How do I convert my world from bedrock to Java?

  1. I have the file on my computer but I have a Mac so I can't use MCC Chest Tool and I feel like there has to be another method or maybe someone could do it for me...

    User Info: Billybobjoe0201

    Billybobjoe0201 - 1 year ago


  1. To transfer worlds to the Java edition (PC/Mac/Linux)

    Currently, due to things like the Observer block, which doesn't exist in the Java edition, and because most world converters aren't up-to-date with the most-recently-added blocks, you will probably have difficulty trying to transfer any worlds between the two editions, so I would not recommend trying to do that until there is a good, fully-working world converter that supports entity and chest-inventory transfer, as well as all the newer blocks (like pistons, which were added in 0.15.0).

    The best-working tool I know of is MCEdit Unified (it is compatible with MCPE blocks up to 0.14 and Java MC blocks up to 1.10, but doesn't support entities/item/inventory/chest-content transfer)

    You can open your MCPE world, select all the chunks you want to transfer, export to a schematic, and import the schematic into an exisitng Java MC world.

    User Info: TechGuy

    TechGuy - 1 year ago 2   2

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