Square Enix Support not answering, can you help with this bug?

  1. I am at chasm monastery, at the segment where Lara is about to jump across from a wall to a walkway that is supposed to start breaking I assume, but it doesn't happen, the camera zooms onto the walkway, the graphics, sound and everything else keep going but the situation doesn't change, the camera is stuck looking at a walkway that is supposed to break, but doesn't. Lara doesn't jump, and I can't continue from this point.

    Any help would be appreciated, if you have also experienced this and square enix have gotten back to you about it I would love to hear an answer. Thank you

    User Info: salamancerider

    salamancerider - 8 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I had a similer problem at that stage and i think i solved it

    when you get to the far end of the ledge and it asks you to jump, back up a little bit (how much my very)

    i found that if you jump at the closest point between the wall and the walkway that camra zooms in and you can't do jack

    User Info: M_thegamemaster

    M_thegamemaster - 8 years ago 1   0

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