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Guide and Walkthrough by Krystal109

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/13/2016
FAQ of the Month Winner: March 2013 | Highest Rated Guide

Tomb Raider - FAQ/Walkthrough

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Author: Stephanie B. - krystalnexus [at] yahoo [dot] com

Current Version: Ver 1.5 - Apr. 11, 2016


Thank you for visiting my guide.

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My purpose for this guide is to help you complete Tomb Raider with a 100% game experience via a step-by-step walkthrough. It will point out all available Salvage locations and Collectibles on each map to help you purchase skills and upgrade weapons early, as well as detailed and uncomplicated puzzle solutions. I do my best to make these walkthroughs with as few spoilers as possible, so they have limited in-game event descriptions and are designed to guide you, not play the game for you.

If you want me to add something or notice a mistake, please email me.

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With a few exceptions, Tomb Raider plays very much like a standard third-person shooter or games like the Uncharted franchise.

PlayStation 3PlayStation 4Xbox 360 / OneDescription
Character Movement
Camera Movement
/Weapon Selection
Weapon Alternate Fire
Reload Weapon
Melee Strike
Melee Finisher
/Aim Weapon
/Fire Weapon
/ Survival Instincts
/ Rope Arrow
Camera Shoulder Swap
Reset Camera
Zoom Weapon
/Open Menu

Game Features

The following covers the core gameplay features, not including general controls or combat, that make up the most important parts of the game. Mastering these features will help you with the game's difficulty and allow you to traverse the story with little trouble.

Base Camps

As Lara makes her way through the island, she can set up camp in certain areas that are advantageous. Base Camps are the central hubs where Lara must frequently return to upgrade her Survival Skills and Weapons. In order to help the player find the way back to a Base Camp the game designers have created intuitive ways to naturally lead the player around the environment, such as steams or coastlines. Additionally, at most points in the game you can use Base Camps to fast travel to any previous location, allowing you to quickly go back and grab anything you missed.

Survival Skills

Survival Skills help Lara survive on the island, invisibly leveling her up, by gaining a skill point whenever a certain XP threshold is reached. XP is granted through story progression, by defeating enemies, and even hunting animals.

Once you have one or more skill points, return to any camp in the game to choose a skill to unlock the ability. There are three types of survival skills:

  • Survivor, which increases passive skills like finding Salvage or taking more damage.
  • Hunter, which increases your hunting and combat skills.
  • Brawler, which increases your melee combat abilities.

At the start of the game some survival skills are more useful than others, although you'll definitely want to invest into combat skills once you're about one third into the game. Skills that enhance Lara's Survival Instincts are especially useful when you're trying to collect every single collectible in the game.

Salvage & Weapon Upgrades

As Lara searches through the environments she can find crates with "Salvage", which is collected as XP used to upgrade weapons and tools. Find enough salvage and Lara can upgrade all her weapons, each with their own upgrades that can be anything from increasing ammo, adding a silencer, or adding additional weapon abilities like explosive arrows or burst fire.

Salvage can be found in crates on the ground or hanging in netting and require the Pry Axe to pry them open. Additionally, some weapons require Lara to find certain parts in Salvage crates or on enemy bodies to upgrade the weapons to the next level and unlock more abilities.

You'll have to decide for yourself which weapons you prefer to upgrade based on your play style.


Most areas of the island have at least one challenge that usually involves finding and destroying an object. The number of objects is dependent on the challenge and the items can only be found in the area where the challenge began. To start a challenge, you must first find and destroy one of the objects and then the challenge will be listed and the number required to finish will appear on screen. Upon completion, Lara will gain a large amount of XP.

Hidden Tombs

Hidden Tombs are located throughout the game and are non-combat areas where Lara will need to solve a puzzle to reach a treasure. While not marked on the map, the game will indicate when Lara is near a tomb through dialogue, so make sure to have your volume on.

Each tomb grants Lara 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and a Treasure Map.


