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Game Script by Mrmichaelt

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/18/2011

            Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime
            Cinematic and Level Transcript
                    by Mrmichaelt

                Version 1.2 (4/17/2011)
            (PC / PlayStation 3 / Xbox 360)


#################### THIS TRANSCRIPT CONTAINS SPOILERS ####################



  I. Transcript
      1. Cinematic One
      2. Level 1 Training Day Dialogue
      3. Cinematic Two (Between Level 1 and Level 2)
      4. Level 2 Asylum Brawl Dialogue
      5. Cinematic Three (Between Level 2 and Level 3)
      6. Level 3 River of Ooze Dialogue
      7. Cinematic Four (Between Level 3 and Level 4)
      8. Level 4 NYC Mayhem Dialogue
      9. Cinematic Five (Between Level 4 and Level 5)
     10. Level 5 Subway Smasher Dialgoue
     11. Cinematic Six (Between Level 5 and Level 6)
     12. Level 6 Graveyward Plot Dialogue
     13. Cinematic Seven (Between Level 6 and Level 7)
     14. Level 7 Back to the Sedgewick Dialogue
     15. Cinematic Eight (Between Level 7 and Level 8)
     16. Level 8 Mean Streets Dialogue
     17. Cinematic Nine (Between Level 8 and Level 9)
     18. Level 9 Lair of the Huge Spider Dialogue
     19. Cinematic Ten (Between Level 9 and Level 10)
     20. Level 10 Gates of the Dead Dialogue
     21. Cinematic Eleven (Between Level 10 and Level 11)
     22. Level 11 Parkview Retribution Dialogue
     23. Cinematic Twelve (Between Level 11 and Level 12)
     24. Level 12 Temple of the Destroyer Dialogue
     25. Cinematic Thirteen (After Level 12)
 II. Contacting Me / Document Usage
III. Copyright Notice & Disclaimer


1. Cinematic One

2010 B.C.

Once, when what would someday be called the New World was old, they came.
They came out of respect, it was true... but mostly, they came out of fear.
For even though they knew he was dead, it did little to ease the terror
quaking their hearts, for they also knew death would only imprison him for so
long. The Relic of Nilhe, impossibly broken and scattered across the land, was
the key to his resurrection. The relic, once again made complete, would revive
the dead god, and he would return to unleash havoc on all who dared oppose
him - in life or in death. So, they came, praying he would stay dead.
And, if not, that he would remember they were here to honor him while he
was - for dead or alive, they knew he remained...

...Dumazu the Destroyer!

1954 A.D.

Later, when this part of the New World had become New York, Dumazu the Destroyer
indeed remained dead, and very few remembered his name or his purpose.

[Construction workers find a green glowing rock while doing road work]

Construction Worker #1 - "What the...?"

Construction Worker #2 - "Yo, dat ain't no normal rock, Jimmy. Dat's one for
dem museum eggheads for sure."

But Dumazu had not forgotten...

...And he simply waited for the time when he would return to remind all the
world just who - and what - he truly was.

1989 A.D.

Parkview Mental Hospital

Ismael - "Dumazu!!!"

Ismael McEnthol - clinically insane, prone to bizarre delusions and terrifying
hallucinations...And, most dangerously, the sole remaining member of the Cult
of Dumazu.

Loretta - "Havin' a bad dream about that Dumazu character again, are ya,
Mr. McEnthol?"

Ismael - "N-Not a d-dream, a...a m-m-message. He...He comes!"

Loretta - "No, honey, only thing comin' 'round here is some sleepy-time for
you and a brand new neighbor for you to talk with when you finally wake up."

Ismael - "Ouch"

Loretta - "And here he is now."

Male Orderly - "Hey, Loretta. Here ya go. This one's name is Jon...er..Jahn...

Janosz Poha - "Janosz. I am Janosz Poha."

Male Orderly - "Yeah, whatever. Anyway, guy's all covered in goo. Gonna need a
real good clean up before we put 'im into his pajamas."

Ismael - "No one, my lord...no one...believes."

Janosz Poha - "What is this nonsense you are sayin, eh? You are wrong, you
know... I am always happy to believe!"

Present Day

Ismael (voiceover) - "It will be so simple, you will see..."

Ismael - "You are a smart man, Janosz, and the museum is always in need of
smart men. It is truly a rare commodity these days."

Janosz Poha - "Yes, yes... You have said this many times, Ismael. But the

Ismael - "It will be there as I have told you. You need only take it and
return it to me - it is the first piece of a glorious puzzle... Part of the key
that will unlock your deepest desires."

Janosz Poha - "My Dana?"

Ismael - "Yes, my friend... Your beloved Dana Barrett. Bring me the shard and
Lord Dumazu will grant you that which the imposter Vigo so pathetically failed
to provide."

Janosz Poha - "Dana!"

