It's stuck on the Mojang screen?

  1. Literally stuck on the Mojang screen, can't even get to the title.

    I've left it for half an hour and still won't open. It would be on that screen for 20seconds maximum before and that's if loads of other stuff was open too.

    I'd like to play Minecraft again, can anyone help on windows 10. I deleted all my mods, forge versions and all worlds except one I downloaded that worked fine for months, so it's not the issue. I've lot all my pixelmon progress, mo' creatures, so mny awesome mods I can't play ae and it makes me kinda mad.

    User Info: BlueWolf0907

    BlueWolf0907 - 8 months ago
  2. What version is your minecraft?

    User Info: Wolgeron

    Wolgeron - 8 months ago
  3. Currently 1.13 but has been happening since 1.12.2

    User Info: BlueWolf0907

    BlueWolf0907 - 8 months ago


  1. The first thing I would do is uninstall the game from your computer, reinstall it, and try again. If this doesn't work, your best bet is to go to Microsoft's website and get in touch with a support agent to guide through the problem.

    User Info: sensosmith

    sensosmith - 8 months ago 0   0

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