Tomb Raider has a ton of collectibles on the island: Relics, Documents, GPS Caches, and even Salvage. Lara will gain XP for every collectible she finds and when she completes a sub category, such as all of the Helmet relics, she'll gain a big XP boost. Through relics and documents, Lara can gain a better understanding of history of the island and what has happened there. They can be viewed at any time through the games' menu and some relics can even be rotated to find hidden information in them.

Other unlisted one-time collectibles include Plants and Food Caches that net Lara small amounts of XP.

Movement & Navigation

Lara's adventure can be difficult due to the many obstacles that stand in her way, but with the following basic knowledge you should be able to navigate through the majority of the situations and keep her out of harm's way.

Wall Scramble

Lara has the ability to jump against any flat wall and jump again to scramble up to higher levels. This is a vital ability that you'll use frequently to climb over obstacles and up buildings. Walls that can be scrambled are generally marked with white paint, so keep your eyes open when you seem to have reached a dead end.


In order to traverse most of the land Lara will need to climb many obstacles to advance through different environments. In general, Lara can climb almost any obstacle that a normal person would be able to climb, such as ladders and wooden rungs - simply jump onto an object and Lara will grab on if it's an acceptable object.

In some cases you'll find yourself on a ledge where Lara can't pull up, meaning you'll need to shimmy across the ledge to reach a different area. If there is a gap in the ledge you can jump sideways to other ledges or you can move up and down to other ledges to continue to traverse the area. Once again, most ledges that can be climbed are marked with white paint to indicate this.

Once you obtain the Climbing Axe near the beginning of the game you'll gain the ability to traverse craggy walls. In order to climb these, press /to pull out your Climbing Axe and latch on when she is near one. Like ledges, Lara can jump from one craggy wall to another, but make sure to press / again to reattach to the adjacent wall.

Survival Instincts

Survival Instincts is an ability that Lara uses to help her navigate through the environment. When enabled, the screen is desaturated and highlights important objects that are nearby, such as treasures and crafting ingredients. While using Survival Instincts often will ensure you don't miss any items and treasures, it can also be a helpful combat tool.

As you progress in the game, you can buy Survival Skills that add more features to the mode, such as highlighting animals and enemies.


The inhabitants of the island are vicious and won't hesitate to attack Lara on sight, meaning you'll need to use cunning and stealth to keep her safe. Master the following tips on combat and you'll be able to handle any situation Lara finds herself in.

Cover & Stealth

Lara will automatically crouch and take cover behind any waist-high walls, crates, and boxes when enemies are within range. This gives you some fair warning of when to take it slow and when the area is clear, since she'll automatically stand up when all enemies are defeated. Keep under cover as much as possible and only aim when the enemies are facing away, since Lara will pop up out of cover when she goes to fire.

While firing from cover is sometimes the best option, Lara can sneak up behind and enemy when their back is turned to perform stealth kills. Simply approach them carefully and pressing / to grab them and then tap / to strangle them to death.

Stuns & Finishing Moves

When an enemy takes damage they may fall over and become stunned, usually when shot in the lower portion of the body. When this happens an attack indicator will appear over the enemy's head that allows Lara to perform a finisher. Simply run up to the stunned enemy and press / and Lara will perform a deathly finisher, unique to the type of weapon she has equipped.

Dodge, Roll & Counter

Lara can dodge attacks by pressing / or roll by pressing it twice, allowing her to get further away from attackers. In addition, if you have purchased Lara's counterattack abilities in the Brawler section of her Survival Skills, an attack indicator will show up and allow Lara to defeat the enemy. This works great on shielded enemies who block your attacks, allow you to avoid their attacks and then kill them quickly.


Lara can loot any dead enemies by pressing / to find ammo and salvage, depending on which Survival Skills you've purchased.