[Poha smashes the display case holding a shard]

Janosz Poha - "I am back, Ismael. I have the shard for Lord Dumazu."

Ismael - "Give it to me!"

Janosz Poha - "And Lord Dumazu...he vill give me Dana now, no?"

Ismael - "No!"

Janosz Poha - "No? But...But...you promised. You told me..."

Ismael - "You fool. You seek love and affection from he who despises both.
Lord Dumazu is no matchmaker... He is a destroyer - it is the wicked truth the
entire world will soon know. Human desires mean nothing to Dumazu. Only
absolute service in his glorious name matters."

A Few Weeks Later.

[A ghost, Full Torso, Purple, Four Clawed, is caught in a Ghost Trap]

[Dr. Ray Stantz, Dr. Peter Venkman, Winston Zeddemore, and Dr. Egon Spengler
stand before the Trap in triumph. The Ecto 4WD is behind them]

Winston Zeddemore - "Man, I thought that one was never gonna go down. What's
that, like the tenth ghost this week? And it's just Thursday."

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Nine point five, actually. We only captured half of that
Siamese Twin Class III Entity down at that warehouse on Tuesday, remember?"

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Yeah, and the Containment Unit was half-full when we were
done. Don't be such a negative ninny, Ray."

Winston Zeddemore -  "Well, half-full or half-empty, I'm all beat. Where're all
these ghosts comin' from all of a sudden? I'm gettin' too old for this."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Winston's right. We've had an almost exponential spike in
paranormal activity these last few weeks."

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Egon, our bank account's been spiking, too, buddy.
Exponential paranormal busting is our business, and business is good."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Peter, according to our company mission statement,
ghostbusting is our business and at the rate we're being forced to do that
lately, we'll never be able to accomplish our mission, increased revenue
or not."

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Egon's got a point. Maybe we should invest some of the extra
money we've been making into hiring some extra help."

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Extra help?! Ray, you're not saying what I think you're

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Yeah, Pete. We need to bring in some rookies again."

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Aw, no. Not rookies. They smell funny. They eat all our
leftovers, and...and we have to pay them."

Winston Zeddemore - "Don't be such a negative ninny, Venkman."

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Rookies. Bah humbug."

Ghostbusters Headquarters. Three Weeks Later.

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Hey, Egon, I got the take-out. Where is everybody?"

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Peter and Winston are in their bunks relaxing after that
last Class IV containment. Peter said something about no rest for the wicked,
but today he'd make an exception."

Dr. Ray Stantz - "I think the saying describes no rest for the weary, but in
Peter's case, wicked works much better."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Agreed. And speaking of wicked, I've been analyzing our
recent string of captures and there appears to be a pattern forming. Since we
first noticed the sudden increase in paranormal activity three weeks ago, there
seems to be a loose directional trajectory to each subsequent case we've

[Janine Melnitz comes up to Dr. Ray Stantz and Dr. Egon Spengler]

Dr. Ray Stantz - "How so?"

Dr. Egon Spengler - "It's almost as if the ghosts are engaged in some sort of
migratory progression, moving southeast from the point of origin."

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Hmm...but where to?"

Janine Melnitz - "Egon, we just got another call. Somethin's goin' down at the
Sedgewick Hotel."

Dr. Ray Stantz - "The Sedgewick? Egon, that would..."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "...Fit in perfectly with my migration theory. Exactly. But,
Ray, the four of us are far too exhausted to go out now. Do you think... it's

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Only one way to find out, Doctor Spengler. Janine... would you

Janine Melnitz - "Sure. Yo, rookies! You're up!"

2. Level 1 Training Day Dialogue

Samuel Hazer - "Ok, team, this is what we have been training for..."

Bridget Gibbons - "We've played on the video game console for two days and ate
pizza. You call that training?"

[Master Chef LaBlog rings the bell at the concierge's desk]

Alan Crendall - "Well, that was easy."

Bridget Gibbons - "But that fat one got away..."

Samuel Hazer - "We can't follow him, let's try a different route..."

[The junior team happens upon a person]

Alan Crendall - "Hey, buddy!"

Gabriel Sitter - "He seems to be in a state of shock."

Alan Crendall - "Should we take the elevator?"

Samuel Hazer - "Don't worry, there's no fire, earthquake, or interdimensional

Bridget Gibbons - "Yet."

[A red brimstone looking Full Torso manifests]

Bridget Gibbons - "What the heck is that!?"

Samuel Hazer - "Keep away from it!"

[The balcony doorway opens]

Gabriel Sitter - "I'm picking up more readings outside."

[After exiting the balcony back into the hotel]

Alan Crendall - "So how did you guys get into this gig?"

Samuel Hazer - "Paranormal Studies."

Gabriel Sitter - "Quantum Physics."

Bridget Gibbons - "Magazine advertisement."

