Would Minecraft lag on this laptop?

  1. I saw a gaming laptop for sale on CL, and I wondered, "hmm, would Minecraft lag on this one?" 'cause i heard on this video, or actually it was the title, "Reducing TNT lag? 9 GB RAM FTW". And the laptop had 12 gigs. But i also heard in the description of another laggy video that it was because the author was playing on a laptop. So, here's the specs for the laptop, copied and pasted: "I'm looking to sell my Asus Gaming Laptop G53SX, 15", Core i7 2630QM, upgraded the ram to 12GB, w/ Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD & 1TB Western Digital Internal 2nd Drive, Nvidia GTX 560M graphics card,
    Windows 7, FULL Microsoft Office Professional, very gently used, never traveled, and only 2 months old. Please message me for more information. Serious Inquiries only PLEASE. My exact setup brand new would cost over $1700." Would it lag on 12 frickin' gigs of RAM? Thanx, have a good day.

    User Info: burnouttrainer

    burnouttrainer - 7 years ago
  2. Did it say what the cpu was? That might help. Good answer, though.

    User Info: burnouttrainer

    burnouttrainer - 7 years ago

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  1. Minecraft shouldn't lag at all during normal gameplay with the graphics and view distance turned all the way up on that laptop. Of course, with enough TNT any setup is going to lag unless you own a supercomputer, but standard gameplay would be perfectly smooth.

    You can google "Nvidia GTX 560M minecraft benchmark" and it will turn up at least one youtube video of minecraft being played on that graphics card with max graphics (although that user has a slightly better CPU, he also has 4 gigs less RAM).

    Benchmarking websites are generally the most useful place to look for more information on what the computer will be able to handle graphically (what fps you will get in various games). The websites will have a list of games that they tested the card on as well as the fps they got on various settings.
    CPU and RAM certainly do affect performance, but with a 4 core and 12 gig, you shouldn't have any trouble in that regard with all but the beefiest and newest of games.

    Hope this helped! Good luck!

    User Info: Ryau

    Ryau - 7 years ago 2   0

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