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Guide and Walkthrough by Absolute Steve

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 03/05/2013

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            _____  ___   __  __  ___    ___    _    _  ___  ___ ___
           |_   _|/ _ \ |  \/  || _ )  | _ \  /_\  | ||   \| __| _ \
             | | | (_) || |\/| || _ \  |   / / _ \ | || |) | _||   /
             |_|  \___/ |_|  |_||___/  |_|_\/_/ \_\|_||___/|___|_|_\

                   S  T  R  A  T  E  G  Y     G  U  I  D  E

                                          B Y
                   A  B  S  O  L  U  T  E     S  T  E  V  E
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                      ___ _   ___ ___ ___  ___   ___  _  __
                     | __/_\ / __| __| _ )/ _ \ / _ \| |/ /
                     | _/ _ \ (__| _|| _ \ (_) | (_) | ' <
                     |_/_/ \_\___|___|___/\___/ \___/|_|\_\

                    ___ ___  ___ _____      _____  ___ ___
                   | __/ _ \| _ \ __\ \    / / _ \| _ \   \
                   | _| (_) |   / _| \ \/\/ / (_) |   / |) |
                   |_| \___/|_|_\___| \_/\_/ \___/|_|_\___/

Time flies, considering it's been over fourteen years since I first played the
original Tomb Raider on the Playstation. I have to admit I didn't get too far in
the game - something about a Tyrannosaurus Rex scaring my pants off (although
Lara's shorts always remained on, no matter how many 'secret nudity code'
rumours circled the magazines back in the day) and there were no guides nor
internet to help me through.

Things are unimaginably different now, with free strategy guides available for
everyone from day one of a game's release, as is the case with this very guide
before you; like music, FAQs and videogame guides have become water for the
masses, and most people don't think nor care about who provides them with their
elixir of life, even through their thirst and consumption grows.

In any case, I didn't have too many expectations of the new Tomb Raider reboot;
if anything, like most people I was hoping for a decent Uncharted clone starring
a beautiful Lara Croft. It was a pleasant surprise to find out that the game's
lifeworld is much more than this. The numerous linear sections notwithstanding,
the open areas in which one can hunt animals and collect an extremely large
amount of collectibles make up for the cheesy bits of storytelling here and

As with other guides, I've previously talked about lifeworlds and what happens
when one plays a videogame. In essence, your own personal or existential
lifeworld temporarily merges with the game's lifeworld, which is by definition
soaked with meaningful (read: functional) movements, semantic content in the
form of story progression, and is by formula a rewarding experience in order to
be entertaining. Staying too long in such unrealistic worlds can lead to
devaluation of the 'real world', although this phenomenon only occurs among a
small minority of gamers.

Even though Lara Croft possesses no powers that transcend human nature per se,
she's still a fairly obvious superhuman in every other respect: She's got some
anthropological insights that put professors in the field to shame, she's
tougher and braver than you'll ever be, her heart is in the right place and
she's just as beautiful as my girlfriend.

I hope you enjoy the game, and if you also enjoy reading this guide, perhaps the
only thing I as an author expect in return is the insight that guides like this
are the product of very hard work and that they should not be taken for granted.


  _____ _   ___ _    ___    ___  ___    ___ ___  _  _ _____ ___ _  _ _____ ___
 |_   _/_\ | _ ) |  | __|  / _ \| __|  / __/ _ \| \| |_   _| __| \| |_   _/ __|
   | |/ _ \| _ \ |__| _|  | (_) | _|  | (_| (_) | .` | | | | _|| .` | | | \__ \
   |_/_/ \_\___/____|___|  \___/|_|    \___\___/|_|\_| |_| |___|_|\_| |_| |___/

 Use Ctrl+F to find what you're looking for, and copy/paste the brackets [].

               I.    CONTROLS, BASICS & TIPS [BSC]
               1.1   Playstation 3 Controls ............ [BSC-1]
               1.2   Xbox 360 Controls ................. [BSC-2]

               II.   WALKTRHOUGH [WLK]
               2.1   Scavenger's Den & Coastal Bluffs .. [WLK-1]
               2.2   Coastal Forest (Southern Zone) .... [WLK-2]
               2.3   Coastal Forest (Northern Zone) .... [WLK-3]
               2.4   Mountain Temple ................... [WLK-4]
               2.5   Mountain Village .................. [WLK-5]
               2.6   Tomb of the Unworthy .............. [WLK-6]
               2.7   Base Approach ..................... [WLK-7]
               2.8   Base Exterior ..................... [WLK-8]
               2.9   Cliffside Village ................. [WLK-9]
               2.10  Mountain Village (High Region) .... [WLK-10]
               2.11  Hall of Ascension (Tomb) .......... [WLK-11]
               2.12  Mountain Pass & Chasm Monastery ... [WLK-12]
               2.13  Mountain Village (Final Tour) ..... [WLK-13]
               2.14  Shantytown (North) ................ [WLK-14]
               2.15  Well of Tears (Tomb) .............. [WLK-15]
               2.16  Shantytown South/Ancient Gate ..... [WLK-16]
               2.17  Chamber of Judgment (Tomb) ........ [WLK-17]
               2.18  Geothermal Caverns ................ [WLK-18]
               2.19  Solarii Fortress .................. [WLK-19]
               2.20  Summit Forest ..................... [WLK-20]
               2.21  Stormguard Sanctum (Tomb) ......... [WLK-21]
               2.22  Forest Cave & Gondola Transport ... [WLK-22]
               2.23  Shipwreck Beach (Main Area) ....... [WLK-23]
               2.24  The Galleon & Back to the Endurance [WLK-24]
               2.25  Flooded Vault (Tomb) .............. [WLK-25]
               2.26  Cliffside Bunker .................. [WLK-26]
               2.27  The Endurance ..................... [WLK-27]
               2.28  Temple of the Handmaidens (Tomb) .. [WLK-28]
               2.29  Shipwreck Beach (Northwest Area) .. [WLK-29]
               2.30  Research Base ..................... [WLK-30]
               2.31  Chasm Stronghold .................. [WLK-31]
               2.32  Chasm Shrine & Chasm Ziggurat ..... [WLK-32]
               2.33  Ziggurat Vestibule ................ [WLK-33]

               III.  APPENDICES [APX]
               3.1   Playstation 3 Trophies ............ [APX-1]
               3.2   Xbox 360 Achievements ............. [APX-2]
               3.3   FAQs............................... [APX-3]



                 ___   ___  _  _   _ _____ ___ ___  _  _ ___
                |   \ / _ \| \| | /_\_   _|_ _/ _ \| \| / __|
                | |) | (_) | .` |/ _ \| |  | | (_) | .` \__ \
                |___/ \___/|_|\_/_/ \_\_| |___\___/|_|\_|___/

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      ___ ___ ___ _  _ _____ ___ _  _  ___    ___  ___  _    ___ _____   __
     | _ \ _ \_ _| \| |_   _|_ _| \| |/ __|  | _ \/ _ \| |  |_ _/ __\ \ / /
     |  _/   /| || .` | | |  | || .` | (_ |  |  _/ (_) | |__ | | (__ \ V /
     |_| |_|_\___|_|\_| |_| |___|_|\_|\___|  |_|  \___/|____|___\___| |_|

As a recent poll showed, some people still print out FAQs. I hereby kindly
request that if you prefer to print out (parts of) this FAQ that you use
recycled paper from certified and sustained sources, such as the FSC (Forest
Stewardship Council) certification indicates. Obviously we will want to continue
enjoying real forests besides digital nature.

   ___ ___  _  _ _____ ___  ___  _    ___     _     ___   _   ___ ___ ___ ___
  / __/ _ \| \| |_   _| _ \/ _ \| |  / __|  _| |_  | _ ) /_\ / __|_ _/ __/ __|
 | (_| (_) | .` | | | |   / (_) | |__\__ \ |_   _| | _ \/ _ \\__ \| | (__\__ \
  \___\___/|_|\_| |_| |_|_\\___/|____|___/   |_|   |___/_/ \_\___/___\___|___/

            _.——————._     PS3 GAME CONTROLS [BSC-1]      _.——————._
           |    L2    |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     |    R2    |
          /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\                                /|—´¯¯¯¯¯¯`—|\
         //|    L1    |\\______________________________//|    R1    |\\
       //'               `.        S  O  N  Y        .´               '\\
      /'       .——.        '                        '        .——.       '\
     /         |UP|         \   ____        ____   /        ( /\ )        \
    (     .——.  \/  .——.     ) [ SL ]      [ ST > (    .——.  `——´  .——.    )
    |     |LT >    < RT|     |  ¯¯¯¯        ¯¯¯¯  |   ( [] )      ( () )   |
   .(     '——'  /\  '——'     )_       .——.       _(    `——´  .——.  `——´    ).
     \         |DN|            `.    ( PS )    .´           ( >< )        /
  ´   `.       '——'      .´¯¯`.  \    `——´    /  .´¯¯`.      `——´       .´   `
  |     `._             .  LA  .  )          (  .  RA  .             _.´     |
  |        ¯—._____.—.  '  L3  '  |__________|  '  R3  '  .—._____.—¯        |
  |                  /\  `.__.´  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\  `.__.´  /\                  |
  |                 /  `._    _,´              `._    _,´  \                 |
  |                /      ¯¯¯¯                    ¯¯¯¯      \                |
  '              .´                                          `.              '
   \           .´                                              `.           /
    `._     _.´                                                  `._     _.´
       ¯¯¯¯¯    .´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`.    ¯¯¯¯¯
                |   UP = UP            |   /\ = TRIANGLE       |
                |   DN = DOWN          |   [] = SQUARE         |
                |   LT = LEFT          |   () = CIRCLE         |
                |   RT = RIGHT         |   >< = CROSS          |
                |                      |                       |
                |   L1 = L1 TRIGGER    |   R1 = R1 TRIGGER     |
                |   L2 = L2 TRIGGER    |   R2 = R2 TRIGGER     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   LA = LEFT ANALOG   |   RA = RIGHT ANALOG   |
                |   L3 = L3 (PRESS)    |   R3 = R3 (PRESS)     |
                |                      |                       |
                |   SL = SELECT        |   ST = START          |
                |                      |                       |
                |            PS = PLAYSTATION BUTTON           |

            |        COMMAND:         |          ACTION:          |
            |   Left Analog Stick     |         Movement          |
            |   Right Analog Stick    |      Camera Movement      |
            |           L3            |       Shoulder Swap       |
            |           R3            |  Center Camera/Zoom aim   |
            |                         |                           |
            |  Directional Pad (Up)   |        Equip Bow          |
            | Directional Pad (Left)  |      Equip Shotgun        |
            | Directional Pad (Right) |       Equip Rifle         |
            | Directional Pad (Down)  |      Equip Handgun        |
            |                         |                           |
            |         Cross           |   Jump/Slide down ropes   |
            |         Circle          |        Dodge/Roll         |
            |         Square          |       Action/Reload       |
            |        Triangle         |    Melee/Finisher/QTE     |
            |                         |                           |
            |           L1            |    Survival Instincts     |
            |           L2            |            Aim            |
            |           R1            |       Alternate Fire      |
            |           R2            |            Fire           |
            |                         |                           |
            |         Start           |       Pause/Options       |
            |         Select          |Player Status Objective/Map|

                 ____    XBOX 360 GAME CONTROLS [BSC-2]    ____
               .´ LT `.  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  .´ RT `.
            .—´————————`—._                          _.—´————————`—.
          .´      LB     / `—.____________________.—´\      RB      `.
         ´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`—.___    Microsoft    ___.—´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`
        ´                      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                       `
       ´                      __     .\¯¯/.     __            .—.       `
      ´     .´¯¯`.           (BK)   .  \/  .   (ST)          ( Y )       `
     ´     .  LA  .           ¯¯    '  /\  '    ¯¯       .—.  `—´  .—.    `
    ,      '  LP  '                  `/__\´             ( X )     ( B )    .
            `.__.´        .——.                           `—´  .—.  `—´
   ´                      |UP|                               ( A )          `
                      .——. \/ .——.              .´¯¯`.        `—´
  ´                   |LT >  < RT|             .  RA  .                      `
 .                    '——' /\ '——'             '  RP  '                      .
 |                        |DN|                  `.__.´                       |
 |                        '——'                                               |
 |                                                                           |
 |                      . ´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯` .                      |
 |                   .´                                 `.                   |
 .                 .´                                     `.                 .
                 .´                                         `.
  `            .´                                             `.            ´
   `.        .´                                                 `.        .´
     `._  _.´  .´¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯`.   `._  _.´
        ¯¯     |   UP = UP            |    Y = Y              |      ¯¯
               |   DN = DOWN          |    X = X              |
               |   LT = LEFT          |    B = B              |
               |   RT = RIGHT         |    A = A              |
               |                      |                       |
               |   LB = LEFT BUTTON   |   RB = RIGHT BUTTON   |
               |   LT = LEFT TRIGGER  |   RT = RIGHT TRIGGER  |
               |                      |                       |
               |   LA = LEFT ANALOG   |   RA = RIGHT ANALOG   |
               |   LP = LEFT ANALOG   |   RP = RIGHT ANALOG   |
               |        (PUSH DOWN)   |        (PUSH DOWN)    |
               |                      |                       |
               |   BK = BACK          |   ST = START          |
               |                      |                       |
               |            GIANT "X" = XBOX GUIDE            |

            |        COMMAND:         |          ACTION:          |
            |   Left Analog Stick     |         Movement          |
            |   Right Analog Stick    |      Camera Movement      |
            | Left Analog Stick (Push)|       Shoulder Swap       |
            |Right Analog Stick (Push)|  Center Camera/Zoom aim   |
            |                         |                           |
            |  Directional Pad (Up)   |        Equip Bow          |
            | Directional Pad (Left)  |      Equip Shotgun        |
            | Directional Pad (Right) |       Equip Rifle         |
            | Directional Pad (Down)  |      Equip Handgun        |
            |                         |                           |
            |           A             |   Jump/Slide down ropes   |
            |           B             |        Dodge/Roll         |
            |           X             |       Action/Reload       |
            |           Y             |    Melee/Finisher/QTE     |
            |                         |                           |
            |           LB            |    Survival Instincts     |
            |           LT            |            Aim            |
            |           RB            |       Alternate Fire      |
            |           RT            |            Fire           |
            |                         |                           |
            |          Start          |       Pause/Options       |
            |          Back           |Player Status Objective/Map|

Lara can climb various ledges, stone platforms and wooden walls throughout the
game. Most ledges and (wooden) wall planks are marked with faded white paint.
This quickly helps the player discriminate climbable objects from other
unclimbable platforms.

Lara automatically ducks behind waist-height walls, crates and boxes whenever
enemies are nearby. Aiming moves her out of this position automatically, while
releasing aim puts her back in a cover position.

The makeshift bow initially only has access to regular arrows. Holding down the
right trigger makes Lara put more tension on the bow, resulting in a more
powerful shot. Once initiated, you can't postpone such shots indefinitely;
Lara will eventually lose control of the bow and her sight starts to wiggle,
making distant headshots much harder. Fire the arrow right after the bow has
maximum tension for the best result.

Later in the game, Lara gains access to a lighter, allowing her to use fire
arrows. This gives the player the ability to also ignite unreachable salvage
bags and torches to collect previously skipped salvage or other items.

Rope arrows are another variety Lara gains access to later in the game. This
allows the player to pull objects that have rope around them, to destroy (weak)
wooden barricades made partially out of rope, and to create rope bridges to
cross wide gaps.

Certain (heavy) barricade types include concrete. In order to destroy these,
Lara needs the rope ascender in addition to rope arrows; this device is gotten
from a boss later in the game.

There are two types of camps in the game, day camps and base camps. Only the
latter have the 'Fast Travel' option, allowing travel between any base camps
Lara has previously visited in the game. Day camps - like base camps - still
allow skills and gear to be upgraded.

There are various skills Lara can choose from after gaining skill points. By
acquiring XP (experience points), Lara will invisibly level up and gain skill
points whenever a certain XP threshold has been reached. XP is granted after
killing animals and enemies or by story progress at key points.

Once you have one or more skill points, you can then spend these at any camp in
the game. At the start of the game, the survival skills are more useful than
the ones in other categories, although you'll definitely want to invest into
combat skills once you're about one third into the game. Skills that enhance
Lara's Survival Instincts are especially useful when you're trying to collect
every single collectible in the game.

Find enough salvage and Lara can upgrade her four main weapons (and early on her
axe as well), making them faster, more accurate and more powerful, or expand
their clip capacity or unlock new ammunition types. You'll have to decide for
yourself which weapons you prefer to upgrade. The handgun becomes much less
useful about two thirds into the game, although its triple burst shot somewhat
makes it up for its lack in speed and power.

         __      ___   _    _  _______ _  _ ___  ___  _   _  ___ _  _
         \ \    / /_\ | |  | |/ /_   _| || | _ \/ _ \| | | |/ __| || |
          \ \/\/ / _ \| |__| ' <  | | | __ |   / (_) | |_| | (_ | __ |
           \_/\_/_/ \_\____|_|\_\ |_| |_||_|_|_\\___/ \___/ \___|_||_|

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |               S E C T I O N   O N E   [WLK-1]              |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |             SCAVENGER'S DEN  &  COASTAL BLUFFS             |

Swing Lara left and right so the bag to the right catches fire. After this,
swing her to the burning beams so she drops on the ground. Remove the spike by
tapping X [Xbox 360] or Square [PS3], then continue. Move past the sacrificial
chamber and grab the [TORCH] from the side so you can burn the debris up ahead.

Move through the crack (barely fits, eh?), then relight your torch at the fire,
since it went out as you moved through the waterfall. Jump on the platform to
your left and set fire to the beams to clear the way. Move through the tunnel
and a QTE takes place: Wiggle the left analog stick to the left and right.
Make your way through the tunnel to reach the next section.

Light your torch around the corner and burn the sail keeping the cage in place.
Climb the walkway, jump onto the cage and debris will fill the crate at the end
of the walkway. Set fire to that debris at the upper end of the walkway, then
press Y or Triangle to move it to the other side, clearing the way. [250 XP].

Proceed down the tunnel and Lara will slide down. Jump from platform to platform
and after this, wiggle the left analog stick to the left and right again to free
Lara from the grapple. Move through the tunnel and leap over the gap, then
perform the QTE correctly: You'll have to alternate LT/RT, so you tap the one,
then the other (no need to hold them). After this, move the left analog stick
left; then tap LT/RT again, then move the left analog stick right, then continue
tapping LT/RT (or L2/R2 for Playstation 3). [300 XP].

Proceed until you reach a tree that serves as a bridge. Moving over is much
easier than it looks (except in real life, of course). Keep moving until you
reach an airplane. This is essentially a climbing tutorial. Ledges are usually
painted white to indicate they can be climbed. As you leap towards the plane,
press X [Xbox 360] or Square [Playstation 3] to "get a good grip". That's how
this will be referred to in this guide from now on whenever Lara's about to
lose her grip or can possibly lose it.