[The junior team returns to the lobby]

Alan Crendall - "Man, we're going in circles!"

Samuel Hazer - "Wait, there's another door open over there."

[The junior team arrives at the entrance to the kitchen]

Gabriel Sitter - "We're closing in on the same entity from the lobby..."

3. Cinematic Two (Between Level 1 and Level 2)

The Sedgewick Hotel

Samuel Hazer - "That was...awesome! I was starting to think they'd never stop,
but... wow! They're gone!"

Bridget Gibbons - "C'mon, Sammy. You got Bridget "Be Gone" Gibbons on your team.
Did you really think those girly ghoulies were gonna stick around when
they figured that out?"

Alan Crendall - "Yeah, but where the heck did they all go, Ms. Be Gone?"

Gabriel Sitter - "According to these PKE readings, they're heading in the very
direction Dr. Spengler anticipated."

Alan Crendall - "Which is what, Gabriel?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Southeast, Alan. And quite rapidly, I might add."

Bridget Gibbons - "Well, what're we doin' standin' 'round here like a bunch of
rookies, guys? Let's go get 'em!"

Samuel Hazer - "Awesome!"

Later, at the Parkview Mental Hospital...

[The junior team approaches the entrance. A man is standing near it]

Gabriel Sitter - "This is the location, guys. The PK readings are off the

Bridget Gibbons - "Figures those spooks would pick the loony bin for a hangout."

Samuel Hazer- "Or maybe the loony bin picked them?"

Alan Crendall - "Sammy, you need to cook your theories with a little less

Samuel Hazer - "Huh?"

Alan Crendall - "Never mind. Let's just get in there and get to work."

Dr. Tesmon - "Oh, thank goodness! I was hoping you would show up. Expecting you,
actually. My name is Doctor Michael Tesmon."

Bridget Gibbons - "Uh, doc, I just want to let you know up front, all
appearances to the contrary, we're here for a visit only. Well, all except
Sammy, maybe. Alan, too, if you guys offer electro-shock therapy for someone
who's strung way too tight."

Gabriel Sitter - "Doctor, what she means is, we're picking up some heavy
paranormal activity in this facility. Have you noticed anything, um...extra
crazy lately?"

Dr. Tesmon - "Absolutely. Just this morning a new patient arrived. He seemed
normal at first - relatively speaking, of course - but within two hours of his
admission, he began screaming uncontrollably, warning us repeatedly that,
"the end is near" and "he is coming"... peculiar things of that nature. It was
almost as if he were... well, quite frankly, possessed would be the best way to
describe his odd demeanor. When we were finally able to sedate him, I had my
staff inspect his belongings and we found this strange item in his suitcase.
I have no idea what is, but as soon as we brought it out, the hospital was
inundated with spirits. Honestly, everywhere we turned, a new ghost seemed to
be popping up, and none of them very friendly. My staff became so frightened,
I sent them all home."

[Dr. Tesmon hands them the green shard]

Dr. Tesmon - "I'm guessing this thing has something to do with the sudden
haunting, but you'd be the best judges of that, I'm sure. Please take this for
investigation. I'd be very interested in learning what you discover."

Gabriel Sitter - "Certainly, Doctor Tesmon. We'll be sure to keep you notified
as to our findings."

Bridget Gibbons - "Oh, and, Doc - since you're the only one here, can you
validate our parking?"

4. Level 2 Asylum Brawl Dialogue

Gabriel Sitter - "It's time to try Dr. Spengler's equipment upgrades."

Alan Crendall- "Hey, nobody mentioned upgrades!"

Gabriel Sitter - "You can now switch your Neutrona Wand to emit different energy
types. Try switching to the Fermion Shock, it's stronger against
the yellow entities."

[After a few rooms cleared, the junior team runs into some staff members]

Bridget Gibbons - "Whew, so it fries the yellow ones."

Gabriel Sitter - "Well, actually, it displaces their resonance field..."

Alan Crendall - "Yup, it fries 'em."

Bridget Gibbons - "Hey doc, what's up?"

[In a hallway]

Samuel Hazer - "This place is pretty freaky..."

Alan Crendall - "Yeah. Maybe it is the place itself that called the ghosts..."

Bridget Gibbons - "I don't know about the building but they seem pretty
interested in us!"

[room inundated with green slime]

Bridget Gibbons - "So what's with all this disgusting ooze?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Physical manifestation of negative emotions."

[defeating cook ghosts]

Samuel Hazer - "Now we're cooking with gas!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Don't give up your day job Sam."

[before the Electroshock Construct's room]

Samuel Hazer - "Something tells me we've got a big one coming up..."

Gabriel Sitter - "The PKE agrees with you Sam."

5. Cinematic Three (Between Level 2 and Level 3)

The Parkview Mental Hospital.

