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Treasure hunter
Collected all coins.
Cartographer ( Normal )
Cleared all levels on normal difficulty.
Cartographer ( Easy )
Cleared all levels on easy difficulty.
Cartographer ( Hard )
Cleared all levels on hard difficulty
Scrapyard cleared
Cleared all levels at the scrapyard, on any difficulty.
Goleyeath beaten ( Easy )
Cleared the final level on easy difficulty.
Goleyeath beaten ( Normal )
Cleared the final level on normal difficulty.
Goleyeath beaten ( Hard )
Cleared the final level on hard difficulty.
Time attack: World 1-9
Beat 14 seconds on World 1-9.
Time attack: World 2-11
Beat 27.5 seconds on World 2-11.
Time attack: World 2-7
Beat 30 seconds on World 2-7.
Time attack: World 3-2
Beat 20 seconds on World 3-2.
Time attack: World 3-5c
Beat 42 seconds on World 3-5c.
Time attack: World 3-12
Beat 16.5 seconds on World 3-12.
Time attack: World 4-4
Beat 20 seconds on World 4-4.
Time attack: World 4-7
Beat 45 seconds on World 4-7.
Time attack: World 5-2
Beat 30 seconds on World 5-2.
Precision BBQ
Bump the meat onto the grill on World 2-4!

Originally Contributed By: Guard Master and th3l3fty

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