Why doesn't Minecraft want to load?

  1. After successfully downloading Minecraft to my computer, it asks me to login. After doing so, or skipping that step, the loading screen appears and once the bar fills up the screen turns black and nothing happens. Help anyone?

    User Info: TheGamer232

    TheGamer232 - 7 years ago


  1. The most common cause for a black screen as its known is from an installation of mods that are incompatible or from failure to delete the meta-inf file in the archive while applying mods. if this is not your issue the jar might be corrupt and opening your .minecraft folder and deleting every folder inside the directory then restarting minecraft should resolve it.

    to locate your .minecraft folder open run and type %appdata% you will need to do this as its stored in a roaming folder once in there the folder is simply named .minecraft if neither of these 2 things fix it you may need to update java.

    User Info: MrMike87

    MrMike87 - 7 years ago 0   0

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