Video Walkthrough

Note that I will be doing a whole Video Playthrough of this game, identical to the text here, which you can watch here:

  • https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVBHCZXojrJeWGhOJvRGEJo06mql_Q3qb


So it Begins

After the Endurance suffers a crash at the hands of a terrible storm, Lara is washed ashore a dark, stormy beach. While trying desperately to call for help to nearby survivors, who can't hear her over the stormy weather, a mysterious man knocks her out and our story begins.

Once you gain control, swing Lara left and right with the until the hanging cocoon to the right catches fire. Once the beam catches fire you can then swing Lara into it to free her, though she'll plummet onto a metal pipe far below. Quickly tap [PS3/PS4] or [Xbox 360/Xbox One] to pull the pipe out and stumble into the sacrificial chamber. Grab the Torch on the right side of the room and continue forward until you reach a dead end with some crates, which can be lit by holding / to reveal a path forward.

Continue through the path relight your torch in the next room, since the waterfall extinguished it, and use Survival Instincts to highlight vital objects in gold. Jump up on the platform to the left and light the cloth pole on fire, which will transfer the fire across the room and explode the debris in your way, and then move forward.

When an enemy jumps down and grabs Lara's ankle wiggle the right and left to break free before the boulder crashes down, blocking his path. As you continue into the next room the first objective will pop up.

Force of Will

Find a Way Out

Move into the next cavern and light your torch to burn the posts on the right and left of the cage, raising it. This will drop a gate into the water that blocks the debris, allowing you to ignite it. You can now head up the ramp and jump to the cage, raising the gate and dropping the burning debris into the container on the right. This can be pushed by pressing / to release the debris out the other side, clearing the way. [250 XP]

As the place crumbles around you, run through the cavern and jump over the gaps and avoiding falling to your death or being crushed. When another man grabs Lara, wiggle the to the left and right again to free Lara and prepare to tap / when the indicator is within the circle. Move through the tunnel and leap over the gap, slipping off the ledge. Crawl up the slope by alternating / [PS3], / [PS4], or and slowly, but prepare to move the to the side when boulders come flying at you. [300 XP]

Signs of Life

Search for Traces of Other Survivors

Head down the cliffside until Lara notices the life boat and then follow the path to reach a log bridge. Slowly make your way across the log bridge and continue around the cliffside until you reach an old World War II bomber.

This is essentially a climbing tutorial, with ledges usually painted white to indicate they can be gripped. As you leap towards the plane, press / to reattach your grip before climbing up the roof by holding the . Jump across any gaps by pressing / and then shimmy across the wing to return to solid ground. [100 XP]

Continue along the path, using wall scramble to reach the ledge and pull yourself up to enter the camp for a scene.

Follow the Survivors' Trail

After getting the Two-Way Radio and a new objective, jump toward the nearby ledge. Although Lara does get a slight grip, you'll be unable to keep her held on and she'll fall into the Coastal Forest.

Take Shelter from the Storm

With the storm becoming more severe inland, you'll need to find shelter for the night. Follow the path to a cliff outcropping to find the Sheltered Ridge Base Camp and watch as Lara reflects on the events before the Endurance crashed via the video camera. [250 XP]

Woman Versus Wild

Search for Food

With the rain abating and Lara probably starving, head down the ridge and into the forest to look for grub to spot a corpse hanging from the tree above.

Find a Weapon to Hunt Deer

To reach the Makeshift Longbow, climb the side of the bunker and jump off the other side to the tree across from the bow. Reach for the bow at the right moment, when it is closest, to make it all yours. [250 XP]

Collect Meat from the Deer

Time to test out your new bow! Using standard aim and fire commands ( [PS3] or [PS4] / to aim and [PS3] or [PS4] / to fire) head out into the forest in search of deer. Move slowly and keep your distance to avoid scaring the animals, making them harder to hit, and when you have an animal in your sights hold down the fire button while aiming at the target's head to focus the fire for a one-hit kill. If the deer doesn't die, follow the wounded creature and take a second shot to kill it and then approach for a scene. [150 XP]

Return to Camp with the Meat

Before returning to the camp you have the opportunity to clear the Coastal Forest of its collectibles and challenge, so feel free to start exploring.

