomb
Raider has only one such trophy, and it's this one, which is awarded for
finishing the game.

Boom Goes the Dynamite (Hidden, PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Yes

You get this trophy if you shoot an airborne stick of dynamite (not a Molotov
cocktail; see "Epic Fumble" above for details) thrown by any enemy, _and_ you
survive. The shotgun is the best gun for the job here, since your aim doesn't
have to be precise to score a hit.

You can get this trophy as early as Shantytown, and as late as near the end of
the game.

Crab Cakes (Hidden, PS3: Bronze, X360: 5)

Missable: No

When you reach the Shipwreck Beach area of the game, you will find crabs all
around the beach. You get this trophy by killing a specific crab that lives
near the survivor's camp. There are no features of this crab that make her
stand out, so you'll just have to keep killing crabs until you find the one
that grants this trophy.

Chatterbox (Hidden, PS3: Bronze, X360: 5)

Missable: Yes

Welcome to the game's most frustrating missable trophy. You are awarded this
one for talking to each of the survivors by approaching them and pressing ⃤
(PS3) or X (X360) at very specific points during the game's main quest. If you
miss one, you can't go back and get it later, so if the trophy doesn't unlock
after conversations #11-13 below, then you missed a spot and will have to start
a new game in order to try again.

By the way, all of these people have additional dialogue that they will only
mention if you talk to them multiple times. And you need to hear this
additional dialogue to get the trophy, so keep talking to them until they have
nothing more to say before you leave.

These points are:

1.  Dr. Whitman (after meeting him by the gate, but before upgrading the pick)
2.  Roth (after you retrieved his pack, but before you leave the Village 
    Plateau Base Camp)
3.  Roth (after you reach the Village Overlook Base Camp, but before you leave)
4.  Sam (after you arrive at Shipwreck Beach, but before you get the block and
5.  Reyes (ditto above)
6.  Jonah (ditto above)
7.  Sam (after you get the block and tackle, but before you get Reyes' tools)
8.  Reyes (ditto above)
9.  Jonah (ditto above)
10. Dr. Whitman (ditto above)
11. Reyes (after you get Reyes' tools but before **spoiler** in the Research
12. Jonah (ditto above)
13. Dr. Whitman (ditto above)

Adventurer (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Maybe
(Multiplayer trophies are difficult to acquire if others quit playing the game,
and will become impossible to acquire once the multiplayer servers are shut

Tomb Raider has four multiplayer modes in it:

1. Free for All
2. Team Deathmatch
3. Cry for Help (a hybrid of two modes in other multiplayer games, "King of the
   Hill" and "Kill Confirmed")
4. Rescue (like "Capture the Flag")

All you need to do is play and complete a match in each game, casual or ranked,
without quitting or getting dropped. Easy-peasy.

Artilleryman (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Maybe

Unless you boost the trophy with a friend, this is a difficult trophy to
acquire. You need to shoot down 20 opposing players with a minigun turret, but
there are only two of them in the built-in levels, one in Beach and one in
Underground. And once you get access to a turret, it's easier for others to
frag you than it is for you to frag them. I had to boost this one with a friend
in a private free-for-all match; it was just too frustrating to acquire in any
other way.

Down Boy! (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Maybe

You will be awarded this trophy if you shoot someone who is using a zipline,
and they either fall to their death, or you frag them before they hit the
ground.  It doesn't count if you shoot them, and they fall and survive. This,
too, can be a huge pain to get without boosting. I actually got it purely by
chance, when my opponent jumped and touched the line before I fragged them.

Entrapment (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Maybe

This is the easiest multiplayer trophy to acquire. In all of the built-in
levels, there is at least one rope trap in them. You need to walk over one and
press ⃤ (PS3) or X (X360) to arm the trap. Then just wait for someone to walk
onto it, and this trophy is yours.

Escapist (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Maybe

You'll get this one just by playing lots of multiplayer matches and running
away from explosives. Out of all the multiplayer modes, Cry for Help is the one
where you will find the most frequent use of explosives by both sides, so just
keep playing and try not to be killed by the explosives.

Good Samaritan (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Maybe

To get this trophy, just play a round of Rescue, and when it's your team's turn
to play as the survivors, approach a downed teammate and press â—¯ (PS3) or B
(X360) to revive them before they expire. Just make sure you aren't downed
yourself! Always clear out nearby Solarii before reviving your teammates when
you play Rescue.

I'm All That! (PS3: Silver, X360: 25)

Missable: Maybe

This is the only trophy in the game that actually takes skill to acquire. You
need to win (not tie) a match (not a single round, except in Free For All) in
all four game modes in ranked (not casual) games to acquire this trophy.
Unfortunately, the game doesn't tell you your progress to acquiring this
trophy, so you'll just have to keep track of your progress on your own.