[The junior team blasts their way out of the hospital]

"Man, I know it's supposed to be all kinds of nutso in that place, but give me
a break!"

"Yeah, that was pretty crazy."

Gabriel Sitter - "According to these PK readings, it's only going to get crazier
if we don't figure out what this shard's purpose is. I suggest we return to the
headquarters and pass this along to Doctors Spengler and Stantz for a more
in-depth analysis."

Samuel Hazer - "Uh, Gabriel, hold that thought...We've got company!!!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Okay, who planned a block party and didn't tell me
about it?!"

Gabriel Sitter - "There are too many - we'll never be able to repel them all!"

Alan Crendall - "Guys, over here! Hurry!"

Bridget Gibbons - "What the...?! Sewer diving was never in the job description!"

Alan Crendall - "Actually, Bridget, it was."

"Guys, less debating and more escaping, please!"

Samuel Hazer - "Oh, man, this smells worse than Doctor Venkman's footlocker."

Bridget Gibbons - "Don't exaggerate, Sammy. Nothing reeks that bad."

Alan Crendall - "What's the PKE saying, Gabriel?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Well, we've definitely got a much-reduced paranormal presence
down here, but we're not alone by any means."

Alan Crendall - "What are we dealing with?"

Gabriel Sitter - "I'm not certain, but I highly advise we all remain on high
alert for surprises."

Bridget Gibbons - "You mean like Sammy not crying every time that pet adoption
commercial comes on TV?"

Samuel Hazer - "Hey, those puppies' sad eyes get to me, okay?"

Gabriel Sitter - "I'm serious guys... We need to be ready for anything."

6. Level 3 River of Ooze Dialogue

Alan Crendall - "It stinks down here."

Bridget Gibbons - "Sorry, bean burritos for breakfast."

Samuel Hazer - "I thought you were a lady."

[after the introduction of entities with blue energy signatures]

Gabriel Sitter - "Woah, blue ghosts...better use the Plasma Inductor on any
more we see."

Bridget Gibbons - "Gotta love these weapon upgrades."

Alan Crendall - "Hey, this plasma thing seems better when it bounces?"

Bridget Gibbons - "Sounds like my last boyfriend."


Bridget Gibbons - "Man, I hate all this slime..."


Alan Crendall - "This place is a maze."

Samuel Hazer - "We just keep blastin' the bad guys and we'll get out of here
sooner or later."


Gabriel Sitter - "The stench is getting to me."

Bridget Gibbons - "Does the city know what a bad state these sewers are in?"

[Slime Golem manifests]

Samuel Hazer - "Goo monster!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Blast it!"

[The junior team traps the Golem]

Samuel Hazer - "Geoff should have a fix on us by now."

Alan Crendall - "So let's get to the surface already."

Gabriel Sitter - "Agreed, we need to get these artifacts back to base asap."

7. Cinematic Four (Between Level 3 and Level 4)

[The team comes out of a manhole from the sewers]

Alan Crendall - "Man! I never thought fresh air could smell so good!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Or even New York air."

Samuel Hazer - "That was... not awesome. Yuck!"

Gabriel Sitter - "Where is Geoff? He's supposed to be here with the Ecto-4WD."

[Geoff arrives]


Geoff - "C'mon, ya mugs! What're you standin' around like a buncha mooks for,
huh? Youse all look dead tired. Hahahahahaha!"

[Gabriel Sitter in the front passenger seat and everyone else in the back seats]

Bridget Gibbons - "Sheesh! First everyone's a ghost tonight, and now everyone's
a dang comedian."

Alan Crendall - "Well, I'm not laughing. That's for sure."

Geoff - "Where to, chief?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Headquarters. We need to get something to the senior team

Geoff - "Roger that. I'll get ya folks there in a jiffy...just gotta take a
little unexpected detour!"

[Ghosts are chasing the Ecto-4WD]

"Okay, now I'm not laughing, either!"

8. Level 4 NYC Mayhem Dialogue

[Geoff brakes for traffic light]

Bridget Gibbons - "What the heck are we stopping for!?"

Geoff - "I could lose my license..."

Samuel Hazer - "We've got incoming, get out and fight!"

[after blasting on street]

Bridget Gibbons - "Forget your license...move it!"

Geoff - "Alrighty little miss temper tantrum..."

[Geoff crashes into a fire hydrant]

Geoff - "Everyone out! It'll take me a minute to fix this, hold them off!"

[A minute or so later]

Geoff - "Ok, we're good - get on board folks!"

[near the end of level]

Alan Crendall - "What's with the PKE?"

Samuel Hazer - "We should investigate this..."

9. Cinematic Five (Between Level 4 and Level 5)

Alan Crendall - "Was that all of 'em?!"

Gabriel Sitter - "Yes, Alan, I believe we're okay now... Geoff, turn here,

Geoff - "Hey, it's yer dime, chief. But I think it'd be quicker to-Whoa!
Didja feel that?!"