Each area will have a set of hidden objectives, called Challenges, that require you to destroy a number of objects for a major experience boost.

From the bunker look into the tree that the corpse was hanging from to shoot a Totem (1/10) and then run past the tree, following the path to an overturned truck with the Wartime Intelligence - Soldier: Oni Stalkers document. Return to the stream and head upstream a bit and then turn around to spot a wooden walkway that you can scramble up to. Follow the walkway to the end and scramble up another wall to the right to reach a dead end with the GPS Cache 1.

Return to the stream and follow it all the way to the bottom, where you drop down a short waterfall, and turn around to find the GPS Cache 2. Facing the waterfall, turn right to spot a fallen tree across a gap and a Totem (2/10) hanging from the right side of the tree. Head back to the top of the waterfall and check the large rock in the center of the area to find another walkway with the GPS Cache 3.

Hop off the other side of the walkway to drop back to the ground and then turn right and check the trees for another Totem (3/10), easily spotted with Survival Instincts to highlight it. Check the dark outskirts of the forest to the south for a Plant to gain 10 XP. Walk west into a clearing and then north, where two rocks will form a gap, and check the left side of the left rock formation for another Totem (4/10). If you continue west to the wall and then follow the wall back toward the camp you'll find another Plant and can then return to camp.

The final Totem (5/10) for this area is located past the camp, so crawl under the outcropping and when Lara uncrouches look out at the trees to find it hanging from the branches.

You can now freely hunt the deer, rabbits, and crows in this area for extra XP. Note that each area has an XP cap before you only gain 1 XP for each kill.

Return to camp once again and use it to purchase a skill and then back out of the menu for a scene. [150 XP]

There are many different types of Survival Skills and some are more useful than others at this point. Take a look through the menu to see what there is, but at this point you'll want to focus on skills that grant more XP or Salvage, such as Survivalist or Bone Collector.

Just Keep Moving

Find a Way Out of the Forest

Head back down into the forest and you'll notice the door to the bunker is now mysteriously left open. Head indoors for a quick scene [100 XP] and then take the ladder down by pressing /.

Explore the Bunker

Drop off the ladder and take a look at the markings that Lara mentions and then head down the flooded tunnel. There are two boxes in the bunker: one is a Food Cache with some XP and the other contains a Hannya Mask. Since the door is locked you'll need to find something to help you open it, so turn around and find the nearby crates that can be lit. Once the fire settles, head inside to find the Pry Axe. [250 XP]

With your new tool in hand, pry the door by repeatedly pressing / to open it.

You can now return to the bunker's entrance to open the door that closed behind you earlier, leading back to the Coastal Forest. Why would you want to do this? Well, there is a crate of Salvage located on a rock formation near the far northeastern area. Simply follow the river to the small waterfall and then look left to climb a rock, walk across the log bridge, and smash the crate.

Exit the Bunker

To continue, head to the door near the relic to pry it open and follow the linear path to exit the bunker. [100 XP]

Investigate the Strange Voices

As you exit the bunker the objective will change, so follow the voices until you reach the Forest Ruins Base Camp for a scene.

Survive the Wolf Attack

Once you gain control you'll be unable to move as the wolves circle in. Ready your bow and charge a shot, which will remain drawn until you fire, and follow the movement of the wolves. When you hear a growl, prepare to fire and defeat all three wolves. [100 XP]

Catch Up with Whitman

Before going anywhere you should use the camp to spend any skill points, while listening to Lara's Journals: Shipwrecked document.

While your objective is to make your way to Whitman, there's a forest full of goodies you'll want to collect before speaking with him. Start by using the nearby flame to light your torch and then burn the netting hanging nearby to claim the Salvage inside before checking the nearby desk for the Endurance Crew - Sam: Family Story.