And actually, as long as you are a good team player and the team you're
assigned to plays well as a team, it is not difficult to win on Team
Deathmatch, Cry for Help, and Rescue. The only difficult part is winning on
Free for All, where you really have to be better than everyone else in your
game to win. You could boost to win, but you'll need three friends to pull that
off, because the game won't let you start a match with any less than four

You win a round in multiplayer if:

1. You or your team meet the conditions for victory before anyone else
2. Time runs out, and you or your team had the lead
3. The other team forfeited by leaving the game

Sole Survivor (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Maybe

You'll get this one through the dumb luck of being the only player on your team
that is still standing in any game mode other than Free for All. This is
especially easy to win if there is only one other person on your team besides
you. In any case, it will just happen to you as you play the multiplayer game.

Lights Out (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Maybe

As you probably know, you can execute a melee attack by pressing â–³ (PS3) or Y
(X360) while facing an enemy. You can get the 10 melee kills necessary to
acquire this trophy by:

1. Running around and hitting enemies at close quarters (which relies on dumb
   luck; they can frag you as easily as you can frag them)
2. Sneaking up behind someone and executing them
3. In Rescue, when playing as the Solarii, you can only frag downed survivors
   by approaching them and attacking

Method #3 is the fastest method of getting this trophy.

Master Blaster (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Maybe

All you need to do to get this trophy is to launch an explosive that frags at
least two enemies. You can use either dynamite, the grenade launcher, the fake
ammo box, or the various explosive crates that appear in the levels. Just use
loadouts that include explosive weapons and you'll get this trophy eventually
by using those explosives at exactly the right time. Use of flammable
non-explosive weapons, such as the Solarii Molotov cocktail launcher, don't

I think the trophy's title is a reference to the NES game "Blaster Master,"
which was often incorrectly called "Master Blaster" by people...

Monkey Around (PS3: Bronze, X360: 15)

Missable: Maybe

This is another dumb luck trophy I ended up boosting, because it requires you
to play as a Solarii, get hurt (but not fragged) by an opposing player, climb
onto a zipline, and use the rope ascender tool. Now, repeat this whole unlikely
scenario two more times. Remember, you can use the rope ascender by grabbing
onto a zipline and pressing and holding ⃤ (PS3) or X (X360).

This trophy cannot be boosted on your own; it doesn't count if your injury is

Narcissistic (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Maybe

Just buy one more avatar once it becomes available to you and you have the
salvage necessary to unlock it, and this one's yours. You'll need to do this to
get the Shopaholic trophy anyway.

On My Way Up (PS3: Bronze, X360: 10)

Missable: Maybe

You'll automatically acquire this trophy once you hit level 10 in multiplayer.

Shopaholic (PS3: Bronze, X360: 20)

Missable: Maybe

Officially, to get this trophy, you must:

1. Unlock every survivor avatar (requires level 60 and 21,750 salvage)
2. Unlock every Solarii avatar, except for The General (requires level 52 and
   24,250 salvage)
3. Buy all survivor weapon upgrades (requires 79,500 salvage)
4. Buy all Solarii weapon upgrades (requires 90,000 salvage)

I repeat, as of the latest patch to the game, you do not need to unlock The
General to get this trophy. The General requires playing the game to prestige
level 2, which takes a very long time.

In multiplayer, you get salvage by opening crates (there are typically 3 to 5
of them in each level, they also give you an extra explosive round, and they
respawn after a minute or two) or grabbing the "remains" of fragged enemies.

As you can probably guess, officially, this takes a really long time to
acquire. However, the game awarded me this trophy under some curious
circumstances. Here's what I did:

1. Reached level 60
2. Unlocked Lara
3. Unlocked all of the low-level weapon upgrades
4. Realized how long it was going to take me to unlock the high-level upgrades
5. Prestiged
6. Played a game
7. The game host crapped out on me and I had to restart the game

After I restarted the game, the game just gave me the trophy. I have no idea
why that worked, or if it will work for you, but you know what they say about
gift horses...

True Commitment (PS3: Silver, X360: 30)

Missable: Maybe

This trophy is automatically unlocked when you hit level 60 in multiplayer.


Thanks to:

- CJayC and SBAllen, for hosting this on GameFAQs
- My additional sources: DaveyHassellhoff (PS3Trophies), Absolute Steve
  (GameFAQs), MrVuule (YouTube)
- And all of you who have sent in minor corrections.


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