Samuel Hazer - "It's an earthquake!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Actually, that might be my stomach, Sammy - I'm starving."

Geoff - "Hold on to yer hats!"

[The ground breaks open, the Ecto-4WD falls into a deep crack]

Bridget Gibbons - "Geez, I'd hate to see how you parallel park this thing,

Alan Crendall - "Is everyone, okay?"

Samuel Hazer - "Yeah, nothing a clean pair of underwear won't solve."

Gabriel Sitter - "I'm fine, Alan...a bit shaken up, nothing more."

Geoff - "I wouldn't exactly say nothin', chief."

Bridget Gibbons - "That definitely wasn't my stomach, what was that?"

Gabriel Sitter - "The shards' magnetic attraction is awakening forces from deep
within the ground causing ruptures in the foundations of the metropolis."

Samuel Hazer - "Sure, but what is it????"

10. Level 5 Subway Smasher Dialogue

Alan Crendall - "It's a killer train!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Throw your shoes at it!"

Samuel Hazer - "...Mind the gap."

11. Cinematic Six (Between Level 5 and Level 6)

Bridget Gibbons - "Well, that was one serious choo-choo train beatdown if I ever
saw one - which, by the way, I never have. What you got there, Gaby Baby?"

Gabriel Sitter - "It appears to be another shard, very similar to the one Doctor
Tesmon gave us. This is very strange."

Bridget Gibbons - "And very shiny. Sammy's in love, I think."

Samuel Hazer - "Wha...?"

Bridget Gibbons - "Never mind, Romeo."

Geoff - "Yo! Get a move on, ya mugs! Doc Stantz just called and says he wants
youse down to headquarters ASAP! The Doc says youse is supposed to meet
someone named Janosz Poha down there. Somethin' 'bout him bein' an old friend
of the team and that he's got some info youse can use, or somethin' like that."

Samuel Hazer - "Poha? But, Alan, isn't that...?"

Alan Crendall - "My uncle? Yeah...that's him."

Bridget Gibbons - "Really? I wonder if he has any baby pictures of you?
The naked ones in the tub are always the funniest."

Alan Crendall - "Shut up, Bridget."

Bridget Gibbons - "Touchy, touchy. I was only-Yow! What the heck is goin' on
with those things, Gabriel?"

Gabriel Sitter - "I...I don't know exactly. They started doing this earlier when
we got near the cemetery. ...I think we'd better investigate this, anyway.
The car is stuck and the cemetery is the quickest route back to base."

Bridget Gibbons - "It's yer funeral, chief."

Alan Crendall - "Aw, man, did you have to say that here?"

12. Level 6 Graveyard Plot Dialogue

[1 minute 15 seconds from start]

Alan Crendall - "Huh, Slime Zombies."

Bridget Gibbons - "I had enough of this slime!"

[1 minute 15 seconds later]

Gabriel Sitter - "Those bird man statues creep me out."

Samuel Hazer - "Hmmmm, being scared in a graveyard. Who'd have thought it?"

Alan Crendall - "You're kidding, right?"

[more zombies]

Bridget Gibbons - "I hate Snombies!"

Alan Crendall - "What're Snombies?"

Bridget Gibbons - "Snot Zombies, Sherlock."

[during Gargoyle melee]

Gabriel Sitter - "Hm, I'm getting odd readings off those gargoyle entities.
Like something is directing them."


Alan Crendall - "How you holding up, Be Gone?"

Bridget Gibbons - "These slime monsters don't know who they're messing with."

[just before Grotesque]

Gabriel Sitter - "Ok, this is the focus of the Gargoyle energy."

Samuel Hazer - "That can't be good..."

13. Cinematic Seven (Between Level 6 and Level 7)

Later...Ghostbusters Headquarters.

Samuel Hazer - "Was that supposed to be a shortcut?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Sigh, I sure hope Poha isn't wasting our time."

Bridget Gibbons - "Wow! The Janosz Poha, eh? It's gonna be just like a family
reunion for you, Alan. Aren't you absolutely giddy?"

Alan Crendall - "Shut up, Bridget. I haven't had anything to do with Uncle
Janosz since...well, since what happened. Nobody in my family has. Why do
you think I became a Ghostbuster, huh? To clear our family name, that's why.
C'mon...Let's just get this over with."

[Ray, Janosz, Egon, Gabriel, Alan]

Gabriel Sitter - "Mr. Poha?"

Janosz Poha - "Yes. Yes... I am Janosz Poha. Zank you so much for agreeing to
see me. I knew my old friends vould not fail. ...How is my sister, your mother?"

Alan Crendall - "She's fine, no thanks to you."

Janosz Poha - "Yes. Yes... I know you are hating me. I understand. Oh, friends,
I am so sorry. Janosz has been weak again! A very bad man tricked me into
something so not good. He made me to believe he could be giving me everything
I vanted."

