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Reviewed: 11/12/14

It won't impact you, but it is goofy and enjoyable.

My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc is, by definition, the short sequel to the original My Girlfriend is the President visual novel, developed by Alcot and published by JAST. It is important to note that this game will make very little sense if you haven't played the original game. It's not necessarily a sequel, moreso an epilogue for two heroines of the first game. Also important to note is that while this review is appropriate for all ages, this game contains erotic content and is not intended for minors. As a side note, the My Girlfriend is a President fandisc features absolutely no gameplay. The only choice you make is which route you wish to experience, then it's all story afterwards.

Story- 7/10
The story takes place right after the events of Ell's or Irina's routes from the first game, depending on what you choose. The story for both routes retain their trademark unusual and quirky humor, though it does jump right into the new plot for both routes. One noticeable flaw is that there are a notable amount of characters missing from this game. Over half of the cast doesn't appear or only make a cameo, including a heroine, and while there's no problem with the spotlight being given to the more popular characters, it's still disappointing that characters like Kuon are nowhere to be found. Both of the routes are somehow even more light hearted than their source visual novel, with all drama being played entirely for laughs and the story being primarily focused on how the protagonist deals with ending up in a harem situation. The story of each route doesn't really vary from each other, however the fandisc does make it work out well enough that the enjoyable and humorous vibe entertains the player enough to be satisfied. It's not particularly noticeable unless you've played the route's in rapid succession, but players that don't play through one route and immediately start another aren't likely to notice. While the overall plot feels a bit lacking, the core appeal is it's humor, and it definitely delivers in that. Even if the plot of the two routes don't vary far from each other, the comedy and character interactions do. It would have been nice if the other characters didn't disappear for the most part if they're not the heroines of the plot, but that's just a minor gripe. The story is extremely light hearted and funny, to the point where the only tears you'd shed would be laughing too hard. It's a great story for just relaxing and having fun.

Heroines- 6/10
As I stressed in the story, it's rather disappointing that certain characters like Kuon don't get their own route, or that characters like her and Ran disappear entirely. The spotlight is almost entirely on two different love triangles, one for each route. It gives the heroines in the route more personality, and the comedy of the situation wasn't touched upon as much in the original visual novel as it is in the fandisc. Now that the original heroine is now officially dating the player and life is back to normal, it also gives a chance to show more of the romantic interactions between the player and his love interest, which does make them more likable. Unfortunately because the route only has two of the four original heroines, not everyone gets to show a new side of themselves to make them more endearing. The main flaw in this category is that it only focuses on a few characters while everyone else not involved in the love triangle is completely forgotten or only makes a cameo. The ones that do get focus thankfully make the most out of it so to speak, but with a game that had nothing but likable characters, their disappearance is disappointing. The romantic and sweet moments do make the characters that get focus stand out more, but it feels like the developers could have done more with this, and it would have made the game even better. As of writing, there's no sequel or part two to this fandisc planned, so it seems the left out heroines won't be getting their day any time soon.

Graphics- 8/10
As with the original visual novel, My Girlfriend is the President's fandisc is very animated, and features a decent number of CG's for a short game like this. The characters are always vibrant and moving, which is extremely rare for a visual novel. For the naughtier players, there are also more sensual scenes, possibly even more than in the original game. Another noteworthy plus is the fact that just about all of the CG's are entirely new, they didn't recycle hardly anything from the first game. The graphics certainly aren't lacking, and they do greatly add to the appeal of the fandisc.

Sounds- 7/10
Unlike the graphics, the background music is mostly the same as it was in the original game. That being said, the music in the first game was nice and added to the mood, so if it isn't broken, why try to fix it? The mood the music helps set is still there, and none of the tracks are of low quality. As for the voice acting, it sounded like all the original voice actresses reprised their roles, which is always a plus. The acting is once again nice and proper for the mood, and that's made clear even through the language barrier for players that don't know Japanese. Once again, the sounds really are just as good as they were originally, and there was no need to change anything.

Replay Value- Low to Moderate
On one hand, this visual novel will only last for a day or two. On the other hand, it's short nature means that it's much easier to pick up and play through again without spending a gratuitous amount of time on something you've already read before. There's nothing new to experience by playing it more than once, it's just one of those stories you revisit because you like it.

Buy It?
If you're a fan of the original My Girlfriend is the President, then the fandisc is likely something you'd enjoy. It's nice seeing an extended epilogue, and the new scenarios allows the humor to thrive in a different setting. However if you didn't like the first My Girlfriend is the President, there isn't any reason to buy this. This is one of those types of games where it's meant solely for the fans to enjoy. It also needs to be stressed that playing this without having played the first game is definitely not recommended, and I can't see too many newcomers liking this game without having played the original one first.

Overall, the My Girlfriend is the President fandisc is a cute little add-on of sorts. It's not going to last very long, but it's fun to play through if you enjoyed the original game. If you liked the first game, buying this one is a no-brainer. It's short, but certainly enjoyable and funny. While not perfect, it is nice to have played this since it was just plain fun. There's no drama, no tension, it's just a light hearted comedy the entire way, with happy endings for everyone.

Rating: 6

Product Release: My Girlfriend is the President Fandisc (US, 07/04/14)

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