Move up by pressing the left analog stick up and jump with A [Xbox 360] or with
Cross [PS3]. Moving across the wing is done in the same fashion, and you'll need
to get a good grip again after the leap towards it. [100 XP]. Scramble up the
wall at the end to find a [TWO-WAY RADIO], then proceed to inevitably slide down
to the next area. (Regardless of what the map may suggest, it's impossible to
get a good grip in that scene, and you will not miss out on any items.)

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |               S E C T I O N   T W O   [WLK-2]              |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | C O A S T A L   F O R E S T  ( S O U T H E R N   Z O N E ) |

Proceed down the path until you reach the game's first base camp, 'Sheltered
Ridge'. Soon you'll be able to upgrade skills, gear, and even fast travel to
other base camps as you discover others. Watch the scene and proceed down.
You can get the [MAKESHIFT LONGBOW] by climbing the bunker, jumping to the
other side and making your way over the tree serving as a bridge. Reach out for
the bow at the right moment to make it all yours. [250 XP].

At this point, the game begins to open up. There are a LOT of items and
collectibles in this area, and this guide will point them out in bullet point
style so you can start searching for yourself and come back to see what you've
missed. In any case, you're supposed to hunt a deer now, several of which are
living in this forest. You can save arrows by not getting too close, aiming for
their head, and holding the right trigger for a few seconds to get more tension
on the bow, resulting in a more powerful shot. [150 XP] is awarded after you
kill the first deer.

You'll want to make good use of Lara's 'Survival Instincts' skill by tapping
LB or L1 as you search the forest. The screen will turn black and white and any
collectible items will light up with a yellow glow, while waypoints or marked
items will show up as rays of yellow or blue light respectively. For now,
especially the yellow glow of items is useful; there's an afterglow even when
you start moving and the screen regains its color, but it won't last much longer
than an instant.

NOTE: This guide makes use of map directions (north/south/east/west). In order
¯¯¯¯¯ to follow these directions it's imperative you bring up the map every now
      and then with the BACK or SELECT button. The map is also useful for
      locating specific items, especially after you've found the treasure map
      of an entire region.

NOTE: The area has some 'prickly bushes' that seemingly close off parts of the
¯¯¯¯¯ zone. Do not try to move through them, and certainly don't jump in them
      or Lara might get stuck, which leads to certain death.

TIP: You can hunt deer, rabbits and crows in this area for extra XP.

• There are [ARROWS] next to the tree where you found the bow, close to the

• More [ARROWS] can be found next to the bunker.

• Even more [ARROWS] can be found across the river, at the base of the rocky
  hill, not too far from a wooden catwalk.

• Climb this wooden catwalk (near the river, attached to a rocky hill) and leap
  over to the other side, then climb the wall to the reach the top of the hill.
  You'll find [ARROWS] and a [GPS CACHE] here. Those caches are collectibles;
  numerous of them are hidden in the game (including this area), and finding
  them grants a small 5 XP bonus as well as other rewards for collecting all
  of them.

• Look for a [#1 TOTEM] hanging from the tree you found the bow in. There are
  ten of these collectibles in this area, and to get them you'll have to shoot
  them with your bow after spotting them. This one's hanging from the other end
  of the tree bridge, so closely inspect it to see what it looks like, making it
  easier to spot the others.

• Spot the overturned truck nearby the river and head inside to find the

• Keep hugging the left wall and follow the river; you'll soon find some more
  [ARROWS], right before you can move over another fallen tree.

• Cross the river and head south/southwest to reach the area behind the rocky
  hill. You can find [ARROWS] against a stone plate here.

• There's also a [PLANT] near the rocks in this area, just behind the stone

• You can spot [#2 TOTEM] on top of the small rocky hill close to the two
  previous items, or, if you're going by map directions, it's hanging on the
  south side of the small rocky hill in the southwest part of the area, south
  of the river.

• Move around this rocky hill to reach another one close to the river. Use it
  to jump on across the second to find [ARROWS x2] on top.

• Following the river down, look for a very small wooden walkway adjacent to it,
  right before the tiny waterfall; the walkway is to the right/south side of the
  river. On it you'll find some [ARROWS] and a [GPS CACHE].

• Move around this walkway (going clockwise, right around the corner) and you
  should be able to spot [#3 TOTEM] hanging from a tree near this rock hill.

• You can find more [ARROWS] in the pond/end of the river in the east part of
  the area.

• In the far northeast part of the area, climb the stone platforms on the north
  side and make your way over the fallen tree to reach a platform that contains
  [ARROWS] and [SALVAGE]. The latter cannot be acquired until you've gotten an
  axe, so make a mental note of it for now.

• There's also a [#4 TOTEM] hanging underneath the platform adjacent to this
  tree bridge. If you're using map directions, this one is located in the
  northeast part of the area; look for the tree bridge to the north of the

• A [GPS CACHE] can be found at the small waterfall at the end of the river.

• Return to the base camp underneath the ridge and backtrack even further back.
  Look at the trees to spot [#5 TOTEM].

After finding all these items, or whenever you get bored of searching, return
to camp to spend a skill point you've now gotten. Essentially you've just
'leveled up' since you've gotten some XP (experience) by killing the deer.

There are many, many skills to choose from, in two categories at this point:
Survivor Upgrades and Hunter Upgrades. For now, the Survivor ones take priority,
and there's one skill in particular that's rather useful for beginners: The
'Arrow Retrieval' skill. Unless you're particularly skilled at games, this is
a handy skill since it allows you to retrieve arrows from killed animals (or
any enemy in the game, essentially). You won't have to worry too much about
running out of arrows anytime soon with this skill.

After the scene you'll be awarded with another [150 XP]. You can now use the
camp again to get [DOCUMENT - #1 LARA'S JOURNALS (SHIPWRECKED)].

Head to the bunker and go inside, then approach the ladder. [100 XP]. Climb down
(with B or Circle), then wade through the tunnel to reach a room. Search the
table to the right to find [RELIC - #1 NOH MASKS (HANNYA MASK)]. There's a small
orange [XP BOX] in the corner. Just like plants, these simply give some XP when

Burn the wooden debris to your left and enter this side of the room to collect
the [PRY AXE]. [250 XP]. The door nearby can be opened with it. 

NOTE: In case you were wondering, yes, the closed door at the bunker can also
¯¯¯¯¯ be opened at this point, although it's little use doing so unless you
      insist on collecting any items right now.

Move through the last tunnel and climb up the ladder at the end to reach the
other part of the forest. [100 XP]. A scene plays, after which you'll have to
dispatch three wolves. Gameplay slows down as they leap towards you, giving you
plenty of time to aim at, and shoot them. [100 XP]. Afterward another scene
plays and you'll gain control of Lara at a new camp, 'Forest Ruins'.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |            S E C T I O N   T H R E E   [WLK-3]             |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | C O A S T A L   F O R E S T  ( N O R T H E R N   Z O N E ) |

You can find [DOCUMENT - #3 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FAMILY STORY)] on the desk
near the camp fire, and there's a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging nearby as well, which
you can burn to receive some salvage. This is used to upgrade your gear and
weapons. (You can now also head back to the southern part of the forest to
collect the salvage you had to leave behind earlier.) Salvage bags grant twice
as much salvage as regular boxes. There are [ARROWS x2] on near the camp exit
too, and there's a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] just left of here, which cannot be opened
yet, but soon enough you can return to get its contents.

Again, there are MANY optional items to be found in this area. You should beware
that this area houses wolves. You'll certainly encounter them at the bridge in
the middle of the area, but after that they also spawn at various 'spawn points'
that are located on the west and east side of the hill. If you keep walking
past those points, you'll be fighting a LOT of wolves, so avoid those spots
(that is, avoid going up) unless it's absolutely necessary or when you want to
continue with the story.

• Going down the stairs from the base camp, move right/south onto the rocky
  plateau to find a [GPS CACHE].

• There's some [SALVAGE] underneath the nearby tree bridge, and [ARROWS x2]
  next to a tree closeby. This is all still in the southern part of the area.

• Move over the tree (or alternatively, approach the bridge from the other side,
  although you risk spawning more wolves this way) to reach a platform with a
  be found on top of the crate.

• [RELIC - #2 NOH MASKS (FEMALE NOH MASK)] can be found underneath the nearby
  bridge. This is still in the southeast part of the area.

• There are [ARROWS] on the other side of the destroyed bridge near the
  waterfall. If you approach from the south, you'll definitely trigger the
  wolf spawn point just before that bridge, so decide for yourself if it's
  worth it (at least coming from that direction). There's more than just this
  about this bridge, though....

• You can find [#6 TOTEM] hanging underneath this destroyed bridge (which is
  close to the waterfall on the east side of the area).

• You can find [SALVAGE] on the platform to the right of this destroyed bridge
  (and to the right of the waterfall).

• Better yet, from this platform you can jump on top of the beam of the high
  bridge arch and move over to reach a tree outpost that contains the complete
  [TREASURE MAP] of the Coastal Forest area. You can slide down the rope from
  here to reach the bridge in the center of the area.

• In the center of the area is a bridge with [ARROWS x2] and [ARROWS x2] on
  both sides. There's also a [PLANT] closeby, on the south side of it.

• [SALVAGE] can be found to the right/east of the bridge in the center of the

• There's a [#7 TOTEM] hanging underneath the bridge in the center of the area.

• [#8 TOTEM] is hanging in a tree just to the left/west of this bridge, across
  the brook.

• After crossing the bridge, look left/west to find some [SALVAGE] and a [PLANT]
  near the rocks.

• Left/west of the bridge in the center of the area (before crossing it) is some
  more [SALVAGE] near the brook.

• A few steps south of here (and slightly southwest of the bridge) is even more
  [SALVAGE] to be found near the rock wall.

• Cross the stream to find still more [SALVAGE] to the west, near the rocks.

• Further (north)west is a shrine. You can find [ARROWS x2] and some [SALVAGE]
  fairly close to the stairs.

• [DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE CREW: (SAM: FILMMAKER)] can be found left of the
  statue. There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] here that you can burn with your torch;
  light it first by the fire to right of the statue.

• [#9 TOTEM] is hanging from the shrine roof.

• Keep hugging the west wall while moving north from the shrine to reach a small
  cave. Inside is [RELIC - #3 NOH MASKS (ONI NOH MASK)] as well as some [ARROWS]
  you can pull from the corpse.

• East of this cave is a fallen tree, and just east from that is a stone
  platform with a [GPS CACHE]. Backtrack slightly south to climb the stone steps
  to reach it. (Proceeding north from these rocks is a good way to avoid the
  wolf spawn located to the path west of it, where the fallen tree lies.)

• The camp is just north from here. [ARROWS x2] can be found at the lantern on
  the middle path. You can find [SALVAGE] and [ARROWS x2] near the western arch,
  [ARROWS] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] near the campfire, and [DOCUMENT - #1
  ENDURANCE OFFICERS (WHITMAN: DON'T LEAVE ME)] to the left of the gate.

• The last [#10 TOTEM] can be found hanging to the right of the gate, just past
  the burning barrel.

NOTE: You can continue to hunt animals until the message appears that this
¯¯¯¯¯ region has been hunted out. Animals (including wolves) will still spawn,
      but killing/looting them only grants 1 XP after this. Proceed with the
      game and return later; the area will be refreshed.

You receive [100 XP] for finding meeting up with Whitman. Since the wheel won't
budge and is missing its handle, you'll have to find enough salvage to upgrade
and strengthen your axe; 50 salvage is needed in total. Follow the instructions
above to collect enough salvage and return to one of the two camps to perform
the upgrade. [100 XP]. You can now also open the large salvage crates (there is
one near each camp) to collect extra salvage). Return to Whitman whenever you're

Simply follow Whitman and a few scenes will take place.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |             S E C T I O N   F O U R   [WLK-4]              |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              M O U N T A I N   T E M P L E                 |

Quickly hide behind the low wall nearby, then head up the path and hide again.
When the guard moves away, run over the path leading up. From here, make your
way inside the building, wait for the guard to pass by and head upstairs.
Near the top, wait for the guards to turn their backs on you, then move into
the building on the far right.

This triggers a scene with a Quick Time Event (QTE):

Xbox 360: Y, Y, move reticule and shoot with RT, wiggle left stick (left-right),
          tap X, press RT.

PS3: Triangle, Triangle, move reticule and shoot with R2, wiggle left stick
     (left-right), tap Square, press R2.

You get the [HANDGUN] after this scene. Move over the walkway to the east and
climb the stairs to the top. You'll encounter two guards here that you'll have
to take out. Lara automatically hides behind waist-height objects such as low
walls, crates and boxes, so you only have to come out of cover by aiming and
shooting enemies. Zooming in is done by pressing the right analog stick. There
is some [HANDGUN AMMO] near one of the crates. Loot the bodies of the guards to
retrieve some more ammunition, and make this a habit.

Head inside the building, head back out (that was quick, huh?) and follow the
walkway. Don't miss the blue [HANDGUN AMMO] box along the way, as well as
[ARROWS x2] and an [XP BOX]. Hide behind the cart and shoot the guard up ahead
in the head with an arrow. This is a stealthy shot which grants bonus XP. This
guide points out all instances when it can be beneficial to take a stealth

Scramble up the wall, collect the [HANDGUN AMMO], then leap across the beams and
climb up. Hide behind the crates and wait for the two guards to fully finish
their conversation. One of the moves closer and turns around. Take him out with
a headshot, then kill the second one as well. As the game explained to you just
now, charged shots are performed by holding the right trigger while aiming.
You can't indefinitely postpone the shot after charging, though. Once you start
building pressure, a shot is inevitable.

Once you proceed, a third guard starts climbing down the wall. Quickly shoot
him to make him fall. You can collect some [ARROWS] and [HANDGUN AMMO] before
proceeding, and there's an [XP BOX] in the corner. Don't forget to loot the
bodies either, then climb the rope ladder to reach the next open area.

Again, there are various items and collectibles to be found in this area. The
nearby camp ('Mountain Temple') opens up Fast Travel, allowing to travel back
to any and all previous base camps you've discovered. For now, you can only
travel back to both zones of the coastal forest. Using the camp also unlocks

• You can find some [ARROWS] against the corner of the nearby building, and
  there's some [SALVAGE] between the building and the fence.

• Scramble up the wall and head inside the building (upper floor) to find some
  more [ARROWS] and a [GPS CACHE].

• There's an [XP BOX] and some [ARROWS] next to the barrels behind this
  building, not too far from the camp up ahead.

• Head back downstairs and jump into the river. Move through the crack behind
  the waterfall to find the [TREASURE MAP] of this area, as well as a [SALVAGE
  BAG], the contents of which you cannot claim just yet. Much later in the game
  you'll acquire the tools necessary to finally set fire to it, so make a mental
  note of it for now and don't go amnesic in the meantime.

• From the camp, jump into the river and look for a cave near the waterfall
  to find [DOCUMENT - #1 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (STRANDED)] and [SALVAGE] inside.

Move over the bridge and head upstairs; hide behind the low wall to overhear
the conversation between two Solarii guards. It's usually better to wait for
guards to finish their entire conversation, but this is one of those exceptions
where it's wiser to shoot an arrow in the building behind them to distract them.
Quickly shoot an arrow into the head of the left guard, then dispatch the other
immediately afterward. If you don't do this, the guards will come down so you'll
have to take care of them there. One of them only moves halfway down the stairs,
so it's not too hard to stealth kill them either way. In any case, you can find
[ARROWS] nearby when overhearing their conversation.

After this, move to the upper left side of the building (past the small cart
with vases and a barrel) to move over a tree bridge. From here, scramble up the
wall to find [ARROWS] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] inside the building. Head back
where you killed the two guards just now, and wait with going up the stairs.
Instead, search the grassy area adjacent to those stairs (nearby a tree) to find
a [PLANT]. Climb the wall here to find an [XP BOX], [HANDGUN AMMO] and some
[ARROWS x2] underneath the roof. Move behind it (to the right) to find a [GPS
CACHE] on the platform, nearby a single crate.

Go upstairs and scramble up the wall to enter the building. Collect the [ARROWS]
and [XP BOX], then shoot the [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #1] to continue. Sneak behind
the first guard and stealth kill him by pressing Y or Triangle when you're close
enough to break his neck (by tapping X or Square). Do the same with the second
guard nearby, then hide behind the boxes. There's a guard with a flashlight up
the higher walkway and you don't want to be seen by him (yet). [ARROWS] can be
found where you killed the first guard. From that spot it's also possible to hit
a lantern in the distance, which is hanging near a white piece of cloth. These
are all part of a challenge in this area; [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #2] is one of
many, just like the first, and it can be hectic to get if you get into a
firefight already. Shooting it instantly triggers a firefight (literally), so
you may want to postpone it for now. On the other hand, collecting it now
ensures you that you get this (missable) lantern.

Scramble up the wall on the left and shoot the guard standing still on the
walkway (closest to you) whenever the other one moves away. As soon as he
returns, quickly dispatch him as well (which may be tricky, but it can be done),
preferably with a headshot. Lastly, dispatch the guard in the corner of the
area. After this, several other guards appear including a true pyromaniac who
starts burning the place. Don't stay too long in one place and quickly defeat
the remaining guards. After leaping over the gap (which leads to a zip line),
turn around and look down to spot the lantern and shoot it.

Now that you're back outside, many more items can be collected in this area.

• [DOCUMENT - #1 CONFESSIONS OF A SOLARI (SALVATION)] can be found to your
  immediate right as you drop down the zip line. It's on the crate next to the
  arch leading to the next area (to the southeast).

• An [XP BOX] can be found by dropping down to the left of here, on the river

• Wade through the water and move back up the wall in the back to find a [PLANT]

• On the southwest side you can either head downstairs or scramble up a wall.
  Head downstairs first and search inside the building to find the following

• You can find some [ARROWS] on the roof at the back of this building. Jump on
  the rocky platform near the rock wall and face the building to spot another 
  [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #3] hanging from (the lower back of) the roof.

• Light your torch and scramble up the wall at the top of the nearby stairs to
  find and burn a [SALVAGE BAG].

• You can spot the [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #4] hanging from the corner of this
  building's roof.

• [RELIC - #2 EDO PERIOD FANS (GUNBAI WAR FAN)] can be found by going around
  the building and entering the second floor.

• Drop down the ledge near the big wooden barrel and hug the wall, walking to
  the end to find a [PLANT].

• Leap over to the platform (with roof) to the far south to find an [XP BOX] and
  the last [PYROMANIAC LANTERN #5].

Move up the stairs to climb the mountain.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |             S E C T I O N   F I V E   [WLK-5]              |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              M O U N T A I N   V I L L A G E               |

As soon as you arrive, many items and collectibles can be found in this area.
This exploration path automatically moves you closer to your main objective.

NOTE: There are animals here (rabbits, crows, and chickens) that you can hunt
¯¯¯¯¯ for extra XP.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] by searching the base of the large waterfall.

• There's a [ILLUMINATION STATUE #1] in the middle of the area to the west,
  below a roof. These are the 'challenge' of this area, and there are ten in
  total that you need to light with your torch in order to collect the reward.

• Left/west of this statue you can find [ARROWS] inside a building.