Alan Crendall - "Dana Barrett?"

Janosz Poha - "Yes, yes... lovely Dana! He said I only needed to be bringing him
a little magic puzzle piece, so I did. Janosz did, and zis bad man, he vas not
giving me my Dana. He vas only slapping me like the little bug. Zis man and his
ugly lord Dumazu. But I vas able to escape, but only just."

Gabriel Sitter - "Mr. Poha, did the item you retrieved for Dumazu look anything
like this?"

Janosz Poha - "Yes, yes! That is it, though there vas only one before.
Ismael told me about more, but I did not see them."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Ismael?"

Janosz Poha - "Yes...Ismael McEnthol. Very bad man. Insane, definitely."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "At this point we don't have much to go on, but my initial
hypothesis based on the limited evidence we do have is that these shards
are actually pieces of the Relic of Nilhe. My guess is their reformation would
indeed be the catalyst for Dumazu's return."

Gabriel Sitter - "Agreed. I've also deduced that the shards are drawn to each
other in some mystical fashion. Perhaps we can use that attraction to
our advantage in seeking out any remaining pieces, which we can then gather and
destroy before they can be put to any nefarious use."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "A pre-emptive strike against global annihilation? I like
your style, Gabriel."

Gabriel Sitter - "I picked up significant PK readings when we were last at the
Sedgewick, that, combined with the substantial paranormal presence we
encountered at that time, may indicate there was, and is, more occurring there
than a mere haunting."

Bridget Gibbons - "Well, let's get this show on the road, then, boys. I'm ready
to kick some paranormal butt. After all...they don't call me
Bridget "Busta Ghost" Gibbons for nothing, you know."

Samuel Hazer - ""Boring Gags" is more like it, you ask me."

14. Level 7 Back to the Sedgewick Dialogue

[Start of level]

Bridget Gibbons - "Man, this place really went down market."

Samuel Hazer - "Hey, with a lick of paint, it'll be fine."

Bridget Gibbons - "I hope they have good fire coverage."

Alan Crendall - "So the place is on fire...and we're still taking the elevator?
Great, trapped in a small burning room that's filled with ghosts."

Samuel Hazer - "Actually, I think that WAS in the job description."

[Burning room with brimstone entities]

Alan Crendall - "There must be another shard around here somewhere, the PKE is
going crazy."

Samuel Hazer - "Urm, did you notice there are one or two ghosts!"

[After fighting through rooms]

Bridget Gibbons - "Just one time, could we take the stairs?"

Samuel Hazer - "I think I need a holiday"

Alan Crendall - "You've only been working one day."

Bridget Gibbons - "Well, it has been a loooong day."

Alan Crendall - "Fair enough..."

[after bellhop ghost and cook ghost room]

Bridget Gibbons - "Does our medical cover smoke inhalation?"

Samuel Hazer - "Wonder how much lead paint is on these walls..."

[After cook ghost trio]

Gabriel Sitter - "The exit is over there, we should be safe soon."

15. Cinematic Eight (Between Level 7 and Level 8)

[The junior team escapes in Ecto-4WD with ghosts close behind]

Bridget Gibbons - "You know, normally I find hotels to be boring as heck...
Funny how a little family squabble and gazillion ghosts can liven a place, eh?"

Alan Crendall - "Shut up, Bridget."

Gabriel Sitter - "Domestic disputes aside, Mr. Poha certainly provided us with
some interesting clues. We really need to get these to headquarters for the
senior team's analysis. If Dumazu the Destroyer has anything to do with these
shards as he implied, the world may be in danger of disaster at a colossal

Samuel Hazer - "Uh, Gabe, I see what you're saying, and all, but...I think we've
got a more pressing and personal disaster to worry about right now."

Bridget Gibbons - "Seriously, Geoff, you need to come up with some better routes
home, man."

16. Level 8 Mean Streets Dialogue

Samuel Hazer - "You think the hotel will burn to the ground?"

Bridget Gibbons - "Nah, the fire crew arrived just as we left."

Geoff - "Woah, the city's a mess!"

Samuel Hazer - "We need to get back and figure this out, pronto."

[after the spider entities]

Samuel Hazer - "Man, we better watch out."

Alan Crendall - "Yeah, keep your eyes on the road Geoff."

Samuel Hazer - "Something tells me this isn't over..."

Samuel Hazer - "Here they come!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Geoff! Get going!"

[after moderate spiders]

Geoff - "This car smells funny."

Bridget Gibbons - "It's probably all the supernatural ichor."

[after Slime Abomination Blue's]

Geoff - "Nearly at the HQ..."

Gabriel Sitter - "Wow! Look out!"

