Minecraft for free?

  1. Is this website safe for me to download mincraft on, because it seems quite safe but i want another opinion too

    mulacbezerker - 9 years ago - report


  1. You know, if you cant pay 27$ dollars for a game, than do that. But i highly recommend gaetting it from minecraft.net. then you know you did not buy it illeagaly. segafever - 9 years ago - report 2   0
  2. No, it's not. The only completely safe site is minecraft.net. Anywhere else and you're very prone to malware attacks, which will slow down your computer and annoy you at best and steal your identity at worst, and even if you don't get attacked there's no guarantee the game will be up-to-date or even functional. I wouldn't even go back to that site without a script-blocker and Malwarebytes if I were you.

    Bottom line, if you really can't afford $27 for a game, which I know a lot of people can't, there's plenty of excellent games you can find around the internet legitimately for free or very cheap. Look on GOG, Steam, or Kongregate. I know Minecraft is popular but don't punish yourself. If, on the other hand, you just want to get it for free, you'll get no sympathy from me.
    ivan11235 - 9 years ago - report 2   0
  3. Its a hack! DragonCat1 - 9 years ago - report 1   0
  4. That page has fake written all over it. I mean, just look at the comments, all generic satisfied user trash you see in TV commercials. Its not safe. ComradeVasili - 9 years ago - report 0   0
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