• There's a [SALVAGE BAG] inside the other building.

• Some [SALVAGE] and [ARROWS] can be found behind this building, on the ground.

• From the platform with the small cart, jump on top of the roof with a statue
  underneath it, then leap on the roof of the building on the other side (with
  some rope on top of it) to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Make your way over the roofs and leap towards the crate with rope tied around
  it. There are two such crates; this is the one hanging highest, close to the
  larger building. Jump inside this building to immediately find [ARROWS].
• Search the corner (nearby the closed door with some rope tied around it to
  on the first floor, room to the west.

• There's some more [ARROWS] and [SALVAGE] in the adjacent room on this floor.

• Head downstairs to search underneath this building, where you'll find some

• Go upstairs to the second floor to find a [SALVAGE BAG].

  NOTE: You currently don't have the gear to collect the salvage from the
  ¯¯¯¯¯ salvage bag hanging outside on the east side of this building. Once you
        have the shotgun this becomes possible (or alternatively, later, fire

• Climb to the roof and make your way to the west side to find a bird nest with
  some eggs inside; this is [EGG POACHER #1], part of a collectibles series.

• The grassy ledge left/west from here contains a [GPS CACHE].

• Drop down to the north side of this building and search the tombstones south
  of the left/westernmost lantern to find a well-hidden [GPS CACHE].

• Some [ARROWS] can be found on the path east of the large building, which leads
  back down to the lower part of the area.

• Climb the plane and make your way over the wing to find some [SALVAGE] near
  the tree trunk with rope around it.

• You can find a well-hidden [SALVAGE] crate on a small platform next to the
  tree that got hit by lightning as you moved through the plane.

• Ascend the mountain by hopping over the platforms after moving through the
  plane, then move over and jump to the beams up above.

• Once you reach the wolf den, search the right side of the waterfall to find
  a [GPS CACHE]. This is also the entrance to the first optional tomb, although
  you don't have the proper gear to enter just yet.

Head inside the wolf den and retrieve the pack at the end. [500 XP]. As you
return, a quick time event takes place:

Xbox 360: Wiggle left analog stick to the left/right, Y, tap X, Y, tap Y.
Playstation 3: Wiggle left analog stick to the left/right, Triangle, tap Square,
               Triangle, tap Triangle.

Don't forget to loot the body afterwards. Head back to the camp and a few scenes
will play. [500 XP]. Lara now has access to the [CLIMBING AXE], which allows her
to climb specific types of rock walls, which light up in Survival Instincts

NOTE: You can converse with Roth up to four times. Using the base camp at this

Make your way to the top, which is much easier now considering you can now rocky
walls, including the one left of the lower waterfall, instantly granting access
to the platform adjacent to the plane wing. Make your way back to the top and
consider raiding the game's first optional tomb by entering via the cave next
to the waterfall.

Being the game's first tomb, it's incredibly easy to solve the puzzle. Head past
the day camp in the cave and head through the waterfall, which puts out your
torch. Run over to the cage and quickly climb it, then immediately jump over to
the other side and ignite your torch. Hop back on the cage and burn the three
bags. Lastly, push the other cage down, the climb the elevated cage to reach the
climbable wall, leading to this tomb's treasure. [250 XP]. Collecting the
treasure nets you the [MOUNTAIN VILLAGE RELIC TREASURE MAP], [1250 XP] and a
nice [250 SALVAGE]. This set of rewards is essentially the same for every tomb
in the game.

TIP: At this point you'll likely have enough salvage and skill points to
¯¯¯¯ upgrade Lara's gear and skills (unless you've already been doing this, in
     which case you'll still have at least 1 skill point plus some salvage).
     Both bow upgrades (Reinforced Limbs and Wrapped String) are worth the
     investment at this point, allowing for more powerful and faster shooting
     of arrows. Handgun upgrades that increase its damage (Port Vented Slide
     and Muzzle Brake) are most useful at this point, although the Burst Fire
     Mod definitely becomes useful later in the game, when the handgun loses
     much of it's power compared to the shotgun and assault rifle. For now it's
     not essential, but eventually it definitely will be useful.
     As for skills, it's not really necessary to purchase Animal Instincts if
     you use this guide to check if you've missed any items. Survivalist has its
     uses (since it doubles XP when looting animals and food caches), but
     Advanced Salvaging and Bone Collector are also useful, except those focus
     on gaining more salvage. Scavenging isn't really necessary, considering the
     game always grants you a fair ammo supply at all times. If you don't have
     it already, Arrow Retrieval assures you'll never run out of arrows unless
     you start doing crazy things.
     Of the Hunter skills, Steady Shot and Ammo Capacity are both incredibly
     useful, the latter probably being one of the best skills in the game, so
     you'll definitely want to pick them up as soon as possible.

Climb the rock wall next to the wolf den, then leap towards the rock wall in
between the two waterfalls and climb to the top, but wait at the very last bit
until the guards finish their conversation. Hide behind the crates and wait for
a second conversation to finish. The guard leaning against the wall can be
killed with a headshot (with arrow, of course) since the second one is sleeping
behind the crate at this point. Move a little to the side to dispatch him with
a headshot as well. You can find [ARROWS] behind the crate you're hiding behind.

Move towards the building of the two guards and turn around to kill the third
one in the building across the river. Look to your left/north to find a [GPS
CACHE] on the ground. There's a [SALVAGE BAG] on the other side of this
building. Climb the nearby rock wall to reach [ILLUMINATION STATUE #2]. From
here you can also access the second floor of the building the guards were
stationed to find [RELIC - #1 KANPO HERBS (YAGEN)]. There's an [XP BOX] on what
you could call the first floor, but it's more of a small wooden platform.

In the building across the river you can find some [SALVAGE] and a document:
CACHE] on the roof of this building. Head back to the first building and climb
to the roof to find [EGG POACHER #2]. Move over to the platform in the middle of
the waterfalls by either climbing the rock wall (reachable via the crate) or by
walking over the beam from the statue. There's a platform to the right that has
a lantern and a [SALVAGE BAG] (now you can also burn the other one down below).

From here, climb the rock wall until you reach the bridge. Move over and attach
your axe into the rock wall as you leap towards it. [100 XP]. Slide down the
rope at the end to initiate a firefight. One of them throws Molotov cocktails
at you, a second has a bow. Don't get too close to them or a third one appears
who moves in with a sword. Quickly take out the Molotov throwing bastard and
the archer, then finish the third one. Look for [ARROWS] and a [SALVAGE BAG]
before moving to the next area.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |              S E C T I O N   S I X   [WLK-6]               |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                  B A S E  A P P R O A C H                  |

Lara immediately discovers the 'Broken Tunnel' base camp at the start of this
area. [RELIC - #1 BRONZE COINS (BRONZE CHINESE COIN)] can be found next to the
tree nearby this camp, and there's also some [HANDGUN AMMO] closeby. You can
find a [GPS CACHE] next to the truck.

As you proceed through the hall, Lara hears some guards. There are plenty of
them up ahead, but a stealth approach is definitely possible by avoiding the
searchlight (the guy controlling it also controls a turret, so it's a wise move
to sneak past this part anyway). [100 XP].

Kill the first guard by approaching him from the back and choking him. Hide
behind the sandbags with [ARROWS x2] next to them, then look how the searchlight
moves around the area in a counterclockwise fashion. As soon as it shines on
(or actually slightly right of) the sandbags you're hiding behind, move to the
left and choke the guard on the left, then hide behind the barrels. You can now
kill the guard to your right with an arrow headshot, followed by the welder 
near the building (but only when the searchlight is looking away.

Enter the building and stealth kill the welder inside. Slowly sneak upstairs and
shoot the guard at the searchlight in the head while still standing in the hall.
Slightly curve around the corner to spot another guard; dispatch him with yet
another headshot. He's not the last; sneak over the walkway until you spot two
final guards in the concrete building to the right. One of the guards moves
away for a few seconds and then returns. It may be a little tricky to shoot him
in the head as he moves away, but this is the best stealth approach. The other
can be easily dispatched after this.

Now that you've killed all guards in this area, search the place for the
following items and collectibles:

• Before entering the main building, move to the far right/east around the
  concrete tower to find a [PLANT] and some [HANDGUN AMMO].

• It's possible to climb the low part of this concrete tower (from the main
  open area) to find [HANDGUN AMMO].

• You can find [ARROWS x2] on the ground floor of the building near the

• [RELIC - #2 BRONZE COINS (BRONZE JAPANESE COIN)] can be found on the first
  floor. Head upstairs and go immediately around the corner. It's not too far
  away from the burning barrel.

• There are also some [ARROWS] at the top of the stairs on the first floor.

• You can also find [ARROWS] next to the searchlight.

• At the end of the first floor walkway, leap over to the concrete tower to
  find [ARROWS] next to the searchlight, and an [XP BOX] by going around the
  corner. A [GPS CACHE] can also be found nearby.

• Move to the top of this tower by scrambling up the wall. At the end you'll
  find some [HANDGUN AMMO] and a rope leading straight to the next area.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |             S E C T I O N   S E V E N   [WLK-7]            |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                 M O U N T A I N   B A S E                  |

can be found on the desk straight ahead. You'll overhear two guards talking
about Mathias. Go around the corner and turn the valve to stop the gas; this is
poisonous (and inflammable) gas, and whenever Lara stands in or too close to
it she'll take damage.

Move through the crack and collect the [SALVAGE] from the box. Look around the
corner of the walkway to spot two guards moving an explosive barrel. As soon as
they're both standing next to it, shoot it to instantly waste them both. A
third comes running down the hall, so pop an arrow in his head, then move on.

The restroom to your right leads to another room with an [XP BOX] next to a
burning barrel, and in the adjacent hall section you can crack open a [SALVAGE
LOCKER]. Light your torch at the barrel, then head to the room left of the
stairs. Inside are some [ARROWS] and a [NON-BELIEVER BANNER #1] that you can
burn down; this looks like a wall poster.

Upstairs a guard attacks you no matter how you approach, so quickly dispatch
him. Move over the debris at the end of this hall and scramble up the wall to
reach a generator room. [NON-BELIEVER BANNER #2] can be found on the wall to
your immediate left as you enter. Hurl one of the lanterns against it to burn
it down.

Head through the hole above the glass and turn the valve. Head back through the
hole, grab one of the lanterns and hurl it through the hole to blow the area
to smithereens. [250 XP]. Approach the hurt guard to take his [RIFLE]. [250 XP].
Don't miss the [NON-BELIEVER BANNER #3] in the corner of this room.

In the adjacent room you can find [RIFLE AMMO x2], a [GPS CACHE] in the corner,

You're ambushed as soon as you enter the next room. During the slow-mo, quickly
dispatch one or two enemies, then hide behind the blue barrels and collect some
[RIFLE AMMO]. You'll definitely want to use your rifle in this shootout, as
there are many enemies. Quickly destroy the flashlights to get a better sight
and dispatch the enemies closest to you, while jumping to the other side
whenever Molotov cocktails are hurled at you.

When you've dispatched all enemies, search the place for [RIFLE AMMO] and a
[GPS CACHE] on the right side of the area, behind some pipes. The adjacent room
contains [SALVAGE], [HANDGUN AMMO] and the [NON-BELIEVER BANNER #4]. To reach
the camp, head to the entrance of this room and use the fallen door to reach
the upper walkway. You'll find some [ARROWS] next to the 'Map Room' base camp.

Head through the next hall and dispatch the last guard. Enter the control
center to trigger a scene. [100 XP]. Search the place for [RIFLE AMMO], 
near the control panels and [NON-BELIEVER BANNER #5] near the door you came
through. Move through the cracks to the north to reach the next area. You can't
actually get hurt during the part, so press onward.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |             S E C T I O N   E I G H T   [WLK-8]            |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                 B A S E   E X T E R I O R                  |

The 'Bridge Overlook' camp is just ahead. As soon as you move over the bridge,
quickly wiggle the left analog stick to the left/right, then press Y or Triangle
to correctly perform the quick time event. More enemies will be moving in
shortly, so hide behind the low wall and start taking them out one by one. You
can find some [RIFLE AMMO] here to replenish your supply.

As you proceed, more enemies drop from the building to your right. Backtrack to
take out the ones with axes and swords, then dispatch the rest of them who are
still on this building. As you head around the corner, still more enemies
appear, especially inside the large building up ahead. Quickly aim at the red
explosive barrels on the first floor to waste all of them at once. The next wave
of enemies appears as you approach this large building. Take cover and dispatch
them one by one.

Now's a good time to collect some items we skipped in the heat of battle:

• Backtrack all the way to the bridge and search behind the truck to find a

• Next to the first building you can find [HANDGUN AMMO] and [RIFLE AMMO].

• [RELIC - #1 SENSHI ELITE (JAPANESE DOGTAGS)] can be found by climbing this
  building (scramble up the wall on the left side).

• [DOCUMENT - #4 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (THE SOLARI)] is found on the first floor
  of the large concrete building you blew up by shooting the explosive barrels.
  You can also find an [XP BOX] nearby, on the same floor. The second floor
  cannot be reached.

Scramble up the wall to the west of this building to encounter the next wave of
enemies. Whatever you do, don't drop down until you've killed all enemies,
including the two Molotov cocktail-throwing bastards in the building across the
street, who like to hide a lot. After dispatching them all, drop down to
encounter a new, tougher enemy type: A guard with a riot shield. 

While he may appear to be nearly invincible, it's actually incredibly easy to
defeat him once you learn to adequately dodge. Whenever he want to hit you with
his machete, press B (or Circle) and move right at the same time, then
immediately aim and fire at him while his body is exposed. Do this several times
to defeat him. It's easier if you're already aiming at him, sidestep to the
right, then empty a few bullets of your rifle into him. One other enemy needs to
be dispatched after this, but that shouldn't be much of a problem. Looting the
sub-boss will probably yield [BOW PARTS 1/2].

Search the area for [RIFLE AMMO x3] and [ARROWS], as well as a [PLANT] in the
southwest corner, then go inside the building. To your immediate right you can
find [RIFLE AMMO x2] near the burning barrel, and there's also a [SALVAGE
LOCKER] inside this small room that you can crack open. Upstairs you'll find
[SALVAGE] and a [SALVAGE BAG] (there's a burning barrel outside on the same
floor). [RELIC - #2 SENSHI ELITE (MARKSMANSHIP BADGE)] can be found by cracking
the closed door open; it's on some boxes in the room behind it.

Head upstairs to discover the 'Radio Tower' base camp. Inspect the carpet lying
next to this camp to find [DOCUMENT - #3 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (RESEARCH)]. Slide
down the rope to reach a previously inaccessible platform that contains [RIFLE
AMMO], and [XP BOX], and the [TREASURE MAP] of the area. 

Climb the rope to the west to reach the radio tower. 'Simply' climb it all the
way to the top to trigger a scene. You'll then have to tune the radio. Move the
left analog stick to the fourth marker / and then switch tuner (you should hear
a voice through static). Move the left analog stick once again in clockwise
fashion until you hear a clear voice, then broadcast your message. [100 XP].

Slide down the rope, then approach the fuel tanks and turn the valve. You can
find some [RIFLE AMMO] near the corpse across the fuel tanks, and some more
[RIFLE AMMO] inside the building. You'll also find the handy [FIRE STRIKER] on
the table, which allows Lara to light her torch anytime she wants. (It does not
grant burning arrows; you'll need some other gear for that, since Lara cannot
wield her torch and bow effectively at the same time.)

NOTE: You can hunt rats here to gain some extra XP.
Set fire to the tanks to trigger a cutscene and a 'chase' sequence. [400 XP].
You'll have to slide Lara down safely without hitting the sharp obstacles along
the way. At the end, get a good grip, quickly climb up, then immediately jump to
the walkway to the right. [100 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |              S E C T I O N   N I N E   [WLK-9]             |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              C L I F F S I D E  V I L L A G E              |

Simply move to the end of the area by swinging trapezes, jumping over the gaps,
and hurrying the hell up as things collapse all around you. It's much easier
than it looks (and in real life you'd be dead after a few seconds, but it
matters not), so just press onward until you reach the last house, in which you
will have to face a riot shield enemy. [100 XP]. Use the same tactics against
this ass hole like you did with the last sub-boss; dodge to the right, then
unload on him. Search the room for [ARROWS x2] and a [SALVAGE BAG]. Remember
you can now set fire to this bag; don't forget to immediately collect it, since
it's missable. (Not like this really matters, but it's true nonetheless.)

The 'Cliffside Vista' day camp can be found up ahead, and using it unlocks
[DOCUMENT - #4 LARA'S JOURNALS (UNNATURAL STORMS)]. Move through the tunnel.
[100 XP]. You can find some [SALVAGE] to your left, inside the alcove. As you
head upstairs, reload your weapons since another shootout is about to happen.
Lara will be hoisted upside down, after which you'll need to kill three enemies
and shoot the pulley. You'll acquire some rope after this, allowing you to pull
away any small fences around the area behind which your enemies are located.
To use rope arrows, use RB or R1. You'll first have to pull a pillar from
underneath the cabin; the firefight really starts after this.

This can be a tough firefight if you don't immediately dispatch the Molotov
cocktail-thrower inside the building (but watch the crossfire from the walkway
as well). Dispatch the guys on the walkway after dealing with the pyromaniac;
rope arrows can destroy the fences they're hiding behind.

NOTE: If you're really quick, you can loot some of the bodies floating down
¯¯¯¯¯ the river before they fall off the cliff.

Look for some [ARROWS] on the ground and look for an [XP BOX] on the ledge
across the river. After this, pull the crate with rope around it closer (by
using a rope arrow). Climb it and follow the walkway until you reach a river.
You can create a rope bridge by standing next to the rope attachment spot and
shooting an arrow into the rope in front of you. Upon close inspection, however,
there's also some rope high above attached to the hut on the upper left. You
can only create one rope bridge at a time at this spot, so choose the last
option to collect the [XP BOX] on the nearby ledge.

[ARROWS x2] can be found next to the arch, plus some more [ARROWS] in the hut
to the left. Destroy the door with a rope arrow and make your way to the end of
the tunnel to meet up with Roth again. [400 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |               S E C T I O N   T E N   [WLK-10]             |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | M O U N T A I N   V I L L A G E  ( H I G H   R E G I O N ) |

You'll discover the 'Village Overlook' base camp here. Create a rope bridge and
slide down, then hide behind the fence. Wait for the third guard to move away
entirely, then dispatch the two remaining guards with headshots.

There's some [SALVAGE] near the arch you used to slide down, and some more
[SALVAGE] inside the building. [RELIC - #2 - KANPO HERBS (MEDICINAL HERB VIAL)]
is also inside, lying on a desk.

NOTE: You'll most likely find [BOW PARTS 2/2] if you've been collecting salvage
¯¯¯¯¯ according to this guide.

Outside, head upstairs and light [ILLUMINATION STATUE #3]. Slide down the rope
and search underneath the hut to find a [GPS CACHE]. If you enter the hut and
leap across the platform to the north you can light [ILLUMINATION STATUE #4]
here, and also make a rope bridge to the tree trunk in the platform near the
waterfall. No need to cross it; this just makes backtracking easier. Climb the
roof of the hut, light the torch and pull it away from the [SALVAGE BAG] to make
it catch fire.