[The ground opens up, sending the Ecto-4WD crashing into the sewers]

17. Cinematic Nine (Between Level 8 and Level 9)

Samuel Hazer - "Man, how did we end up down here again, Gabe?"

Gabriel Sitter - "As revolting an inconvenience as it may be, yes, Samuel, our
situation does have its advantages. The shards' near-magnetic attraction to
ghosts was dampened while we were underground before, and I've no reason to
believe it will be any different this time. And with three shards in our
possession now, discretion is most definitely the better part of valor."

Bridget Gibbons - "Yeah, I just wish something would dampen the friggin' stink.
My kingdom for a pair of nostril plugs, I tell ya."

Alan Crendall - "Quit griping and get moving."

Bridget Gibbons - "Are you still steaming about ol' Uncle Janosz, Alan?
Personally, I thought you two looked great together. A grumpy nephew and his
demon-possessed, kidnapper uncle, together again for exciting new adventures."

Alan Crendall - "Bridget, would you please just..."

Bridget Gibbons - "I know, I know...Shut up."

[Samuel looks nervous]

Alan Crendall - "What?"

Samuel Hazer - "Are you sure sewer diving was in the job description?"

18. Level 9 Lair of the Huge Spider Dialogue

[after the spider onslaught]

Bridget Gibbons - "Next time we are definitely valet parking."

Samuel Hazer - "At least walking is good for your health."

Alan Crendall - "Not so sure about that down here Sam."

[after the first gateway]

Alan Crendall - "Why so many of these spiders?"

Gabriel Sitter - "There is a high concentration of arachnid manifestations."

Samuel Hazer - "Could be we've stumbled across a nest."

[after the big spider ghosts]

Samuel Hazer - "Hey you know what was a good movie?"

Bridget Gibbons - "Aw, man..."

Samuel Hazer - "Can't remember the name. Had spiders in it. From the 80s..."

[room with spiders that crawl up through grates]

Samuel Hazer - "You know, the cemetery didn't seem so bad after all."

[after beating big yellow arachnid manifestation]

Alan Crendall - "Remind me to get a map of the sewer when we get out of here."

[some time after leaving Ecto-4WD a second time]

Samuel Hazer - "You know, it's not so bad down here."

Alan Crendall - "Just a shame the city won't be paying us for the infestation
clean up."

Gabriel Sitter - "It's not a complete loss - I'm gathering some very
interesting data."

Bridget Gibbons - "Yeah, and maybe we'll see some gators."

Alan Crendall - "...or Elvis."

[before boss]

Gabriel Sitter - "We've got a large entity moving in..."

Alan Crendall - "Ready to pass your exterminator exam guys?"

[after trapping the Huge Spider]

Bridget Gibbons - "Wow, that thing really stunk."

Samuel Hazer - "Yup, I think it's time we get out of here."

19. Cinematic Ten (Between Level 9 and Level 10)

[The junior team runs out of the sewers]

Gabriel Sitter - "Quickly! We need to get to the cemetery!"

Samuel Hazer - "The cemetery?! Does the phrase "out of the frying pan, into the
fire" mean anything to you, Gabe?!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Well, we could always go back to the sewer, Sammy!"

Samuel Hazer - "Never mind."

Alan Crendall - "Did we lose 'em?"

Samuel Hazer - "I think so. I don't see any-"

[The junior team is surrounded]

Bridget Gibbons - "Tell me again, G-Man, why we came to the cemetery."

Gabriel Sitter - "Uh...it seemed like a good idea at the time?"

20. Level 10 Gates of the Dead Dialogue

Alan Crendall - "Great, the cemetery again."

[After the first bird man statue]

Bridget Gibbons - "So now even the statues are attacking us?

Gabriel Sitter - "It appears they've been animated by the massive amounts of
spectral energy."

Bridget Gibbons - "But where is the energy coming from?"

[After fighting three bird man statues]

Bridget Gibbons - "More gargoyles?"

Alan Crendall - "Looks like things are stepping up a notch..."

Gabriel Sitter - "I agree, there's too much amassing. Keep away from the edges!"

[after another big fight]

Samuel Hazer - "Let's just get to HQ, it's been a long day."

Gabriel Sitter - "And we need to get these shards to Doctor Spengler."

Alan Crendall - "Can't we stay here a little longer, it's fun."

Samuel Hazer - "Huge Bird man statue!"

Bridget Gibbons - "Stop trying to delay the inevitable."

Gabriel Sitter - "I just knew this was going to happen."

Bridget Gibbons - "Just shoot it!"

21. Cinematic Eleven (Between Level 10 and Level 11)

Alan Crendall - "Okay, this is now officially the longest day in history."

Gabriel Sitter - "And it could very well be one of the last if we don't get
these four shards back to headquarters and find a way to destroy them soon."

Bridget Gibbons - "I'll take care of that. FWTT! Yo, taxi!"