Head toward the stairs behind the camp, but instead of taking the stairs you'll want to take the path on the right. Follow the path to the wooden planks and jump down to the rocks below to find the GPS Cache 4 on the left side of the rock. Cross the tree toward the white markings on the far wall to find the Endurance Crew - Sam: Feelings of Unease on the crate and then drop under the bridge to find the Female Noh Mask relic in a box.

Exit from under the bridge toward the eastern wall and head north to encounter some more wolves. These can be shot with the bow or combated with QTE's, but be prepared and use Survival Instinct to highlight them if you are having trouble spotting them. Continue north to find some Salvage to the left of the broken bridge, at the base of a tree, and then take the small ridge to the right of the broken bridge to find more Salvage. Look toward the gap in the bridge to spot a Totem (6/10), using Survival Instincts if needed to highlight it, and then use the arches above the bridge to jump across to a platform in the trees with the Coastal Forest Treasure Map.

Take the zipline to find a Plant near the lantern and then follow the edge of the stream to the right, straight toward some Salvage. Follow the stream west to find more Salvage on the left side of the stream, just past the bridge, and check behind it for even more Salvage against the wall. Cross the stream for another crate with Salvage and then continue up the stone steps to the north. Collect the Endurance Crew - Sam: Filmmaker document off the ground and then shoot the Totem (7/10) hanging from the roofing. Make sure to light your torch via the fire on the other side of the statue and then burn down the Salvage before dropping into the courtyard below for more Salvage.

Follow the wall north to find a small cave with the Oni Noh Mask, but be careful because if you go to far you'll encounter more wolves. Return to the stream and check under the bridge for another Totem (8/10) and then look left to find more Salvage, another set of wolves, and a Plant. The tree on the north side of the bridge has the Totem (9/10), so destroy it and then climb the rocks to the west to find the GPS Cache 5.

Drop off the rocks on the left side and follow the path up to find some Salvage in the bushes and even more Salvage as you turn the corner around the rocks to the right. You can now head to the camp to use your skill points before heading to the gate to catch up with Whitman. [100 XP]

At an Impasse

Find a Camp and Upgrade the Axe

Since the Pry Axe is too weak to move the wheel you'll need to strengthen it, but don't do that just yet. Before upgrading the axe you'll need to talk to Whitman multiple times, until the conversation bubble no longer appears, to make progress on the trophy/achievement Chatterbox. Once you are done speaking with Whitman, check the right side of the gate for the final Totem (10/10) and the left side for the Endurance Officers - Whitman: Don't Leave Me document.

Using the Gate day camp, upgrade the Pry Axe with Strengthen and open the large metal container at the camp for 50 Salvage.

Open the Large Gate

Before you return to Whitman head south through the arches, across the bridge, and straight to the Salvage beneath the tree bridge you crossed earlier. You can now return to the Base Camp to find another metal case with 50 Salvage at the top of the stairs before returning to Whitman to open the gate. [400 XP]

Mountain Rendezvous

Follow Dr. Whitman Up the Mountain

As Lara and Whitman head up the steps toward Roth they'll discuss the mysteries surrounding the island and the goddess.

Avoid Detection While Attempting to Escape

Thanks to some stupidity on the part of the natives, Lara is free to wander around while bound. You'll need to use the environment to avoid detection and since Lara will automatically take cover behind waist-high walls you shouldn't have a problem avoiding detection with a bit of smart maneuvers.

Quickly hide behind the wall straight ahead, then head up the path after the man walks by. Hide behind the wall to the left and wait for the nearest guard to move away and then ignore the men to the right and head straight for the building marked with white boards. Exit the other side of the building and wait for the guard to pass by and head upstairs. Near the top, wait for the guards to move left, then run into the hiding spot across the road.

After a short scene you'll need to prepare for another QTE to avoid death: /, /, aim at the target, wiggle the right and left, repeatedly tap /, and then fire the gun.