Create a rope bridge northeast of the hut to continue. Wait with climbing the
last part of the rock wall until the two guards finish conversing and move into
the tunnel to the left. Here you'll also find [ILLUMINATION STATUE #5]. You can
dispatch the two guards in any way you like, it doesn't really matter. Create
another rope bridge and you'll reach a platform with the entrance to an optional

Move through the cave and look for some [SALVAGE] near the skeletons to your
right. Fat chance you'll find [RIFLE PARTS 1/3] here. Make your way into the
windy tomb at sit down at the day camp to create a [RECURVE BOW] if you haven't
already done so. Proceed over the bridge to reach the puzzle part of this tomb.
It's not too difficult; the solution is below:

1. Close the shutters.
2. Move to the valve in the middle.
3. Wait for the first shutter to break open.
4. Immediately turn the valve.
5. Climb the platform and leap onto the platform attached to the ceiling.
6. Wait for it to swing over to the ledge; make the leap to reach it.
7. Use this wooden beam to reach the previously inaccessible platform. [250 XP].

Inside the treasure chest you'll find the [MOUNTAIN VILLAGE GPS CACHE MAP], and
you'll also get [HANDGUN PARTS 1/3], [250 SALVAGE] and [1250 XP]. Return to the
mountain village to continue with the game.

Make a rope bridge to the leftmost platform first; you'll find an [ILLUMINATION
STATUE #6] here, and if you drop down to a lower adjacent platform you'll also
find [EGG POACHER #3]. Move over the tree bridge to collect the [RELIC - #2
SEMPER FI (OLD PHOTOGRAPH)]. From here you can either backtrack to the ledge you
were on before by jumping over the stream and climbing the wall (no need to), or
you can create a rope bridge to the center platform of this area with a tree
trunk that has some rope around it, where you can find a [GPS CACHE]. For now,
do neither, but head back to the illumination statue #6 on the north side of
the area and create a rope bridge to a platform with a hut to the east (close
to the rock wall and waterfall) to find a document on the table here:

From here, create a rope bridge to the closest platform (to the west) with a
tree trunk with some rope around it. Scramble up the wall to find another
nearby the rope attachment pole to spot [EGG POACHER #4] on the lower platform.
Create a rope bridge to the platform west of here (plug a rope arrow in the
tree trunk) and move over. You'll find some [SALVAGE] here, as well as another
[ILLUMINATION STATUE #7] around the other side (where you can create a rope
bridge right back to the platform you came from, which is also where you need to

NOTE: In order to backtrack to collect any missing treasures in this part, you
¯¯¯¯¯ must create a rope bridge from the southeast platform (where you found a
      document and some eggs) to the center platform (with a tree trunk and a
      GPS cache). It's NOT possible to jump from the southWEST platform to the
      center platform; it's a surefire way to commit successful suicide.
      Also note that the other two GPS cache locations on your map (which may
      confuse you) are located far down below and cannot be obtained at this

From the southeast platform, create a rope bridge to reach the pilot's blue
smoke signal. [200 XP]. 

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |            S E C T I O N   T W E L V E   [WLK-12]          |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | M O U N T A I N   P A S S  &  C H A S M  M O N A S T E R Y |

Slide down the path and make your way through the mountain pass. Look for
[SALVAGE x2] and a [PLANT] before entering the cave, where you'll discover the
'Arid Canyon' day camp and find more [SALVAGE x2] and an [XP BOX]. You can also
hunt bunnies here (and rats in the cave). Move through the cave to collect still
more [SALVAGE x2]. After the scene, wiggle the left analog stick left/right and
tap X or Square, then move towards the hole and proceed to the end of this
tunnel. [100 XP].

You can find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] next to the corpse (that's right...) and the
[TRENCH SHOTGUN] at the end of the walkway. You can now blast through wooden
barricades! Jump over the gap and head through the hole at the end of the
hall (scramble up the left wall to reach it) to reach a large circular tomb.
Equip the shotgun to dispatch the enemies after the scene finishes. You can
collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS x3] around the grave should you get low on ammo.

Pull the large weight away from the gate with a rope arrow to clear the path.
Move through the tunnel to reach the 'Sheltered Alcove' day camp, where you can
find some more [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Blast the barricade out of the way, then make
your way over the walkway (and subsequently the ledges) until you enter the
next building.

Dispatch the enemies here right away (one will try to reason, but they're going
to attack the second after this anyway, so it doesn't matter). There's one guy
with a riot shield; as usual, dodge by stepping to the right, then unload on him
(preferably with the shotgun at this point). After defeating them, collect the
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] in the upper left corner next to a pillar, the move upstairs
(in the same corner) and kill another savage.

You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [RIFLE AMMO] on this walkway. Open the
shutters on one side and pull the weight with a rope arrow to smash the pillars
on one side. Close the shutter again and open the ones on the other side and
pull the weight again, this time hitting the other pillar. At the point some
enemies will start bugging Lara, so pull out your shotgun and take them out.
After dealing with all of them (and probably collecting [BOW PARTS 1/2] by
looting their bodies), open both shutters and pull the weight one last time to
bring the bell down. [250 XP].

After this, simply rush through the hall and leap towards the rope bridge.
During the sliding part, shoot through two barricades with your shotgun and
another scene will play. [500 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |          S E C T I O N   T H I R T E E N   [WLK-13]        |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |  M O U N T A I N   V I L L A G E  ( F I N A L   T O U R )  |

Head outside to discover the day camp 'Mountain Descent'. Sit down to collect

You can find [ILLUMINATION STATUE #8] on the left, next to the waterfall. Move
to the right/east and follow the river to make a brief detour, finding a
[SALVAGE BAG] along the way, along with more [SALVAGE] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX]
underneath the hut. You'll likely find [RIFLE PARTS 2/3] here as well. To burn
the second [SALVAGE BAG], light the first torch, jump over the river, pull the
unlit torch away from the first (so it catches fire), then stand underneath the
bag and pull it towards it. Don't forget to collect the [GPS CACHE] directly
across the hut in which you found the large salvage crate.

Backtrack to where you came from and create a rope bridge on the left side of
the wooden bridge to reach a path that's otherwise inaccessible. Move to the
far end to find a [GPS CACHE]. But that's not all; this is also an amazing
vantage point to take out three guards below, while they're harmless. And that's
still not all. Jump on top of the arch to reach an other platform that contains

Loot the three enemies and create a rope bridge sliding down the big hut. You
can find a [GPS CACHE] to the right, and some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] to the left.
(Those *have* to be here, similar to other ammunition placements, to prevent
the player from getting stuck. This also happens to supply the gamer with a
little too much ammunition for my personal liking, even on the hardest
difficulty.) In any case, don't immediately proceed east; there's much to do.

Blast the barricade out of the way and head inside to trigger a scene. You can
find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] afterward. You can climb to the upper floor by moving
over the bell and grabbing the beams to find an [XP BOX], [RIFLE AMMO] and

Destroy the barricade on the ground to find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [PLANT]
on the one side of the building, and a [SALVAGE BAG] on the other. It's now
possible to explore the last parts of the mountain village, and there's no
better time to do this than right now, since you're already in the neighborhood.

• First of all, you may have tried to collect the contents of the [SALVAGE BAG]
  nearby the first base camp of the mountain village, and inevitably failing
  every attempt. It can now be easily gotten by swinging the lit torch in its

• You can find [HANDGUN AMMO] next to the tree on the left/south after crossing
  the river.

• There's also some [HANDGUN AMMO] to your immediate right after crossing the
  river (near the wreck).

• An [XP BOX] can be found near the base camp.

• [DOCUMENT - #2 ENDURANCE OFFICERS (REYES: DEAR ROTH)] can be found next to the

• There's an [XP BOX] near the hill, and a [LARGE SALVAGE CRATE] near the main
  plane wreck.

• Inside the plane wreck itself you can find surprisingly little. Only some
  [HANDGUN AMMO] and an [XP BOX] are located inside. All the rest must've fallen

• Move over the wreck in northeastern direction to reach a previously
  inaccessible platform that contains some [SALVAGE], [ARROWS] and a [GPS CACHE]
  nearby the tree.

• Scramble up the wall at this platform to find a [SALVAGE BAG] upstairs, as
  well as some regular [SALVAGE].

  Climb the rock wall (if you wish) to reach the upper part of the mountain
  village. The nearby rope takes you to a part of the village you haven't been
  before (although you can also just walk there from the wreck, since the crash
  has leveled the floor somewhat.) In any case, here you can find the following
  items and collectibles:

• In the (western) house Lara lands at after sliding down the rope, one can find

  NOTE: There are boar in this part of the mountain village. You can hunt them
  ¯¯¯¯¯ for experience, but they won't go down in one hit. Although it rarely
        happens, a boar can run Lara over, which will hurt significantly. Even
        so, it's nearly impossible to die from boar, if not impossible.

• The other (eastern) house contains an [XP BOX], [RIFLE AMMO], [ARROWS] and
  [RELIC - #SEMPER FI (USMC DOGTAGS)]. There's also some [SALVAGE] just outside
  around the corner.

• A [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] can be found near the tail of the plane.

• You can scramble up the wall behind the western house to find some [SALVAGE]
  and the final [ILLUMINATION STATUE #10]! You can also light a torch here to
  ignite the second one as well (stand against the other house and pull it, then
  use the second torch to bring down the [SALVAGE BAG x2].

• From the platform with the last illumination statue you can also jump on top
  of the roof of the western house to find the last [EGG POACHER #5].

• You can also go upstairs from the platform where you found the last statue
  (behind the western building), to find [SALVAGE x2], and also a [GPS CACHE]
  not too far from the tree on the far west side.

• Back to the main area of the mountain village, move west of the wreck, past
  the very first statue you lit, and destroy the door at the far end with a
  rope arrow. In the room behind it you'll find [SALVAGE], some [RIFLE AMMO] and

• You can now also collect the contents of the [SALVAGE BAG] hanging next to
  the large building. Simply destroy the barricade with your shotgun, light the
  torch and swing it towards the bag by pulling it away first.

• This building also has a rope door you can now pull out on the northwest/left
  section of the first floor. Inside the room is [SALVAGE] and [RIFLE AMMO].

• Move on the rocky platform west/left of this large house and climb to the top.
  Blast out the barricade to access the hut which is attached to the rock wall.
  Inside you'll find [SALVAGE x2].

• From here, jump down to the roof below/north to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Head back to camp and fast travel to the 'Village Overlook' base camp. Slide
  down the rope and head inside the building. Look for the barricade and blast
  it out to find [DOCUMENT - #6 ANCIENT SCROLLS (GENERAL: THE OATH)] behind it.

After collecting all these items, or whenever you feel like proceeding, return
to the base camp on the lower level ('Village Plateau') and create a rope bridge
to return to the east building across the river. Leap over the gap to the east
and collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2]. Move to the end of the path and slide down the

Lara will first need to get a good grip, but you don't want to climb up right
away. Wait for the guard to check the hut and walk away, then hide behind the
low fence. Shoot the lantern before the guards finish their conversation to
waste at least two of them, then dispatch the last one as well.

Take the right path and move up the arch to collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2]. You can
move over the wreck and take one guy out below, then jump to the platform to
the right and take out the other two who are usually still 'working' on the
wreck. You can go back to kill the others, although this is optional. Cross the
river and the descent starts.

Stay in the middle of the river and avoid the sharp spikes on the sides. The
plane propeller also needs to be avoided. When falling down, press X or Square,
followed by B or Circle, then steer away from any trees (you can steer with the
left stick, but the right stick may also help with adjusting the camera).
[100 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |          S E C T I O N   F O U R T E E N   [WLK-14]        |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |             S H A N T Y T O W N  ( N O R T H )             |

You can't do much else but proceed forward until you slide down. [100 XP]. Look
to your left to find some [SALVAGE], and like also [SHOTGUN PARTS 1/3]. There
are also some [ARROWS] in this area. Proceed through the hole on the right and
wade through until you reach the end.

When you get out, hide behind the crate and kill the guy on top of the building
with a headshot. Wait for the guards to finish their conversation, then kill one
of them with a headshot. Don't get the contents of the [SALVAGE BAG] before
killing all nearby enemies first; it's a trap. There's a red explosive barrel
near the stairs that you can shoot when enemies are nearby, although it's not
necessary to do this. Search the place to find some [ARROWS] on the walkway,
and some [RIFLE AMMO] near the other building, then go upstairs to find some

Follow the linear path and collect [SHOTGUN SHELLS] along the way. Move over the
beam to cross the gap, kill two enemies and move around the corner to finish a
third one. You can also find [RIFLE AMMO] near this corner. When you reach the
chopper, pull away the back with a rope arrow and move inside. After the scene
you'll have access to fire arrows. [100 XP].

You can put these to good use right away by killing a few enemies down below.
Wait until some enemies start hiding in the building to the right then shoot the
red explosive barrel near the fence to waste some of them. This fight can get
fairly hectic, especially because enemies will soon come from the side as well.
While Lara's fire arrows can destroy some of the fences in the building across
the street, you'll soon want to switch to your rifle and make good use of the
explosive barrels on the right/west side of the area. After killing all enemies
you can start exploring shanty town, which houses many, many collectibles, items
and ammunition.

You'll find the 'Helicopter Hill' base camp close to your starting position, on
the far northwest side of the area. The map is going to be very useful while
exploring shantytown, so be sure to consult it every now and then. It's likely
that you can upgrade your rifle into the [ASSAULT RIFLE] at this point. If not,
finding some more salvage will surely solve that problem soon enough.

• If you haven't collected these yet during the heat of the shootout, grab some
  [ARROWS x2] and [RIFLE AMMO] from the walkway you started out on. Also loot
  the numerous bodies you left behind.

• You can find some [ARROWS] on the stairs leading down, close to the camp.

• Head down and stand in the center of the square. Face the chopper to the north
  and you'll notice a burnable piece of cloth directly in front of you; shoot a
  burning arrow into it, then pull the thing down with a rope arrow to destroy
  the first of five effigies, part of another challenge. This guide will refer
  to them as: [LAID TO REST - #1 EFFIGIES], this of course being number 1.

• From the ground floor, move to the east. Ignore the barricade for now and
  search the shack near the fence to find some [RIFLE AMMO].

• You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the destroyable barricade to the east.

• North of here, in the corner of the area, you can find a [PLANT].

• It's possible to move underneath the house south of the square. Here you'll
  find [SALVAGE], [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. You might at this point
  receive [SHOTGUN PARTS 2/3] as well.

• [RELIC - #1 INRO (DECORATIVE INRO)] can be found on the ground floor of this
  building (which stands immediately south of the camp square.

• Still on the same floor, one can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the other side of
  the building, near a barricade.

• Climb this building to its top to find an [XP BOX], [RIFLE AMMO] and [ARROWS].

• Moving to the west of the center building, you can find a [SALVAGE BAG] on the
  'first floor' walkway. Run around the corner to find [RIFLE AMMO], [ARROWS],
  and a [GPS CACHE] a few steps further around this corner.

• Climb this building to the next floor to find some [SALVAGE]. Climb to the
  top to locate a rope attachment pole (shoot it into the small beam sticking
  out of the roof directly in front of you, of the center building). You can
  also find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] here, as well as the first [SILENCER - #1 ALARM].
  Destroy four of those to beat that challenge.

• North of here, (after jumping back to the ground floor) underneath the stairs
  is a small room that contains [SALVAGE] and [RIFLE AMMO].

• From the first floor of the center building (south of the northern camp
  square) head south and destroy the barricade, then move into the southern
  building (destroying another barricade to enter). Inside you'll spot some
  blood stains on the floor. Look around to find some [ARROWS], [SALVAGE], and
• Climb to the upper walkway to find some [SALVAGE], [SHOTGUN SHELLS], and
  You'll likely also collect [RIFLE PARTS 1/3] at this point.

• From the ground floor of this building (south of the center building that was
  in turn south of the camp square), proceed outside (slightly south) and turn
  right/west to blast another barricade. The shack behind it contains a
  [GPS CACHE], and you can destroy another barricade to clear another path to
  a square with a trap in the middle and some explosive barrels standing around

• At this southern square, with a [SALVAGE BAG] trap in the middle, simply
  activate the trap and shoot the pulley to collect the loot; there are no
  enemies nearby. You can then grab the nearby [SHOTGUN SHELLS] too.

  Leave the explosive barrels standing for now. Their function will become
  apparent soon.

• Approach the doorway to the south to discover an optional tomb entrance. Don't
  just recklessly enter, but jump over the trap in the door way to collect
  sacrificial room. You can trigger the trap if you wish; this spawns a lot of
  enemies. You'll first want to kill the ones quickly approaching by shooting
  them (and explosive barrels in the distance). After this, quickly shoot the
  pulley to the lower left of Lara and hide behind the wall. From here, grab
  your assault rifle and take out the remaining enemies, switching only to your
  shotgun when enemies manage to enter the room.

After all this, destroy the planks in this room with a rope arrow and drop down
to find a [GPS CACHE]. Make your way through the cave and collect [SALVAGE x2]
from the boxes. Before you climb down the ladder, look straight ahead to spot
a [SALVAGE BAG] that you can shoot with a burning arrow. A second [SALVAGE BAG]
can be spotted hanging from the ceiling right before you climb down the rock
wall. Move through the cracks down below (and get the nice 'Lara squeezes her
D-cup through a small crack' animation, of course) to enter the tomb.

The puzzle can be solves as follows:

1. Dump three jerrycans on the platform.
2. Remove one container from the platform.
3. Quickly leave the platform, running back up to leap towards it as it ascends.
4. Quickly climb the platform and leap over to the nearby beam.

(It can also be done by removing all three jerrycans from the platform, this
 doesn't really make much of a difference.)

Your reward is once again [1250 XP], [250 SALVAGE] and the [SHANTYTOWN RELIC
TREASURE MAP]. Exit the cave.

While the gate to the next area can be found very easily by moving to the south
part of the city, and while there will surely be FAQs that will tell you to "go
to that waypoint", resulting in 30kb documents, this guide will first go over
some more collectibles that you can find in shantytown that haven't been
discussed yet.

• Directly to the left/west of the tomb entrance you can find [SALVAGE] and some
  [ARROWS] by going upstairs. There's also a [PLANT] near the stone steps

• The building south of here (which is west of the square with the trap in the
  center) contains an [XP BOX] on the first floor. On the ground floor, destroy
  the barricade to find [RELIC - #1 ANIMAL STATUARY (JADE HORSE)] inside.

• There's also a small alley to the west of the square with the trap in the
  middle of it. At the end you can find some [ARROWS], and if you destroy the
  barricade here, some [SALVAGE] as well. Directly above it lies [RIFLE AMMO];
  use the nearby roofs to reach it.

• If you haven't already done so, destroy the fallen explosive barrel to the
  east side of the square with the trap. This blows out a part of a building,
  inside which you can find [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. There are also
  [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the nearby walkway (ground floor) if you haven't collected
  them already.