Dr. Egon Spengler - "Fascinating... Even in close proximity only, the shards
emanate remarkable destructive potential.."

"I couldn't have said it better, Doctor Spengler. These flux patterns are

[Samuel, Bridget, Peter, Ray, Gabriel, Egon, Geoff, Winston]

Bridget Gibbons - "Quit drooling, Sammy. What is it with you and shiny stuff?"

Dr. Peter Venkman - "You, too, Ray."

Dr. Egon Spengler - "Can you imagine the catastrophic consequences we'd face
should these shards be reformed?"

Winston Zeddemore - "Uh, Egon..."

[the shards move on their own]

Winston Zeddemore - "...I think we're about to find out."

[they combine into a sphere]

Geoff - "Not good."

Parkview Mental Hospital.

Samuel Hazer - "Remind me why we are back here, Gabe?"

Gabriel Sitter - "Well, all our attempts at destroying the Relic have been
futile, Samuel. Doctor Spengler believes the unstable individual who brought
the first shard to this hospital may very well hold the answer to what is
required to destroy it."

Bridget Gibbons - "Great... The fate of the world rests in the hands of some
raving lunatic disciple of some raving lunatic demigod. Suddenly sewer diving
sounds a lot more enticing."

Alan Crendall - "Whatever. Let's just find Doctor Tesmon and the nutcake and
get this over with."

Gabriel Sitter - "Doctor Tesmon?! It's the Ghosbusters! We need to ask you a
few questions, sir. Hello, Doctor..."

22. Level 11 Parkview Retribution Dialogue

[Master Chef LaBlog appears]

Bridget Gibbons - "Isn't this the fat guy from the hotel?"

Samuel Hazer - "Looks like him..."

[after trapping]

Bridget Gibbons - "I'm a little confused."

Alan Crendall - "Hold on! Isn't this the..."

Gabriel Sitter - "Yes! Watch yourselves guys."

[after Slime Golem]

Bridget Gibbons - "I'm not liking this."

[after Nocnitsa]

Alan Crendall - "This place is getting too familiar."

Bridget Gibbons - "and too creepy."

[Huge Spider]

Alan Crendall - "Let me guess."

23. Cinematic Twelve (Between Level 11 and Level 12)


Alan Crendall - "Doctor Tesmon?!"

Gabriel Sitter - "Whoa!"

Ismael - "No, not Tesmon! Ismael McEnthol, last of the Cult of Dumazu and
puppet master to you pathetic ghost-fighting fools! You've returned to me with
the Relic of Nilhe intact, just as I'd known you would all along - puppets to my
master plan. You thought you were saving the world but in truth, you were
unwittingly serving Lord Dumazu the Destroyer, gathering that which is needed
to bring into being his glorious return. You defeated those who would stop me,
and now you will perish along with the rest!

Come to me, Lord Dumazu! With the Relic of Nilhe, I beseech you, return!
Your long slumber has ended and your ever loyal vessel awaits your awakening!
Unto me Lord, rise! Bring unto me your fire, your pain, your desire, your

Unto all the world, my Lord, through me bring...DESTRUCTION!!!"

Samuel Hazer - "Mommy."

All - "Aaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!"

[The junior team is pulled into a portal]

24. Level 12 Temple of the Destroyer Dialogue

Alan Crendall - "Nice costume!"

Bridget Gibbons - "But it's too early for Halloween."

25. Cinematic Thirteen (After Level 12)

Ghostbusters Headquarters

Two Days Later...

Dr. Ray Stantz - "Here's to the Ghostbusters... Old and new! Who ya gonna

All - "Ghostbusters!"

Dr. Peter Venkman - "You know, I didn't think you rooks had it in you, but you
proved me wrong. Even you, Bridget "Bratty Girl" Gibbons."

Bridget Gibbons - "That's Bridget "Better Ghostbuster" Gibbons to you, boss."

Dr. Peter Venkman - "Ha!"

Janosz Poha - "Hello, Ghostbusters. May I enter?"

Winston Zeddemore - "Uh, sure, Janosz. Come on in. Would you like a drink or
a snack?"

Janosz Poha - "No, many thanks. I am came to apologize.

Alan, I am so very sorry for my naughtiness and making pain to you and your
vonderful mother. It vas love and nothing more that was to making me crazy with
my actions. I did not vant you hurt and I promise to never again be with the

Alan Crendall - "Uh...Yeah...I mean, no problem, Uncle Janosz. Water under the
bridge, okay?"

Janosz Poha - "Yes, vater under a bridge. I like that very much.

But, never fear, friends, Janosz has not given up on love. I have found a new
vay to fill my heart. Online dating!"

Dr. Peter Venkman - "I think he'd be better off with ghosts and demons doing
his matchmaking for him. That online dating stuff's scary as heck."

Bridget Gibbons - "Yeah. Tell me about it."

The End.



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