Fight Back Against the Island's Inhabitants

With the Semi-Auto Pistol in hand, follow the path until you trigger a scene. Now that you have ammo and enemies, aim for the targets' head for quick kills and bonus XP. Once both enemies are dead, loot the bodies and pry the nearby door open.

Once inside the building, tap / to break open the boards and escape to the other side of the building. Make sure to grab the Food Cache before taking cover behind the wagon and then guard out will a well placed arrow to the head. Scramble up the wall and jump to the beams, shimmying around and climbing up to take cover behind the crates. Let the guards talk for a while and then headshot the nearest enemy with an arrow, quickly targeting the other and then shooting a third that comes crawling down a ladder. [100 XP]

Continue Up the Mountain to Regroup with Roth

Make sure to grab the Food Cache near the ladder and then climb up while you speak to Roth. At the top, grab the Salvage straight ahead and then jump into the nearby river to move through the crack behind the waterfall to find the Mountain Temple Treasure Map, as well as some salvage that needs some new gear. Return to the ladder and wall scramble up the painted wall to reach the upper level of the building for the GPS Cache 1 and then circle around the building for a Food Cache and the Mountain Temple Base Camp, where you can now use Fast Travel to go back to previous camps and get Lara's Journals: Nightmares.

Enter the cave near the waterfall for Salvage and the Diaries of a Madman: Stranded document and then across the bridge and head up the steps to find two more enemies. You can choose how to take them out, but a useful strategy is to distract one by firing an arrow nearby and then shooting the other in the head before quickly taking out the other guard.

After this, head around the left side of the building to shoot down a Lantern (1/5), starting the Challenge: Pyromaniac, and move over a tree bridge. Scramble up the wall to reach the upper floor of the building for some Salvage and then head east, across the stairs, to find a Plant in the grass. You can now climb over the ledge, marked in white, for a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 2 on the landing behind the building. When you're ready, return to the top of the stairs and scramble up to enter the building via a small opening.

Grab the Food Cache before you shoot the Lantern (2/5) to clear the debris and sneak through once the fire has cleared. The enemy on the other side has his back to you and is perfectly set up for a melee stealth kill, so carefully approach until you're in range and pres / and then quickly tap / to break his neck. You can repeat this on the next enemy, but be careful of the man carrying a flashlight on the bridge above.

While there is a Lantern (3/5) across the way, shooting it will result in a firefight that can make it hectic to get out due to the mass of enemies. We suggest that you at least locate this lantern in case you need to shoot it in a hurry, since it is missable, but try and take out more of the enemies through stealthy means before you shoot it. Once you have defeated the majority of the enemies, shoot the lantern to ignite the building on fire and draw out any remaining enemies. Don't stay too long in one place, as the building will begin to burn, and quickly defeat the remaining guards. After leaping over the gap, take the zipline to escape.

Grab the Confessions of a Solarii: Salvation immediately right of you as you drop from the zipline and then check the water for a Food Cache. Wade through the water and exit out the other side to find a Plant nearby and then return to where you dropped off the zipline.

Light your torch and scramble up the wooden wall to find some Salvage and enter the second floor of the building for the Green Folded Fan. Shoot the fourth Lantern (4/5) hanging from the roof and then drop off the ledge behind the nearby tree to find a gazebo with a Food Cache and the final Lantern (5/5). Return to the previous ledge and follow it around for a Plant and then then jump to the roof of the nearby building, which you can enter to find the Gunbai War Fan on the second floor. You can now return to the zipline and head through the arch to reach a thin crevice that leads to Roth.

Cry For Help

Find Roth's Pack

With Roth and Lara now reunited, Lara will gain access to the Village Plateau Base Camp and have to track down the wolves to retrieve the transmitter to radio for help.

The village is an expansive area with lots to discover and collect, but much of the area is currently inaccessible at this time. Jump into the water and search the base of the large waterfall for the GPS Cache 1 and then return to land. Light the Statue (1/10) at the center of the village to begin the Challenge: Illumination and then check the courtyard for a crate of Salvage before entering the nearest building to find netting with additional Salvage.