• Move through the street on the east and blast the barricade open at the end.
  Inside this small room you'll find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [GPS CACHE].

• The left/north wall here has a barricade you destroy; behind it are [RIFLE
  AMMO] and some [SALVAGE] waiting to be found.

• Scramble up the nearby wall and move around the corner to encounter several
  enemies. Move enemies are located north of here. After dispatching them all,
  look for [RIFLE AMMO] on the northernmost walkway, in the corner.

• Start climbing the large building in this section afterward (this is the north
  east part of the area). This first accessible floor contains a relic:

  found on the upper floor.

• From the square with the trap in the center, move east and go around the
  corner to explore the southeast part of shantytown. To Lara's immediate left/
  east is a barricaded room with a [GPS CACHE] inside.

• If you climb up to the second floor of this building (be creative in your
  climbing; there are several ways), destroy the barricade to find:
  [RELIC - #2 ANIMAL STATUARY (JADE WATER BUFFALO)]. The upper floor contains
  some [ARROWS].

• Slide down the rope to the southeast (or simply jump to that roof part) to
  find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS].

When you reach the gate, various enemies appear. This can be a fairly tough
fight, especially since two Solarii savages with riot shields enter the scene.
You'll want to try dispatching those by shooting explosive barrels as they pass
by to instantly destroy them. Stay behind the crates and (non-explosive) barrels
at all times, unless a Molotov cocktail is hurled at you or when under direct

After defeating all enemies, search the place for [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [RIFLE 
AMMO x2] and [ARROWS x3] (two are in the street). If you've done the optional
exploration as described above, then you've essentially looted this part of the
town, so burn the beam of the gate by using a burning arrow, then turn the
wheel to proceed. [100 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |           S E C T I O N   S I X T E E N   [WLK-16]         |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |  S H A N T Y T O W N  S O U T H  /  A N C I E N T  G A T E |

You'll find the 'Ancient Gate' day camp on the walkway here. Slide down to the
muddy square and look to the right/west to spot a [LAID TO REST - #2 EFFIGIES].
There's some [SALVAGE] on the left/east side of the square. There's also a
[SALVAGE BAG] hanging from the walkway in the southeast corner. Climb the
stairs directly left of the mud slide and walk over the walkway. Blast out the
barricade (this is all on the east side) to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and 

Wade through the mud and collect the [ARROWS] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the
walkway to the south. You can find more [SALVAGE] in the adjacent (left)
walkway, in the red chopper wreck.

Move over the bridge and another shootout commences. There'll be a lot of
dynamite hurling, so keep moving from crate to crate while killing enemies in
the distances. If you keep hurting or kill the guy at the top, sounding the
alarm, the battle will be less long than usual. [400 XP]. Search the place to
find [ARROWS x6], [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. After this you can start
exploring the area for optional items and collectibles.

• Drop down the platform to find a [GPS CACHE]; it's not in the river itself
  but still on this lower walkway among some debris.

• Climb the rope to reach a walkway with some [SALVAGE] in the corner, and an
  [XP BOX] on the other side, still on the same floor.

• Climb the structure (or rope) further to reach [SILENCER - #2 ALARM].

• You can spot [LAID TO REST - #3 EFFIGIES] on the tower you're supposed to
  reach (with Grim inside), it's to the southeast from here.

• Before climbing the next rope all the way to the top, first drop down to the
  walkway below again and destroy the barricade on the west side to reach an
  area with some animals and items. To the immediate right (after going through
  this hole in the fence) you can find [RIFLE AMMO] and [ARROWS].

• Move over the wooden bridge and drop down in the middle to find a [GPS CACHE].

• [RELIC - #3 INRO (COMMANDER'S INRO)] can be found inside the building, on the
  ground floor.

• Climb the building to find a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] on the first floor.

• There's also a barricade around the corner (still on the first floor). Behind
  this lies a [GPS CACHE].

• Look all the way up at this spot, and you should be able to see a [SALVAGE
  BAG] hanging from one of the walkways.

• Scramble up the nearby wall to find [RIFLE AMMO] and an [XP BOX].

• Move up another level and some enemies appear in the distant building to the
  northeast. There's an explosive barrel near their position, so blasting it
  sure helps in this (small) firefight. After dispatching the remaining enemies,
  search the place to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and some [ARROWS] near the crates.

• Climb the building here (not where the enemies are; we'll get right to it)
  to find [SILENCER - #3 ALARM].

• From here, move south to reach the walkway you'd have taken if you climbed
  the rope immediately up. You can find [ARROWS] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] here.

• This is also an excellent spot to locate the [LAID TO REST - #4 EFFIGIES] on
  the rock wall to the west.

• You can find some [ARROWS x2] on the platform north of the alarm.

After getting all those items, move to the northeast of the walkway (to where
you killed several enemies.)

• To the left of this intersection you can find [ARROWS]. Destroy the barricade
  and look for [RIFLE AMMO] and [RELIC - #4 INRO (SCRIBE'S INRO)] inside this
  small room.

• Before scrambling up the wall, move around to the right side and look behind
  the crates to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Scramble up the wall and some enemies appear at the windmill. Kill them and
  search the platform you're currently on to find [ARROWS] on the right side.

Once you reach the windmill you're up against another group of enemies. Dispatch
them and start searching the area for the following items:

• Move to the left/north where the crates are being transported back and forth.
  You can find some [RIFLE AMMO] here, and you can also scramble up the wall
  just around the corner to find [SILENCER - #4 ALARM].

• Climb the mill to the top to easily spot [LAID TO REST - #5 EFFIGIES] on the
  rock wall to the northeast. There's in fact another one on the east side of
  the mill - perhaps in case you missed one.

• While on the top of the mill, search behind the central structure to find
  [ARROWS], [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [RIFLE AMMO]. There's a [GPS CACHE] on the
  other side, again close to the central structure.

• Back at where the crates are being transported, move east to the fence, then
  look left to spot an [XP BOX].

• Drop down and circle the mill on the first floor to find a [SALVAGE BAG].

• Move to the ground floor to search the area underneath the mill. You can find
  [RELIC - #3 ANIMAL STATUARY (JADE DRINKING VESSEL)] on the north side of this
  area, [DOCUMENT - #6 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (OBSESSION)] on a desk to the west
  (underneath the stairs), and some [ARROWS] next to another set of stairs

• On the ground level, search the pile of bodies/debris west of the mill (not
  too far from a burning barrel) to find a [GPS CACHE].

• Still on the ground level, move to the southwest corner to locate a barricade.
  Destroy it and search the area behind it to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a

• Not too far from here - still on the ground floor in the southwest corner - is
  a fence that's half-open. Behind it is another alarm (for if you've missed
  one, presumably). Drop down to the area below and search for a [GPS CACHE] in
  the corner near the fence. Destroy the barricade (and a second one in the
  hall behind it) to reach an [XP BOX].

• From the 'Windmill' base camp (which is southeast from the mill), look behind
  the old corpse tree to find some [SALVAGE]. "Hey mommy, let's play count the

• Head over the river north from the base camp and move past the boilers to the
  far north. Head upstairs and search the corner near the bench and the beam to
  find a [GPS CACHE].

• Move over the beam to find [SALVAGE x2]. A little further to the right/east
  of here you can find an [XP BOX] and a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX], plus some [ARROWS]
  next to the burning barrel.

• The cage contains [SALVAGE BAG x5]; in order to shoot them all down (with
  burning arrows) you'll have to shoot some from the ground floor (through the
  cage holes), and others will need to be shot by moving up the iron catwalk on
  the other side.

From the 'Windmill' base camp, the entrance is to the east. In the first
circular chamber, search the left side to find a [GPS CACHE] among the grass.
Keep moving until Lara slides down the slippery slope, and be ready to get a
good grip. Move over the beams until you reach an intersection with some
[SALVAGE]. The left path leads back out of the cave, the right path moves you
deeper into the cave, leading to the puzzle area of the tomb.

The puzzle here is extremely simple. First jump from the ramp on the left side
of the area to break the platform that has a jerrycan on it. The rubber wheel
on the right side can be swung against the nearby platform to the right. You
should already have three jerrycans by now. Place these at the end of the ramp
on the right side of the area so that it stays down on the smaller side (you'll
first need to step onto where you dumped the jerrycans.) Now you can run over it
and quickly swing your axe into the climbable rock wall to reach the chest on
the left side; climb over the beams to reach it.

Your reward is, as always, [1250 XP], [250 SALVAGE] and the [SHANTYTOWN GPS
CACHE MAP]. You'll also receive [HANDGUN PARTS 2/3] here. Exit the cave

Move on top of one of the crates and ride it to the other side. A big and tough
firefight starts now; especially on the hard difficulty things can get hectic.
Equip your rifle and quickly dispatch the guys sliding down to your platform.
After taking care of those, start dispatching guys in the tower up ahead. ONLY
shoot a red explosive barrel if you're 100% sure someone is standing closeby,
otherwise it's a waste of time and of the barrel. Keep moving from cover
position to cover position as there are a lot of pyro's throwing Molotovs and
dynamite at you. If enemies reach your platform, back away and hide behind the
larger pillars in the corners with your shotgun equipped. If you've taken care
of those, quickly aim some precision shots at the guys in the tower. It's
possible to destroy some of their cover positions with burning arrows, but this
is only worth the trouble when only a few of them remain. [400 XP].

If I've kept track of everything correctly, you can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS], 
[SHOTGUN SHELLS], [ARROWS], and [RIFLE AMMO x2] around here.

Use the rope to reach the tower, climb to the top and make your way to the rock
wall on the southeast (you'll have to get a good grip after the scene). [100 XP]

Proceed to find the 'Vista Tower' day camp. Continue over the large bridge,
head inside the house up ahead and make your way to the bridge. Leap over and
follow Roth's instructions closely and you'll make it across. When he tells you
there are too many, quickly jump on the nearby roof and run down the collapsing
walkway until a rock wall comes up. Climb it [100 XP], then move through the
tunnel. [100 XP]. Move further inside the linear cave and you'll get even more
experience. [100 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |          S E C T I O N  E I G H T E E N  [WLK-18]          |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |            G E O T H E R M A L   C A V E R N S             |

Move left to find a [PLANT], then head upstairs to view a cutscene.

Wade through the blood and head up the path until you reach some [ARROWS]. Use
a burning arrow to (very briefly) take care of the gas up ahead, so quickly
continue through the crack. You'll reach a new camp (The Pit), where you can
gotten by using this camp.

Move through the crack up ahead to reach the next hall. Approach the waypoint to
watch a short scene, then go down the walkway. A few steps in, look through the
stalactites (and use Animal Instincts) to spot a [FIRESTARTER - SACK #1] on
the left. Shoot it with a burning arrow to check it off the list.

Head down and hide behind the debris until all cannibals are gone. You can find
some [SALVAGE] just to the left of this small heap of flesh and bones. You may
want to collect the [ARROWS] near the gate on the right; turning the valve here
will release more gas. Shooting it with a burning arrow from a distance will
clear the way. While this is the way out, there are some optional things to do.

• Climb the small shrine with some candles in the middle of the area (left of
  where the cannibals were eating) to find: [RELIC - #1 CEREMONIAL FANS

• The very first path to your left (southwest on your map) has [SALVAGE x2] at
  its end, but you'll have to kill a cannibal on the way back (a burning arrow
  will do nicely).

• The next path is blocked by some gas (which you can quickly run past), after
  which you'll need to fight another cannibal. Your reward is some [SALVAGE]
  and a [GPS CACHE] on the upper platform. [FIRESTARTER - SACK #2] can be
  spotted above the hall with gas. Survival Instincts will highlight it for you.

• You can find another [GPS CACHE] by following the walkway in the central cave.

• There's also the [FIRESTARTER - SACK #3] in this walkway.

• Check your map and climb the northernmost ledge to find some [LARGE SALVAGE].

After this, make your way through the gate on the east. As you walk up the
stairs, immediately run to the right side of the large area and hide behind the
large stalactite pillar as two Solarii guards approach. You'll also find 
[ARROWS x3] here to replenish your supply for now. When the first guard leaves,
shoot the second in the head as he's taking a leak. Search the right wall for a
[PLANT], an [XP BOX] and a [GPS CACHE].

Continue and hide behind the wooden fence to watch two Solarii guards play
checkers. Something breaks and one of them goes to check it out (not in your
direction), which is the ideal moment to take out both of them with headshots
(the one closest first, obviously). [DOCUMENT - #3 ENDURANCE OFFICERS
(REYES: DEAR ALISHA) can be found where they were playing checkers. There's an
[XP BOX] in the upper right corner, and you can head up the stone steps leading
back south. If you climb the wooden structure at the base of these steps you'll
find the [TREASURE MAP] of the area. Turn the crank before reaching the top and
fire a burning arrow into the gas to continue onward. Don't miss the camp at the
altar at the very top, which contains some loot: [ARROWS x2], [SALVAGE], as well

Climb over the box you kicked down with the explosion to continue. As you reach
this walkway, a conversation between three Solarii guards starts down below.
After the third one joins the two guards, igniting the gas close to them allows
you to wipe them out with one swift move. You can find an [XP BOX] closeby, and
right before you jump over to the walkway on the other side of the hall, you
can also hit the [FIRESTARTER - SACK #4] hanging near the door where the guards
were conversing.

There's an [XP BOX] and a [GPS CACHE] at the right side of the end of the hall,
on the lower ground. Look up to spot [FIRESTARTER - SACK #5] hanging from the
ceiling. After looting the bodies, climb the walkway on the left side to reach a
platform with a climbable rock wall and a [PLANT]. 

Head up and move to the end of the walkway; dispatch the unaware Solarii guard
and burn the [FIRESTARTER - SACK #6] hanging slightly to the right. Move to the
right side of the walkway and kill the guard with a flashlight in the far back
with a headshot. When the new recruits start chanting the "flesh to the flame"
nonsense, give them what they desire by shooting a well-aimed burning arrow in
the heart of the gas leak. In the ritual area, search for [PLANT x2] (below
where you're sitting) and some [ARROWS] (behind the fence from the left walkway
you could've also taken). Don't miss the hidden area left of the altar; at the
There's also [DOCUMENT - #7 DIARIES OF A MADMAN (LOST)] next to the sacrificial
altar itself.

Head upstairs to find some [ARROWS], an [XP BOX] and a [GPS CACHE] next to it,
as well as a valve for creating another gas leak. Open it up, then us a rope
arrow to pull the cage closer. Fire a burning arrow at the gas (from a distance)
and run through the walkway as the place collapses. After sliding down, quickly
keep on running through the area filled with gas until you can climb up to the
next area.

Here, wait for one of the Solarii guards to the left to scold the one firing
arrows at Reyes (who's in the cage), then quickly take down that guard with
flashlight on the right with a headshot. Wait for the other two to finish their
conversation, and one of them will start fixing something. Take out the other
one first, then him as well.

After the cutscene, collect [ARROWS] from your starting position, and some more
on the main walkway. Turn the valve where one of the two guards was standing and
shoot the gas to perform the first step in rescuing your crewmembers. There are
more [ARROWS] underneath the cage (near a rock). The explosion has cleared the
way, so go upstairs, grab some more [ARROWS], then jump over to the cage.

The next step is to shoot the gas left of the cage, immediately followed up by
the second gas leak, so that the cage swings towards the counterweight. After
this, scramble to the right side of the cage and consequently around and on top
of it. From here, jump over to the nearby platform, break the two valves, take
your distance and shoot them with a burning arrow to free the Endurance crew.
[100 XP]. You can also find [ARROWS x2] on this platform.

Leap over to the yellow cages (quickly get a good grip on the second one) to
reach safety [400 XP]. Make your way upstairs [100 XP] and open the double doors
with your axe to reach the Solarii Palace, or what's left of it anyway.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |          S E C T I O N  N I N E T E E N  [WLK-19]          |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              S O L A R I I   F O R T R E S S               |

Move through the hall and crawl underneath the burning planks, then continue
until you reach a larger hall with some enemies. Wait for them to finish their
conversation, loot all the bodies, then continue over the roof where you'll
reach a climbable wall at the end. Climb to the top and leap from beam to beam
to meet mister "Aaaaaaahhhhh". After that short but pleasant encounter, continue
over the walkway until a cutscene plays. Continue over the roofs and slide down
the rope; you'll encounter two enemies on across the street here, so take
cover and take them both out. You can find [ARROWS x2] in the corner, should
you need some.

You'll have to jump over to the other side, which is quite a jump, so time it
carefully and prepare to get a good grip on the other side if required. Move up
the wall and make your way to the end of the ceremonial hall to trigger a scene.
Lara retrieves her weapons, which must be celebrated with a big firefight.

Start off with dispatching enemies by using your assault rifle, firing short
bursts as usual, and only switch to your pistol when you run out of ammo. You
can find [RIFLE AMMO] and [ARROWS] on the right side of the area, and [RIFLE 
AMMO] behind a pillar in the lower left corner should you run out. In the second
phase of the battle, two armored Solarii enemies emerge. Take shelter and grab
out your shotgun; a few well-aimed blasts from up close will do the trick. 
[140 XP]. With all enemies taken care of, proceed through the hall in the upper
right corner. [100 XP].

Continue and you'll soon run into more Solarii members. Take them out and look
for [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the flames downstairs. More enemies
are located further down, including one with a riot shield. Dodge his sword
attack and blast him with the shotgun as his body is unshielded to finish him
off effectively. You can find [ARROWS x2] against the wall across the flames.
Head outside to view a short scene.

You can't directly take out the gunner, so proceed to the right side of the area
taking cover (and rest) behind concrete walls and blocks. From the far right
side you can continue to the upper left building and climb the wall there. Jump
in the direction of the gunner and Lara leaps onto a rope, triggering a short
scene. You'll have to fire the grenade launcher with RB/R1 at the end; afterward
you'll have access to the [GRENADE LAUNCHER] as alternate fire on your assault
rifle. Collect the [RIFLE AMMO x2] and [GRENADES] next to the heavily barricaded
double doors (a new removable obstacle; can be destroyed with grenades) and
blast them open.

You can find more [RIFLE AMMO] and [GRENADES] near the doorway, and [RIFLE AMMO]
plus [GRENADES] and [RIFLE AMMO] in the area beyond. Since Lara can only hold
seven grenades, and since the game gives them away like candy (there are more
[GRENADES x2] down below), don't hesitate to take out some or most of the
enemies with your newly acquired weapon add-on to save some of your regular

Down below you gain access to the Solarii Fortress day camp, where you can most
likely upgrade your shotgun into a Pump-Action Shotgun by now. After upgrading
whatever you wish, continue by climbing the wall of the burning building. Go
through, look for [RIFLE AMMO] at the corner of the walkway, then make your way
to the end. There's some [GRENADES] next to the metal barricade at the end;
blast your way through then proceed over the roofs by sliding down the rope.

You can find [GRENADES x2] and [RIFLE AMMO] here; blast out the metal barricade
and take out the enemies down below. There's even more [GRENADES] and [RIFLE
AMMO] behind the fence. The next wave of enemies appears as you move down the
stairs, so step back and take cover again for a decent vantage point. Various
enemies spawn in the smoke-laden alley up ahead, so toss a few grenades in
their direction and finish any stragglers with your assault rifle. Some of them
are hiding behind armored fences that can be destroyed with grenades. 

A lot of ammunition can be found in this area:

[RIFLE AMMO] lies inside the first building, [GRENADES] next to one of the
entrances, [RIFLE AMMO x2] near the crate in the middle of the street nearby a
burning barrel, [RIFLE AMMO x2] plus [GRENADES] to the left of here (up the
small steps) and [GRENADES] in the middle of the street. There are also
[GRENADES] on the steps to the right, and if you climb this structure you can
find [RIFLE AMMO] and [GRENADES] inside. There are still more [GRENADES] next to
the building on the right, further down the street, and if you climb up to this
platform to the right you'll find more [RIFLE AMMO]. From the street, the
building to your immediate left at this point you can find yet more [RIFLE
AMMO]. Surely the game doesn't want you to run out of ammunition!

You can find [RIFLE AMMO] and [GRENADES] behind the shrine; head around the
corner and you'll have to face another gunman behind a turret. Move from barrel
to barrel until you can reach the building to the left. Climb up and hide behind
the boxes, then kill the enemies on the other side of the street (either after
or before sliding down the rope, though preferably before this). Move through
this building, in which you can find some [GRENADES], then blast the turret
with a grenade by aiming out of the window up ahead. [100 XP]. Slide down the
rope to reach Sam. [100 XP].

There's [RIFLE AMMO x2] near the doors. Proceed by climbing up the structure to
your right; at the top are some [GRENADES] and a rope you need to slide down.
Climb the wall to enter the building. Immediately start with climbing to the
platform left of Lara's starting position, as the place quickly caches fire.
Leap over to the beams and jump to the climbable wall to the right from here to
exit the building. [400 XP].

A chase scene starts playing: Move Lara across the bridge until she leaps to
a next segment; wiggle the left analog stick to the left and right, then press
Y or Triangle. Lastly, jump from bridge segment to bridge segment until you
safely reach the end. [100 XP].

Start climbing the planks in this area, leap over the gap, use the pole to
get across - you know the drill. As you reach the top of the climbable wall,
give Lara a good grip, then jump on the wooden rail and climb it so Lara
balances on top of it. Walk over and leap to the crate, get a good grip, and
jump to the last beam of this building to make it outside.

Quickly climb the climbable wall, make your way over the beam on the right and
climb another wall with jump-climbing moves to accelerate Lara's movement (also
get a good grip around this point once again). [100 XP]. At the top, jump for
the helicopter to trigger several scenes.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |            S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y  [WLK-20]            |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                 S U M M I T   F O R E S T                  |

cliff edge. You'll also notice that your old pistol has been replaced with a
[TACTICAL PISTOL], which allows for some new modifications at the day camp
near the wooden gate. The silencer is by far the most important upgrade, which
allows stealth headshots with the pistol. Using the camp also unlocks:

• Continue and take the right path to find a [#1 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM], a
  new type of collectible in this area; there are ten in total. Be sure to use
  Survival Instinct often along with the directions in this guide to spot them
  all. This one is not too far from the helicopter wreck.

• You can also find the [RELIC - #1 DAGGERS (CHOU DYNASTY DAGGER)] to the left,
  stashed away near some trees still close to the wreckage.
• Check your map and move to the far north/northwest corner to find a [GPS 
  CACHE] (this is left of the waypoint). 

• There's also the [#2 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] in the southeast corner of the
• Some [SALVAGE] can be found next to the wreckage, plus more [SALVAGE] in the
  creek to the northwest.

• Past the waypoint, just past the point where the path widens and strangely
  glows, you can find the [#3 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM].

Enemies sighted up ahead! Wait for them to finish their conversation, then take
out the guard with a flashlight whenever he's looking away (do so with a head
shot or he'll most likely call for backup). You can find [ARROWS] behind the
rock right before entering this open forest area, and more [ARROWS] are lying
near the rock where the Solarii guard was stationed.

There are many, many guards searching this part of the forest, so a stealth
approach would be wise. Keep a fair distance from the guards whenever you want
to take a shot and you should be fine. Remember that you can zoom in by pressing
the right analog stick. You can either go left (north) or right (south) from
this point. A good strategy is to move left/north first to take out the guard
standing at the bridge; his body will never be found by any of the other guards.
Don't go over that bridge; instead, head south and keep hugging the wall. One of
the guards will soon enough come fairly close; as he turns around, quickly aim
for his head to take him out while he's still far away from any of the other
guards up ahead.

Keep following this (western) wall until you reach a fairly large stone platform
you can hide behind. One of the guards will soon enough patrol the southeast
corner of the map, and this is the perfect spot to take him out with a powerful
arrow from your bow. Move slightly east and hide behind one of various trees
in the southeast corner, near the creek. Wait for the guard to the east (across
the creek) to patrol the southeast corner and immediately dispatch him as soon
as he looks away (might be a tricky shot since he's walking - but you have
multiple chances).

Hide behind the wreckage in the creek and look to the far east side of the area
to spot another Solarii guard. When he's farthest away from you, down him with a
well-placed arrow. There are several more guards (four in total) patrolling the
camp to the north/northeast from your current location (the camp is in the
center of the area, near a large building). The one closest to you can be easily
taken out by waiting with him moving south, shooting him whenever he's close.
The one at the camp can be taken out without too many problems. The one north
from there has to be killed whenever he's moving west (away from the hut), or
otherwise his partner back east might spot him. Move towards him (past the camp)
to find the last guard and take him out.

Three more guards will spawn at the waypoint to the east whenever you approach
it. One way to (fairly stealthily) take them out is to move to the hut to the
left (north) of the waypoint, shoot an arrow behind them, then take out the two
guards close to each other (the second one needs to be downed *quickly*, since
he'll see his partner collapse), then dispatching the third distracted guard.
With all of the enemies defeated in this forest zone, now is an excellent time
to loot all their bodies and search for hidden, optional collectibles.

Let's start from your initial starting position in to the far west.

• Directly left/north from your starting position you can find some [SALVAGE]
  hidden behind some plants.

• Thoroughly search this northwest corner to find [#4 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM].

• [#5 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] can be found by moving over the bridge to the
  east and searching at the base on the left/north side.

• There's an optional tomb to the east of the waterfall (north/northeast of the
  entire zone).
  TIP: If you're having trouble finding the relics in this area, the tomb
  ¯¯¯¯ contains a relic map.

• Some [SALVAGE] can be found directly east of the tomb entrance.

• There's a small hut to the east of the tomb entrance, in the northeast corner
  of this forest zone, and close to the waypoint. [ARROWS x2] can be found near
  the door, which can be destroyed with a rope arrow. Inside the hut is a

• The 'Hunting Lodge' base camp is located in front of the large lodge.
  [ARROWS] can be found next to a tree trunk close to this camp.

• Inside the large hut you'll find [ARROWS x2], some [SALVAGE], and [DOCUMENT -

• South of the camp is a small wreckage near the creek. Inside you can find
  some [SALVAGE]. There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging from the outpost in the
  tree directly above it.

• East of the wreck are some hills with an airplane wing on top. To reach it,
  jump from the elevated ground slightly north from there. You can find
  [SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the wing. Blasting out the nearby barricade with your
  shotgun reveals a short passageway; at the end Lara will slide right into the
  river (at the waterfall; this doesn't kill you or anything), unless you time
  a jump at the very last moment to reach the climbable wall. This leads to a
  platform to the right with a [GPS CACHE] at a tree trunk.

• Another [GPS CACHE] can be found in the river, very close to the waterfall.

• [#6 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] can be found by walking (at ground level) to the
  end of the crack between the two elevated platforms (at the airplane wing).

• From the airplane wing on the eastern platforms you can also reach a rope
  leading up to a tree outpost. From there you can jump to a small platform
  east that contains [RELIC - #2 DAGGERS (JADE CEREMONIAL DAGGER)].

• West of the wreckage, across the river, in the southwest part of the forest
  zone is a cabin with a wooden support pillar wrapped in rope; pull it away
  with a rope arrow to gain access to this hut. While there's nothing inside,
  it grant you access to a nearby tree outpost with a rope attachment pole.
  Look for the tree with some rope around it (just north from here) and climb
  that rope. Have Lara drop to the other rope that crosses her own line (use
  B or Square to do so), and she'll slide to an other outpost with some [ARROWS]
  on it. Climb this same rope to find some [SALVAGE] on the outpost on the other
  end. Last but not least, you can also reach a ledge with a [GPS CACHE] by
  leaping across from the hut.

• If you hadn't snatched it already during your stealth run, there are also
  some [ARROWS] on the ground in this area, close to one of the outposts.

• You can also find [#7 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] to the far south against the
  rock wall (near the river).

• Slightly north from the outposts in the southwest corner, the soil is somewhat
  elevated. Look for a ledge to the west with a [#8 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM].
  The elevated ground makes jumping towards it possible.

• Still further north from here, in the northwest part of the zone, a fallen
  tree lies close to a climbable wall on the far west side. From this tree,
  jump to the wall and climb it to the top, reaching a platform with a rope
  attachment pole. Jump to the nearby outpost to find some [ARROWS]. Climb the
  rope to reach an outpost high above that contains more [ARROWS], a [RELIC -
  hanging underneath it. You can shoot it after getting back on the ground by
  shooting a rope arrow in the tree trunk across the river (east).

• There's also a [#9 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] underneath (or close enough to)
  that last outpost (in the northwest part of the area, close to the water.

• You can find [#10 RED CAP ROUNDUP MUSHROOM] on the far northeast stairs
  leading to the waypoint. Collect it as you leave the area. If you've found all
  ten, this gives you [150 XP].

You can find some [ARROWS] near the camp. First light up the area somewhat by
shooting burning arrows at the various torches hanging from the wall. While this
is optional, it does make navigating the area easier. Shoot the barricaded area
up above (which immediately fills up with gas afterwards) by using a burning
arrow. Immediately climb up, turn left and climb on the upper walkway to find
some more [ARROWS]. Look across the area with Survival Instincts and you'll
easily spot the climbable wall right in front of you. Before climbing up, first
shoot the debris on top with a burning arrow to clear the path. Leap across and
head to the top to reach this tomb's treasure chest. [1250 XP], [250 SALVAGE],
and a [SUMMIT FOREST TREASURE MAP] is your reward.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |         S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y T W O  [WLK-22]         |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | F O R E S T  C A V E  &  G O N D O L A   T R A N S P O R T |

With all optional things done in this zone, head for the waypoint to the east.
Move over the bridge, destroy the door with a rope arrow and proceed through the
cave until you reach an area with caged wolfs. Climb the nearby ladder, use a
rope arrow to swing the deer against the pole, then immediately leap over to
the pole, using it to reach the climbable wall. [100 XP].

You'll find some [SALVAGE x2] and [SALVAGE BAGS x2] here. A [GPS CACHE] can be
found among the bones near the doorway. Proceed and Lara will slide down; get a
good grip, then proceed through the linear path, following the bats to the right
(which is the direction of the exit, there's nothing else in the cave).

Outside, slide down the rope and you'll be contacted by Alex. [900 XP]. Slide
down two ropes, look for some [SHOTGUN SHELLS], then jump on one of the cages
(but wait for it to come really close first, obviously). [100 XP].

The gondola stops soon enough, so shoot an arrow into the rope on the nearby
platform and slide down. There's [HANDGUN AMMO], [RIFLE AMMO] and [SHOTGUN
SHELLS] near one of the corners. Climb the yellow ladder on the other corner and
slide down the rope; a major firefight commences. You can find [RIFLE AMMO]
close to your starting position. The fight isn't too difficult; make use of the
explosives around the area and quickly take out your foes one by one. 

Soon enough a scene plays, after which you'll need to climb up and sidewards
(right) until another scene takes place. Leap over the gap, then (automatically)
slide down the ropes. You'll have to push B or Square at the right time as you
approach a second rope below (you'll have to do this a second time; the game
slows down when it's time to press the button). As the last rope ends, you'll
have to press B or Square again to make Lara slide down. Quickly shoot the
barricade with your shotgun and jump to grab the pole. Lara automatically grabs
the next rope, but you'll have to press B or Square again as she approaches the
next one. As the rope ends, push the button one more time at the right moment.
Shoot out the barricades in the river with your shotgun to end the ride.

Make your way through the crack at the end of the path to reach the next area.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |       S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y T H R E E  [WLK-23]       |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |    S H I P W R E C K   B E A C H  ( M A I N   A R E A )    |

There are a lot of items to be found in this area. Head to the camp (Survivors'
Camp) first, we'll use that as starting point for all directions.

TIP: You can now fast travel back to the Summit Forest area to hunt some animals
¯¯¯¯ for extra XP. Daylight shines on the forest now, so they're not too
     difficult to spot.

Head to the waypoint to meet up with the crew. [400 XP]. You're supposed to
check out the Galleon now, but there are various things to do in this area.
First of all, you can converse up to three times with each crew member to get
some additional dialogue. It's not much, but it reveals a bit more of their
personalities, so you might find it interesting nonetheless.

The following things can be done in the Shipwreck Beach area right now:

• You can hunt some boar and seagulls to gain extra XP.

• In the harbor (close to the boat), unlock the closed door with your axe to

• In the opposite building you can find another document on a desk:
  AMMO] in the corner.

• Climb this building to find a [GPS CACHE] in one of the corners on the roof.

• You can find some [SALVAGE] north of the northern building.

• There's also a [SALVAGE BAG] hanging north of the northern building.

• You can't open the iron door with rope (to the northwest) yet, so make a
  mental note of it and return to it later.

• There's a tank north of the harbor; north of that tank is a platform close to
  the large river that contains [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [RIFLE AMMO] and [SALVAGE].

• East of the tank is a large building with a cairn on top; inspect it to
  get the first of a series: [#1 CAIRN RAIDER].

• Southeast of this large builder is a broken down truck with some [SALVAGE]
  next to it.

• From the truck, move up the big sand walkway a few steps, until you can turn
  right/east around a large rock hill. The rocky walkway here leads to an [XP
  BOX] and a [#2 CAIRN RAIDER] at the very end.

• Move further up the hill via the sand walkway and take the left/northwest
  path. You can find an [XP BOX] on the far left, near a fence.

• Continue up the path and drop in the water when you reach the destroyed
  bridge. Destroy the barricade with your shotgun and push the buoy to the pond
  down below. You'll notice the climbable wall of the platform adjacent to this
  pond cannot normally be reached. Align one of the two buoys close to the
  climbable wall by using your rope arrows or pushing it. The second one should
  be placed between the dry, rocky ground and the first buoy so you can use it
  as stepping stone to reach the climbable wall. Up above you'll find the

• At the very top of the sand walkway, to the right of the destroyed bridge, and
  near a tree, lies a [GPS CACHE]. You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] nearby a second

• Head back down and go southeast of the truck. You can find some [SALVAGE] near
  the back of the large rock hill.

• There's a large mine to the east of here; you'll need to shoot ten of these
  to complete the area's collectibles. [#1 MINE SWEEPER]. Shooting them can only
  be done with guns.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] next to this mine. (This is on the east rock wall).

• On the southeast side of the beach you can find a [GPS CACHE] underneath the
  wooden walkway adjacent to the building.

• 'Inside' the building is a [SALVAGE BAG]. You can find [ARROWS] on the pier.

• There's a [#2 MINE SWEEPER] on this (southeast) part of the beach.

• You can't enter yet, but there's also an optional tomb in the east part of
  the area, just south of the large rock hill (where you also found one of the
  cairns). Note it for later.

• Drop down on the beach. You can find a [GPS CACHE] next to the giant anchor on
  the west side of the beach.

• Look south, into the sea, to spot [#3 MINE SWEEPER].

• There's a sloop in the water that you can push (and pull with rope arrows)
  towards the large blue container to get on top. The reward? A lame [XP BOX].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |        S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y F O U R  [WLK-24]        |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |  G A L L E O N  &  B A C K  T O  T H E  E N D U R A N C E  |

Have you found all optional items in this area so far? Or are you getting bored
and want to get another meaty piece of story? In either case, head to the west
of the beach and climb the scaffolding. When you reach the tower, make sure
*not* to fall into the sea, or it's instant death. Before climbing the crane,
move to the back (south) and look into the sea to the right/west side to spot
[#4 MINE SWEEPER]. [The Bradygames OSG actually tells you to get this later on,
requiring players to stand on an extremely small ramp of the Galleon, resulting
in an almost guaranteed death. Well done guys, well done. Very professional.]

Climb the crane and you'll get to some [SALVAGE] and a rope. Slide down, and
scan the sea to the left/east for [#5 MINE SWEEPER]. Then swing to the climbable
rock wall and make your way into the ship via the ledge to the right. [100 XP].

Inside the ship, hide in the center to overhear a conversation between the
Solarii guards. Wait for them to finish, then kill the one who stays with a
headshot. Loot the [SALVAGE BAG] near your starting position and leap over to
the next part of the ship. Quickly dispatch the second guard on the upper deck,
then proceed upstairs.

Make your way to the front of the ship by climbing around the side (only the
white beams can be used). On the very front deck, shoot the pulley/tackle the
large anchor is attached to, then collect it and move over the mast. [100 XP].
Two enemies are up ahead, so as soon as you hear them conversing, move back
over the mast. You can snipe one from afar by standing on the right side of the
front deck.

In any case, don't miss the [RELIC - #1 YUAN DYNASTY JADE (BROWN JADE INK BOX)]
in the cabin to the left before jumping over to the next area (dispatch the guy
hiding on the left if you can). Some Solarii fanatics appear, so dispatch them,
then slide down the ropes and head back to the camp.

You'll receive the [COMPOUND BOW] from Jonah, who's "been saving it for you"
ever since he found it" (he could've given it to you when you met him on the
boat, but whatever), which allows you to shoot craggy rocks. [400 XP]. Converse
with everyone if you want (Reyes is on the boat), then head to the southeast
part of the beach and walk to the end of the pier.

There are some craggy rocks right in front of you, but you can also shoot your
rope in the ones to the left; this path leads up to a high platform to the
north that contains a [GPS CACHE]. This can also be reached by taking the other
path; you'll just have to leap across the climbable rocks and go from there.

In any case, the ship's upper area contains a [LARGE SALVAGE] and a [SALVAGE
BAG]. Climb the ship's mast all the way to the very top to find a [GPS CACHE].
Go down one level from the deck and search the cabin room on the east to find a
[RELIC - #1 A FAMILY OUTING (STUFFED BUNNY)]. Drop down to the lowest level to
collect the salvage from the bag you already shot, as well as another relic on a
jump from the end of the rusty beam to the upper level.

If you look down into the sea (southwest), you should be able to spot a
[#6 MINE SWEEPER]; it sometimes is covered by waves, but most of the time it can
be seen, especially with Survival Instincts.