Return to the statue and wall scramble the building to the south to reach the roof for the GPS Cache 2. Jump to the roof above the statue and then across the hanging crate to reach the lower floor of the large building. Grab the Salvage and Silver Flask on the first floor and then take the stairs up and check near the barricaded door for the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: First Impression document. There is some Salvage in the next room and a netting of Salvage upstairs, which may require you to backtrack a bit to light your torch.

Exit onto the balcony of the building, toward the camp, and climb onto the roof to your right. Hop the gap to the western section of the roof to find a bird nest with some Eggs (1/5) inside to begin the Challenge: Egg Poacher. Hop to solid ground next to the roof to find the GPS Cache 3 and then drop to the ground on the unexplored side of the building. The GPS Cache 4 is next to the tombstones, near the stone lantern.

Climb up the front of the crashed plane and run through the body to reach an island via the plane wing to find some Salvage near the tree trunk with rope around it. Head back up the wing and find a well-hidden Salvage on a small ridge next to the stairs leading up to the tree that got hit by lightning. You can now climb up to cross the body of the plane and jump to the opposite side, climbing up to reach the area near the wolves den. Instead of entering the den, turn right and cross the bridge to find the GPS Cache 5 near the entrance to the cave at the base of the waterfall.

Return to the wolves den and head inside to find the radio. [500 XP].

Bring the Transmitter to Roth

As Lara exits the cave the large wolf will attack, triggering another QTE: quickly wiggle the , press / when prompted, and repeatedly tap / and then / to kill the beast. You can now exit the cave and walk right toward the fence, looking down at the wooden rooftop with the flashing GPS Cache 6. This can be reached by jumping over the fence before you return to Roth for a scene, in which you'll obtain the Climbing Axe. [500 XP]

Reach the Top of the Falls

Use the camp to unlock the Lara's Journals: Prepared for the Worst document and make sure to talk to Roth multiple times to progress the trophy/achievement. Survival Instincts will now point out rocky walls that can be climbed with the Climbing Axe, so test it out on the cliff wall directly across from the camp. Make sure to press / when you jump from one rocky wall to another, since Lara will lose her grip.

With the Climbing Axe now in hand, enter the cave behind the waterfall to find the first tomb.

Tomb of the Unworthy

Follow the linear path to reach a day camp and pass the waterfall to reach the actual puzzle room. Hop across the platform with the hanging corpses and quickly jump across again to light your torch. This will allow you to lighten the weight of the platform by burning the corpses, but you'll have to push the cage down on the other side to raise the platform up to the rock wall. Climb up to find the treasure for [250 XP] and then open the chest for another [1250 XP], 250 Salvage, and the Mountain Village Relic Map.

Head back outside and climb the rock wall next to the wolf den, then leap towards the rock wall in between the two waterfalls and climb to the top. Hide behind the crates and wait for the men to finish their conversation to take out out each of the guards silently with headshots and move towards the building of the two guards and turn around to kill the third one in the building across the river.

In the building where the third man was you'll find a crate of Salvage and the Ancient Scrolls - Ambassador: Discoveries document, while the opposite side has the GPS Cache 7. You may also notice the salvage hanging outside the window, but at the moment you don't have a torch. Climb to the balcony of the upper level to find a Food Cache and then scramble up again to find the Yagen relic. You can now scramble up to the roof, where there are some more Eggs (2/5) and from which you can finally reach the top of the waterfall.

Light your torch via the stone lantern near a net of Salvage and then light the Statue (2/10) on the opposite side of the waterfall. You can head back down to get the Salvage hanging from the netting you skipped a bit ago, but return to the stone lantern and jump to the roof of the nearby building for the GPS Cache 8. With all of the items cleared from the area, return to the stone lantern and jump to the rock wall to climb up and reach a bridge. You'll now need to run left quickly, since the bridge begins to break, and attach your axe to the rock wall as you leap towards it. [100 XP]

Find the Bunker

Climb up and listen to the communication with the other survivors and then slide down the zipline into the new area with some enemies that will automatically be aggressive. Focus on taking out the man who throws molotov cocktails at you and then finish off the one with a bow, before a third comes at you when you move forward. You can now light your torch to grab the Salvage in the net and then squeeze through the cavern to reach the Broken Tunnel Base Camp for a scene.