To continue, either slide down the rope from the deck, or slide down to the
climbable rocks to reach the same walkway to the south. You can find some
[SALVAGE] on the beach up ahead. Approach the building to overhead two
Solarii scavengers talk about a guy called Borys. After they finish conversing,
kill them from a distance; one's on a lower platform, the other up above.

• There's a small cave left/southeast of the waterfall; inside you can find 

• You can find [#7 MINE SWEEPER] on the nearby beach.

• The [#8 MINE SWEEPER] can be found by moving down the path/cliffs directly
  east of the tower. Scan the sea north of here to find this mine close to some
  wreckages in the water.

• [#9 MINE SWEEPER] is in the sea to the south. Approach the edge of the beach
  to spot it (use Survival Instinct should you have any problem locating it).

• A [GPS CACHE] and an [XP BOX] can be found on the destroyed pier. To get them
  you'll have to walk onto the rocks to the right, jump on the middle pole, and
  from here, to the pier. This can be tricky to get right, but you'll surely
  get it done after a couple of tries.

• Move around the tower to find a [#4 CAIRN RAIDER], as well as a [SALVAGE BAG]
  hanging from a wooden walkway.

• If you head further east, you'll come across some [SALVAGE]. There's also a
  [SALVAGE BAG] hanging underneath a walkway.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] among the wreck to the left/east side. It's close
  to the area wall.

• The [#10 MINE SWEEPER] is on the far south of this beach.

To continue with the story, jump on top of the low, destroyed concrete pillar
near the burning barrel and make your way over the walkway from here. You can
find [SALVAGE] on the platform where one of the guards was standing. As you
reach the very top of this tower, drop down on the balcony to the right to find
an [XP BOX] and [RELIC - #2 A FAMILY OUTING (TOY TRAIN)] inside. Destroy the
barricade and move back on top of the tower to slide the rope to the next

Two Solarii guards are having a conversation on the walkway up ahead, so hear it
out, then kill the one on the left (behind shelter; and he's a bastard anyway)
with a headshot, followed by the other.

• Leap to the lower platform to your left/north to find a [GPS CACHE] near the

• The building on the walkway where the two guards were conversing leads to a
  tomb, but you can also find [RELIC - #3 YUAN DYNASTY JADE (SHAPED HEAD REST)]
  inside, as well as some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and a [SALVAGE LOCKER] on the
  second floor. Leap over the gap and move through the ruins to find more
  [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Scramble up the planks to reach an intersection. (Blasting
  out the barricade behind you only leads back to where you came from.) Continue
  upstairs to find [RELIC - #3 A FAMILY OUTING (WORN WALLET)], an [XP BOX], a
  [SALVAGE LOCKER] and a [SALVAGE BAG] inside. Proceed through the hall and
  tunnel to reach the optional tomb.

Head upstairs to find some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and press the button. Head back
downstairs and press the button to open the doors. There's a raft to your left,
but it's tied tight with some rope. Walk up and burn it, then move to the
generator room on the other side and pick up the [SHOTGUN SHELLS] along the way.
Blast the barricade and pull the raft towards you, then hop on to reach the
other side of the wall.

Here, stand on the steps and look up. Shoot a rope arrow into the iron weight
to pull the electricity wire out of the water, if only briefly. Needless to say,
quickly jump to the other side and wade the last part - there's certainly enough
time for this.

Walk a bit over the walkway; from here, pull the raft in your direction, and
close to the electrical device in the water. Position it in such a way that it
is directly next to it. Now pull the iron weight down, and the electrical
device should hit the raft. If not, quickly pull it slightly into that direction
from the steps.

With the coast clear, literally, wade through the water to reach the stairs in
the corner of the area, which lead right up to the treasury. [1250 XP], [SALVAGE
(250)] and the [SHIPWRECK BEACH TREASURE MAP] are all yours now. You can slide
immediately back to the camp via the rope.

• You can find a [GPS CACHE] east of the tomb, near a small waterfall and pond,
  underneath a rock viaduct. You can push the buoy to the other platform with
  a climbable rock wall to reach it more easily (it can already be accessed via
  other routes, but this adds one to the list).

• There's some [SALVAGE] east from where you found the GPS cache. It's near a

• Move to the right/south to find a platform with a [#5 CAIRN RAIDER] next to
  the tree.

Continue over the wooden walkway to the east, then (somewhat carefully) jump on
the pole, making your way to the end. Shoot a rope arrow in the craggy rocks to
proceed to the next platform. There's some [SALVAGE] on top of the small ruined
building, and inside is [DOCUMENT - #8 ANCIENT SCROLLS (HOSHI: IN HER IMAGE)].
Note the metal barricade to your right, then head through the tunnel to reach
the next area.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |         S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y S I X  [WLK-26]         |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              C L I F F S I D E   B U N K E R               |

There's a [GPS CACHE] left of the rope attachment pole (near the rock wall), as
is a [PLANT]. You can find some [SALVAGE] on the other side. You've also
discovered the 'Bunker Vista' day camp here. While standing nearby the rope
attachment pole, shoot an arrow in the craggy rock wall up ahead, then climb the
pipes to the right, leading into a bunker.

Inside you can spot a poster/flag with a red encircled star. Burn it to get the
first of a series: [#1 PREVIOUS INHABITANTS]. There's also a heavy barricade
here that you can't open just yet. Collect the [SALVAGE] near the crack in the
wall and head through.

Take down the guard at the end of the tunnel and hide behind something to
overhear a conversation between several Solarii guards. You can find [ARROWS x2]
here as well. Quickly take out the welders to the left and right sides with
headshots, then move closer to the other guards. One of them will soon start
patrolling the area, and he's armored so you can't kill him with a single
headshot. After killing the two welders, immediately move to the platform to
the right, where one of them was working. There's another welder down below,
and one more on the far left that you can both take out with headshots. Now
take out one of your guns and blow the explosive barrel in the center of the
area (when one guard has been killed by the armored one, and the other two are
standing close). If you can, also open fire on the armored guard to quickly
eliminate him. Having killed these eight enemies gives you a small advantage
in the shootout.

After killing all of the remaining enemies (one of them has a riot shield),
start looting this place. You can find a [GPS CACHE] directly to the right of
the crack you came out of (the southeast corner), and there are also some
[GRENADES] nearby. On the left side of the area are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [RIFLE
AMMO]. There's more [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [RIFLE AMMO] on the right upper walkway
where one of the welders was working. To the north are [GRENADES], [ARROWS x4],
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [RIFLE AMMO x2], as well as another file: [DOCUMENT -

Head through the door to the left of here and approach the stairs, but
immediately back away; some Solarii guards will throw an explosive barrel down.
After this, dispatch them (perhaps with the help of some grenades), and watch
out for one of the guards may approach you from the door as well. You can find
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [RIFLE AMMO] next to the desk. The room upstairs contains
[SALVAGE x2]. As you move around the corner, more enemies spawn in the main
hall. Defeat them, then jump over the gap and search the room in the left
corner to find [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [RIFLE AMMO], [ARROWS x2] and [SALVAGE].

Swing the pole to make your way to the third floor. Go around the corner and
hide behind the concrete pillar. Kill the enemies up ahead (or an explosion
might wipe them out). You can find [SALVAGE], [XP BOX x2] and [LARGE SALVAGE] on
the other side of this floor. Climb the crate and take a look at the southwest
wall to spot [#2 PREVIOUS INHABITANTS]. When you reach the roof of the building,
search the northern side (near the rock wall) to find a [GPS CACHE]. There are
also an [XP BOX] and the [#3 PREVIOUS INHABITANTS] flag on the wall here.

Drop down to find the 'Endurance Overlook' fast travel camp. You can find the
[DOCUMENT - #6 ENDURANCE CREW (ALEX: OVER HIS HEAD)] next to the campfire, and
there's a [PLANT] next to the truck. At the very end of this building you can
find [RELIC - #1 ANCIENT COINS (JAPANESE 2 SEN COIN)]. There's another plant
next to the stacked crates outside, as well as a [GPS CACHE] hidden behind them.
The [#4 PREVIOUS INHABITANTS] is rather hard to find, so chances are you came
here just for this one. It's located all the way up the tower northeast of the
camp. Use a burning arrow to shoot it.

Since you can't do anything about those cracks at the rusty double doors just
yet, shoot a rope arrow down the platform to the east and slide down. On this
platform, search behind the rocks to the left of the pillar, behind the rocks,
to find the last [GPS CACHE] of this area. Slide down the rope to reach the
Endurance. [100 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |       S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y S E V E N  [WLK-27]       |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                  T H E  E N D U R A N C E                  |

Drop down behind the wooden crate and overheat the Solarii guards conversing.
One of them is a true giant in the full sense of the word. Definitely hit him
with a powerful arrow in the head as he returns. Quickly defeat the other two
Solarii guards with shotgun blasts, then keep your distance as you keep hitting
the giant with grenades. If you run out before he dies, tough luck; you'll have
to dodge his blows while hitting his head, preferably with the shotgun. You can
find [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [RIFLE AMMO] on this deck. Move in for the finisher
(Y twice, or Triangle twice) after softening him up. After the fight you receive
the [ROPE ASCENDER], which helps destroy heavy barricades.

Use a rope arrow to the object on the left side of the ship to automatically put
the rope ascender to good use. Drop down the hole and move through the hall
until you reach Sam's cabin. [150 XP]. Inside is [DOCUMENT - #4 ENDURANCE CREW
(SAM: ADVENTURES WITH LARA)]. There's a Solarii guard at the end of the walkway;
after the conversation, move back through the walkway and shoot him in the head
as he approaches. There's another guard in the other area below, so dispatch him
as well. Soon enough you'll reach the flooded part of the ship. [250 XP].

When you find Alex, pull the device on the roof towards the door. The path is
blocked by a large pipe, so you'll first need to head up to clear it out of the
way. To do this, move around the left side of the device and hang from the
broken ladder to move the device. From here, pull it away from the door with a
rope arrow. Lastly, climb the right side of it (the ladder that's not destroyed)
to reach the opening in the ceiling. Move through and kick the pipe down.
Pull the machine away from the door once, then climb the broken ladder to get
it in the right position. From here, one more pull will move the hook into the
electricity wires blocking the door. A last pull away from the door clears the
way to Alex. [100 XP]. 

A scene plays [100 XP], after which you'll have to quickly run through the hall,
jump towards the rope and press X or Square to use the rope ascender. Afterward,
climb the crates at the front of the ship and climb the rope (use the ascender
to speed this up) to backtrack through the area. [100 XP]. At the day camp,
use the rope ascender to pull down the rope block from above the doors to reach
the lower area. 

automatically received after the scene. Open the door with your axe and you'll
be back in the main hall of this building. The door to your right (in the
northeast corner) can now be opened with the rope ascender. Climb the nearby
crate to reach it. Inside this room is a [SALVAGE BAG], as well as the [RELIC -

Head back the way you came (through the cracks in the wall), then destroy the
heavy barricade in this bunker room you previously had to leave alone. On this
platform is a [RELIC - #3 ANCIENT COINS (PORTUGUESE TIN COIN)], a [PLANT], and
the complete [TREASURE MAP] of the area on some sandbags near the door.

Destroy the heavy barricade to your immediate left as you return to shipwreck 
beach to find an [XP BOX] and a rope leading up. There are three Solarii guards
here. Wait for them to finish conversing, then dispatch the one closest to Lara.
Take out the other two with a series of arrows (but note that they have headgear
so don't bother with headshots). You've also discovered 'The Grotto' day camp.
Before heading all the way back, first drop down the adjacent lower platform
to the east and search it for a [GPS CACHE].

After this, return to the Endurance crew via the ropes to view a scene. [400
XP]. Use the camp to get [DOCUMENT - #8 LARA'S JOURNALS (THE PROMISE)].

You can now access the optional tomb slightly northeast of the camp, but still
in the southeast section of the overall area, just south of the large rock hill.
Use the rope ascender to destroy the heavy barricade. Inside you'll find some
[SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Move through the cracks and use a rope arrow to cross the

At the camp, move left to find some [ARROWS], or head to the center of the area
to find more [ARROWS]. The idea here is to turn the wheel with your axe at the
start of the area (at the camp). This will cause the buoy to circle around the
center, and move the pole to the left side, allowing Lara to swing to an
otherwise inaccessible platform. From there, you can shoot a rope arrow into the
device below to turn it halfway; the buoy will reach it and turn it further,
allowing Lara to reach another pole to swing towards the climbable wall. Your
reward is [1250 XP], [250 SALVAGE], [HANDGUN PARTS] and the [TREASURE MAP] of
the area. By now you can probably upgrade your handgun into a [MAGNUM PISTOL].
Bring out the zombies!

NOTE: To cross the river to the other side, you'll have to time your jump at the
¯¯¯¯¯ very last moment you can actually make the leap to the rope, or otherwise
      Lara can't catch it.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |        S E C T I O N  T W E N T Y N I N E  [WLK-29]        |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   | S H I P W R E C K  B E A C H  (N O R T H W E S T  Z O N E )|

Make your way to the northwest and open the door with the rope ascension tool.
Pull the lever to make the platform come down, allowing you to ascend the rock
wall. Move to the right and drop down on a walkway to find a [SALVAGE BAG].
Attempts to reach the battleship are futile and lead to certain death. Climb the
rock wall to the top. [100 XP].

Search the area for some [ARROWS] and [GRENADES]. It's possible to climb the
wall near those grenades to reach the top of the elevator shaft, where you can
find a [GPS CACHE]. There's also a [LARGE SALVAGE BOX] near the ruins in the
northwest corner.  Shoot an arrow into the tower up ahead and climb it.

found on this platform, which is unfortunately a one-dimensional fleshing out of
Whitman. Backup characters in videogames are almost without exception so
unilateral in their characteristics, it's a real shame most of the big guys in
the industry don't even notice (or perhaps I should instead bemoan their
capability to even realize this - it truly matters little).

The last [GPS CACHE] can also be found here, hidden behind the tower. Climb the
wall, curve around the water tank and climb the ladder to the top. Pull one of
the cages closer, jump on it, then pull the second one closer and leap across.
From here, move via the tower to the rope to reach a platform at the far end of
the area that contains some [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. This is where your journey ends.
You've found the legendary shells from WWII. Lara can rest safe now.

In fact, there's still a bit more to do. Climb the pipes around the building
and you'll soon enough find some [SALVAGE] along the way. Head upstairs and wait
for the two Solarii guards to finish their conversation entirely, then kill them
with headshots. There's some [RIFLE AMMO] near the debris. Climb the wall next
to the gate, move across the pipes and climb up the platform. From here, shoot
a rope arrow into the rock wall of the bunker in the distance and climb around
it to reach the top. Leap to the ladder to reach a heavy barricade; after this
make your way to the end of the walkway to access the next area.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |            S E C T I O N  T H I R T Y  [WLK-30]            |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |                 R E S E A R C H   B A S E                  |

After you drop down, look around to spot a metal barricade you can blast out
with a grenade. Some [SALVAGE] can be found behind it, but there's a second
metal barricade above; blast it out and search the room behind it to find a
[RELIC - #1 HELMETS (CHOU DYNASTY HELMET)]. A [GPS CACHE] can be found on the
left side of the river. Curve around the area and look up to spot a [SALVAGE

Climb the wall and move through the cracks. Look past the light bulb to spot the
first sun totem to collect [#1 SUN KILLER], then hop down to the walkway. In the
locker room are two packs of [SHOTGUN SHELLS]. Continue to discover the 
'Research Lab' camp, which is currently unsafe to use due to the presence of
found on the desk with a hopeful message in it. Move around the corner and kill
the two Solarii guards, then head back to the camp to upgrade your gear. You can
possibly upgrade your bow at this point (to a [COMPETITION BOW]), while your
shotgun might be upgradable to a [COMBAT SHOTGUN].

Crack the closed door open and look through the window to spot [#2 SUN KILLER].
While still standing in this doorway (of the door you cracked open), look to the
left to spot [#3 SUN KILLER] hanging against the half destroyed concrete wall.
Then leap to the other side to move through the opening. You can find an [XP
BOX] and a [GPS CACHE] here. You can climb through the opening again to return
to the hall. Move to the other side and press the button to call the elevator.
Since it's jammed, climb the crates and destroy the sprocket with your axe.
Climb over to the other side and head upstairs. You can find [DOCUMENT - 
#1 GPS SECRETS (UNKNOWN: MYSTERIOUS ORDERS)] on some barrels, as well as some
[RIFLE AMMO] nearby.

Move up to the fourth floor (you'll come across a [SALVAGE BAG] and some
[SHOTGUN SHELLS]) and call the elevator. Head back to the third floor and climb
the ladder next to the elevator switch to pry a second cogwheel loose. Now call
the elevator at the third floor, move down behind the elevator and leap to the
catwalk (which has some [SALVAGE] on it as well). From here you can pry the
third cogwheel loose.

The last cogwheel is a little more tricky. Call the elevator at the third floor,
make your way to the fourth and look down the elevator shaft. You'll notice a
(normal) barricade on the right side; shoot it out with your shotgun. This
reveals an opening to a climbable wall that curves around the elevator. Call the
elevator (while you're still at the fourth floor) and drop on it just before it
moves past the opening. Quickly leap through and climb the wall to a previously
inaccessible part of the catwalk that also contains some [SALVAGE]. From here
you can pry the last cogwheel loose.

Make your way down and look for a sun totem [#4 SUN KILLER] to the right of the
elevator (after walking over). There's also an [XP BOX] here. [100 XP]. Go
through the cracks and search the immediate left part of the area for a [SALVAGE
LOCKER]. There's a [RELIC - #2 HELMETS (CEREMONIAL HELMET)] on the right side,
behind some crates, and some [SALVAGE] near the fence. You can also spot the
last [#5 SUN KILLER] right through the fence (near the salvage, or if you've
already gotten that and forgot where this is, on the right/east side, behind
the fence.) 

Kill the guard up ahead and a second will come to inspect his body, so get ready
to kill him too. There's some [RIFLE AMMO] and a [SALVAGE LOCKER] around the
corner. The [GPS CACHE] stashed away behind the crates can be collected by
climbing the crates on the right side of the hall. On the other, west side of
this hall are crates stacked on top of each other. Climb them to find the area's
[TREASURE MAP] behind them.

Continue down the bunker to reach an large offering hall. Collect the [SHOTGUN
SHELLS] near the blue barrels, and search for some more [SHOTGUN SHELLS] behind
other blue barrels in the water (next to the stairway). Approach the corpse at
the top of the stairs to watch a scene. Afterward you'll also have obtained

Two waves of enemies storm the area. The first wave isn't too difficult, but
the second can be tricky. You know when the second wave arrives when some rocks
kill on of the Solarii guards. At this point it's a good idea to wade into the
water behind the stairs. Although you'll have to defend both sides, dynamite
doesn't blow you away here. Use your handgun's triple shot when you run out of
rifle ammo and stay on the move between both sides, hiding behind barrels. With
all enemies killed, move out over the burning walkway. At the end you'll slide
right to a climbable wall that leads back to shipwreck beach.

You'll find some [SALVAGE] as you head outside. Use a rope arrow to move across,
then let the two Solarii guards finish their conversation to waste them with
headshots (the one closest to you first). You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and
[RIFLE AMMO] on both sides of the path, and some more [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and
[RIFLE AMMO] on the lower platform. Slide down the two ropes for a cutscene,
then enter the boat whenever you're ready to proceed to the next area. [200 XP].

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |         S E C T I O N  T H I R T Y O N E  [WLK-31]         |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |              C H A S M  S T R O N G H O L D                |

Make a rope bridge and follow the linear path to trigger a scene. After this,
shoot a rope arrow into the climbable wall to the far right side and make your
way into the stronghold.

Proceed around the corner of the hallway, collect some [SHOTGUN SHELLS] here,
and continue through the hall. Lara spots some Stormguards who vanish soon
enough. Set fire to the wooden fabric in the center of the area to clear the
way. Head through the tunnel and sneak upstairs. An [XP BOX] can be found on
the right side of the area. Move over the beam, then climb the beams on the wall
to sneak past the entire Stormguard .. up to the end. You'll have to run through
the hall and Lara will automatically slide down afterward. [100 XP]

Kill the three Stormguards, then set foot for the 'Sheltered Hallway' day camp
up ahead. [DOCUMENT - #9 LARA'S JOURNALS (THE MONASTERY)] is unlocked by using
this camp. There's an [XP BOX] here as well, and a second one can be found up
the path. Proceed to the end for a brief scene. [100 XP].

Climb up the walkway to your left and slide down to reach an area with corpses.
You can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [RIFLE AMMO x2] here. After moving over the
bridge you're up against what appears to be almost the entire Stormguard. There
are (red) explosives around the area which you can use to your advantage. Take
out Stormguards with shields by aiming your shotgun to their head and unloading
your mag on them (or by shooting an explosive whenever they're close.

NOTE: You can destroy many fences on buildings by using rope arrows. It won't
¯¯¯¯¯ always be necessary, but it can be useful to take out some archers more

You can find the following ammo around here:

• [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [ARROWS] on the platform to the far left.

• [RIFLE AMMO] on top of the first platform (left side), close to the bridge.
  More [RIFLE AMMO] can be found on the right side of this structure, and
  [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] are lying all the way on top, as are some [ARROWS].

• [ARROWS] and [RIFLE AMMO] can be found on the platform to the right.

• There are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] on the first floor of the center structure. The
  second floor contains [RIFLE AMMO x2], [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and [ARROWS].

As you move over the large stone pillar the Stormguard pulled down, more items
can be found:

• [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] are lying on the right side of the path.

• [RIFLE AMMO x2] can be found near one of the hiding spots a little further.

• The building with archers contains [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] and [GRENADES].

Head around the corner and the Stormguard in the tower will throw some 
explosives at you. Quickly step back, then move in and shoot the large stack of
explosives in the center of the tower to destroy all enemies inside. There are
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] near the rocks here, [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] near the tower, and
[SHOTGUN SHELLS] inside the tower. As you approach the next section, more
Stormguard spawn. You can backtrack slightly and shoot most of them from a

• There are [SHOTGUN SHELLS] lying next to the stairs of the building to the
  right side of the area. [RIFLE AMMO x3] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS] can be found on
  top of it.

• [RIFLE AMMO] can be found in the middle of the area.

• The building to the left contains [GRENADES], [RIFLE AMMO x3] and [SHOTGUN

Destroy the barricade with a rope arrow and approach the gate for a scene.

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |         S E C T I O N  T H I R T Y T W O  [WLK-32]         |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |    C H A S M  S H R I N E  &  C H A S M  Z I G G U R A T   |

Look for [RIFLE AMMO x4], [HANDGUN AMMO] and [SHOTGUN SHELLS x2] in this hall,
as well as [RELIC - #1 VASES (KANSU BURIAL URN)] on a table. The 'Sacred Hall'
base camp is also located here. Look for [DOCUMENT - #6 WARTIME INTELLIGENCE
(SOLDIER: LAST STAND)] near the double doors. Open the doors and take a deep
breath to sniff up the aroma as you enter this bloody hall. Move to the left
THE LINE)]. Ignore the wheels for now and head up the second floor walkway to
find a [LARGE SALVAGE] crate and the complete [TREASURE MAP] of this area.

[RELIC - #2 VASES (BAN CHIANG VASE)] can be found in the corner of the ground
floor. To continue, turn the wheel on the right first, followed by the wheel to
the left to raise the cage. Pull the cage back with a rope arrow to smash the
wall above the gate. After this, turn the wheel on the right again and drop the
cage on the ground by turning the left wheel one last time. Now head up to the
second floor and face the cage (and gate). Pull the cage towards you with a
rope arrow, leap on top of it, then jump over to the crack to reach the next
hall. You can find [DOCUMENT - #10 ANCIENT SCROLLS (HOSHI: AN END)] on the 
south part of this circular room.

Make your way through the hall to find [SALVAGE x2] and you'll reach the point
of no return; this is the last fast travel camp in the game. You can find the
[RELIC - #3 VASES (SATSUMA VASE)] nearby. When you're ready, open the double
doors to enter the next area.

NOTE: Even though this is the "point of no return", meaning you can't fast
¯¯¯¯¯ travel back to any of the other areas, you can still continue after
      finishing the game to go back and find any missing collectibles.

Move over the bridge to trigger a scene. Move left to find an [XP BOX], then
shoot a rope arrow in the wall to reach the upper walkway soon enough. Climb
the ice wall outside, then stand on the left side of the wall and pull the 
object towards you; the wind smashes it into the doors, clearing the way.

Proceed left and climb the platform. Create a rope bridge to the top (shoot it
in the only object with rope around it, far up ahead). As you ascend, quickly
get a good grip as Lara falls down to a lower beam. Climb this and leap over
to a walkway in the distance. Make your way over this walkway; as you approach
the ice wall, be sure to quickly sling your axe into it as Lara drops down.
Perform a double jump to reach the window; climb over it and head inside.
Use a rope arrow to reach the ice wall in the distance; it can be a bit tricky
to spot, but it's slightly higher than Lara's current position (and wait for
the thunder to strike to mountain first).

From here, make your way the left and leap to the ice wall on the left side.
Drop down from here and quickly slice your axe into the ice wall directly below
you. You can now move around the mountain via the right side to reach another

| |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯\   |       S E C T I O N  T H I R T Y T H R E E  [WLK-33]       |
|  ¯| |¯  | ¯ /   |————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————|
|   |_|   |_|_\   |             Z I G G U R A T  V E S T I B U L E             |

At this day camp you can find [SHOTGUN SHELLS], [HANDGUN AMMO] and [RIFLE AMMO].
Proceed and climb the tower; this ascent is, no matter how spectacular, fairly
straightforward. As you reach the top, various Solarii guards will come at you.
Defeat them (look around for [SHOTGUN SHELLS] and proceed. A second wave of
enemies has to be defeated before you con continue. Short triple bursts with
your handgun work well here. Tempting as it may be to kill the two riot shield
guards with grenades, you might want to save those for the final boss fight.

Proceed to trigger a scene. After this, the final boss fight takes place; you're
up against a powerful Oni Stormguard warrior, who's also backed up by Stormguard
archers. This fight consists of three separate phases.

The first phase is a one-on-one battle between Lara and the Oni Stormguard. He
will approach Lara and swing his mighty club in her direction. Needless to say
it's imperative you avoid his attacks. Fortunately, the Oni is slow and you can
easily outrun him. Nonetheless, you want him to attack you since his back is
vulnerable and exposed after each swing. Jump-run away after each attack,
quickly turning around to briefly fire at his back. If you have any grenades,
save them for the next two phases. After softening him up, move in for a
finisher (with Y or Triangle).

In the second phase, two Stormguard archers join the fight, and they'll be
replaced by new archers when you (or the Oni) kills them. The archers are so
dangerous, however, that you'll want to grab your shotgun and try to remove them
from the field most of the time. The same strategy still applies for the Oni. If
you have any grenades left, there's no better time to use them than right now.
Be sure to get a red reticule before blowing them into his upper torso, though,
to ensure they're doing damage. Needless to say you'll want to be at some
distance when doing this. Like last time, move in for the finisher whenever he's

The third phase is similar to the second, but now you can also damage the Oni
by shooting his face. He'll cover it with his arm after an instant, but it'll
be exposed again soon enough. The other strategy still applies in this face;
stay on the run, dispatch the archers with your shotgun, use any grenades you
might have left on the Oni while keeping your distance, and you'll soon enough
get the go-ahead for the finisher. A short QTE (Y, tap Y, tap X, or Triangle,
tap Triangle, Square) will finish the fight.

After this it's only a matter of going to the center of the area and performing
the following QTE correctly: RT, Y, tap X, alternate LT/RT while moving the
camera towards your target.

                  Congratulations, you've beaten Tomb Raider!

    |                    PLAYSTATION 3 TROPHIES [APX-1]                    |
|NAME:                    |TROP|DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT:                       |
|True Survivor            |  P |Obtain all other Tomb Raider trophies.         |
|Bookworm                 |  B |25% of all documents found.                    |
|Historian                |  B |75% of all documents found.                    |
|Relic Hunter             |  B |25% of all relics collected.                   |
|Archaeologist            |  B |75% of all relics collected.                   |
|Looking for Trouble      |  B |25% of all GPS caches found.                   |
|Bag Full O' Cache        |  B |75% of all GPS caches found.                   |
|No Stone Left Unturned   |  G |All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.   |
|Scrounger                |  B |5000 pieces of salvage collected.              |
|Picky                    |  B |200 enemies looted.                            |
|Clever Girl              |  S |Purchased all skills in one category.          |
|Lethal                   |  S |Purchased all skills in all categories.        |
|Now We're Getting Serious|  B |One weapon fully modded & completely upgraded. |
|The Professional         |  S |All weapons fully modded & completely upgraded.|
|Big Game Hunter          |  B |10 large animals killed and looted.            |
|Tastes Like Chicken!     |  B |10 small animals killed and looted.            |
|Feather Duster           |  B |10 flying animals killed and looted.           |
|Sharp Shooter            |  B |50 headshot kills performed in the single      |
|                         |    |player campaign.                               |
|Predator                 |  B |50 enemies killed with the bow.                |
|Equalizer                |  B |75 enemies killed with the rifle.              |
|Widowmaker               |  B |40 enemies killed with the shotgun.            |
|Gunslinger               |  B |35 enemies killed with the pistol.             |
|Epic Fumble              |  B |Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed   |
|                         |    |two people.                                    |
|Get Over Here!           |  B |5 enemies rope pulled off edges.               |
|Opportunist              |  B |25 unaware enemies killed.                     |
|Down and Dirty           |  B |15 finishers performed.                        |
|Deadeye                  |  B |10 enemies shot off zip lines.                 |
|Former Adventurer        |  B |25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.   |
|One Smart Cookie         |  B |One optional tomb completed.                   |
|Intellectually Superior  |  G |All optional tombs completed.                  |
|Unfinished Business      |  B |One challenge completed.                       |
|Inconceivable!           |  S |All challenges complete.                       |
|A Survivor Is Born       |  S |Game completed.                                |
|Boom Goes the Dynamite   |  B |Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air.     |
|Crab Cakes               |  B |Kill FeeFee the crab.                          |
|Chatterbox               |  B |Complete all conversations with Endurance crew.|
|Adventurer               |  B |Played a match to completion in all multiplayer|
|                         |    |modes.                                         |
|Artilleryman             |  B |20 enemy players killed with a turret in       |
|                         |    |multiplayer.                                   |
|Down Boy!                |  B |Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.        |
|Entrapment               |  B |Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.               |
|Escapist                 |  B |Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.         |
|Good Samaritan           |  B |Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.     |
|I'm all that!            |  S |Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.  |
|Sole Survivor            |  B |Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.        |
|Lights Out               |  B |10 multiplayer enemies killed w/melee attack.  |
|Master Blaster           |  B |2 multiplayer enemies killed with 1 explosive. |
|Monkey Around            |  B |Survive 3 times in multiplayer by using the    |
|                         |    |rope ascender.                                 |
|Narcissistic             |  B |New character purchased.                       |
|On My Way Up             |  B |Multiplayer level 10 attained.                 |
|Shopaholic               |  B |Purchased all upgrades and characters in       |
|                         |    |multiplayer.                                   |
|True Commitment          |  S |Multiplayer level 60 attained.                 |

    |                    XBOX 360 ACHIEVEMENTS [APX-2]                     |
|NAME:                    |PNTS|DESCRIPTION/REQUIREMENT:                       |
|Bookworm                 | 10 |25% of all documents found.                    |
|Historian                | 15 |75% of all documents found.                    |
|Relic Hunter             | 10 |25% of all relics collected.                   |
|Archaeologist            | 15 |75% of all relics collected.                   |
|Looking for Trouble      | 10 |25% of all GPS caches found.                   |
|Bag Full O' Cache        | 15 |75% of all GPS caches found.                   |
|No Stone Left Unturned   | 50 |All documents, relics, and GPS caches found.   |
|Scrounger                | 20 |5000 pieces of salvage collected.              |
|Picky                    | 15 |200 enemies looted.                            |
|Clever Girl              | 25 |Purchased all skills in one category.          |
|Lethal                   | 50 |Purchased all skills in all categories.        |
|Now We're Getting Serious| 25 |One weapon fully modded & completely upgraded. |
|The Professional         | 50 |All weapons fully modded & completely upgraded.|
|Big Game Hunter          | 15 |10 large animals killed and looted.            |
|Tastes Like Chicken!     | 15 |10 small animals killed and looted.            |
|Feather Duster           | 15 |10 flying animals killed and looted.           |
|Sharp Shooter            | 15 |50 headshot kills performed in the single      |
|                         |    |player campaign.                               |
|Predator                 | 10 |50 enemies killed with the bow.                |
|Equalizer                | 10 |75 enemies killed with the rifle.              |
|Widowmaker               | 10 |40 enemies killed with the shotgun.            |
|Gunslinger               | 10 |35 enemies killed with the pistol.             |
|Epic Fumble              | 15 |Forced an enemy to drop dynamite that killed   |
|                         |    |two people.                                    |
|Get Over Here!           | 20 |5 enemies rope pulled off edges.               |
|Opportunist              | 15 |25 unaware enemies killed.                     |
|Down and Dirty           | 15 |15 finishers performed.                        |
|Deadeye                  | 20 |10 enemies shot off zip lines.                 |
|Former Adventurer        | 20 |25 enemies incapacitated with dodge counter.   |
|One Smart Cookie         | 20 |One optional tomb completed.                   |
|Intellectually Superior  | 50 |All optional tombs completed.                  |
|Unfinished Business      | 20 |One challenge completed.                       |
|Inconceivable!           | 50 |All challenges complete.                       |
|A Survivor Is Born       | 75 |Game completed.                                |
|Boom Goes the Dynamite   | 10 |Shoot a bundle of dynamite out of the air.     |
|Crab Cakes               |  5 |Kill FeeFee the crab.                          |
|Chatterbox               |  5 |Complete all conversations with Endurance crew.|
|Adventurer               | 20 |Played a match to completion in all multiplayer|
|                         |    |modes.                                         |
|Artilleryman             | 20 |20 enemy players killed with a turret in       |
|                         |    |multiplayer.                                   |
|Down Boy!                | 10 |Zip-lining enemy killed in multiplayer.        |
|Entrapment               | 10 |Trapped an enemy in multiplayer.               |
|Escapist                 | 20 |Survived 10 explosions in multiplayer.         |
|Good Samaritan           | 10 |Revived a teammate in a multiplayer match.     |
|I'm all that!            | 25 |Won a ranked match in every multiplayer mode.  |
|Sole Survivor            | 15 |Sole survivor on your multiplayer team.        |
|Lights Out               | 15 |10 multiplayer enemies killed w/melee attack.  |
|Master Blaster           | 20 |2 multiplayer enemies killed with 1 explosive. |
|Monkey Around            | 15 |Survive 3 times in multiplayer by using the    |
|                         |    |rope ascender.                                 |
|Narcissistic             | 10 |New character purchased.                       |
|On My Way Up             | 10 |Multiplayer level 10 attained.                 |
|Shopaholic               | 20 |Purchased all upgrades and characters in       |
|                         |    |multiplayer.                                   |
|True Commitment          | 30 |Multiplayer level 60 attained.                 |

    |                            FAQS [APX-3]                              |

Q1: Is there some sort of cheat or patch to get Lara Croft naked?
A1: There has never been any such cheat in any of the official games. For some
    Tomb Raider games, patches have been released by modders in which Lara will
    be naked, but no such patch exists for this latest Tomb Raider game.
    "However, Lara Croft's latest voice actress Camilla Luddington has appeared
    nude in Californication. Google 'Camilla Luddington nude' after you have
    locked the door and put some tissues ready", so an anonymous contributor
    seems rather happy to share.

Q2: Did you enjoy the new Tomb Raider?
A2: I did. It's certainly not the best game I've ever played, as there are too
    many small glitches, and while the story is decent for videogame standards
    it also munches on too many cliches to be really considered great. All in
    all, the game is an enjoyable action-adventure game that leaves the other
    entries in the series behind (by far). A comparison to the Uncharted series
    wouldn't be out of place except for the free roaming parts, which are in
    fact a very welcome addition, even though those areas could've been larger

Q3: Is the very first scavenger that Lara encounters, really trying to help her,
    since he says so himself?
A3: He kills Lara if you fail the quick time event. He says: "Shh, it'll be over
    soon." Some people have interpreted this as if he's not part of the
    scavenger group and is trying to spare her for what's to come. I don't share
    this interpretation and I think Ockham's razor will do just fine here. He's
    just a Solarii scavenger just like the rest, as is implied by the ritual
    altar in the very same cave. There is no need for wild speculation.

Q4: What's your next project?
A4: As far as strategy guides are concerned, I'll probably be writing for an
    indie game next. I'm also working on a critical videogame theory from a
    philosophical perspective which won't be ready for publication for a couple
    of years. Follow me to stay up to date: facebook.com/absolutesteve

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    \ V /| _||   /\__ \| | (_) | .` | | __ || |\__ \ | || (_) |   /\ V / _
     \_/ |___|_|_\|___/___\___/|_|\_| |_||_|___|___/ |_| \___/|_|_\ |_| ( )
                                                                        |/ [VCC]
  ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ _____ ___       ___ ___  _____   _____ ___ ___ _  _ _____ 
 / __| _ \ __|   \_ _|_   _/ __|     / __/ _ \| _ \ \ / / _ \_ _/ __| || |_   _|
| (__|   / _|| |) | |  | | \__ \  _ | (_| (_) |  _/\ V /|   /| | (_ | __ | | |  
 \___|_|_\___|___/___| |_| |___/ ( ) \___\___/|_|   |_| |_|_\___\___|_||_| |_|  

05 Mar. 2013 - [v1.00] - Walkthrough complete.
06 Mar. 2013 - [v1.01] - Minor update, added a few collectibles.
08 Mar. 2013 - [v1.02] - Added in some missing collectibles. If there are any
                         others missing, please let me know by email only.
11 Mar. 2013 - [v1.03] - Major spellcheck. Other minor fixes.

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