There is a Bronze Chinese Coin next to the tree in the base camp and a GPS Cache 1 hiding in the bushes on the right side of the disabled truck nearby. Once clear, continue forward while checking the left side of the path for a Plant and take cover behind another old truck. There are a large number of enemies ahead and a man attending a searchlight, who also mans a turret if you are discovered. Start by shooting the man on the spotlight and then take out the nearby guard, slowing moving forward and killing more guards further up the road. [100 XP]

Find a Way into the Bunker

Stealth kill the man outside the bunker, if you haven't already, and move to the far right (east) side other the concrete tower to find a Plant before your enter the bunker. Slowly sneak up to the welder and break his next and then head upstairs for a Bronze Japanese Coin behind the staircase entrance.

The guard on the spotlight may be dead, but there is another guard just around the corner that you'll want to carefully kill with a melee stealth kill before you take cover and look across the way to find two more guards. Wait for the pacing guard to move away, or distract him, and then kill the stationary guard. This should give you time to kill the other guard when he returns to investigate his buddy's death. You can now cross to the tower to find a Food Cache and the GPS Cache 2 around the corner before you climb to the top and zipline to a new area. [100 XP]

Find the Communication Console

Wade through the water and exit to find the Confessions of a Solarii: The Best Job document on the desk and then continue down the hall to the greenish gas. The gas is poisonous and will kill Lara is she breaths it in too long, so use the the Pry Axe to turn the valve and shut it off before you head through the area. Collect the Salvage in the next room and then carefully turn the corner to spot two men discussing fuel. If you wait until both men are next to the barrel you can shoot it with and arrow to make it explode, leaving only a third guard to deal with.

The room across from the one you exited has a Food Cache next to the burning barrel and in the adjacent room you can crack open a locker for Salvage. Light your torch at the barrel, then head to the room left of the stairs to Banner (1/5) that can be burned for the Challenge: Non-Believer. Draw your bow as you continue up the stairs to kill the Solarii that jumps down from the ceiling and then head through the small gap the man exited to reach a generator room.

Lara can pick up and throw the lanterns in the room and your first target should be the Banner (2/5) behind you. Climb the green machine and hop through the vent opening to reach a control room and then turn the valve. You'll need to quickly return through the vent, pick up a lantern, and arc it through the vent to explode the leaking gas. To the left of the destroyed control room is a door that has been blown open that leads back to the beginning area. Backtrack to the fire barrel to light your torch and return to the generator room. Check the back wall for another Banner (3/5) and then approach the hurt Solarii to gain the WWII Submachine Gun. [250 XP]

You can choose to kill the Solarii, then enter the next room to find the Wartime Intelligence - Scientist: Secret Project on the desk and GPS Cache 1 in the corner. Equip your assault rifle and prepare for an onslaught as Lara enters the next room into an ambush. Quickly dispatch one or two enemies rushing you and then focus on the Solarii on the upper level. After killing the remaining enemies more will enter from the left, including some with molotov cocktails.

When you've dispatched all enemies, search behind some pipes on the right side of the area for the GPS Cache 2. The back room contains some Salvage and a banner, which you'll have to come back for, and then return to the entrance where you were ambushed. Use the ramp nearby to reach the upper walkway and follow it to the Map Room Base Camp.

Back downstairs, take the hallway with the light above the door and kill the Solarii that drops down. Here you can light your torch to burn the Banner (4/5) in the previous area before entering the control center. The final Banner (5/5) is located on your right, so burn it and then move forward to trigger a scene. [250 XP]